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169: Emily Foster - Branding and Design Tips for Photographers

The Profitable Photographer

Hot off the press! It’s another incredible episode of The Profitable Photographer Podcast! Join our host, Master Photographer and Photography Business Coach, Luci Dumas, as she gabs with Branding and Website Designer Emily Foster about all things branding! Not only is Emily a Branding and Website Designer, but, to our delight, she SPECIALIZES IN WORKING WITH PHOTOGRAPHERS! Too perfect! With 7 years of design experience and a background in event marketing, she loves everything related to photography and the wedding industry. (BONUS: She's also a recent bride so she knows a thing or two about the current client-side of wedding photography.)According to our guest, “branding is the visual voice of your business.” It is THE key to ensuring that your company’s message is getting out in the world and attracting those fabulous ideal clients along the way. And guess what! Your brand should be effective, not just pretty! Tough stuff, we know, but Emily is here to help!Here’s just a taste of Emily’s tips for branding: Make sure your logo is scalable and easy to apply. Keep it simple! (And make sure it looks good both in color AND in black and white)Figure out where your ideal clients are finding you. What questions are they asking?Keep track of your audience. Using a CRM (customer relationship management) will help you organize who is who.Listen now for the full gamut of Emily’s branding and design wisdom! Resources:Grab Emily’s free gift “How to Choose Your Brand Colors” here: https://emilyfostercreative.com/brand-colorsThe Definitive Guide to Brand Archetypes: https://iconicfox.com.au/brand-archetypes/Which Archetype is Your Brand? https://www.brandchemistry.com.au/blog/quiz-which-archetype-is-your-brand/Get in touch with Emily at: hello@emilyfostercreative.comemilyfostercreative.comInstagram @emilyfostercreativePhotography Business Coach Luci Dumas’ Programs:lucidumascoaching.comhttps://www.instagram.com/theprofitablephotographer_pod/https://www.facebook.com/LuciDumasCoaching


6 Sep 2022

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Ep 16. Gut Health & Menopause with Guest Expert Emily Foster from 'A Gutsy Menopause'

Wot The Fog _ Two Friends. One Menopause. A Thousand Challenges. A Million Laughs

Hi lovely Foggers and Foggiest,Well, we know we bleat on about gut health a lot so we thought it was about time we brought in a real bonfire expert to tell us more about how important it is,  bust some of the myths and give us some simple but effective tips to improve it.We were so thrilled to have the fabulous Emily Foster from A Gusty Menopause along to chat to us about all this. Emily is a qualified dietician and nutritionist both here in the UK and in her home country, Canada. She definitely qualifies as an 'expert' and as a bonus, she's absolutely lovely!Some of the things Emily covers for us are….• How she came to specialist in gut health for midlife and menopause• How we can decipher what might be menopausal and what is gut health related and does it matter?• How fluctuating oestrogen and progesterone levels can slow down the time it takes to process food, often leading to things like : - Acid Reflux, Constipation, Gas• To juice or not to juice?Emily tells us how to easily but effectively improve our gut health through her acronym N.A.M.E and recommends an app to track fibre levels in our food.We have a fantastic time chatting with Emily and learned so much. We think you will too. This is such an important subject for us midlife gals that we think we'll have to ask Emily to come back…probably again and again.If you have any questions about this Episode (we have feeling you will), please let us know. Please join in the conversation and share your experiences with us. That’s what builds community and how we help other women like us. You can join our private Facebook group, message us on Instagram or email us. All the links are below. Go and find Emily now!! We can't recommend her enough. The best place to find her is on Instagram at @a_gutsy_menopause or you can visit her website at https://agutsymenopause.com Huge love & gratitude, Michele and Lou x…………………………………………………………We hope you enjoy listening. If you like what you hear please FOLLOW/SUBSCRIBE and REVIEW, it will really help us, and please share with your friends, sisters, mothers, daughters, aunties and bring them along to join the lovely WTF Community. If you fancy, you can support us by buying us a coffee, just like you would if were chatting in our favourite café or coffee house. Every little treat goes towards helping us do more of this for you. Click the 'Buy Me a Coffee' link below. EMAIL US at chat@wotthefog.com with anything you’d like to ask or share, especially your Fog Moments. DON'T FORGETYou Can Join our COMMUNITY. Keep Up to Date and be the first to hear about New Episodes and Other Exciting Stuff by Joining our Members List at http://wotthefog.comJoin our FACEBOOK GROUP https://facebook.com/wotthefogYou can FOLLOW US on Instagram https://instagram.com/wot_the_fogSupport the show(https://www.buymeacoffee.com/wotthefog)Support the show


10 Aug 2022

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Emily Foster - Rest // Jesus is rest

!Audacious Preaches

We started a new series in July all about Rest, what does rest look like in this day and age, what does the Bible say about it? Why should we have rest? This series will help with advice and guidance from the Bible to help you find more rest. Ps Emily Foster concluded the series with a message titled 'Jesus is rest.


24 Jul 2022

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Emily Foster, Registered Dietician on Digestive Issues During Perimenopause

The Ali Damron Show

Emily Foster, nutritionist and registered dietitian in the UK and Canada with a special interest in gut health for perimenopause, menopause and women’s health. In this episode, we talk all things GI system including SIBO, gas, bloating, perimenopausal changes, heartburn, IBS, and constipation.   I also rapid fire asked her your burning questions about gluten, dairy, seed oils and more! https://agutsymenopause.com/ https://www.instagram.com/a_gutsy_menopause/ www.alidamron.com www.alidamron.com/consults www.instagram.com/alidamron www.facebook.com/groups/alidamron https://www.youtube.com/c/AliDamronWomensHormoneExpert


19 Jul 2022

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Why Go Pro For Your Branding? with Emily Foster

Let's Book Clients!

Our guest in this episode is Emily Foster.Emily is a specialist in branding and web design.She teaches us in this episode what branding is and what a difference having professional branding does for your business.She also tells us how it pays for itself! So exciting!What makes this extra special? Emily is also getting married, so she gives us some behind the scenes of wedding planning from the bride's perspective in this episode!Make sure you stay until the end, we both give you a hot tip/action item.You can find Emily online at:http://emilymaefoster.com/Instagram at @designwithemilyandFacebook at @emilyfostercreativeLet’s show your future clients your awesomeness. Get the best strategies for getting reviews, straight from leading entrepreneurs in our free guide filled with quick hot tips.You’ll instantly get ideas from high achieving leaders… all focused on how to get reviews and what to do with them to book more clients. Just go to www.letsgetreviews.com to get the guide instantly!


3 Mar 2022

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Emily Foster - The eyes of faith

!Audacious Chester Preaches

It was great to have Ps Emily Foster back with us in February as she came to share a great message titled - The eyes of faith


20 Feb 2022

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Emily Foster - Stewardship - Use it or lose it

!Audacious Chester Preaches

"Keep the change" is a 4 part series which is full of helpful tools and practical advice on how to manage your finances and will also tell you what the Bible says about money. Pastor Emily Foster concluded the series by talking on the subject of Stewardship, in a message called 'Use it or lose it'.


25 Jul 2021

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The Architect's Shelf's Q+A with Sarah Lebner by The Architecture Experiment + Emily Foster

Architecture Social

The Architect's Shelf is a space for discussion, exploration, and debate on all things architecture and design on the Architecture Social, set up by Nylda from The Architectural Experiment and Emily Foster."We got the opportunity to interview Sarah Lebner, the award-winning Principal Architect at Light House Architecture and Science who is also behind my first archi job and the author of 101 Things I Didn't Learn in Architecture School (And Wish I'd Known Before) on our first book in the Launch of the Architect's Shelf! Sarah shares resources and advice over at https://www.myfirstarchitecturejob.com/​You can check out The Architectural Experiment here: https://thearchitecturalexperiment.com/ 📐 Are you looking to take your career in Architecture to the next level?   The Architecture Social is a safe place to get advice, connect with like-minded individuals and gain the accountability to push yourself like never before. Join a diverse community of professionals, students, and employers within the Architecture Industry who are motivated to make an impact together: www.architecturesocial.com 💬 Community. Friendship. Mentorship. Accountability. Creativity.


15 Jun 2021

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Emily Foster - Family - Pressed but not broken

!Audacious Chester Preaches

Our family series is all about looking into what God’s idea of family is, we will be dealing with brokenness and disappointment, taking responsibility, adoption and much more. Pastor Emily Foster continued our series with a message titled 'Pressed but not broken'.


16 May 2021

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!Audacious Leadership Podcast (Episode 16) - Ps Emily Foster

Audacious Leadership podcast

We are back! And this month's Audacious Leadership podcast is from Ps Emily Foster. This month Ps Emily unpacks the familiar account of Noah from Genesis chapter 7, revealing timely comparisons of the purpose found in Noah being LOCKED inside the boat.


1 Feb 2021