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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Bakwin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Bakwin, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Peter Bakwin. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Peter Bakwin, often where they are interviewed.

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2019 Special Wrap-up with Andrew Skurka and Peter Bakwin - #67

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This year's FKTOY coverage is brought to you by the running apparel company, rabbit. Go to runinrabbit.com, enter FKT at checkout, and save 20% on your first order. Thanks for supporting the companies that support Fastest Known Times!

Five women and five men will be awarded for the best FKTs in 2019.  Who will they be?  Peter Bakwin (Episode 65) and Andrew Skurka (Episode 26) discuss what inspired them this year.

"One issue with this FKT, is that it's not a well-known Route by a well-known person, so some Voters may not understand how incredibly hard it is - the numbers do not describe this."

The next Podcast will reveal the #5, #4, and #3 FKTs of 2019.  One thing for sure - they won't be the same-old Routes by the same people!  The first three years of FKTOY Awards saw the John Muir Trail, Nolans 14, and R2R2R win 3 Awards and the Appalachian Trail 2 - in 2019, these four towering Routes are not even on the Nominations List!  

"Six Athletes had 2-3 Nominations coming into this year - in 2019 none of them were Nominated - you're going to hear about new people!"

Podcast music by Sage Baptiste (instagram.com/imsagebaptiste & @whatablr) and mixed by Kyle Richardson (instagram.com/kylerichardson).
Jan 03 2020 · 48mins
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FKT Of the Year - Overview of Nominees with Peter Bakwin - #65

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630 FKTs this year (and more coming in every day) ... what's new and cool?

"More women, and more women going solo on technical routes"

There were no big efforts this year on the big routes, like the AT, PCT, R2R2R, JMT ... the existing times are too fast!

"The low-hanging fruit has been plucked"

Who will be the FKTOY winners? What do YOU think?


Podcast music by Sage Baptiste (instagram.com/imsagebaptiste & @whatablr) and mixed by Kyle Richardson (instagram.com/kylerichardson).
Dec 20 2019 · 29mins

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#47 | Peter Bakwin of FastestKnownTime.com

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Today's guest is Peter Bakwin, co-creator at fastestknowntime.com. We dive deep on all things FKT related, including his take on some of the more controversial FKTs, the proper way to document a speed record, and how he spearheaded this community. We also talk about Peter's long and impressive background in backpacking and ultra running, including his unmatched Rock-hard Hard Rock run. We also have a new unpopular opinion segment, a patent pending and much more.


Subjects discussed in the episode include:

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Sep 29 2019 · 1hr 40mins
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Peter Bakwin - Mid-Season FKT Highlights - #46

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No action yet on the JMT, PCT, or AT ... are the existing times just too hard? But Peter is processing 5-8 submissions per day from all over the world! And, stop worrying about "Supported" vs "Unsupported" -

"If you want to go solo, go solo. If you want to go as a team, do that. But don't say one is better than the other."

And what are the early candidates for this years FKTOY?? (someone has already nominated the Arctic Fox that walked 2,000 miles from Norway over the North Pole to Greenland in 76 days - it's Verified because the fox was wearing a GPS tracker!).
Aug 09 2019 · 34mins

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Peter Bakwin and Buzz Burrell - The Founders' Chat! - #28

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It's the 1 year anniversary of FastestKnownTime.com! Buzz and Peter talk about what has changed about the website, its functionality and features, what it means to be the "gatekeepers" of the FKT movement, and much more.
Apr 05 2019 · 34mins
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2018 Special Wrap-up with Peter Bakwin, Clare Gallagher, and Tony Krupicka - #17

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What was the preeminent FKT in 2018? What inspired you the most? What are your predictions for 2019? Anton Krupicka, Clare Gallagher, and Peter Bakwin answer these questions and more!

"Nick Elson on Half Dome and Joe Grants' Nolans - it's style versus pure performance."

"When the TNF50 was cancelled, the ladies really threw down - watching Ida, Sandi, and then Taylor in less than a week was really cool."

"Karel was super-rad - he cut the time by 10%, and didn't look like he was totally worked."
Jan 11 2019 · 49mins
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Peter Bakwin: running and transcendence - Fastest Known Podcast - #15

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Peter Bakwin is the only person to do the Double Hardrock, the first person to go under 4 days on the John Muir Trail, plus many other races and FKTs, and is one of the co-founders of this website and podcast. Following up with our “3100: Run and Become” interview, Peter describes his experience of self-transcendence while running, and discusses when ultra-running may become unhealthy.

“My own experience is that when you bump up against your perceived limits you either stop or you transcend (usually after a complete melt-down). The latter is clearly a spiritual experience, as anyone who has encountered it will know. All of a sudden energy comes from... not you.”
Dec 28 2018 · 27mins