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The Rise of Contract-To-Hire with Peer Richelsen and Andreas Klinger

Village Global's Venture Stories

Peer Richelsen (@peer_rich), founder of Lean Hire and Head of Product at On Deck, and Andreas Klinger (@andreasklinger), CTO at On Deck, join Erik on this episode.They discuss:- Why global hiring is broken.- How companies should get started with contract-to-hire and common challenges they may face.- The background of Lean Hire.- What needs to happen for this to become a norm for companies.- The problems with the existing hiring process.- Why you need to remember that the “people you hire will hire the next people” at your company.- Where On Deck is going in the future.Thanks for listening — if you like what you hear, please review us on your favorite podcast platform. Check us out on the web at www.villageglobal.vc or get in touch with us on Twitter @villageglobal.Want to get updates from us? Subscribe to get a peek inside the Village. We’ll send you reading recommendations, exclusive event invites, and commentary on the latest happenings in Silicon Valley. www.villageglobal.vc/signup


10 Jan 2021

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#7: Andrew Nakkache, CEO of HabitatLogistics.com with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

Apologies for the brassy microphone, something was off there. Anyway. Andrew and Peer are talking about how hyper-operational companies like Habitat Logistics who are powering delivery for restaurants operate in the new remote-first environment. Andrew shares what he learned about decentralising the organisation and how remote work actually helps organisations identify issues in communication and productivity.


6 Oct 2020

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#6: Pranay Prakash, CEO of windsor.io with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

Pranay is the CEO of Windsor.io (W19) and met Peer during YC. They share the same passion for react, nextjs and potentially soon about remote work. Pranay goes through the process of leaving Facebook, join Vercel (ZEIT at that time) and what it's like to build your own company.


24 Sep 2020

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#5: Ish Baid, CEO TryVirtually.com with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

Ish Baid is the founder of Virtually, tryvirtually.com that enables anyone to run your own online school or bootcamp. Peer and Ish met the first time over zoom when Ish asked to get mock interviewed for their YC application. Two months later, they got accepted and raised their seed round after graduating YC. Today we've talked about what it means to run a company remote and what the future of work and education means.


14 Sep 2020

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#4: Chris Herd, CEO FirstbaseHQ.com with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

Chris is the CEO and founder of Firstbase: "Go Officeless Instantly". Firstbase lets companies supply and manage all the physical equipment their remote teams need to do great work at home.Peer and Chris discuss the future of remote work, how to hire and what future-thinking companies need to do to innovate their workplace and company culture.


31 Aug 2020

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#3: Tihomir Bajic, CEO LTSE Software with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

In episode #3 Peer and Tiho talk about what it's like running a remote culture at LTSE with the Long Term Stock Exchange and LTSE Software, what it means to make a lean hire and how Tiho became a CEO of LTSE Software. Tihomir Bajic is the CEO of LTSE Software, an affiliated company to the Long Term Stock Exchange by Eric Ries, author of "The Lean Startup".Learn more at http://ltse.com/


22 Aug 2020

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#2: Matt Drozdzynski, CEO of Pilot.co with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

In todays Episode, Peer and Matt discuss the path of being a European Entrepreneur arriving in Silicon Valley, how Remote Work will change the work field and how forward-thinking companies are hiring. Matt Drozdzynski and his team went through Y Combinator in W17 and build https://pilot.co to offer an easy to use platform to hire international talent both as contractors and on payroll.

1hr 5mins

11 Aug 2020

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#1: Jack Forbes, CEO of Kopa.co with Peer Richelsen

The Lean Hire Podcast

Jack and Peer met each other in the Y Combinator W19 batch and have met in the Bay Area during the program. With shelter in place and work from home, a lot has changed and Jack and Peer are discussing the impact of remote work and how companies can improve their recruiting and make a lean hire in the face of uncertainty and risks.Kopa.co offers furnished apartments and compatible housemates. The safest and easiest place to find rental housing and housemates for 1+ months. Head over to https://www.kopa.co/ for more information.


10 Jun 2020

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#27 Wenn das eigene Startup scheitert - mit Peer Richelsen von Mage-Market

opencampus.sh // gestalten, verändern, unternehmen

Sie galten als eines der aussichtsreichsten Startups in Schleswig-Holstein. Als erst 7. deutsches Team wurden sie 2018 vom berühmtesten Accelerator der Welt, dem Y-Combinator aus dem Silicon Valley, angenommen und schlossen im Anschluss weitere Finanzierungsrunde ab. Jetzt muss Mage-Market, der Marktplatz für Magic-Karten, schließen. Corona ist darin nicht unschuldig… Im Opencampus-Podcast spricht Peer über die Hintergründe, die letztlich zum Shutdown von Mage-Market geführt haben. Außerdem erfahrt ihr, was er aus dem Scheitern gelernt hat und wie es für ihn und das Team jetzt weitergeht. Hört rein! Shownotes: Der Weg zum Y-Combinator (Podcast Episode aus 2018) - https://medium.com/opencampus-sh/mit-seinem-startup-von-kiel-ins-silicon-valley-snapcardster-zeigt-wie-es-geht-4b0f859dab5 Warum Peer nie wieder als GmbH gründen würde - https://medium.com/@peeroke/how-i-would-start-my-next-startup-in-germany-without-a-gmbh-4bb986901be9


23 Apr 2020

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060 - Peer Richelsen (Mage) On Building The "Apple for Nerds"

Forward Thinking Founders

In this episode, I talked to Peer Richelsen of Mage, which is a Magic The Gathering card marketplace. In this wide-ranging episode, we dive into: What is Mage? What is Magic The Gathering? If I wanted to play, where would I get my starting Magic cards? Does Mage allow its users to get more valuable cards? Have you ultimately built a stock market for Magic The Gathering cards? What made you fall in love with Magic The Gathering  Do you have any competition up in SF? How did you explain this to investors? How are there cards worth six figures? How do you get users? What's the big vision for Mage? How can the Forward Thinking Founders community help you? Join the Forward Thinking Founders community via our email list here. If you are enjoying the podcast, please help support it by buying me a coffee. It helps the show run and keeps me focused on finding and interviewing great guests.★ Support this podcast ★


2 Dec 2019