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EP 179: Anxiety Around IVF, Fertility & Pregnancy with Monique Cormack

Anxiety Reset Podcast

In this episode, I speak to Monique Cormack, a specialist in women's health, fertility, and pregnancy. She’s a nutritionist who educates and empowers women to nourish their bodies, optimize fertility and nurture a healthy pregnancy. We discuss how to empower yourself and manage your anxiety during the process of becoming pregnant, and what nutrition can do to support fertility.    We answer the questions: does your fertility fall off a cliff after 35 years old? What are your options if you are single? and what happens if you’re not partnered or not ready for kids in your 30s? We discuss IVF, egg freezing, and miscarriage and get to the bottom of all things fertility. Hope you love this insightful and informative episode!You can find Monique @moniquecormacknutrition and https://moniquecormack.com/    Join the Anxiety Reset Program: https://anxiety-reset.mykajabi.com/anxietyresetprogram If you loved this episode, don’t forget to tag @georgiethenaturopath and share on your stories.


2 May 2022

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135 - IVF and Pre Conception Care with Monique Cormack

The Well Woman Podcast

Did you know that it takes 3+ months to mature your eggs for ovulation? Have you ever considered if pre conception care is important to you, or wondered what IVF actually is and how it works? Join me and Nutritionist Monique (https://www.instagram.com/moniquecormacknutrition/) for what you really need to know about IVF and pre conception care.In this episode:- What is IVF- How the IVF process works- Fertility and your age- Egg and Sperm health- Importance of pre conception care- Pre conception diets- Male pre conception care- Fertility challenges- Infertility in males- Fertility nutritional intake, what you needGet the full complete show notes, here: https://www.wellsome.com/podcast/FREE LOVE YOUR CYCLE DOWNLOAD:https://www.subscribepage.com/love-your-cycleLOVE YOUR CYCLE FB COMMUNITY:https://www.facebook.com/groups/loveyourcyclesisterhood/INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/wellsome_jemalee/WEBSITE: https://www.wellsome.com/WELL WOMAN ACADEMY: https://www.wellsome.com/academy/HELP US SPREAD OUR PODCAST WINGSThis show is a passion project that I produce for the love of spreading menstrual cycle awareness for free. If you enjoy this show, help us reach more menstruators. The most effective way you can help is:1. Subscribe to the show by clicking “subscribe” in iTunes2. Write us a review in iTunes3. Share this show with a friend, right now!4. Screenshot and share via social media - don’t forget to tag me @wellsome_jemaleeSimple yes, but you’d be AMAZED at how much it helps this passion project reach more people. iTunes’ algorithm uses ratings and review to know who to show our show to in their app. Review here on iTunes.In love & abundance!Jema


28 Sep 2021

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#69 Eating Right for Your Future Baby with Monique Cormack

Thriving with NourishMel Health

Monique Cormack is an Accredited Nutritionist based in Sydney, Australia. She specializes in fertility and pregnancy nutrition, including helping couples optimize their nutrition for fertility treatments. On her website and social media, Monique shares practical and evidence-based advice on women’s health with particular focus on preparing to conceive, IVF and how to have a healthy pregnancy. She is passionate about helping you through your fertility issues and providing you with the education and tools needed for long term health, too. Nutrients to take note of for preconception: folate, iodine, iron, B12, omega3 fatty acids Nutrition for fertility: whole grain carbs, fish & seafood, fruit & vegetables Find her at moniquecormack.com Instagram: @moniquecormacknutrition --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/nourishmel/support


25 Feb 2021

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Monique Cormack: Nutrition when trying to conceive, pregnant and postnatally

Mum Will Know

Sydney-based Nutritionist Monique Cormack shares practical and evidence-based advice on women’s health with particular focus on fertility and preparing to conceive, pregnancy and the often-overlooked postnatal period.To access the show notes and links to connect with Monique, head to www.mumwillknow.com

1hr 6mins

1 Feb 2021

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FWP 10: Overcoming Orthorexia with Monique Cormack

Freedom Wellness Podcast

Today, FWP chat with Monique Cormack, the girl behind Nourish Everyday. Monique lived through her late teens and early twenties with orthorexia, a disorder that is characterised by an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating and exercise habits. Through the correct mindset, support, and nutrition and exercise habits, she has subsequently overcome this to now live Listen In


25 Jul 2018