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237 - A better way to live with Ryan Carter

The Wellness Farmer Podcast

Health is a lifestyle and with each and everyone of us being different that means our journey to health with be just slightly different. There are some core things that must be part of who we are to be healthy and well but how we get there is unique and special to everybody. We can’t put everybody into the cookie cutter and expect the same results we just don’t work that way. Ryan has a great way of explaining it and that is why I am excited to say that he is the latest guest on The Wellness Farmer podcast Check out his instagram at @livevitae where he breaks down health into simple lifestyles. Health is supposed to be simple lets not complicate it. Get enough rest at the right time, move enough, eat nutrient dense food based mostly in meats, surround yourself with good people, take care of your spine and be who you are: a powerful Being that heals and builds itself. Don’t talk to yourself in any other way. To get to know more about Ryan and what he is doing check out his website https://www.livevitae.com If you haven’t gotten a copy of my new book Playing in the Dirt it is now available get it using this link.  If you are getting value out of this podcast, hopefully you are, you can now give some back! Give back by: Supporting me on Patreon. Joining my email list so you don't miss anything and by the way you get the first chapter of my book "The four Pillars of Health" and other great stuff absolutely free. buying my book "The 4 pillars of Health"


15 Apr 2021

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Personalized nutrition and optimized health - Ryan Carter @livevitae #319

Zestology: Energy, vitality and motivation

Ryan is an instagram sensation, with a huge amount of followers. Last time I checked he'd smashed through half a million and with good reason. His content is brilliant and easy to digest.  Some Ryan facts. 👉🏼 Registered Nutritionist mBANT 👉🏼 Working with clients 1 to 1, around the world 🌍 And we look at what happens if you want to find a coach to work with. I have recently launched a program on my sister site - The Histamine Intolerance Site - and Ryan and I recorded a module on how to find a coach. So we thought we'd discuss that a little here too.  You will pick up so many hacks in this episode. And maybe take it to the next level with a health coach.  THIS SHOW IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY: COGNIBIOTICS: The breakthrough mood-enhancing formula made by BiOptimizers. This formula starts with a solid foundation of prebiotics and probiotics to support gut health and positive feelings in a safe and natural way. But it doesn’t stop there! In this way you will explore. CogniBiotics also includes 17 powerful brain herbs to enhance mood, manage stress, and improve memory. If you think about it, CogniBiotics is almost like two supplements in one because of how it supports your mood and brain health through two different channels. Oh, and here’s the best part… CogniBiotics comes with a full ONE-YEAR guarantee, so I encourage you to try it risk-free and see for yourself how much better you feel. Simply go to www.cognibiotics.com/zestology and use ZESTOLOGY10 to receive 10% off any order. (UK customers head to www.bioptimizers.co.uk and use the code ZESTOLOGY10 on any order


5 Apr 2021

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Ryan Carter | Vegas Recap + Bit of the Week

It's a Bit

Enjoy this episode of “It's a Bit” presented by 10K Takes: We interview former NHL Player and current Color Commentator for the Minnesota Wild, Ryan Carter, we give a recap of the 10K Vegas trip and cap it off with our Bits of the Week. 

1hr 25mins

23 Mar 2021

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Ryan Carter | How To Gain More Energy, Upgrade Your Focus And Improve Your Health Markers

Ideal Day Podcast

Enquire now for 1:1 Coaching with Adam With me today on the podcast we have specialist when it comes to all things holistic and ancestral health. Ryan Carter joins us today to talk about simple dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to help you upgrade how you think and feel in your day to day. Ryan helps clients achieve their health goals by removing their obstacles and empowering them with a personalized and wholistic approach to be the best version of themselves. Having qualified as a registered nutritional therapist, personal trainer, breathwork coach and with many more specialised qualifications under his belt. Ryan utilises a unique approach which encompasses a multitude of practises not believing in protocols or paradigms but listening to his clients and applying his knowledge and wisdom in an individualized method. Ryan works with clients around the world in person or remotely. This has led him to work with top 10 tennis superstars of the world and the general public with no exception to special treatment. Ryan’s created a brand, Live Vitae, a vision to spark peoples inner light, asking better questions and letting people think for themselves first-hand about taking back control of their health. Ryan’s website, newsletter and more popular Instagram is full of free wisdom to absorb and showcase his values and way of live. Enquire now for 1:1 Coaching with Adam Chuck Hazzard | Track to Hack. The Oura Ring Deep Dive Sacred Cow Movie Connect with Ryan Carter below; Ryan Carter Website Ryan Carter Instagram Thank you so much for listening and checking out this episode of The Ideal Day Podcast.  You can also check us out on Instagram @youridealday


16 Mar 2021

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Eating Healthy For Hoops w/ Live Vitae's Ryan Carter

Hoop Commitment

Episode 061: Are you having trouble eating healthy for basketball?  Is it a struggle to eat your fruits and vegetables and still get enough calories in throughout the day?  Well, Ryan Carter can help!Ryan is a certified Health Coach, Personal trainer, breathwork coach and registered nutritional therapist with many more specialized qualifications.He is the founder of Live Vitae, an optimal health coaching platform, that works by educating, supporting and mentoring clients from illness to wellness or sub-par to optimal.The approach he takes is very different from the ‘norm” nutritionists model. He incorporates the best from: - Nutritional therapy using a functional medicine model - Ancestral wisdom utilizing evolution understanding coupled with mother nature - modern technology and biohacking interventions - quantifiable fitness and dietary strategies. Ryan works across the board and is a functional generalist, not believing in a reductionist model to health coaching and beyond. He works with anyone and everyone who wants to achieve optimization and more.Listen to this week's episode on Eating Healthy for Hoops and learn how you can eat to be your best on and off the court.  Instagram  @HoopCommitmentTwitter  @HoopCommitmentFacebook  HoopCommitmentWebsite  HoopCommitment.com/61


27 Oct 2020

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19. Nutrition Myths, Philosophy & Wisdom with Ryan Carter

Boost Your Biology with Lucas Aoun

In this episode, Lucas has a chat with Ryan Carter, the man behind @Livevitae, where they discuss all things nutrition, lifestyle hacks, nutritional science. They explore the current trending diets such as the carnivore diet and vegan diet. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the intricate details of a holistic lifestyle.  Relevant links:Show notes: www.nofilter.media/boostyourbiology Ryan’s IG: https://www.instagram.com/livevitae/ Free Health Masterclass: https://www.ergogenic.health/masterclasses 


17 Sep 2020

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Ep 155: Ryan Carter @ryan_dcoutfitters

The FlipFlop Guy Podcast with Andy Moeckel

Ryan’s no stranger to good bulls. Today Ryan and I talk about utah, social media, elk and life. Ryan is a stand up dude. – Visit www.deadeyeoutfitters.com and enter code “LEGION” for 15% off your entire order! – Visit West Coast Archery Shop www.westcoastarcheryshop.com in Petaluma, California and mention “LEGION” to receive 10% off your next set of arrows! – Visit www.peakrefuel.com and enter code “LEGION15” for 15% off your entire order! – Visit www.Circlelabs.co and enter code “Legion20” for 20% off your entire order!

1hr 50mins

31 Aug 2020

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Episode 27, Ryan Carter from United Speed Shop

classic pickup podcast

This episode I caught up with Ryan Carter from United Speed Shop in Newcastle, NSW. Ryan specialises in high end Suspension solutions for your classic build, weather it be a coilover or airbag build. You can check out their work via their website, www.unitedspeedshop.com, subscribe to their Youtube channel, Instagram or facebook @unitedspeedshop The podcast is sponsored in part by Classic Pickup Supplies. Please support them if you need parts for US build Ford and Chevy vehicles. www.classicpickupsupplies.com.au To get in contact with me please email me at classicpickuppodcast@gmail.com Thank you for listening. Whipps.


31 Aug 2020

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EP: 01 Early Season Elk Tactics | Ryan Carter

Hoyt Bowhunting Podcast

Ryan Carter from DC Outfitters discusses early season elk tactics for patterning and hunting monster bulls.

1hr 3mins

5 Aug 2020

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Ryan Carter on Minnesota's Summer Camp, next Wild Captain and Facing the Canucks

Straight From The Source with Michael Russo: A show about the Minnesota Wild

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14 Jul 2020