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6.20.21 "The Promises Of God" by Mitch Klein

Cedarhome Baptist Church

Hebrews6 : 13 - 20


20 Jun 2021

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6.13.21 "Signs Of Salvation" by Mitch Klein

Cedarhome Baptist Church

Hebrews 6 : 9 - 12


13 Jun 2021

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3.7.21 "Introduction to Hebrews" by Mitch Klein

Cedarhome Baptist Church

3.7.21 "Introduction to Hebrews" by Mitch Klein by Cedarhome Baptist Church


7 Mar 2021

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Selling Smart Home Technology to your Customers: An Interview with Mitch Klein

The Tech Hour with Kevin And Pat

In this episode , We talk with Z-Wave Executive Director, Mitch Klein, on the Z-Wave technology evolution. We also speak on the security of Smart home protocols and how to sell these products to your customer.--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app


5 Mar 2021

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Ep. 101: Z-Wave Alliance's Executive Director Mitch Klein Sorts Out the New SDO News

Dealerscope Podcast

We recently had the pleasure to welcome as our Dealerscope Podcast guest, Mitch Klein, the Executive Director for the Z-Wave Alliance. The organization recently announced they have completed incorporation as a solely independent non-profit organization.


21 Sep 2020

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Episode 191 - The State of Z-Wave with Mitch Klein

The Smart Home Show

Adam & Richard are joined by Executive Director of the Z-Wave alliance Mitch Klein to talk about the state of Z-Wave and where it is headed via Knit

1hr 5mins

21 Sep 2020

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Z-Wave Alliance's Mitch Klein | Z-Wave, Connectivity Options, and Other Drivers in the Smart Home Market

IoT For All Podcast

In episode 63 of the IoT for All Podcast, Ryan is joined by Hayden Cohen, Director of Events & Partnerships at IoT For All, to talk about Z-Wave and the smart home market with Mitch Klein, the Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance. Mitch shares some background on Z-Wave, how it differs from other options for smart home connectivity and speaks to some of the obstacles and drivers affecting the smart home landscape on the whole.Mitch is a 30-year industry veteran in IoT, consumer electronics, home automation, and integrator market. As the Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance, he leads a member consortium of over 700 global companies supporting the Z-Wave smart home standard.To start the episode, Mitch spoke to what exactly Z-Wave is, how it allows devices to communicate, and how it benefits both companies developing smart home devices and consumers looking to equip their home with connected devices. He spoke to its benefits over technologies like Zigbee and Wifi, and shared some use cases where Z-Wave really shines.Mitch also spoke to the Z-Wave Alliance’s recent announcement that they would be opening the Z-Wave Network Layer and communication protocol for the Z-Wave specification, enabling new manufacturers to build and distribute chips enabling devices to leverage the Z-Wave technology. Besides removing Silicon Labs as the sole source of Z-Wave silicon chips, Mitch said that the change would allow Z-Wave technology to be applied to more verticals outside of the connected home market.Switching the conversation to the smart home market as a whole, Mitch spoke to some of the greatest drivers and obstacles facing smart home adoption. One of the biggest drivers, Mitch said, was what he called “hero products,” for example, Amazon and Google’s voice assistants and the Ring Doorbell and Nest Thermostat. Whereas previously the only way to get smart home devices into the hands of consumers was through professionally installed security systems, hero products allowed consumers and homeowners a low-barrier-to-entry introduction to smart home devices and services.Among the biggest barriers to adoption, Mitch said, were consumer privacy and security concerns and confusion about what smart home devices actually do and how they work together. Figuring out which devices are compatible, what they do, and how to install them is simply more work than most consumers are currently willing to do.To finish out the conversation, Mitch said some of his thoughts on the near future of the smart home industry, post-COVID-19, including the current growth in consumer interest and the potential for component shortages as operations in many factories grind to a halt.Interested in connecting with Mitch Klein? Reach out to him on Linkedin!About the Z-Wave Alliance: The Z-Wave Alliance is a member consortium of over 700 global members and over 3200 certified products, supporting the popular Z-Wave smart home protocol.Key Questions and Topics from this Episode:(01:41) Introduction to Mitch Klein(03:51) Introduction to Hayden Cohen(04:11) Introduction to Z-Wave and the Alliance(07:25) What is Z-Wave?(08:04) How does Z-Wave compare to Zigbee?(13:34) Are there specific use cases where either Z-Wave or Zigbee excel?(15:43) Last year, the Z-Wave alliance announced that they were opening the Z-Wave Network Layer and communication protocol for the Z-Wave specification. What does this mean for the smart home market?(16:39) How do you incentivize other manufacturers to build for Z-Wave?(19:44) What do you think will be the biggest contributors to successful adoption in the smart home space this year?(22:41) How does consumer education play into smart home adoption? What other barriers are there to adoption?(26:23) Do alliances like the Z-Wave Alliance work at all with big players in the ecosystem to address consumer concerns?(29:01) At what stage in development should companies look to make changes to support market growth?(34:38) How do you foresee COVID-19 affecting the smart home market long-term?


27 Apr 2020

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Episode 295 - Catching up with Z-Wave's Mitch Klein

HomeTech.fm Podcast

On this episode of HomeTech: We are joined by Mitch Klein, Executive Director of the Z-Wave Alliance. Mitch, a 2019 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Recipient, shares his unique perspectives on the industry, shaped by decades of working in every facet of the business from crawl spaces to chip manufacturing. Our conversation explores the challenges and opportunities facing integrators in today’s evolving technology landscape and the continued evolution of the Z-Wave ecosystem. Don’t miss it! That, plus the latest home tech headlines including: Sonos confirms their new S2 OS will release in June. New research from Parks about which connected home platforms builders want. NBCUniversal will make theatrical movies available on-demand immediately. Fox acquires streaming service Tubi for $440 million. And more…

1hr 6mins

20 Mar 2020

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The CEDIA Podcast 1933: Mitch Klein, Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

The CEDIA Podcast

Mitchell Klein has led his own integration firm, he's led CEDIA, and now he leads the Z-Wave Alliance. He's also the 2019 CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. Here's an in-depth interview with a thoughtful and fascinating gent. Register for CEDIA Expo and help us celebrate Mr. Klein's achievement: CEDIAExpo.com


16 Aug 2019

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09.04.2016 "When Criticism Comes Your Way" by Mitch Klein

Cedarhome Baptist Church

Judges 8:1-4


4 Sep 2016