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Michael Sandel - The Tyranny of Merit

Conservative Minds


29 Nov 2021

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Michael Sandel, philosopher

Desert Island Discs

Michael Sandel is a political philosopher and professor of government theory at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has also presented the BBC Radio 4 series The Public Philosopher and The Global Philosopher, in which he examines the thinking behind a current controversy.His books have tackled the idea of meritocracy and the moral limits of markets, and he has been described as a “philosopher with the global profile of a rock star.” Michael grew up in Minnesota until the age of 13 when his family relocated to Los Angeles. As a boy he was fascinated by politics and he invited Ronald Reagan, who was then governor of California, to take part in a debate at his school.During his university studies he took an internship at the Houston Chronicle and covered the Watergate scandal, sitting in on the Supreme court deliberations and subsequent impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill. Later, while he was studying as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University he was, as he puts it, “seduced by philosophy”. Justice, the course he devised at Harvard, is one of the most popular in the university’s history – thousands of students apply to attend in person and tens of millions watch his classes online. DISC ONE: Feeling Good by Nina Simone DISC TWO: Only a Pawn in Their Game by Bob Dylan DISC THREE: Battle Hymn of the Republic by Odetta DISC FOUR: Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday DISC FIVE: Alexander Hamilton by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton DISC SIX: Anthem by Leonard CohenDISC SEVEN: The Stars Will Sing To You by Kiku Adatto DISC EIGHT: America the Beautiful by Ray Charles BOOK CHOICE: The Collected Dialogues of PlatoLUXURY ITEM: BinocularsCASTAWAY'S FAVOURITE: The Stars Will Sing To You by Kiku Adatto Presenter Lauren LaverneProducer Paula McGinley


24 Oct 2021

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84: Professor Michael Sandel

Politicon: How The Heck Are We Gonna Get Along with Clay Aiken

Clay is joined by Harvard philosopher, Professor Michael Sandel, for an in depth discussion about the forces in our country that create its winners and its losers, and how that  tyranny of meritocracy divides us.  Have modern democracies fallen prey to credentialism and a financial system that enriches individuals instead of the common good?  And can we fix our discourse and create systems of inclusion to make us all feel like valued stakeholders in our society? Get more from Michael Sandel Harvard | Justice w/ Michael Sandel | TED Talks | Author of “Tyranny of Merit” and Other Books Host: Clay Aiken has sold 6 million albums, authored a New York Times bestseller, and ran for Congress in North Carolina in 2014.  Follow Clay Aiken further on:  Twitter Email your questions to podcast@politicon.com. Follow @politicon and go to Politicon.com

1hr 2mins

9 Oct 2021

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Debate: Michael Sandel vs Adrian Wooldridge on Meritocracy

Intelligence Squared

Meritocracy has long been an article of faith in the modern Western world. Get an education, work hard and the rewards of success will be yours, regardless of class, privilege or wealth. But recently meritocracy has come under attack, with the charge led by Michael Sandel, the Harvard philosopher whose public debates on how we define the common good have won him a global following. But not everyone agrees. Taking issue with much of Sandel’s arguments is Adrian Wooldridge, the political editor at The Economist. In this week's debate they argue whether we need more or less meritocracy in society. The host is BBC broadcaster Ritula Shah. For Michael Sandel's new bool click here: https://www.primrosehillbooks.com/product/the-tyranny-of-merit-whats-become-of-the-common-good-michael-j-sandel-pb/ For Adrian Wooldridge's new book click here: https://www.primrosehillbooks.com/product/the-aristocracy-of-talent-how-meritocracy-made-the-modern-world-adrian-wooldridge/Support this show http://supporter.acast.com/intelligencesquared.See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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10 Sep 2021

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The Tyranny of Merit with Michael Sandel

Battleground with Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir

The American dream disappeared generations ago, but we still operate under the myth that ascending the socio-economic ladder is simply a matter of hard work. In reality, America has become a caste system, where those born into privilege will likely stay privileged, while those born into poverty get stuck at the bottom. What’s worse, according to political philosopher Michael Sandel, are the attitudes accompanying this system. Many of those at the top truly believe they’ve ‘earned’ their place, a type of ‘winners and losers’ messaging that gets carried into politics. And to no one's surprise, Republicans are making it work to their political advantage.Professor Sandel joins Faiz on Battleground this week to discuss what he calls the “rhetoric of rising”; how dividing society into winners and losers cost Democrats the working-class vote; and what they can do to break the meritocratic spell that’s driving our country into the ground. Hint: electing more working-class people to office is a good start. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


9 Sep 2021

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Michael Sandel: "The Tyranny of Merit"

Book Club with Michael Smerconish

Harvard University Professor Michael Sandel, author of "The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good?" with Michael Smerconish. Original Air Date 24 September 2020. The book was published on 15 September 2020


7 Sep 2021

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The Cost of Meritocracy With Michael Sandel


Does meritocracy create a better world for everyone, or does it create massive inequality? There's been a lot of debate in the last few years about meritocracy, and it's become even more pressing in light of the pandemic. If essential workers are "essential", are they really less meritorious than a banker or accountant? So, we decided to discuss both sides of this debate in our next two episodes. On this episode, we'll be joined by Michael Sandel who teaches political philosophy at Harvard University and is author of the new book "The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good". He'll be making a nuanced case against meritocracy. Also, be sure to stick around for a new surprise after the episode.


12 Aug 2021

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74 - Michael Sandel's The Tyranny of Merit pt. 2

The Badlands Politics & Philosophy Podcast

On today's episode, we continue our discussion on meritocracy and Michael Sandel's recent book The Tyranny of Merit, which argues that meritocracy is  "a hollow political project that reflects an impoverished conception of citizenship and freedom...". Meritocracy poisons our civic culture by dividing society into winners and losers, and breeds hubris and resentment which undermines the civic good.Toby Napoletano, Michael Hughes

1hr 41mins

30 Jul 2021

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73 - Michael Sandel's The Tyranny of Merit pt. 1

The Badlands Politics & Philosophy Podcast

On today's episode, we revisit the topic of meritocracy and begin discussing Michael Sandel's recent book The Tyranny of Merit, which argues that meritocracy is  "a hollow political project that reflects an impoverished conception of citizenship and freedom...". Meritocracy poisons our civic culture by dividing society into winners and losers, and breeds hubris and resentment which undermines the civic good.

1hr 16mins

16 Jul 2021

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#135: The Tyranny Of Merit — Michael Sandel

The Jolly Swagman Podcast

Michael Sandel teaches political philosophy at Harvard University, where he is the Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor of Government Theory. His course “Justice” is the first Harvard course to be made freely available online and on television and has been viewed by tens of millions of people around the world.Full transcript available at: josephnoelwalker.com/michael-sandelSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

1hr 4mins

22 Jun 2021