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Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah with Kimberlee Plezia

Fat Girl Book Club

TRIGGER WARNING: Swearing, mention of pornographyThis guest on this week's show is a podcasting powerhouse.  She has three active podcasts going right now and will have a fourth out shortly!  #podcastinggoals  She took some time away from podcasting to read Fattily Ever After by Stephanie Yeboah and talk to me about it for this show.  We managed to get in some stories about Kimberlee's life, a discussion around Lizzo and how to show appreciation for our bodies.  Here are the highlights:Kimberlee's journeyWhat rehab taught Kimberlee about herselfThe impact of Tik Tok on Kimberlee's journeyWhy Kimberlee wanted to talk about this bookHow Kimberlee moved from muumuus to corsets and bikinisThe unique way Kimberlee met her husband.  You did what on Craig's list?Why dating is harder when you are a fat, black womanWhy Lizzo is so importantKimberlee's story of weight stigma in healthcare and how this has impacted her addiction recoveryHow can fat, white women be good allies to fat, black women?How to start on a self-love journeyWhy Kimberlee can appreciate her double chinShow LinksPatreon PageYour Better Body Image ChecklistFat Girl Book Club Podcast social mediaSaucyé WestStephanie YeboahKimberlee's LinksBeacons PageBook LinksThis is Me by Chrissy Metz

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30 Sep 2021

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Stephanie Yeboah | Body Confidence, Important Conversations and being a Trial Blazer

Underestimated with Jess Davies

In this episode of ‘Underestimated’ I sat down with best-selling author, activist and body confidence campaigner Stephanie Yeboah as we dived into her feelings of being underestimated because of the body she lives in. I absolutely loved this chat with Steph; When I was putting together a list of potential guests for the podcast Steph was on my “wish list” and I was so excited when she agreed to join me on the podcast. Ever since I found Steph’s Instagram page a couple years ago I’ve fallen in love with not only her ridiculously gorgeous photos and aesthetic online but her willingness to hold the important conversations which need to be said. I have learnt so much from Steph, she is a trail blazer and I am just dying to see her in her own ASOS campaign sometime soon (manifesting it into existence for her!). Steph’s debut non-fiction book ‘Fattily Ever After: A black fat girls guide to living life unapologetically’ is an absolute must read for everyone and it’s available to purchase now at all good bookstores.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. X FOR THE EXTENDED EPISODE (30 extra minutes): Patreon.com/jessdavies 


30 Aug 2021

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Week 5 2021 with Stephanie Yeboah - Moving Mad Or Feeling Sad?

Undercover Lover

In the week when the nation cringed as Hugo got the "job done" Harriet Minter and guest Stephanie Yeboah a Writer, Blogger and Content Creator mull over the goings-on in the Love Island villa, oh and Casa Amour!As things started to get heated this week with THE postcard that sent the villa wild and the aftermath of Casa Amour, Stephanie and Harriet chat over whether Faye and Teddy can recover from being done dirty by the producers and if Toby has actually seen the error of his ways?Your host is Harriet Minter - @HarrietMinter and this week's guest is @StephanieYeboah on Twitter and @stephanieyeboah on Instagram See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


1 Aug 2021

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S4 E18 - Tingle In Your Mingle (with Stephanie Yeboah and Brad)

Love Island: The Morning After

If this was Lucinda's driving test - she would have instantly failed. It's really not safe to swerve like that. That was a bit of a kinky, oh sorry - QUIRKY episode. We're starting the week off with a bang - Stephanie Yeboah is on the podcast this morning! We finally saw the result of the recoupling that we all spent the weekend agonising over... and we had to say goodbye to one of our OG girls - Sharon has left the villa. There were a lot of tears during (and after) that recoupling. Safe to say, she's going to be missed! Dig into your pencil case and dust off your protractor because there's a love triangle in the villa! Lucinda has two boys fighting over her. Who's it going to be - Laaron or Ducinda? Meanwhile, AJ is sticking it onto Hugo - but is he in to it? AND if that's not enough of a treat - Brad is here this morning too (and what a morning to chat to him too - eek!) Obviously he's gutted about leaving the villa, but he fills us in on how he's feeling about the whole *situation*. Tomorrow morning we'll be putting on our cupid wings to get you coupled up in real life in our Crush Club! If you want to get involved - you can email us on themorningafter@itv.com. Why is no-one talking about the new bombshell in the villa? That cat is really going to ruffle some feathers in there.


19 Jul 2021

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S3 Ep 7: The term 'Midsize' - is it helpful or hurtful? A discussion with Stephanie Yeboah


Sophie and Karina are back! This week they’re joined by the wonderful Stephanie Yeboah, Award-Winning Blogger, Content Creator, Writer, Body Image and Fat Acceptance Advocate and Author of Fattily Ever After.Join the trio as they discuss the term ‘midsize’. Whether it’s simply a search term or is it helpful to boost a self-love journey and general body confidence? They delve into how it effects the plus-size community and where’s it heading in the future.


7 Jul 2021

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(#28) Loving Your Body Unapologetically, Diet Culture and Fatphobia with Stephanie Yeboah

Confident and Killing It Podcast

In this episode I'm discussing how to make peace with your body, dismantle toxic diet culture and be unapologetic with Stephanie Yeboah.  Stephanie is the author of Fattily Ever After, an award-winning blogger and content creator with over 350,000 across her social media pages, a freelance writer for Vogue, The Independent, Refinery29 and more and body image and fat acceptance advocate. Stephanie also dedicates her time towards advocacy within the body positivity, mental health and self-love communities, sharing her own challenges and traumas involving fatphobia, bullying, self-esteem and confidence issues and the ways in which she’s been able to turn it around, while encouraging others to do the same.  Find out more about her work on: Instagram, Twitter, Website

1hr 2mins

28 Jun 2021

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#6: Stephanie Yeboah - Body Positivity, the Medicalisation of Size and COVID Mortality

Willing To Be Wrong

In this episode, I get to talk with the brilliant Stephanie Yeboah. She is an author, journalist, fat acceptance advocate, and content creator who is passionate about fat liberation and centering plus size people of colour in discussions around body positivity.  The body positivity movement is one commonly misrepresented online, especially on social media. Steph starts by describing how it was created and then explains why the body positivity movement no longer represents those it was created for (including herself). We then talk about why the medicalisation of body size has such potential for harm, and touch on some of the oft-ignored nuance when it comes to the association seen between BMI and COVID mortality.Steph can be found on social media @stephanieyeboah and her website. For more, do check out her book 'Fattily Ever After'.-My debut book, Food Isn't Medicine: Challenge Nutribollocks & Escape The Diet Trap, is now available for pre-order online (Amazon, Book Depository, and elsewhere). Do come and join me on social media @drjoshuawolrich.If you enjoyed this episode, please do leave a review!

1hr 6mins

4 Apr 2021

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Let's Chat with Stephanie Yeboah!

Photography AF

This week we chat to author, content creator, and plus size fashion icon Stephanie Yeboah. Stephanie was the most requested guest for Photography AF and we discuss self shooting content, working with a photographer and some posing tips and techniques for when you are in front of the camera.You can find Stephanie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephanieyeboah/Twitter: https://twitter.com/StephanieYeboahHer debut book: https://www.waterstones.com/book/fattily-ever-after/stephanie-yeboah/2928377045852Follow Kaye at: https://www.instagram.com/fordtography/Support the show (https://www.paypal.me/Fordtography)


15 Feb 2021

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TLVi: Hen Mazzig and Stephanie Yeboah- "Building Understanding and Allyship Between Marginalized Groups" 02


Stephanie Yeboah is a 31-year-old multi-award-winning plus-size style blogger, Author, freelance journalist, public speaker & fat acceptance advocate from London with a penchant for graphic novels, video games, photography and Jason Momoa. Stephanie found herself in the middle of a public debate on the issues of Antisemitism and racism, that reviled a lot about the condition of our society. I met Steph in London to speak about what happened and how we can build a more inclusive movement and allyship between marginalized groups of peoples.

1hr 5mins

10 Nov 2020

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Life and Sexuality in a Fat, Black Body with Stephanie Yeboah

Doing It! with Hannah Witton

In this episode, Hannah is joined by Stephanie Yeboah, who is a plus size style blogger, author, journalist, and content creator. Stephanie discusses her debut book, Fattily Ever After, and the histories of and differences between the fat acceptance and body positive movements. She and Hannah talk about how the body positive movement has changed over the years, as well as discussing dating and the fear of loneliness. Finally, Hannah and Steph discuss the racist stereotypes and assumptions about Black women and their bodies as well as the hypersexualisation of Black women and the desexualisation of fat Black women.CW: Brief mention of sexual abuse and violence to minors in relation to R Kelly. Timestamps: 34:42 - 35:40.✨MORE ABOUT STEPHANIE YEBOAH✨Stephanie Yeboah is a plus-size style blogger, fat acceptance advocate, freelance writer, public speaker, sometimes-broadcaster and debut author. Find out more:- Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stephanieyeboah/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/stephanieyeboah - Website: https://www.stephanieyeboah.com/ 📝CHECK OUT THE SHOW NOTES 📝 https://doingitpodcast.co.uk ✨CONNECT WITH US ✨https://www.instagram.com/doingitpodcast https://twitter.com/doingitpodcast 👀WANT EARLY & AD-FREE ACCESS TO EPISODES?👀https://www.patreon.com/hannahwitton✏️SIGN UP TO OUR NEWSLETTER✏️http://bit.ly/HannahWittonsNewsletter


14 Oct 2020