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536: Angie Rose - Kingdom Building Conversations

Holy Culture Radio

Welcome to another Kingdom Building Conversation, where we put Christ on display through those serving him in the culture. During our discussion Angie unpacks the reality of being on a major record label, the journey getting there and the work to keep things aligned. She shares why she started her series The Rose Confesses, which you can find on her Facebook channel (https://www.facebook.com/angierosemusik/), fighting with depression and the meaning behind her latest song 7 Gold Chains. About The Artist With nearly 5MM Global Career streams of her music and 2.5MM Channel views, Angie Rose does not need much introduction, she is a dynamic powerhouse Pop/Hip-Hop artist from the Bronx. From Puerto Rican roots, she inspires her fans to be unstoppable through a combination of raw energy and undaunted lyrics. That’s an unbiased opinion as acknowledged by her features in People Magazine’s (En Espanol) HOT LIST, NYLON’s Soundcheck, Upscale Magazine and Hola Magazine. Her music promotes diversity and overcoming all obstacles, pulling from her past experiences with loss, drugs, and hurt, which is probably when her song “Fight Like a Man,” was included on VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop last year. Her EP UNSTOPPABLE was released by Capitol Christian Music Group on January 15th, 2021 and is now available on all streaming platforms. She joins me live to discuss this project and her upcoming Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/angierosemusik/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngieRoseMusik Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/angierosemusik/ Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCONg6Zn9DeroGZpLtzEeHTQ


19 May 2021

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Angie Rose

Testimony A Musician's Story - Testimony

Rapper and singer Angie Rose shares her Christian testimony. Angie shares how drugs and alcohol numbed her to life, and how the spirit of Lord made her feel again. She talks about her experience being featured in People En Espanol Magazine, and how her Unstoppable Foundation helped to support those affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico.  Angie’s Unstoppable project is now available. Additionally, we talk about Lil Nas X and Nipsey Husstle in our Hot Topics segment. *The transcription of any lyrics and some of the interview content may not be entirely accurate. *[00:00:00.750] - GaelikaIn this episode of Testimony: A Musician's Story presented by Sound Seekers, I talked to rapper and singer Angie Rose. She shares her Christian testimony. Now, I had the privilege of talking to Angie and interviewing her years ago for another publication. And it wasn't for my podcast, but we had a great conversation, which she reminded me we had the entire conversation while she was walking the streets of New York and sharing her testimony. So now I was able to catch up with her again, like five, six years later, talk to her face to face or screen the screen on Zoom and she shares how drugs and alcohol, not her to life, how the spirit of the Lord made her feel. Again, she talks about her experience being featured in people in Espanol magazine and how her unstoppable foundation helped to support those affected by hurricanes in Puerto Rico. Now, Angie also has a project titled Unstoppable, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Additionally, we talk about Lil Nas X and Nipsey Hussle in our Hot Topic segment. I am Gaelika Brown and this Sound Seekers presents Testimony: A Musician Story.[00:01:19.810] - Angie RoseMy first music memory, so, yeah, it's not actually a song like a person I remember, I always talk about it. My second mom, she passed away about three years ago now, but she in that I thought music was beautiful and I just remember her singing. She had it. Yes. This song that she sang, this song in a church called "Take Me Back". And just every single time I saw her sing, I don't know, I feel like there was like lights that would pop up behind her. And I was just like blown away as the strongest one.[00:01:55.780] - GaelikaHow old do you think you were when you first heard her sing?[00:02:00.280] - Angie RoseI think that first memory I was dang, I couldn't tell you because I was younger. When I sang a song to her, I was like. Three years old, writing letters, it's little, but I want to say like five. It could have been I say like.[00:02:24.200] - GaelikaOK, you're kind of freezing now. You know, you're frozen right now. It's good now.[00:02:37.390] - GaelikaSo but you were saying that what, you were maybe five or six when you had that memory?[00:02:43.510] - Angie Rose Yeah, I want to say about five.[00:02:45.060] - GaelikaYeah, OK. Well, I mean, that's pretty impactful for for that to stick with you.[00:02:51.790] - Angie RoseYeah. She was phenomenal. Definitely.[00:02:56.900] - GaelikaOK, so going back to your childhood, the beginning. So you were born and raised in the Bronx.[00:03:05.380] - Angie Rose Yes.[00:03:06.880] - GaelikaAnd were you raised in a two parent household?[00:03:10.360] - Angie RoseYes, ma'am. Actually, both of my parents were divorced before they got OK.[00:03:17.680] - GaelikaSo there was their second marriage. Both OK.[00:03:21.310] - Angie RoseSo I'm the baby of ten, but I'm the only one from them two.[00:03:24.800] - GaelikaOK. And then what's the age difference between you and the oldest of the oldest.[00:03:32.830]Oh, I have no idea. But the youngest is 14 years older than me.[00:03:36.940] - Gaelika Oh wow.[00:03:38.800] - Angie RoseOK. Seventy six, so she is fifty six sister, so her kids are older than me, they used to walk me to school and everything. Yeah, yeah, it's wild and is wild.[00:03:51.780] - GaelikaIt'd be like that sometime, though. I have an uncle who's like a few years older than me, so it's like weird to call him uncle so.[00:04:04.710] - Angie Rose Right, exactly.[00:04:06.420] - GaelikaSo within your household, when you were growing up, how many siblings were actually in the house?[00:04:16.930] - Angie RoseI only had one or two my brothers came to live with me when I was I lived with my parents when I was like, I think three, four or five, something like that. But like I said, they were already so much older. So I think like a year and a half after my brother was living with us, he ended up having his baby and starting his life off. And then I had one brother, but he was. He chose a different road. When we were younger, and that ended up not having either. So, yeah, it was really a lot of just me and then kind of visiting with them or trying to make time to be around them.[00:05:00.080] - GaelikaAnd was it a Christian household?[00:05:03.380] - Angie RoseYeah, definitely. My parents actually open their church like the week I was born.[00:05:09.740] - GaelikaOh, wow. OK, so the co-pastor and church together.[00:05:14.220] - Angie Rose Yes. still to this day.[00:05:17.210] - GaelikaYeah. You literally grew up in the church then.[00:05:21.040] - Angie Rose Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah.[00:05:24.950] - GaelikaWas it daily Were you there like pretty much every day.[00:05:28.730] - Angie RoseYeah pretty often. But I didn't really notice. Yeah it was, it was, it was, it is family. But again she ended up running an after school program so like that was in the church but it was like all my friends were there and so it was just family to walk from school, go to after school, eat lunch or whatever, hang out my friends, do your homework and then we do service or dance. We had step team.[00:05:59.710] - Gaelikaawesome, right? And when did it connect with you, when did you personally give your life to Christ?[00:06:07.280] - Angie RoseYeah, to be honest, I was super with it. Like I wasn't against church as a kid. I didn't have. But I remember, like, eight years old. I once I was in a service one day. And and that's what makes me know that Holy Spirit is super real real because nothing different was happening that day. They were singing the same songs and all of church was a lot older. So they were singing the same hymns like Joy, Like a river and all that good stuff and. I felt the joy of the Lord like it just blew my mind and I started jumping and they didn't really do that in my church and I was just like, oh, my God, like losing it. And so, yeah, I want to say about eight and then I was preaching already at that point for youth services, super engaged, but also super confused because I'm still from the Bronx and I'm still like in real life, my brother is still listening to like he's enjoying secular music and chillin with his friends just had a lot of different worlds coming together to make me.[00:07:15.790] - GaelikaOK, so eight years old, you feel like the Holy Spirit just take over you and you're just worshiping till you pass out in church.[00:07:26.500] - Angie RoseYeah, and at the same time, you have siblings that are still like in the world in your life. You still got to walk home.[00:07:35.410] - Angie RoseAnd and my friends in school, I went to a public school. I wasn't they weren't Christian by no means.[00:07:43.690] - GaelikaSo how is that OK? So from eight to then you go into being a teenager. Yeah. You feel the Holy Spirit in you. But like you say to your friends around, you weren't about that life. How was that?[00:07:58.660] - Angie RoseI don't know. For some reason I think I was a little stronger when I was a kid than I became came as an adult, if I'm honest or not stronger. I didn't notice. Like, I was just like is what I do and what they do. I remember going through a phase of, like, cursing a little bit and just like, does it feel good like this? Is it right. But then my thing I think was still my struggle is I had a temper or have a temper. And so I was like getting scrappy in school and but yeah, I was just me. But I do remember like feeling super guilty because I loved Nelly andJa Rule and I was like one day I was "Gettin Hot In Here" and I was like losing my mind. And my mom came home just but you know, what was great is they weren't super religious about anything. They would just like and I guess they didn't know enough other like to know how bad or how dangerous that music was. But yeah, I think it's just I've just been me most of my life trying to figure it out. And some days I felt like more of a Christian than others. But what I'm learning now is that that's not true. I was always just as Christian. I was just being a human.[00:09:19.910] - GaelikaYeah. Yeah. I like just being human. That is something I thought you touched on something interesting when you felt like you said you felt like your it was easier being a Christian when you were younger versus now as an adult. I mean, I do think there's something kind of to that because I do just remember myself being younger and so like just about like my body is God's temple one like you, my family, like, no me for that. And then and then, like, growing up, and not treating my body like God's temple. "What happened to your body being asked Temple that?"[00:10:06.170] - Angie Rose Yeah,[00:10:07.310] - GaelikaI don't know. I mean, I'm just wondering. Like what? What is that[00:10:13.330] - Angie RoseI'm still trying to figure it out. I'm still I'm still in it, if I'm honest, but I don't know. I think that the mind of a child we absorb, we believe and we accept. And I think that that's what God was like. Jesus was like, let the little children come on. And I don't think that he was talking about, like, not reaching adults, which is clear because, I mean, the whole three years he spent, he was reaching and we got like two stories with children. So I think that he was talking about the mind of a child, just like you told Nicodemus, you got to be born again. Nicodemus didn't understand what you're saying, but but you made it the simple truth, but only. mond of addressed that, and I think we get older, we start putting in all these variables and we fall messed up, and as a kid, you fall and you mess up and it's kind of like, OK, get up as an adult, you start to beat yourself up when you're going down. And I think that that affects our rise. We very nice.[00:11:20.560] - GaelikaI mean, that's because it's now not only are we, like, beating ourselves up, but people around us are beating ourselves up, too, for falling. And we're acknowledging that and we're taking all that in instead of just filtering it out. They're quite concerned about our journey. It's well, what does everyone else around me have to say about my journey?[00:11:43.260] - Angie RoseYeah, yeah, yeah. I think it is just so key to focus on the next step. I think that's what I'm trying to keep learning. Like Jesus wasn't about the last step. He always talked about the next one. Go forth and say no more. It's like, man, I'm still still worried about what I did. And you're focused about your focus on who I am.[00:12:06.310] - Gaelikaand then you talk about in your music, you know what you always say. I'm a Puerto Rican girl who loves hip hop and you talk about being a crazy kid who is crazy, growing you talking about or doing drugs and driving drunk and spinning your car. When did that whole era come into play?[00:12:30.690] - Angie RoseSo when I was about 15, which is when I started changing up my niece, my nephew passed away in here, she was seven and he was 13, and both of their parents were pastors.[00:12:46.590] - GaelikaDo you mind if I ask how they passed away?[00:12:49.020] - Angie RoseMy niece, we don't know, to be honest, like still she was fine and then she wasn't she was hot. She laid on the floor and took her to the hospital. And my sister took me to a hospital in. We don't know. My nephew was actually born sick, so it is actually, to me, a sermon in a body because his heart was too big for his body. Everything his heart was the only thing growing. His body wasn't. And yeah we knew that we were living on borrowed time with him from the beginning. But we always believed that God would do a miracle as a faith family. Like, we just kind of believe in those things. And so she passed away first, actually, and he passed away five months later. And so that just, like, rocked me. Like, I just I didn't get it. I was a god. Why? They're both pastors. I was just so angry. And that's kind of where I started shifting. Slowly, I left my dad's church and I ended up wanting to go to where my sister was. And I just started having problems at home. And slowly but surely. I tried to God by doing the work, but over the years, just Chuch hurt started happening and life started happening. And I literally remember the day that I was yelling at God and I felt like a cloud of darkness, like he allowed by the cloud of darkness just cover me. And during those three years, that's when all these things happened. That's when drug abuse started. This went up like alcoholism. I worked in like a a club. I was like abottle girl. I went zero to a million. And I just found, like he always does. I mean, he knew where I was the whole time. He was always present. But I guess just that one day he wasn't playing and he got me back.[00:14:50.930] - GaelikaSo you said that one day wasn't like a big, like, monumental day for you?[00:14:56.330] - Angie RoseYeah. I mean, so I I was with my friends and we were just doing what we always did. We were like smoking or whatever. Drinking then pot like in you feel like a big one. And I was sitting there and I was like, I don't feel anything. And I was actually sitting on a school desk, which is funny to me, because it's like I was literally teaching and I just was like, man, I don't feel. And I was like, I don't remember when's the last time I felt anything like I don't feel ever. And I was just like, go and do that in my head. And all my friends were chillin. And I was just like, I got to go. We've got to get out of here. So I left and I still had the key to my parents house, but I didn't live there. And I was like living everywhere from a floating. I stayed with my brother and I just going through it. And I went home and nobody was there. And I sat in the living room and they had the piano that I used to play. It was still just set up. And I just sat there, started playing, and it was a song in Spanish. {spanish} which means if only I could touch the hem of the garment, I'll be free. And it was a song that I always saying and I just started to play it because what I knew and I don't know, I started to sing like from the depths of my soul. And I remember feeling like a hammer just came and shattered like a glass box, and it was almost as if I had lived in that glass box for years, for those three years, like I was just in it and the world was happening around me. But I couldn't feel anything. I didn't even remember what the breeze felt like. I didn't remember like and just nothing. Nothing. And I felt like he just shattered that. And then this picture it was like film, like it was and it was like all the seconds of my life. Like it wasn't even the minutes. It wasn't the hours. It was like seconds of my life. And he was like like he was like every single thing that you've been through, every single part of your story for my glory, I'm going to use it. And I was just crying and crying, crying, blown away. And I was like, man, I don't know what this is, but if you're real, if you are who you say you are, then then I want in. And it was hard to battle mentally or physically. Ended up calling my sister, who I needed reconciliation with, because she hurt me in a way that I just couldn't believe a sister could. And God, like, literally called her number out of static in my head, I didn't know what was going on. I was just crying and I saw her phone number pop out of static. And I swear it was my other sister, the one that like the nice one and all this stuff in it. I just dialed the number and was her. And we cried together and she saw like Jesus walking into my home. She saw the light. She experienced everything that I was experiencing in that moment with me. And until the point where she told me she had that she had to go because because I had to have that moment with God. And when I when I hung up the phone, I had my eyes closed and I opened them and I saw, like, sandals and feet and light. And I remember the woman that cried at his feet and dried her hair and my hair was over. And I was just like, oh, my God. Like, you are so intricate. You're so real. And it's just like I got so hungry for the word, I couldn't stop. I like I didn't I was fasting, I was praying and I just wanted to be in the world. And yet here we are today. It's been up and down battle. I'm not going to pretend like I thought for a long while that that was it, and that everything was going to be like perfect. And my humanity popped back up and Jesus was like, yeah, we're still dealing with things. I love you. And I gave you all this peace and all this joy. But I'm still a healer. And in order to heal, I have to resurface the things that you ground because they'll kill you eventually.[00:19:01.880] - GaelikaYeah, I mean, we're always in progress. So I do think I mean, I have felt that way. Like you have like this big monumental thing that happens to you. OK, that's it. I'm set for life I'm on this and it's like, no, I've still got a lesson to learn. But man, that testimony is so vivid the way that you tell it. And now I recall, like when I spoke to you years back and you were walking down the street telling me that story, like I remember how vivid it was then, as well as you telling me being in the whole glass box and the shattering like that's crazy.[00:19:45.140] - Angie RoseI have it here. It's funny because I've been hearing these stories and more lately. And it's like I'm just grateful because you forget sometimes when you stop sharing or people stop asking you thosequestions of people stop caring about your testimony and they only care about the song or the whatever thing is happening next. You forget that God really does save and he has saved. You know, it's been good now.[00:20:11.600] - GaelikaIt's always good to to hear others testimony, but also to just remember yours, even for yourself. Yeah. Through that practice, almost like at least an annual thing.[00:20:26.180] - Angie Rose Minimum, right. Yeah.[00:20:27.970] - GaelikaMinimum cus twelve months is a long time. You need that reminding. Yeah. So, so now you move forward. So all this happened when you pretty much gave your like the glass box testimony. That's like what. Eighteen ish. Eighteen. Nineteen.[00:20:48.860] - Angie RoseYeah. One I believe so. Yeah, someone I know had to be about 21.[00:21:01.840] - Gaelikaso young and only coming into your own. OK, so I mean, we're going to get more into the music a little bit later. But I do want to talk about some of the cool things that happened with the music and in particular within like the last 12 months, you had you were People in Espanol. Yeah. How did that even come about and how did you find.[00:21:31.690] - Angie RoseI have no idea. But it was wild. So I signed with Capitol CMG and we just kind of started releasing music. We did all these singles and all this stuff and they hired a publicist. And I don't know, just God's favor was was kind of on that. And we were able to do a lot of things, including that one. So it was an amazing experience. I think just for me that what was really cool was going into the airport and the magazine and being able to pull off a shelf and like, oh my God, my face is in here. That was the coolest thing that happened. I don't know.[00:22:11.170] - GaelikaWell, let's also point out the fact that not only were you, like, inside the magazine, but who was on the cover of that magazine?[00:22:18.560] - Angie RoseYeah, Selena. Yeah, right. That was a crazy feeling. That was a crazy feeling. But I learned a lot even from that. Like, just, you know, that's not our bank these aren't the things that these are the things that do it like, you know what I mean? Like this, not the things that feel you. It's not the things that even launch you. God is, is the launch pad. And I think that's been the lesson since then. The pandemic hit after that and all these things that were supposed to happen, God was like, yeah, we're going to talk, we're going to chat. And so I'm I'm grateful, grateful for[00:23:00.610] - Gaelikaso other things that happened that kind of affected the pandemic. Are the pandemic affecting what you thought was about to happen with your career in life? What you had a concert lined up with Sean Paul to that was canceled?[00:23:17.200] - Angie RoseYeah, Sumfest apparently I'm still on for whenever the world opens again, which is beautiful. But yeah, it was Sean. Paul, A Boogie it is supposed to be a really cool lineup. But yeah. Now what I'm excited about is that I have newer music. When the show does open, I have music that that I believe stands for God. In a dope way it's going to have people dancing, but not just for no reason for like freedom, for liberation. And so that's what I'm most excited about. Like, when it hits like I'm not I'm not hitting playing the same scene.[00:23:59.660] - GaelikaYeah, no. So and I mean, what were the type of lessons? Because you said that like. The whole People magazine thing, it's that's not the bank, and it was a lesson that you have to learn, obviously, in this past year. Like how? How did you learn this lesson? Basically,[00:24:23.690] - Angie RoseI had no choice and no choice. I couldn't keep skipping class. He shut the world down He was look like the boards up on talking and he broke things from things that I. Wanted things that I held close, that he was like, it's not beneficial, you know it you've known it for a long time and you're not doing anything about it. So as a loving father, I'm going to strip that. And as painful as going to be painful, but I'm going to be present. And that's the gift. I had the world continue going and had my success continued to grow, I wouldn't have realized, you know, what good is it for a man in the world and loose his soul? And I don't know that. I don't know anything. I don't know how to write. I can't write man in the book to salvation. But I know I know that that there were things that God needed to strip. There are things that God needed to strip. And I wouldn't have it wouldn't have happened if if he didn't just stop things.[00:25:30.010] - GaelikaYeah. And you said you're in school too. Or was that just now, are you. Oh, yeah.[00:25:36.270] - Angie RoseJust I just I mean, constantly learning, but.[00:25:42.250] - GaelikaAnd you also have the unstoppable foundation.[00:25:47.860] - Angie Rose Yeah. Yeah.[00:25:49.570] - GaelikaSo how did that even come about and what is what are you guys about.[00:25:55.870] - Angie RoseSo basically we had all these hurricanes, Hurricane Maria hit, but I had just come back from touring in Houston. I went with Kingdome Music, Brian Trejo, and all these people and on our days off when the tour wasn't happening and venues and all that, we were able I was able to connect with people in like the hoods of Houston. And so we went out and did like free concerts and with the extra merch, like we just gave it out to the community. And it was you know, I was talking about hope and I'm like, God's got you. And then these hurricanes hit. And I'm like, oh, my God. Like, we just spent all this time talking about God, how do I look? Not doing anything, not supporting not standing. So I got on social media and I was like, look, we still have some left over from tour because all these things happen to business and craziness. And if I tell you it was tours that, we had planned. So I had bought all those merch and then the promoter disappeared. But so whatever the point is that within that so the God was teaching me and that he was showing me that I had seed. You didn't lose anything. You have seed you have things to plant now. And so I was like, OK, so I get on social media and I'm like, we have this. If you guys buy it, I don't have money. But if you guys buy this stuff, then I'll have money. I'm going to send it. So social media just started blowing up and people all these people bought the merchandise. So I shot it to to the people that we worked with in Houston that we're working with the hood. Then it happened in Florida. And so I get online. I do the same thing. It started. People buy stuff then it hits Puerto Rico and I'm like, oh my God, I don't have any more shirts. But the truth, the bigger thought was like, I know how the houses are built and how the electricity is. I know I know that this storm is hitting. Puerto Rico isn't the same as the storm hitting Houston and Florida. Yeah. And so I was like, man, what do we do? And I want it. I called all these churches and all these pastors and asked for help and we ended up doing a relief concert. I still went on social media because obviously they were fans that weren't from New York that couldn't come. And I was like, look, if you guys donate or purchase a ticket, then we're going to go to the project where I live. We're going to give thesepeople VIP seats. So that's what we did. All these people ended up buying tickets and sending donations and ticket. We were selling them for like ten bucks. So if somebody sent fifty bucks, we had five ticket. I'd go out like we were knocking on the doors with the team. And we're like, look, we just we want to invite you. You're a VIP. Know how much is, when you are from the hood you don't believe nothing like no, I'm not like no for real. You're free. And we made them. VIP is free and we made them VIP. So we had all these people, like politicians, pastors, all that. And you don't get the front row because you already know what we talk about is supposed to be for the people that are lost. And so we ended up getting about five hundred people to come out and we raised five thousand dollars. And to me that was huge. And then we just hop on a plane and all these people were like, oh, we're going to help, I'm going to help you. And then, like, when I'm looking at tickets and all that stuff they all dissapeared my God, what is happening the minute I land in Puerto Rico, FEMA and the Ricky Martin foundation called, and we ended up getting pallets and pallets. The food plus we had the money and so we were able to choose like we killed it. I think we were able to set up distribution centers after that. And that's when I was like, you know what this is? This is a thing. And we came back to New York, started working on paperwork, and after we were able to open an after school program, which unfortunately closed because the covid. But it was happening. Yeah, it was just it's been a wild ride. It sucks right now. Whatever. It sucks now. The world closed and we lost the program. But again, I think God was just realigning. And restructuring, because you can do good things without them being God things, and if your heart isn't for him, he'll stop that to get you right and then we'll go back to doing it, because if not, you're just present and if there's no miracle signs then there is not transformation, then you're just like everybody else. And what's the point?[00:30:35.170] - GaelikaRight on. Well said. OK, OK. And just to be clear, because it kind of got a little glitchy, but you said when you got to PR, FEMA and Ricky Martin kicked in,[00:30:51.070] - Angie RoseYeah, the Ricky Martin Foundation.Yeah. I never got to work with Ricky Martin himself, but his foundation was crazy supportive. Like even when we went back the second time, we were able to get to warehouses that had food and they had soap and they had water and they would just bless us like we feel like the trucks and just hit them out. And it's an amazing thing. Yeah.[00:31:13.180] - GaelikaI mean, I think there's also something to be said and just lessons to be learned about. I'm sure it also showed you what you can accomplish on your own because you're thinking like you're coming with like a squad and you have people to support you and people just kind of fell to the wayside. And it's just I guess I got to do this now.[00:31:37.960] - Angie RoseThe same people that disappeared ended up popping back up. And what God was showing me was the words says, miracle signs and wonders follow. And so he was testing my faith. It's like if you don't get there, they can't follow. You have to be where you want them to meet you. And so that that's still a profound lesson. And I got to go where I want the things that I want to say to.[00:32:01.470] - GaelikaOK, and how do you say God's presence looks like in your life personally outside of the music, just his personal presence in your life?[00:32:11.570] - Angie RoseThat's really funny, because this morning I was actually praying. I'm like, God, I want to like Jesus. I want to know you. I want to find you within me. If you say that if I buy the news and you invited me, then I want to know you. And I think I'm still on that journey. But I don't know. I feel like there's like a little gap in our heart that we just don't access enough. And I feel like he's teaching me more and more like it's right here. Just turn it on right here. And I can feel like, you know, it's a weird thing to say, but it's like I'm grateful that my heart has been broken or even is broken. If I can say that, like I'm wondering as of late, I'm like, man, is this the new beat? I mean, is this just where it is so that I can empathize and not even empathize? I actually can feel I can see somebody that doesn't open theirmouth just to look in their eyes. And I know that I know that pain. And then you can feel Jesus in like, you know, I got to feel you up right now. And it literally feels like a lever or like if you've ever seen when they pump water from the ground and they're just kind of it feels like that like feels like God is in my heart, like literally like maybe I'm right here and you can feel like I'm just feeling so. Yeah. I don't I don't know fully. I've seen so many, I've had so many experiences with that. The mountain top and everything is amazing. And you feel like you're you're like you're full of light and all this stuff and now I'm in a space is like you just. Just faithful, your present A with me, he matches energy in a sense and then elevates.[00:33:56.620] - GaelikaAll right, we're going to move forward and kind of take a small break from your story and talk about what's a hot topic, what's trending on Twitter. So what's trending right now in the entertainment world Lil Nas X? So are you all caught up to speed with the home Montero music video and the Satan shoes and all of that[00:34:24.910] - Angie Rose relatively relatively via social media?[00:34:28.450] - GaelikaYeah, if you like, just like a quick scan, like I have basically have to read up on stuff I feel like so out of touch with certain things, but then certain things like I really don't want to touch. So like I heard about the Montero video, they say it's like it's him. Part of it's like he's dressed in drag sliding down a pole to hell and he gives Satan a lap dance and then he casually snaps Satan's neck and takes over the underworld.[00:34:59.860] - Angie RoseNo way. Yeah, that's I didn't know that last part. That's really funny. Yeah.[00:35:04.810] - GaelikaIt's like the underworld people are looking for on him, like given Satan a lot. A lap dance. Yeah. By the way, I didn't watch the video. I just want anything that pertains to like demons. I'm like, I'm cool buddy. But, you know, a lot of politicians, conservative commentators, even like rappers like Joyner Lucas, you know, going in and having things are saying one thing Joyner said was like he came out of left field and that Lil Nas X audience are like school age kids. And it's like you cultivated this audience with your old town road and then you're going to switch it up on them without any warning. Like, that's not cool. I mean, Lil Nas X says, I literally sing about lean and adultry in "Old Town Road. "You just let your child listen. So blame yourself. So then and then also we have like the whole Satan shoes. And yeah, apparently he made like a video that's titled, like, he apologizes for it, but he really doesn't apologize. He says something like. He's heard all about the complaints, but then he abruptly cuts to a clip of his video and it's him lap dancing on Satan. So he.[00:36:33.800] - Angie RoseOh, interesting. Really? Yeah. Yeah. I don't really care here.[00:36:38.290] - GaelikaYeah, but yeah, he's a 21 year old kid. Right. And people thought, yeah he's only twenty one. He's a kid. So people thought it was cool when he was like dressing up as a black cowboy. But now that they see he's like dressing and like cross-dressing and doing like half naked photos, now it's a problem. But from Jump, he's always said who he was like he came out and said he was gay. Like nothing none of this stuff is new. Oh, my question to you is, who's responsible? The artists were like the parents who let their kids listen.[00:37:20.530] - Angie Rosethe system and not just like the industry. Like, I mean, like, just. Our sin is that that's the better sin is responsible ultimately is. Nobody knows what they're talking about. I've never understood you, just like you just shooting at each other. We both got the same guns and you both died by the same bullets. It doesn't make sense. Yeah. So even. Yeah, it's just. I feel, I feel. It's heavy, is heavy, becauseit's like man, like this is his life. This is his soul and their lives, their souls. Like there's so many people intertwined on. Yeah, it's hard because what's the point of somebody that can't fix it, taking responsibility, but I think that's the one thing that we learn from the gospel, like y'all can do it. So like you did around, you did feel like I can feel like Oprah is just wrong. So who's going to fix it? Like it's something I was thinking about yesterday. Like just because I didn't make the mess, it doesn't take away my responsibility for cleaning it up. So it's like instead of finding who's responsible for the blame, why don't we find who would be responsible for the cleanup and the struggle? There is just if you don't know you're dirty, then you're not going to want to be clean. And if the people that are cleaning don't realize that they're hurting, you know, it's just it gets worse and then they're just as dirty and damaged. And slicers is a lot is a lot. The state of the churches is heavy. The state of the world is having state of the industry is extremely heavy. And I just say extremely because I'm just realizing it now, like getting so involved in this and it not being in the Christian bubble or being like because. Right. I started off like this college girl and it was all Christians. And not that it was perfect, but it was different. And then I get into the industry and it's like, oh my God, this is scary. This is what it is. This is how people live. And they have no idea because they're so clouded, everybody's just clouding themselves. And you can always smile when you don't know what's wrong. This is just a situation that requires real pressure, real action. And I wish people would just stop talking when they didn't know what they were saying. Yeah, well, people love to talk about things they don't know about. How important is visual imagery in your videos and just any content that you create?[00:40:09.860] - Angie RoseI'm still learning how to navigate. It's obviously super important, and I'm just still learning what it looks like to convey a message in that way, I think even just music in general, you have to I could just talk to you. And it's so easy to just tell you what I'm going to tell you. But if there's a beat to it and I've got to run, I've got to entertain, I fit into something. It starts to dilute all the the things that you would consider true. And then you find yourself kind of defending your art instead of having your art be the truth. And so I think very, very important. But I think also very difficult and just a test that has to be taken down with the individual like. Yeah, it's a lot because there's so many people always weighing into that, I can't make a video, so the person that wants to make the video is coming with his ideas. And now I'm trying to figure out how to fit his ideas or her ideas into this vision. And now you're shapeshifting. You're trying to put a circle into a triangle and everybody, you know, is it's a lot to absorb. So very important, but also very difficult.[00:41:24.430] - GaelikaYeah. Another thing that's trending, Nipsy, Nipsey Hussle, two years ago on this day, March thirty first twenty nineteen is when he was murdered. So the L.A. Clippers, they played his halftime performance from when he performed there. And people there said that they can still feel his presence and that it was just a very important moment. So what do you think is more important, being impactful or being memorable, even if you're being memorable?Like, awesome, because[00:42:04.770] - Angie RoseI think if you're impactful, then you're always both. So I think that's the best choice for me. Nipsy is just he he represented a ton of things that obviously I don't know how to stand behind, but I think most like 90 percent for me, like, he he absorbed poison and he came out with something like a heel like this. Wild, wild to me. My brother wasn't he was like an atheist and all this stuff. And just over the years, one of the people that he continued to speak about, even in that phase to this day was Nipsy like Yogi, just he could get me up in the morning. He says things that I need to in. I was always blessed by that, and that's what made me like I got such a love for Nipsey, like just because my man's knew how to tell the truth in the way he is, the way he knew how, I'm saying it was his truth and he wanted to better the world around him. So, yeah, definitely impactful. Definitely impactful. Memorable.[00:43:12.780] - GaelikaSo all right, so let's talk about your music start. How did you get started into it?

29 Apr 2021

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