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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tom Morton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tom Morton, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tom Morton. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tom Morton, often where they are interviewed.

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Tom Morton 'Having a Positive Impact...and Transformation at Speed'

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This episode of 'The New Abnormal' features Tom Morton, a member of the leadership team at R/GA, one of the world's most creative and innovative companies, where he's the Chief Strategy Officer. R/GA advise brands on what they should stand for and how they should behave and innovate in order to thrive in the connected world. Tom's work extends into media and popular culture, he's been a political pundit for the BBC and The Guardian, an Effies judge and a jury chair for the 4As Jay Chiat Strategy Awards. He's also been a keynote speaker for the Cannes Lions, the ICA and Advertising Week. In this podcast, we discuss his views on how circumstances drive values, the ever greater need for leaders to demonstrate emotional intelligence, and why the vital question for brands is 'how can we help have a positive impact'? Along the way, he illuminates why 'transformation at speed' is such a compelling idea for clients. Oh, and some crucial pointers regarding #TheFutureOfWork - and yes I do mean being a (suitably fantastic) Zoom host. 

May 10 2020 · 47mins
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Stories from McKellar. Tom Morton, "The Bartonholm Three".

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Tom Dunne introduces episode two of McKellar Stories. Novelist and broadcaster Tom Morton reads  "The Bartonholm Three", a tale about an Ayrshire village (now gone) that produced three champion golfers. First published in McKellar #2.

Apr 23 2020 · 29mins

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Tom Morton | Ep.20

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On episode #20 of The XIX Podcast, host Charlie Zamora interviews Tom Morton.

Born in Sacramento, Tom has been around golf at Haggin Oaks since the age of 5. Tom’s golf career was fostered through the Haggin Oaks Junior Golf Programs and through his father and five-time national PGA award winner, Ken Morton, Sr. Tom has played tournament golf since the Little Linker program at age 7, leading him to the Junior Golf Association of Northern California Tour and American Junior Golf Association events. His scholastic achievements and golf game enabled Tom to receive a golf scholarship to the University of California at Santa Barbara, where he played competitively for 4 years.

Tom’s golf career highlights include:

1992 Northern California High School Champion

1992 Member of Junior America Cup Team—Northern California

Two—time selection U.S. collegiate team-Pacific Rim World Collegiate Championship in Japan

All-Big West Conference Selection for UCSB (Spring 1997)

Assistant Golf Coach, UCSB (Fall 1997)

Attended multiple Coaching & Training Programs featuring: Peter Kostis, Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, Gary Wiren, Dave Pelz, Jim Flick, Stan Utley, Fred Shoemaker, Dave Stockton, Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriot, Michael Breed, Randy Smith, Suzy Whaley, Billy Harmon and many other
Top 100 Teachers in the United States

Member 1999 & 2000 NCPGA Assistant/Apprentice Cup Team

2002 NCPGA Apprentice Championship Winner

Named 2002 NCPGA Apprentice/Assistant of the Year

NCPGA Education Committee Member (1998—Present)

NCPGA Junior Golf Chairman (2000-2005)

NCPGA Player & Teacher Development Forum Chairman (1997-Present)

PGA General Manager—Bing Maloney GC (2001-2005)

The First Tee of Greater Sacramento Board Member (2004-Present)

Named 2006 NCPGA Horton Smith Award Winner

Named a 2006, 2007 & 2008 US Kids Top 50 Junior Golf Instructor in the World

2008 Named one of “Sacramento’s 25 Most Influential in Area Golf”

2008 Northern California PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year

Named 2008 NCPGA Junior Golf Leader Award Winner (National PGA Finalist)

Named a 2009 “Recognized The First Tee Coach”

Named a 2009 Master Kids Coach by US Kids Golf

2012 Northern California PGA Junior Golf Leader of the Year

2012 Northern California PGA Player Development of the Year

National PGA Player Development Committee (2013—Present)

2013 GRAA Top 50 Growth of the Game Teaching Professional

2014 Completed PGA Certification in Player Development

NCPGA Teacher Committee Member (2014 – Present)

2014 National PGA Youth Development Award

2014 Northern California PGA Player Development Award

2015 Swoosh Elite Advisory Staff – Golf Professional of the Year

As the PGA Director of Player Development for Morton Golf & The First Tee of Greater Sacramento, Tom designs and coaches many programs. His philosophy is that the game has two types of motions, finesse and power swings, but the main goal is to always…HAVE FUN! He believes that each individual has their own golf blueprint based on current beliefs and body function and his job is to improve the blueprint for maximum success and enjoyment.

Host: Charlie Zamora
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/charliezamora_/

Guest: Tom Morton
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tmortongolf/

- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playxix/
- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PLAYXIX/
- Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5oQZdpXjXz7kR8hqp4OlZQ
- Itunes: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/xix-h…d1447577461?mt=2

SHOP NOW: www.playxix.com
Mar 04 2019 · 52mins

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Quick, Double Down! The Heart of American Strategy - Tom Morton, CSO

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Tom Morton is co-CSO of R/GA in the USA. It's a new role, so new it was announced this week. Tom shares the role with Jess Greenwood. With over 60 strategists in 7 US offices while working with large and fast tech companies but not just tech companies, what does strategy do at R/GA and how is strategy different between the USA and England, the other place both Tom and Jess have worked?

We discuss:

- Doing strategy in the USA
- Doing strategy fast and under pressure
- Problems and insights
- What a CSO does

You can find Tom at https://twitter.com/tommorton

For more strategy talk:

1. Strategy newsletter: http://www.markpollard.net/email-newsletter/

2. Strategy drawings: http://www.instagram.com/markpollard

3. Strategy Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/markpollard

4. Join 5,000+ strategists: http://www.sweathead.co

New book "Strategy Is Your Words" out soon.

Feb 13 2019 · 40mins
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Tom Morton knows bias *is* your problem

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Talking with RGA's Tom Morton to hear what they have learned about biases through their work on the Ad Council's Love Has No Labels campaigns.

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Jun 26 2018 ·
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Tom Morton - R/GA: Discovery Sprints

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Tom Morton sits down with us on the Movidiam podcast to discuss creative strategy, truth, rivalry, collaboration, using his Twitter as a pathway to popular culture, and more. Tom is Senior Vice President and Head of US Strategy at R/GA. He illustrates successes in the company relating to Nike and the Jordan brand. He also explains the importance of being able to collaborate with those around you.

May 10 2018 · 20mins
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Tom Morton Pt 3 Indy wrestling and the upcoming Mae Young Tournament.

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Tom is back. This time we talk how the indy scene is going and the Mae Young Tournament as well as just shooting the shit like always it was a great chat. Hope everyone enjoys it and check out the website www.guilmytalks.podbean.com if you want to get a hold of me its justinmguilmette@gmail.com and talk to everyone next time.

Jun 27 2017 · 40mins
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Free Comic Book Day and other Nerdy Stuff with Tom Morton

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Tom Morton is back and this time we talk about one of our favorite events in London Ontario Canada Free Comic Book Day. We talk about the Nerdy side whether it is Star Wars or our kids love of Batman and how london does this event better than everyone else. It has turned into an event that shuts streets down and has taken over the downtown core for the day. If you get a chance come to London and check it out. Remember to check out the facebook page Guilmy talks for daily funnies and if you want to get in touch with me justinmguilmette@gmail.com or @guilmy on twitter.

Apr 28 2017 · 41mins
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Tom Morton Interview of Epic Proportions

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This talk is with Tom Morton. He is a guy I met through Indy Wrestling and has had his first match. I wanted to get him on the podcast to talk about his journey he had so far and we talk about so much more too. It's a great chat and hope you enjoy it. Check out the Facebook page Guilmy Talks for Daily funnies. If you are interested in advertising contact me at Justinmguilmette@gmail.com. Follow me on twitter @guilmy and if you read this far I hope you enjoy the podcast and have a great day.

Mar 31 2017 · 59mins
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344. A Totally Terrific Talk on the Terrace with The Tangential Trio (feat. Tom Morton)

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What? Another new episode? Slow down Luke! We can't keep up! OK I will slow down, I promise. I am going on holiday tomorrow and I will be quiet for a couple of weeks so I just wanted to upload another podcast before I go. While I'm away you'll have a chance to catch up with all these new episodes. This is #344 and it's another rambling conversation with podcast PALS Amber & Paul, but this time we're joined by a fourth member of the team. Could this be The Fantastic Four that LEPster Olga mentioned in a recent comment? Only you can decide... Topics of conversation in this totally tangential talk on the terrace include: jingles, voice overs, the Queen's birthday, the monarchy, Princess Diana and more... Click here for the page for this episode http://wp.me/p4IuUx-63l  Groovy background music c/o http://www.bensound.com Photos (clockwise - left to right) Princess Diana, a ladybird, Fantastic Four logo, The Queen, Tim Curry, Dave Grohl, LEP logo)

Apr 22 2016 · 1hr 23mins