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The Confessional With Nadia Bolz-Weber: Dr. Ray Christian, Storyteller and Fulbright Specialist

The Moth

We are so excited to present you with a new episode from season 3 of The Confessional, featuring our beloved Mothy, Ray Christian. The Confessional with Nadia Bolz-Weber is available wherever you listen to podcasts. ——— "I got the super squad, the dirty dozen. Nobody needs to know what's going on here; I'm handling everything." Dr. Raymond Christian is a retired US Army paratrooper who grew up on the poverty-ridden streets of Richmond, VA. He has taught African American History and Storytelling at Appalachian State University and is a 12-time Moth Story Slam Champion and winner of the 2016 National Storytelling Festival Story Slam. Ray is a Fulbright Specialist Scholar as an expert in Education and Storytelling Narrative, and the host and producer of the podcast “What’s Ray Saying?” Drraychristian.com Twitter: @whatsraysaying


16 Apr 2021

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Episode 157: Nadia Bolz-Weber - Being a Christian in the Messiness

The Bible For Normal People

We had a great conversation with Nadia Bolz-Weber about what is compelling about Christianity, why we all need to stop trying so hard, and what in the world there is to be hopeful about. Show Notes →Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/the-bible-for-normal-people/donationsAdvertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands


8 Mar 2021

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Nadia Bolz-Weber: A Sexual Reformation for the Church

On the Way Podcast

The inordinate obsession with sex in Christian history and the recent toxic fixation of the church on issues around gender and sexuality has led to great shame, guilt and a lack of love and respect for our embodied experience and the gifts of sexual pleasure. It is also led to a suppression of healthy sexuality and a lack of conversation around what it means to have relationships of goodness and integrity. Nadia Bolz-Weber joins the podcast to talk about her book, Shameless: A Sexual Reformation and why we need to have the grace and courage to reform our ideas about sex, gender and our bodies in order to find our way to healing. Her words strike a chord with any who have been harmed by religious teaching about sex and opens the space for us to all reclaim a faith that honours the dignity of our bodies and the joy and goodness of human relationships.  CW: Strong language. If any of the issues raised cause distress, confidential support is available through the following providers; 1800 Respect national helpline 1800 737 732 Lifeline (24 hour crisis line) 131 114 Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


8 Mar 2021

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Episode 99 - Nadia Bolz-Weber (Enneagram 8)

The Enneagram Journey

Nadia Bolz-Weber is back on the show! This episode was actually recorded in the summer of 2020, however we couldn't track down the file. FOUND IT! And it is packed. Suzanne and Nadia talk about Grace and Compassion, her latest book Shameless and her podcast The Confessional, and more. Hopefully you see that little E out by the side of the show. If you are uncomfortable with a few "explicit" words, please skip this episode, and come back for the next. You can find more about Nadia, her podcast and all that she is doing, including her online publication, The Corners at nadiabolzweber.com  You can also find more info and registration for online teaching event with Suzanne, Grieving and the Enneagram, on Feb. 26-27 2021 at  lifeinthetrinityministry.com  Aaaaand LTM hopes you can join Rev. Joe and Suzanne for their video series on Lent! That can also be found on the LTM website. If you have questions about the podcast, Suzanne and her work, or Life In The Trinity Ministry, leave them here!

1hr 24mins

17 Feb 2021

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Finding Pleasure in Fasting, Sex and Spirituality – Nadia Bolz-Weber with Dave Asprey : 785

Bulletproof Radio

In this episode of Bulletproof Radio, Lutheran Pastor Nadia Bolz-Weber shares her relationship with religion that’s refreshingly frank.Nadia, a former addict and stand-up comedian, founded the House for All Sinners & Saints church in Denver, Colorado, in 2008. She led the congregation for a decade, then retired from church leadership to continue her work as a public theologian. She’s also the author of three New York Times bestselling books in which she considers the nature of sex, pleasure, spirituality–and even shame.She explores and embraces a pretty expansive worldview. I find her fascinating–from her “Sarcastic Lutheran” social handles to "The Confessional" podcast she hosts–and wanted to get her unique perspective on fasting, lack and going without.On Fasting: “My own profound experience of fasting actually isn’t part of the Christian tradition,” Nadia explains. “It's just 48 hours of prayer and fasting, and I'm outside on the ridge of this mountain, not a mountain, but the hills. With just a bedroll. For two days. I stay in one spot. Being a New York Times bestselling author does jack shit for you.”On the Body: “It's baffling to me that Christianity became such a body hating, pleasure-hating religion, when the whole story behind Christianity is, God decided to have a human body,” she says. “And then we say they're evil if we actually believe God decided out of all things to slip into skin and walk among us. It's just crazy to me.”On Sex: “I was walking down the street in London, all this stuff is swirling in my head, and I was just like so amazed by how good it was for me to be having sex again,” she says. “And then I thought, “Why did the church make me sign a paper saying I wouldn't do this. How is it better for my church if I'm not getting laid?” That makes no sense whatsoever.” In her most recent book, “Shameless: A Sexual Reformation: A Case for Not Feeling Bad About Feeling Good (About Sex)“ she writes about the complicated relationship people have with sex and pleasure, and Christianity’s often distorted reality of that.Listen on to our conversation and to learn how to sift through life’s mixed messages about faith and pleasure to find what brings you personal meaning.Enjoy! And get more resources at https://daveasprey.com/category/podcasts/WE APPRECIATE OUR PARTNERS. CHECK THEM OUT!Fast Fitness: https://www.carolfitai.com, use code DAVE to get an extra $100 off any existing promotionsGreat Skin: https://alituranaturals.com/shop/, use code DAVE20 for 20% off storewideFunctional Soda: https://drinkolipop.com/DAVE, get 20% off PLUS free shipping on the best-selling Variety PackDAVE ASPREY’S NEW BOOK!Order “Fast This Way: Burn Fat, Heal Inflammation, and Become the High-Performing Human You Were Meant to Be” and enroll in Dave Asprey’s first ever Fasting Challenge: https://fastthisway.com


26 Jan 2021

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“Spiritual Community” with Nadia Bolz-Weber

Directionally Challenged

The wonderful Nadia Bolz-Weber, host of The Confessional podcast, joins us this week to talk about all things religion, how she founded her own church, House for All Sinners and Saints, and her perspective on forgiveness.Find Nadia:Website: https://nadiabolzweber.com/Twitter: https://twitter.com/SarcasticlutherInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/sarcasticlutheran/https://nadiabolzweber.substack.com/Follow Us:Instagram: www.instagram.com/candicekayla/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/CandiceKayla Website: www.candicekayla.comSee acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


28 Dec 2020

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Season 3 Episode 19: Nadia Bolz-Weber

The Vicars' Crossing

Today, the Vicars' Crossing welcomes Nadia Bolz-Weber, an author, theologian, minister, and podcast host to the podcast.This podcast was recorded on November 7th, 2020.


9 Nov 2020

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The Confessional with Nadia Bolz-Weber: Abby Wambach, Soccer Star

The Moth

We’re so excited to bring you an episode from The Confessional’s second season, a podcast about ugly confessions from beautiful people. The Confessional is created and hosted by beloved Moth storyteller and friend, Nadia Bolz-Weber. This episode features an interview with soccer star, Abby Wambach. You can find more episodes of The Confessional on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. ———— “I didn't feel like, oh, I need to call my lawyer or anything like that. I felt like I was totally with it. And then I did the breathalyzer and I can't remember exactly what number I blew, but it was like, I think, two times the legal limit. And I thought, this machine is broken.” When Abby retired from professional soccer in 2015, she was a two-time Olympic gold medalist, World Cup champion, and the all-time leader in goal scoring for the U.S. Women’s National Team. Today, she is also known for her speaking, activism, and writing. https://twitter.com/AbbyWambach https://www.instagram.com/abbywambach/


11 Sep 2020

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Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard - Nadia Bolz-Weber

Rise To learn

Nadia Bolz-Weber is an author, Lutheran minister and public theologian. Nadia chats with the Armchair Expert to have a discussion on one of life's most challenging topics: religion. Nadia discusses the evolution of her faith, the beauty of grace and unconventional tradition. Dax wonders how she, as a femininst, can reconcile the lack of females in the church and Nadia talks about the danger of promise rings. The two talk about sobriety, community vs. faith and whether Jesus is the son of God.

1hr 50mins

30 Aug 2020

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Nadia Bolz-Weber

Experts on Expert with Dax Shepard

Nadia Bolz-Weber is an author, Lutheran minister and public theologian. Nadia chats with the Armchair Expert to have a discussion on one of life's most challenging topics: religion. Nadia discusses the evolution of her faith, the beauty of grace and unconventional tradition. Dax wonders how she, as a femininst, can reconcile the lack of females in the church and Nadia talks about the danger of promise rings. The two talk about sobriety, community vs. faith and whether Jesus is the son of God.

1hr 50mins

27 Aug 2020