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451: Burnout, Scaling, and Going Global: Nathan Chan on Foundr's 10-Year Anniversary

The Foundr Podcast with Nathan Chan

Ten years ago, Nathan Chan started Foundr Magazine to discover what it takes to build a successful business. A decade on, he’s learned the sacrifice, victories, and obstacles that it takes to create a company of value for a global community of students. In this special episode, foundr’s contributing editor, Luke Ferris, puts Chan on the hot seat to reflect on the 10-year anniversary of foundr. Listen to Luke and Nathan discuss:  Nathan’s childhood and first jobs The origins of foundr Discovering a feeling of euphoria with foundr How he overcame burnout Memorable interviews over the decade What he’s learned from foundr students  How he’s changed as a person and leader What’s next for foundr And more founder advice… This episode is powered by 99designs by Vista, a global creative platform that makes it easy for you to work with professional freelance designers from around the world. Together with 99designs, we’re offering you a $30 discount on your first design contest. Head to 99designs.com/foundr to learn more or get started on your project today. Who do you want to see next on the podcast? Comment and let us know! And don't forget to leave us a 5-star review if you loved this episode.Wait, there's more… If you enjoy the Foundr podcast, check out our free trainings. Get exclusive, actionable advice from some of the world's best entrepreneurs. Speak with our friendly course experts to get clarity on the next steps for your idea, business or career. You will get tailored insights from results achieved by our proven practitioners as well as thousands of students. Book a call now... For more Foundr content, follow us on your favorite platform:  Foundr.com Instagram YouTube Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Magazine


17 Mar 2023

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Why Visualizing Your Dreams Makes Them Reality With Nathan Chan, CEO Of foundr

Earn Your Happy

I’m joined by Nathan Chan, CEO of foundr — a global education company that connects millions of people every month with some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation. With a passion for entrepreneurship and people, Nathan created foundr. We chat about Nathan’s love of connecting with leading entrepreneurs and foundr’s readers, and what it takes to create not only a top-ranking magazine but also a fast-growing online media and education company. IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: Solving problems around the creating, marketing, and product space  The importance of having people around you that keep you grounded when it comes to high performance and your mindset Working on resilience and mental toughness Continuing to build your network that you can learn from RESOURCES Thanks to Indeed for supporting Earn Your Happy. Go to indeed.com/happy to redeem a $75 sponsored job credit.  Thanks to OUAI for sponsoring today’s episode! Go to theouai.com and use code LORI to get 15% off your entire purchase!   Sign up for The Spritz newsletter at litepink.com! Text DAILY to 310-496-8363 for daily manifesting affirmations and journal prompts.  CONNECT WITH NATHAN Follow Nathan: @nathanchan Follow foundr: @foundr Visit the foundr website: foundr.com CONNECT WITH LORI Follow me: @loriharder Follow Lite Pink: @drinklitepink Follow Earn Your Happy: @earnyourhappy Follow Girlfriends & Business: @girlfriendsandbusiness Listen to Girlfriends & Business


3 Oct 2022

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#49: Nathan Chan On How Foundr Grew To Over 3.5M Followers

Startup Diaries

On this weeks Episode of Startup Diaries, Kyle sits down with the CEO of Foundr, Nathan Chan. With over 3.5 million followers, Foundr connects entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Arianna Huffington, Mark Cuban, Tim Ferriss and many more, with millions of people every month. Nathan reveals the risk in starting a business, the secret to growing Foundr to over 3.5 million followers, how to transition from startup to an established business, what you need to get right to grow and much more! 0:00 - Introduction 2:11 - Foundr In The Making 7:03 - Advice For Someone Starting A Business 12:00 - The Risk In Starting A Business 21:20 - The One Thing That Grew Foundr To Over 3.5M Followers 26:05 - Why Getting Your Sales Channel Right Is So Important! 28:30 - When You Should Outsource... 34:25 - The Transition From Startup To An Established Business 37:40 - You Need To Get This One Thing Right To GROW! 42:40 - Why Predictability Is A Must 45:50 - One Piece Of Advice For Your Younger Self 47:06 - Advice For Someone Starting A Business 49:50 - Most Important Trait A Founder Must Have For Success & Why IT'S TAX TIME! GET YOUR TAX AUDIT INSURANCE HERE: BIZCOVER | https://www.bizcover.com.au/?utm_source=pivotal_conversations&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=podcast  SUBSCRIBE HERE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIut6UUkQp-xI6YOs8SvWQ LISTEN ON SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/2nGZ292Mhf5eknEwhZA8zq?si=5ac423d2107d4781 LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/pivotal-conversations/id1479491840 FOLLOW PIVOTAL CONVERSATIONS: PODCAST: INSTAGRAM | https://instagram.com/pivotalconversations TIKTOK | https://tiktok.com/@pivotalconversations FOLLOW KYLE: INSTAGRAM | https://instagram.com/kylertraynor FOLLOW NATHAN: INSTAGRAM | https://www.instagram.com/nathanchan 


29 Aug 2022

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The Reality Of Founder Life with Foundr’s Nathan Chan

40 Minute Mentor

“Every single problem that you’re experiencing in your business today, there’s somebody out there that has solved it.” To round off our 40 Minute Mentor ‘Early Stage Founders’ Feature Series, we’re joined by Nathan Chan, Founder and CEO of global media and education company, Foundr. Foundr provide training from the world’s greatest entrepreneurs through magazines, podcasts, videos, articles and online courses, to inspire their worldwide community of entrepreneurs. As a seasoned 40 Minute Mentor listener, you’ll see the obvious synergy between Foundr and our podcast, so we were really excited to include Nathan in this feature series, sharing his own ups and downs of being a Founder and the lessons he has learnt from interviewing some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. Some of these lessons include: How becoming a Founder sparked his ambition and drive [05:15] What helped him through the early stage knock-backs [07:25] How he’s pivoted Foundr from a magazine to an education and media business [11:47]The lessons he’s learned from hiring mistakes and an early doors lawsuit [16:50]What he’s learned from interviewing some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs [18:49]How he landed those big names to begin with and his advice for landing big name clients [24:06]How he measures impact from the community Foundr is building [26:43]Why Justin Bieber’s Manager has left the biggest impression on him [28:27]The traits that most successful Founders have in common [31:31] Plus, the biggest advice he can give to any aspiring Founders [33:44] ⛳️  Helpful links: ➡️ More about Nathan: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathanhchan/➡️ More about Foundr: https://foundr.com/ ⭐Enjoyed this episode?⭐️Keep up to date with all our latest episodes, by hitting the subscribe button on your favourite podcast platform. And for any feedback on what you enjoy the most and ideas on what we can do to make 40 Minute Mentor even better, please leave us a review on  https://ratethispodcast.com/40mm


24 Aug 2022

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Nathan Chan: The Founders Blueprint | E183

Young and Profiting with Hala Taha

How do you build a career that is fulfilling, both for you and for the world? You build it for yourself! Founder & CEO of Foundr, Nathan Chan, wasn’t a driven person for most of his life. He started off in a 9-5 IT job that he didn’t enjoy. After a life-changing trip to Europe, he decided that life was too short to work a job that he hated. He started Foundr as a side hustle with only $3,000 and used his day job to fuel its growth. In this episode, Nathan talks about how he pivoted into entrepreneurship and cultivated a mindset of growth, motivation, and humility in the process. Hala and Nathan discuss the realities of entrepreneurship and how to combine logic and intuition when making decisions. Topics Include:-Nathan’s lack of motivation early in life -What helped Nathan develop his mindset? -His first life coach, Tony -How did Nathan come up with the idea for Foundr? -Foundr’s main focus -Nathan’s desire to become more masculine and step into his manhood-Nathan’s life-changing trip to Europe -When did Nathan realize he wanted to leave his corporate job? -The steps Nathan took to leave his accounting job and get a job in marketing-How Nathan’s deep dive into marketing led him to start Foundr -How Foundr has evolved over time -Nathan’s experience getting sued for trademark infringement -How did Nathan stay motivated during Foundr’s slow growth? -The reality of entrepreneurship -The importance of learning from experienced people -What does Jeff Bezos want from life? -What leadership challenges has Nathan faced? -Nathan’s natural ability to stay humble -How to combine logic and intuition when making decisions -The first steps to starting a business -And other topics…Nathan Chan is the founder and CEO of Foundr, a global media and education company for entrepreneurs. Nathan is also the publisher of Foundr magazine. Aside from the magazine, Foundr offers podcasts, courses, articles, and free training to help aspiring business leaders navigate the world of entrepreneurship. Millions of people engage with Foundr’s content every month. Through Foundr, Nathan has interviewed highly-influential people like Seth Godin, Mark Cuban, and Richard Branson. Sponsored By:Black Pearl Mail - Turn your sign offs into sign ups with blackpearlmail.com Sabio - Go to sabio.la/yap and save $125 on your total bootcamp cost!  Bambee - Visit bambee.com/profiting to learn moreFaherty - Head to fahertybrand.com/yap and use code YAP at checkout to get 20% OFF!The Jordan Harbinger Show - Check out jordanharbinger.com/start for some episode recommendationsResources Mentioned:Foundr’s Website: https://foundr.com Founder Plus: https://foundr.com/membership Nathan’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nathanchan/?hl=en Nathan’s LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/in/nathanhchan Connect with Young and Profiting:Hala’s LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/htaha/Hala’s Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/yapwithhala/Hala’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/yapwithhala Clubhouse: https://www.clubhouse.com/@halatahaWebsite: https://www.youngandprofiting.com/ Text Hala: https://youngandprofiting.co/TextHala or text “YAP” to 28046 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


15 Aug 2022

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Nathan Chan - The Founder Mindset

Aww Shift

In today’s episode, our guest is Nathan Chan. He is the CEO of Foundr magazine and is on a mission to create one of the largest brands that support and fuel entrepreneurs worldwide. He also loves to connect with leading entrepreneurs. He also loves to connect with leading entrepreneurs. He believes life is too short to do the work you have today. We will unravel how he made a shift happen and how we can learn from his journey.  [2:48] Why should I listen to you? I love this question. I think I have unique experiences about what it takes to build and grow successful businesses because, for the past eight years, I have been fortunate to meet people who create life-changing products and services that shake the world. That is something I do not take for granted. The fact that I have been able to speak with millionaires and multimillionaires is enough reason for you to want to hear from me.  [4:38] Do you mind sharing how you entered this space? I have been on many journeys. I did a lot of deep work on myself beforehand, especially personal development and growth. I read many books about masculinity, and I discovered that I needed to find my life purpose and what I am passionate about. I went back to university and studied marketing. I did some work, but I didn't find it fulfilling. After completing my studies, I was unable to get a job. I started a magazine at one point, taking it with me to every job interview.  [9:05] What was the thing that you were most curious about? I traveled around the world, and I dreaded going back. I dreaded going back so much; that was where I knew something had to change. I didn’t realize I wanted to start a business. Then I found this thing, I found love with it, and I realized that this is what I am meant to do, and that is the case for curiosity. For me, it is just about finding and doing what you love.  [10:39] Why are so many people living a 9 to 5 role? I was reading an interesting statistic that states that 50% of people in North America have a side hustle, which is a sign. I think the internet has changed the game and you can create things. You can develop products and services that help somebody and also work again. The internet has enabled us to have a voice, build a community, and so on. More than ever, the internet is giving us the ability to be able to change careers if we want to, and that doesn’t mean starting a business. You can create a company with no experience whatsoever, and you can change your life with it.  [13:48] What are some things you experienced that people don't know? In the first year of starting, the magazine wasn’t called Foundr. It was called something else, and we were sued by one of the biggest companies in the United States. That was tough, and I can never forget one of my building mentors in those early days. My mentor asked me what I was worried about and what was the worst thing that could ever happen. It was tough at the beginning. I started to build the brand, which entails the products, great design, and ambassadors. I found out that having successful business owners share their stories in the magazines made the brand credible. That is why we have been able to interview more successful founders over time.  [19:46] What is the progress and stage of the brand right now? I started the business with 2000-3000 USD Dollars, and even in the first 12 months, I used the power of Upwork to work with contractors to fulfill various aspects such as the design. I used to get my mum and dad to help me in their capacities for the magazines. I had a copywriter on Upwork too. I reached out to people who would like to feature in the magazine, write articles, and so on. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I continued. For the team, it happened from gaining more leverage from the content. One interview may be a podcast, blog post, article, or content. We are currently looking to build big brands and relaunch membership products. We started as a small business but have grown into an online educational company.  [25:10] What are you launching, and who is it for? As I was developing the magazine, I read a blog post about how I grew Foundr’s Instagram followers from 0 to 10,000 in two weeks. That post went viral. People started to ask me if I could do consultations for them, which I didn’t. I just want to build something that helps a lot of people out scale. I did a course on Instagram, and the results people got were terrific. We have been able to pull together a community and launch several studies. We will be launching founder plus, which is full membership access. You get access to the former courses and one new course per month. It is ideal for a business that needs a team, knowledge, and growth. [34:08] As you look at the next stage, are there some things that you as a person must grow into before this business can take place? Yes, I agree. Foundr wouldn't have been where it is today if not for the people around me. I have an incredible team, and I am forever grateful to work with them daily. I think people build businesses, and one big area that I need to grow in for me is developing into a great leader. I naturally want to do many things and am moving into the CEO’s role. That is why we want to add leadership into the courses too. I must learn to be a leader, hold people accountable, and delegate things. I think I am good one-on-one, but I am not that good in group settings. This is an area in which I am working hard to grow.  [38:00] What are some of the most recent things you’ve had to adapt to? There is one blessing in the curse of the CEO. If you ask someone to do something, they will take it seriously because of my influence. I’m learning not just the product but the product experience. We are trying to build world-class expertise.  [48:30] What promise did God make to the world when he created you? I would say that I would be a person that cares about others and lives life to the fullest.  Key Quotes [8:38-8:40] Passion is triggered by curiosity. [50:17-50:23] Whatever problem you have is being solved by somebody else, and it’s your job to find that person and learn from him. How to connect with Nathan Chan. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nathanhchan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nathanchan/?hl=en Twitter: https://twitter.com/nathanhchan


26 Jul 2022

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From Side Hustle to CEO of Foundr: The Future of Entrepreneurial Education with Nathan Chan

The Coachable Podcast

Welcome back to The Coachable Podcast. This week we are joined by Nathan Chan. Nathan went from a soul-crushing 9-5 job in IT to being the founder of one of the fastest growing online entrepreneurial brands in the world. Frustrated with the lack of REAL advice for those wanting to build and scale a business, Nathan launched Foundr in 2013 and set out to interview the world's greatest entrepreneurs. Flash forward, Foundr has now featured the likes of Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Ariana Huffington, amassed a global community of 4+ million people, and grown into a multi-million dollar digital media network.[5:00] Growth Mindset  “It takes taking the first step to actually get started and start to grow the momentum. “ “Fear of failure is a massive reason people don't try. I think it stems from this idea that how will you be perceived by others, around you.” “A growth mindset of seeing failure as opportunity to learn and to get better and to perfect your craft and try something new. It doesn't mean that you're not qualified or cut out for it, but it's saying that every rejection is redirection” [21:35] Keep hustling  — it will come “You have to have the drive and the desire that out ways,  the desire for comfort or stability” “I used to get up early in the morning before work and I would do interviews, I'd find a meeting room, take all my podcast equipment. And I'd do interviews before I started work.” Sometimes I do interviews on my lunch break and then I'd go home and do more work.”  “I remember I was super scared to go all out on my own. What I did was I had a buffer. Somewhere between three to six months.” “It's easy to start. It's harder to actually build and actually to, to, to get that traction” [30:00] What makes someone successful?  “It's really good to acknowledge that they're just human beings at the end of the day.” “It has to be an extreme obsession to keep you going.” “You have to have that mindset of just always wanting to evolve, always wanting to keep growing.” “You also can't be successful on your own. Successful people also have other successful people around them.”  “Shortcuts — you want to get there faster” [41:00] Burnout “There's a cost and a payoff to everything.” “Everything we're saying yes to, we're saying no to a million other things” “Life is too short to not do things you love”  “Identify that things aren't right and adjust” Connect with Nathanhttps://www.instagram.com/nathanchan/https://www.instagram.com/foundr/Get a free magazine subscription at www.foundr.com/membershipYOU are invited to Join me each month for 75 minutes of virtual breathwork JULY 20th @ 4:00pm PST! This live breathwork class will teach you how to use brConnect with us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thecoachablepodcast/Connect with Tori on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachtorigordon/ Guess what?! WE'RE ON YOUTUBE! https://www.youtube.com/c/ToriGordon If you love the show and want to show your support, please leave us a 5 star rating and review of the podcast on Apple Podcasts and Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices


13 Jul 2022

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#210 Nathan Chan

Funny Business

Nathan Chan is the CEO + Founder of Foundr.Wellbeing Network 2022. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


3 Jul 2022

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How To Start A Successful Business with Nathan Chan

It Takes Grit

How do you start a successful business? This weeks episode of It Takes Grit has all the answers! Join me as I sit down with the CEO of foundr, Nathan Chan as he shares his story of how he got started, moves he has made along the way and the passion you need behind your dreams. Listen now to learn more about how moving the needle just a little bit every day can add up to making a big difference.We Cover:Making a pivotFollow those ahead of youDoing the hard workLearn More About Nathan Chan:Website: foundr.comOnline CoursesFoundr MagazineFoundr Instagram: @foundrPersonal Instagram:  @nathanchanJoin our Monthly Challenge & Newsletter to get the most recent updates and new podcastsCheck out the Inner Transformation ProgramFollow the ItTakesGritPodcast on Instagram!If this podcast has helped you in ANYWAY, please share with at least one person and leave a REVIEW, it makes a huge difference to the podcast and I want to hear from you :-)Get the It Takes Grit book with a ton of BONUS features !


18 Jun 2022

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E154. Insider Tips from Best Entrepreneurs Nathan Chan CEO of Foundr Magazine

April Garcia's PivotMe

On PivotMe today, we have Nathan Chan, the CEO of Foundr Magazine, a publication dedicated to bringing the best from high profile and hard to reach globally successful entrepreneurs. Nathan knew absolutely nothing about entrepreneurship, startups, marketing, and online or how to build a business but started anyway. He explains how he became curious about online entrepreneurship 9 years ago and pivoted from his corporate job in IT support to start his own business.   In this episode, we discuss the importance of choosing to do what you enjoy and having the right drive to be successful in it. Listen in to learn how to stay committed to working on your business to make a difference and move it forward.  Pivotal Questions Asked: [3:00] Where did the idea of starting Foundr come from? [5:39] How did you get an interview with Richard Branson 4 months into your business and what mindset did you have to do so? [19:25] When was that pivotal moment when you knew you had something special? [27:37] Did you have people that had been successful in similar endeavors that you got to watch their success? [33:29] How do you self-sabotage? [39:17] If you could tell the world one thing, what would it be? In This Episode You Will Learn: [9:34] How he pivoted from an employee to a growing entrepreneur even when he wasn’t an overachiever. [15:47] Programs to look at as an entrepreneur looking to grow your business and team. [19:39] Nathan on the pivotal moments that made him realize he had something special. [21:56] He talks about being comfortable in corporate and the lack of support he received when he first started. [24:09] Tips on how to stay committed to your business idea to become successful. [27:50] The importance of having a peer group and learning from people who’ve done it before you. [31:11] He shares a self-sabotage moment that happened in the early days of his business. [33:32] The impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs that Nathan battles with. Quotes: “It’s very possible to create a business on something you’re passionate about and make a difference in the world.”- Nathan [4:59] “Life is too short to not do what you enjoy.”- Nathan [22:10] “The hustle in silence is a great way for you to play small because you’re afraid of failing and failing publicly.”- April [26:30] “Wherever you’re at with your business journey, it’s possible to start, grow, and have a successful business.”- Nathan [39:30] Connect with Nathan: Website: https://foundr.com/     Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/foundr IG: https://www.instagram.com/foundr/ __________ What can you do today? To Be Productive. Effective. Perform at your best. Even now. Are you struggling to stay focused? If you have the right framework, it takes the guesswork out of Productivity. Get our FREE mini-series 4 Steps: Doing More in Less Time. Visit pivot-me.com/4Steps to get it TODAY!


19 May 2022