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6. Community, Fun, and Learning to Do Hard Stuff: Summer Camp Round Table with Julia Smith, Erin Wicker, Caitlin Dooley and Lisa Rae

The DECODE Project Podcast

In this episode, you get a window into my teen years when I worked as a staff at Christie Lake Camp, an overnight summer camp run by Christie Lake Kids, for campers living below the poverty line.  Today, you'll hear me speak with four of my camp friends, Cait Dooley, Lisa Rae, Erin Wicker, and Julia Smith. We talk about  How our camp director, the late Dr. Dan Offord, cultivated a community where campers and staff thrived despite difficult circumstances How we were willing and eager to wake up early every day and do hard work because we knew we were part of something that mattered How being given lots of responsibility and having incredible role models in the older staff profoundly shaped our self-view and our chosen work And how camp and everything it stood for provided us with an anchor through the rocky teen years.    — A Glance at the Episode >>>3:01: Powerful memories of our camp director, Dr. Dan, and the lessons we learned from him (the importance of curiosity, seeing the campers and staff as whole people, actively seeking out the people who need help but are not coming to the door, being fully present, and being part of the team) >>>8:01: How fun, the community, and a common purpose motivated us to do really hard work  >>>12:37: How Christie Lake provided an environment for campers and staff to thrive (structure, scheduling low ration of campers-to-staff, the near-peer influence, developing skills through extracurriculars, rituals, routine, and the music) >>>15:58: How camp taught us we were capable of doing hard things and how this has shaped how we perceive ourselves now; the importance of role models >>>21:34: How camp provided us with a north star and a safety card to help us navigate through the difficult teen years >>>21:34: Our recent camp reunion during the pandemic and how camp and the community still have such a huge impact on us  — Bios and Links: Christie Lake Camp/Christie Lake Kids: Website//Facebook//Instagram Caitlin Dooley: Cait has just returned to Canada after living in NYC for 10 years. Her career has taken a few twists and turns and she loves where she has ended up-as a fundraiser for nonprofits. Her career and life path was profoundly shaped by the summers she spent as a teenager at Christie Lake Camp.  She currently works at the Eagle Academy Foundation, a network of schools that incorporates many of the programming and approaches that we used at camp. LinkedIn//Eagle Academy Foundation Erin Wicker: Erin is a mama to two little bears, Liam and Tommy. She has been teaching for 15 years. She has taught in Japan and the United Arab Emirates. She has the travel bug and has had the fortune of visiting over 50 countries. Her favourite memories include trying to climb solo up Mountt Fuji in a fog storm, starting an impromptu dance-off at the biggest sand dune in the Gulf region, and following a wild boar though the rainforest in Costa Rica.  Julia Smith: Mother of 3. Occupational therapist in community mental health at Northumberland hills hospital in Cobourg.  Loves to cook.  Reads cool books for pleasure.   Lisa Rae: Lisa Rae has worked in public policy, strategy, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement for more than 15 years.  She is know for her curiosity, pragmatism, and collaborative leadership style.  Currently, Lisa is the Director of Public Affairs at Addictions and Mental Health Ontario (AMHO) overseeing strategic communications, government relations, and public policy.  She lives in Toronto with her partner and 3 year old son who rivals her, as only preschooler can, in asking "why?". — About The DECODE Project Podcast In the DECODE Project Podcast, sleep physician and youth psychiatrist Dr. Cara Ooi speaks to parents, youth, and other experts about what really moves the dial on change during the tricky teen years.  Learn more about the DECODE Project and resources by visiting decodeinsomnia.com or on Instagram @decodeinsomnia.  Music by Micheal Lerner Disclaimer The content of this podcast provides general information and is not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified healthcare provider.  The provided content should not be relied upon for medical diagnosis or management.  Please direct questions or concerns to your physician and/or qualified health care provider.


21 Jun 2022

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Julia Smith - Openwork - Business Superhero Series

Advisers Assemble - Lead Generation For Financial Services

If you need a shot of adrenaline then this chat is it! Alex came away feeling very motivated after this chat and got loads of work done that afternoon!Julia Smith is a regional business consultant for the Openwork Partnership and works with a lot of successful firms in the network.We discuss why Openwork is a great network and what she sees all the great firms doing day in, day out. You'll get to know her a bit better with all the usual superhero questions too!


20 Jun 2022

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Julia Smith

Tips for Teachers

The queen of GCSE maths re-sit teaching, Julia Smith, joins us on the Tips for Teacher podcast to share her 5 tips: 1. Practice, practice, practice…not until you can get it right but until you cannot get it wrong (04:24) 2. Revision should start from day one of a course, not at the end (12:57) 3. It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it…and that’s what gets results (23:13) 4. Fluency in the four operations is a cornerstone of developing mathematical understanding (33:27) 5. How to deal with students who say they hate maths or are no good at maths (44:28) Access the show notes and audio transcription of the episode, plus a load more audio and video tips here: tipsforteachers.co.uk


12 Jun 2022

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052 – Account Management and Producing with Julia Smith

The Let's Backflip Show - Happy Hour

In this Happy Hour podcast, we’re chatting account management and producing with Julia Smith. Watch the chat here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dm13smXKvdM Timestamps (6:15) Who is Julia Smith? (15:12) Directing. (18:17) Backflip layoff (23:08) Be Grounded: Mental Health & Yoga Therapy (1:00:29) Podcasting (1:04:47) Two truths and a lie.The post 052 – Account Management and Producing with Julia Smith first appeared on Backflip.

1hr 20mins

7 May 2022

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How to Become the Plug with Julia Smith


In this episode we meet Julia Smith, a master connector and networker. What does it mean to be a plug? “The plug” means being a connector of people, resources, ideas; the catalyst that makes things happen. Julia is plugging talent into great opportunities.  She is currently working in the financial industry, and she has had the opportunity to lead many different teams. She shares about leadership and influence, leadership styles and behavior, motivation, vision, confidence, accountability, and courage.  And she gives some really good tips to black leaders, you do not want to miss.  What we talk about:06:25 – Displaying consistent leadership behaviors – compassion, adapting to changes, inspiring others to act. 09:15 – Important characteristics and traits for black leaders that give the best results: ability to conceive reality in new ways, developing partnership with people, motivation, confidence, accountability and courage. 25:03 – How you frame those setbacks is absolutely pivotal. It can motivate and inspire your team to go the extra mile, or it can cause a lot of anxiety and panic.  It is really important to frame those setbacks and challenges as learning opportunities. 29:18 – Courage is the mental or the moral strength that allows us to act despite our fears. Our fears may be different, depending on our upbringing, education, work experience, and even work environment. Use it to your advantage. 33:42 – 6 tips to black leaders Connect with us:AALAM


29 Jun 2021

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Being Well with Julia Smith Podcast - Feat Lachie Samuel

Open Up

This is a podcast I was a guest on last week, with Naturopath and well being coach, Julia Smith. We spoke about my story, mens mental health and FIFO mental health, along with my current beliefs and perspectives around this. Julia has such a beautiful energy and Im grateful to have had the opportunity to not only be a guest, but also meet her in person! #podcast #perth #menshealthweek #mentalhealth #emotionalhealth #menswork #masculine #feminine #energy #archetypes


21 Jun 2021

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4: Mumager Life with Julia Smith; Mum of Maisie Smith (Tiffany in Eastenders)

So You Think Your Kid's Got Talent?! | Hosted by Talent Agent Jessica Elliot

Mumager life and Albert Square with Julia Smith Mum of Maisie Smith (Tiffany Butcher in Eastenders) The podcast for parents of talented kids.. who want to make it big in showbiz! Hear from those already doing it, have done it and are in the thick of it. In this episode- Julia shares her experience of being a Mum to a household name. Maisie Smith who has been an actress on Eastenders since she was 6. We talk auditioning, friendship groups, family and what it’s like to parent a ‘famous child’


29 Apr 2021

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Don't embed maths, enhance your maths! With Julia Smith

E&M Booth

Join us as we talk revisioning revision for FE maths.You can follow Julia here https://twitter.com/tessmaths and check out the 5rs here https://5rs.co.uk/5rsonlineWe refer to the Mr Barton Podcast here too http://www.mrbartonmaths.com/blog/julia-smith-teaching-gcse-resit-and-the-5rs/Huge shout outs as well to Touch Consulting and ETF for APConnect, AP SouthAnd a big shout out for #JoyFE tooJulia's maths hook padlet is here https://en-gb.padlet.com/tessmaths1/hooksCorbett maths cards are here https://corbettmaths.com/revision-cards/


13 Apr 2021

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#MusicaDeCuarentena: ENTREVISTA CON "LA JULIA SMITH", charlando sobre su nuevo sencillo: "GENTE EN LA ESQUINA"

Kaleidoscopio Mx

Kaleidoscopio Mx en su sección #MusicaDeCuarentena presenta la entrevista exclusiva que tuvimos con “LA JULIA SMITH“ para presentar su nuevo sencillo: “Gente En La Esquina”.   “LA JULIA SMITH” es una banda chilena formada por los hermanos Paulo y Marcelo Díaz y Pablo Romero. Todos multinstrumentistas en la agrupación.   La banda tiene mas de 10 años de trayectoria y cuenta con varios discos de estudio: “Hagamos las maletas y vámonos del planeta”, “They Own The World But We Own Them” y su último sencillo, estrenado el 12 de Marzo del 2021: “Gente En La Esquina“. Este tema, lanzado en sus diferentes plataformas audiovisuales y musicales.   Sigue a "LA JULIA SMITH" en sus diferentes redes sociales:  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lajuliasmith Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bandajuliasmith Twitter: https://twitter.com/lajuliasmith YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/juliasmithbanda Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/30FpmUWpZbOg1DpzD3jmiD?si=wPJC2QxaT8O3k1vlbayP_Q 


9 Apr 2021

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Episode 14 - Requirements for nutritional supplementation in recovery with Julia Smith

Beyond Overeating by Wholesome Lifestyle Project

Have you been wondering whether you should be taking natural supplements to help your body heal during your recovery?  Join me as I chat with nutritional and herbal medicine expert Julia Smith from Being Well with Julia. We talk about whether we actually need supplements and if we do want to use supplements, choosing the right one for recovery.  Show Notes: https://wholesomelifestyleproject.com/2021/02/10/ep-14-julia-smith-requirements-for-nutritional-supplementation-in-recovery/ Subscribe here to get all the latest episodes: https://kite.link/Beyond-Overeating-by-Wholesome-Lifestyle-project You are also invited to join the Food Freedom For Binge and Emotional Eaters Facebook https://wholesomelifestyleproject.com/work-with-me/services/facebook-group/ Book a FREE 20-minute Discovery Call with Stel https://wholesomelifestyleproject.com/work-with-me/lets-get-started/


10 Feb 2021