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In this episode a very SMART women calls in, her name is Deana Kobe, she breaks out her BAT of knowledge and KNOCKS it out of the park. This women is a former Educational Engineer, so the SCIENCE she DROPS is backed up by life experience and her own personal struggles with food. There is no DOUBT about it, if I don't START eating BETTER I won't be AROUND long. What about YOU? Do you have people to be around for? Let's LISTEN, LAUGH, and TRY to be here for OURSELVES. TODAY!! *

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17 Sep 2020

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Octopussy Movie Discussion with Deana Kobe

Long Lost Heroes Podcast

Episode 111.) 8.19.2020Spoilers, Spoilers, Spoilers!Welcome to our sweeping mini series event, Long Lost Heroes Podcast present a James Bond 007 Retrospective! We will be covering the classic franchise in a bit of a different way, we will be going out of order, we have already covered Brosnan, Craig, Dalton, Lazenby and the First Two Austin Powers films. Today begins our coverage of the man with the most Bond Flying Hours - Roger Moore in Octopussy! As we cover the longest running movie universe, we will also be including some influences, spoofs and tangential media that we think had an effect on our favorite super spy. We hope that you will enjoy this series, as always we are looking for feedback from you - our great and mighty - Long Lost Heroes Podcast community. Let us know your favorites, your feelings - good or bad - on Mr. Bond. We’ll put it in the show.Octopussy -Available for rent on Amazon, Apple, Google Play Store and More!Special Guest Deana KobeDeana Kobe is a New Jersey Comedian who just launched a brand new podcast called ‘Comedians Exposed with Deana Kobe’ available to stream right now at the link below with awesome comedians such as Angela Sharp, Vin Brue and Scott Holt!https://www.patreon.com/ComediansExposedwithDeanaKobePandorasmouth - IGDeanakobecomedy - TwitterThe Return of Maud AdamsSuch a provocative title no?The wheels are really starting to come off the railsNo Car?Remember to Subscribe on iTunesSubscribe on Google PlaySubscribe on SpotifyPlease Leave us a rating or review.Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @LLHPodcast

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19 Aug 2020

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In this VERY FUNNY episode, we learn just how "Interesting" it is to be a Teacher in New Jersey and how hard is to remember any of your students.  Giving us this glorious INSIGHT, is our friend Deana Kobe. Is Judge Judy someone that should be Followed?... or locked up in a cheap nursing home?? Is STALKING someone OK if they hit your car?? Should you ever TALK to people on line at Walgreens?..EVER?? Is Anthony Quinn not shaving for the victims?.. Or is it because he wants a COUNTRY comedy album?? Is sending someone a NASTY Christmas card a form of Terrorism?? These studious questions will be answered, in CURSIVE, on this episode of QUINNSPIRACY. 

1hr 9mins

30 May 2020