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EP 344 | Brandon Smith (The Anix)

Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

Brandon Smith is a producer and a musician who creates electronic rock music under the name The Anix.On this episode:2:10 - Where his DIY attitude comes from11:28 - Creating arrangements with guitars and electronics22:20 - Building a world around marketing29:19 - Getting playlisted on Spotify45:36 - Using data to determine next steps1:02:59 - Getting music into movies/trailers1:22:08 - Working with FiXT1:39:36 - You can’t put out something that everyone lovesFollow Brandon Smith on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.Want to level up your audio game? Sign up for URM.When you sign up, you'll get access to: Insanely detailed audio production tutorials One-on-one feedback Multi-track sessions from some of the biggest names in rock and metal Be sure to follow URM on Instagram and Facebook.Follow Eyal Levi on Instagram.Like this show? Please leave us a 5-star review - even one sentence helps! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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3 Nov 2021

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RHS 122 - Brandon Smith on How to Train Unstoppable Producers

Agency Intelligence

In this episode of The Ryan Hanley Show, Ryan Hanley interviews Brandon Smith, EVP at Glidewell and founder of the Producer Development Program. Brandon joins the podcast to help us better understand how to train high-functioning, successful insurance producers.We all want to write more business, Brandon Smith helps us understand how to help our producers do this every day.Don't miss this episode...Episode Highlights: Ryan and Brandon open the conversation with their thoughts on the Buffalo Bills game. (4:36) Brandon and Ryan discuss the ambiguity of sales. (24:19) Brandon answers questions about how he hires people and how he makes them feel supported. (28:12) Brandon shares how he solves transparency and communication issues. (36:38) Brandon shares the greatest part of being in the insurance industry. (41:38) Ryan and Brandon discuss having a process for a person to sell at their full capacity. (47:24) Brandon shares more about his Producer Development Program. (52:31) Brandon introduces a Planner he created to help people get the most out of their time. (57:05) Brandon and Ryan talk about what a busy schedule means. (59:59) Key Quotes: “Why have we as a society come to the place where we celebrate victimhood, rather than celebrating people for their accomplishments and what they do.” - Brandon Smith “What makes our industry so great is the freedom to operate our businesses the way we want.” - Brandon Smith   “We don't know what being bored is anymore, we're so busy, digitally distracted. The speed at which we're living, I believe, is the greatest threat to our industry right now.” - Brandon Smith Resources Mentioned: Brandon Smith Linkedin Producer Development Program Glidewell Reach out to Ryan Hanley

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28 Oct 2021

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Brandon Smith: He Genuinely Loves Agents And A Good Process

Agency Intelligence

In this episode of Agency Intelligence podcast, host Jason Cass interviews Brandon Smith, Executive Vice President of Glidewell. Brandon talks about great agents, creating the ideal work schedule, and his upcoming book “Let’s Go!”. Episode Highlights: Jason announces that Agency Intelligence Podcast Network currently has 37k monthly listeners. (2:30) Is Brandon an iPhone or Android user? (4:06) Jason asks Brandon if he loves to wait or he hates to lose. (5:36) What’s been a bigger factor in Brandon’s life? Skill or luck? (6:25) Brandon elaborates on his life story. (6:57) Brandon shares about the new thing he has been doing to help people. (9:23) Brandon shows his gratitude to the agents with whom he has collaborated. (18:40) Brandon expresses his opinion on the ideal way to live life. (20:55) Brandon talks about his ideal work schedule and how manages it. (26:03) Brandon shares about his book, “Let’s Go!” is currently on pre-order. (30:21) Brandon wraps up with a meaningful message. (35:49) Key Quotes: “Everybody wins. Anybody can win. But losing is what potentially could define you.” - Brandon Smith “I feel like the biggest threat to my agency, to my life, is the speed in which I'm living life.” - Brandon Smith “The way I see it is that the only way, the best way to live life is to be intentional.” - Brandon Smith Resources Mentioned: Brandon Smith Linkedin Glidewell Book: Let’s Go! Reach out to Jason Cass Agency Intelligence


26 Oct 2021

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POS: Brandon Smith


Topics include ACLU gender neutralizing an RBG quote, name of area in UK banned from Facebook for supposedly being hateful and sexual, man gets caught with meth and chicken fingers and so much more. Brandon Smith from morelawsmoreproblems.com joins us.

1hr 22mins

3 Oct 2021

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Brandon Smith & Curtis Jacobs


Brandon Smith (@brand0n_smith12) and Curtis Jacobs (@CurtisUpNext23) join Mitch Gerber (@MitchGerber) on episode four of the Unrivaled Podcast to reflect on Penn State-Wisconsin, discuss their love for the sport and more. 


9 Sep 2021

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Farmin' Producers with Brandon Smith

Power Producers Podcast

In this episode of The Power Producers Podcast, David Carothers and co-host Kyle Houck interview Brandon Smith, the Managing Partner at Glidewell Investments & Insurance Group. Brandon talks about his knowledge in the insurance industry and the significance of building a good relationship with a client.Episode Highlights: Brandon mentions what makes their industry great. (8:32) Brandon shares his rule whenever he attends a conference. (13:18) Brandon shares what Policy Tee is all about. (16:18) Brandon shares what he’s doing to build the foundation. (28:55) Brandon mentions how the pandemic has affected his agency. (31:01) Brandon mentions the significance of relationships. (31:39) Brandon gives a little background about the agency. (58:01) Tweetable Quotes: “Don’t compare your beginning to somebody else's middle. Be secure and confident with who you are. Make your agency the best possible agency in your community.” - Brandon Smith “I am more excited about the people that will be there than the conference or the opportunity to speak. It's the relationships that have so much value.” - Brandon Smith “We hear that you have two ears, one mouth, listen more than you talk. The truth is, in our industry, if we just shut up and listen our clients will tell us exactly what we need to do to get the sale.” - Brandon Smith Resources Mentioned: David Carothers LinkedIn Kyle Houck LinkedIn Florida Risk Partners The Extra 2 Minutes Brandon Smith LinkedIn Glidewell Investments & Insurance Group Policy Tee

1hr 7mins

29 Mar 2021

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Brandon Smith

On Biblical Scholarship

Dr. Brandon Smith is a professor of Theology and New Testament at Cedarville University. He's also the host of the popular podcast, Church Grammar.


23 Mar 2021

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Uncensored feat Brandon Smith

Brett Finch Uncensored

One of the great personalities of the NRL. Brandon talks about his early struggles moving to Australia before moving to Melbourne and becoming a Premiership player with the mighty Storm. Sit back and enjoy this chat with the man they call "THE CHEESE"

1hr 31mins

3 Mar 2021

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28 Brandon Smith, PhD

The Meet Your Herdmates Sodcast

Another Pre-Med, I mean Animal Science professor! Brandon Smith, PhD, a native of Slocomb, AL, received dual baccalaureate degrees in Animal Sciences and Agronomy & Soils from Auburn University in 2012. He attained a Master of Science in Animal Science (focusing in ruminant nutrition) in 2014 from the University of Arkansas and a Doctorate of Philosophy in Agronomy (focused in forages) in 2017 at Texas A&M University, achieving . Brandon was hired to assume the position of Assistant Professor in the Department of Animal Science and Veterinary Technology at Tarleton State University. His primary role is that of ruminant nutritionist, though he also aids the department in its Range and Ranch Management program and serves as the Department Statistician.

1hr 8mins

9 Feb 2021

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#10 - Singing Box Promotions - Conversation with Brandon Smith

The Scene was Dead Anyway

Brandom Smith is a DIY music promoter based in Manchester operating under the name of 'Singing Box Promotions'. He's put on a bands like Locean, Beige Palace, Crywank, Cocaine Piss to name but a few. Also in this episode I talk about how the podcast is going, the pros and  cons of running a podcast, and some exciting new guests confirmed to come on the show.


6 Feb 2021