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Interview with Harvee Pene on purpose | PROACTIVE Podcast #117

PROACTIVE Podcast with MeMedia

This inspiring episode of the PROACTIVE Podcast features author, TEDx speaker, and accountant Harvee Pene. Listen as we explore the who, what, and why of motivation, finding inspiration when times seem their darkest, and the importance of goal setting. This one is perfect for anyone in need of a little motivation and to find out what building a brand on purpose meant for Harvee Pene.


28 Sep 2020

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Purpose Powers Profit, with Harvee Pene. How connecting to purpose will improve your leadership, engage your team and attract more of the right customers.

Better World Leaders

Harvee Pene is the Co-Founder of Inspire Accountants – Accountants Who Change Lives, a TEDx Speaker, Author and all-round transformational dude who has been recognised as one of Ten Outstanding Young People in Australia.In this episode we discuss in so many ways the meaning of life. Or at least, how to lean into the toughness of life in order to learn, grow and find meaning. In particular, we look at the journey of discovery to find a greater purpose than yourself in your work and through your career – in Harvee’s experience that as an accountant his opportunity is to change lives and enable businesses to become forces for good.He has come a long way from a under-privileged upbringing in New Zealand to founding and leading a company regularly recognised as one of Australia’s Top100 businesses – Inspire Accounting. Having recognised an inclination to do more and to change the world, the way he chose to realise that was to confront a life-threatening cancer and focus his life and energies on a greater cause in response to this questions – If today was your last day, would you be happy with what you’re leaving behind?His response to this question was to embrace the call to reach beyond his own success, and the success of his clients and to do good and inspire others to become forces for good themselves. This shifted his life mantra from YOLO to YODO, from You Only Live Once to You Only Die Only. We get to live everyday, and in doing so how can we inspire before we expire!!!The question that we then go on to explore in depth is how to do this, how to maximise your contribution and the inspiration this brings to the world. For Harvee, this involved first achieving two goals – to save his clients $10million in combined tax savings, and to give 10million days of live changing access to clean water and sanitation to the worlds poorest people. What he found from a business perspective was that the more good they achieved in the world, the better they did as a business – motivation was higher, team engagement was higher, productivity was higher and all manner of client processes and outcomes saw huge improvement.Having achieved both of these initial goals, he’s now more than doubled down – aiming to achieve the seemingly impossible task of giving 1billion days of life changing help.One of the ways Harvee is progressing towards this goal is by launching (along with Better World Leaders very first guest, Paul Dunn) a global network of ‘Accountants for Good’, to connect and enable accountants everywhere to act as forces for good in our world.Key messages from this episode;- Life is tough – prepare yourself for a walk in the park – Jurassic Park!- Make every opportunity to make your legacy one you will be proud of. Ask yourself, if today was my last day, would you be happy with what you leave behind?- All business have the potential and the opportunity to be a force for good- Accountants can change lives, and if you’re in business anywhere, so can you if you chose to focus on contributing to a purpose higher than yourself- That purpose powers profit, engages teams, engages customers and makes leadership more impactful- We have the opportunity to change from viewing our fellow practitioners in any area as competition, and shift to making them collaborators, and by sharing what we’re doing and what’s working, to make a live changing contribution.Get in touch with Harvee here;www.harveepene.comAdditional resources mentioned in our conversation.- T-0 app – here- Harvee’s TEDx talk hereAs always, great thanks and appreciation to the team who contributed to bringing Better World Leaders to you;To Brendan Ward for production of all audio recordings and composition and performance of original music throughout each episode.To Cooper and the team at RadioHub studios for technical support and creative guidance during the episodes that are recorded face-to-face. You can find out about Radio Hub’s services here - https://www.radiohub.com.au/To NokNok Studios for website design, hosting and advice. Find out about NokNok’s awesome services here - https://www.facebook.com/NOKNOKstudios/To Cirasa Design for logo and site graphics – Find our about Cirasa’s inspiring work here


6 Aug 2020

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Harvee Pene: Creating Businesses For Good - A Masterclass In Using Your Business To Make An Impact

UNLEASHED the Podcast

In this episode, learn from Harvee Pene, an incredibly inspiring entrepreneur known as the business for good guy for his work in helping business owners and leaders increase their impact and influence. Harvee is listed in the top 10 outstanding young persons of Australia and is known for being a Ted-X speaker, best selling author and Ambassador for the UN Global Goals.Learn from Harvee's story and how a health scare changed his life and helped him uncover his purpose and now use that purpose to help inspire change in the world and create businesses for good. In this episode we discuss the power of philanthropy, the power of a strong purpose within the business as well as the UN Global Goals and how you can create a business for good and make an impact in the world. Learn from Harvee's journey in life and entrepreneurship and how he has been able to push potential, break barriers and live life Unleashed. https://www.harveepene.com/https://www.instagram.com/harveepene/https://www.globalgoals.org/


23 Jul 2020

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Harvee Pene Interview – Making Smart Financial Decisions in Your Business

Private Practice Made Perfect

Running a profitable business and using it for a good cause while living the life you want is the ultimate goal that Inspire wants for the businesses and entrepreneurs they support. Today, having a business isn’t just all about profits. Most, if not all, business owners now have a passion to make an impact not just on their founders, but on their team, their clients and, ultimately, the world. In episode 137 of the PPMP podcast, Harvee Pene, author, TEDx Speaker, and founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants, joins us to talk about this very topic. He also talks about making smarter financial decisions in his book, Cashed Up, which he co-authored with his business partner Ben Walker. Episode highlights: An overview on Inspire. The way they do accounting at Inspire. How they work with clients. Goals they help their clients with. The importance of building a team of advisors. Harvee talks about their book Cashed Up. Investing in the future of clients to make a global impact. The beauty of using B1G1 in your business. The Inspire team and what they do. Things allied business owners should be thinking about. Useful Links Cashed Up Book B1G1 Nacre Links:  Website LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram PinterestSee omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.


3 May 2020

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192. Give Others a Voice: Ronsley Shares his Take with Harvee Pene

Should I Start A Podcast

Our voice is more about what we say and how we sound. Everything we’ve been through in our lives - every struggle, every triumph - shapes our voice and our view on the world. It’s so important to get your voice out there, because you never know what hearing your voice could do for someone who is afraid to share theirs. Welcome to Should I Start A Podcast where each week Ronsley Vaz, with the help of a star-studded entrepreneurial guest lineup, explores why you should start a podcast, build an audience, and how to keep them hungry for more.  If you’re thinking about starting a podcast or simply looking for a better way to get your message out to your audience, then this is the podcast for you. In this episode of Should I Start a Podcast, we revisit an episode of Harvee Pene’s podcast Inspiring Business for Good, where Ronsley was a guest. Harvee, who is an author, a TEDx Speaker and accounting guru, asked Ronsley some insightful questions about entrepreneurship, dealing with failure and giving back. Ronsley, who is never shy about sharing his story, takes us through what it was like to lose his beloved restaurant, and how he came back through that. He also touches on why he views giving as “selfish”, but he does it anyway. Harvee gets Ronsley to give us some juicy details about how he came up with Amplify, how he’s still shocked that he makes a living with his voice and why giving others a voice makes it all worth it. Also within this episode: Why Ronsley views giving as selfish but does it anyway Why Rochelle always wants him to go the market with her The conversation that shifted Ronsley’s perspective How Ronsley’s immersion in many different cultures gives him an advantage Imposter Syndrome and why you shouldn’t feel alone Why you should never half-ass a podcast Links: Inspiring Business for Good Podcast Harvee Pene on LinkedIn MustAmplify.com Ronsley on Twitter


5 Mar 2020

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10 Million Days of Purpose: Inspire Before You Expire with Harvee Pene

Accountants On Purpose

When it comes to running a business with a purpose that is higher than profit, Harvee Pene is a master of it. He is the Co-Founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants and after overcoming many challenges in his life, has ultimately decided to dedicate himself to giving back with over 7 million “giving impacts” to date. Harvee is a qualified Chartered Accountant, business owner, author, TedX speaker, podcast host, father and cancer survivor with a vision for building a better world which he is actually doing something about.    In this episode we cover: Harvee’s mantra that he lives by following a life changing moment that completely blind sided him. Finding his life purpose. The story of Inspire Life Changing Accountants and becoming Australia’s most impactful accounting firm. The inspiration behind Harvee’s business. Saving clients over $10 million dollars in tax which allows for donating 10 million days of food, water, health and sanitation to families in need. Harvee’s “Win for Win” model. Cashed Up - the intention of Harvee and his business partners book to help young families who are struggling with their finances. The importance of having a proactive accountant. And much more! Check out the full episode.  [FOOD FOR THOUGHT]  Inspire before you expire. It’s impossible to get cashed up if half of your earnings go to tax. When businesses have a purpose that goes beyond profit they tend to be more financially successful. There are two most important days in your life. The first is the day you are born and the second is the day you find out why. [FOLLOW US]  • Our Website • FB Page - You Legal  • FB Group - Accountants On Purpose  • FB Page - Accountants On Purpose  • LinkedIn - Sarah Bartholomeusz  • LinkedIn – You Legal  • Twitter - Sarah Bartholomeusz  • Twitter - You Legal  [OUR SPONSOR] Thinclab 90 Day Sprint ThincLab | University of Adelaide [GUEST INFO]  LinkedIN Inspire Life Changing Accountants Cashed Up Inspiring Business For Good Podcast with Harvee Pene [ABOUT THE HOST]  Sarah Bartholomeusz is the founder of You Legal, an Adelaide-based law firm that provides business leaders with the confidence and certainty they need to make bold decisions within their organisations.  You Legal provides top tier consultative legal services to corporate clients, including ASX listed companies.  Sarah's clients also call her the Goddess of Governance because she works to protect and nurture her clients’ businesses so that they can focus on having the impact that they want in the world.


3 Feb 2020

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How to pull more money, time and happiness from your business with Harvee Pene

Get Happy Hour

EPISODE – HAREVEE PENE BIOGRAPHY Harvee’s first business was at 12-years-old, mowing neighbourhood lawns. Five years later, at age 17, Harvee had saved enough and bought his first investment property. He started his second business at 18 as a scaffolder, and five years later built it in to a large construction training and labour hire company. Wanting to ‘get off the tools’, Harvee started his next journey as a part-time intern in an accounting firm while studying accounting at Queensland University of Technology. Over the next five years, he helped build a change management consulting firm which helped over 600 accounting firms around Australia make positive impacts in their clients’ lives; this company was later floated on the Australian Securities Exchange. That’s where Harvee met Ben Walker – the founder of Inspire CA, and together they joined forces and now lead the award-winning team of life-changing accountants at Inspire. Harvee is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on stage alongside his business idol, Michael E Gerber. He is also the founder of Accountants For Good–a global movement that disrupts a very ‘old school’ accounting industry. Co-author of Cashed Up : the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, and Ambassador for Thank you Water and B1G1, Harvee’s passion for spreading the good knows no bounds. Despite Harvee’s success, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for him. Blindsided by testicular cancer, Harvee took this life-altering situation and with his typical true grit and courage, miraculously reduced the tumour markers by 80% in four weeks. As a numbers person, Harvee believes that family is number one. His mission is to create a business that gives him the freedom to always put family first and to help others do the same. In doing this, his mission to make a difference in the world will be accomplished SHOWNOTES Harvee’s journey into business started at childhood as he learnt from an early age that business was a means to survival as he came over as a 3 year old from New Zealand to escape poverty with his family. Lead, write and speaking are Harvee’s key roles he does every day. Wealth dynamics by Roger Hamilton was a key framework that changed the game for how he conducts his day-to-day life. Harvee talks about where his businesses have impacted other people in other countries. Being true to your life purpose is what Harvee’s definition of happiness. Harvee’s gratitude and routine starts with family first and connection with them first. Looking at your life’s purpose and doing things that light you up is the way that governs your routine Harvee discusses fantasy dinner dates Gratitide practices that Harvee undertakes in the business and personal world are creating “team thank you circles” for the things they’ve seen each other do and achieve. BOOKS Chapter 1 – Daniel Flynn Doing Good is the New Great – Harvee Pene (coming out in August 2019) LINKS https://inspire.business/team/harvee-pene/ https://au.linkedin.com/in/harvee-pene-9a306626 https://twitter.com/harveepene?lang=en https://www.facebook.com/HarveePeneFan/ https://www.instagram.com/harveepene/


15 Jul 2019

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107 - Harvee Pene on Building a Purposeful and Profitable Business

Grow Your Clinic

Harvee Pene from Inspire: Life-Changing Accountants shares the inspiring story of how he survived cancer and how this experience changed the way he did business forever. Harvee talks about building a business with a purpose and how we can reinforce these values and mission to our team members. He also talks about how you can pull more money, time and happiness from your business and how your business can change people’s lives on a global scale.GUEST BIOHarvee is a TEDx speaker and has spoken on stage alongside his business idol, Michael E. Gerber.  He is also the founder of Accountants For Good – a global movement that disrupts a very ‘old school’ accounting industry. Co-author of Cashed Up: the 7 step method to pull more money, time and happiness from your business, and Ambassador for Thankyou Water and B1G1, Harvee’s passion for spreading the good knows no bounds.As a numbers person, Harvee believes that family is number one. His mission is to create a business that gives him the freedom to always put family first and to help others do the same. In doing this, his mission to make a difference in the world will be accomplished.QUOTES“If you’re not changing lives, your business may be numbered.”“I guess the hardest thing we have to do is to be an example as the leader and the founder, to be the walking embodiment of the values that we want to see in our team.”“Inspire before you expire.”MENTIONSInspire.businessThankyou.coHarvee PeneCashed Up: 7 Steps to Pull More Money, Time and Happiness From Your Business (book)17 Global GoalsKula HealthInspiring Business For Good (podcast)SHOW NOTES[0:03:37.1]  Do good and inspire others: Harvee explains his philosophy in life and lessons he’s learned as a cancer survivor[0:08:25.9]  How surviving cancer changed the way he did business[0:13:15.8]  Rebranding accountants, origins of Inspire, and their mission and vision[0:15:28.6]  Inspire’s hiring process and how they train their staff and accountants to deliver results that are in line with their purpose[0:19:20.2]  How to maintain the momentum and keep people accountable with each other[0:28:48.9]  7 Steps to Pull More Money, Time and Happiness From Your Business[0:35:46.0]  Harvee’s mentors and how they helped him grow as a person and as a businessman[0:37:32.1]  The 17 Global Goals for Development and how you can be more purposeful[0:47:14.2]  Resources to help you find your business’ purpose[0:50:40.1]  Final thoughtsAnd if you like this episode of the Grow My Clinic podcast, please don't forget to like, share, comment, and give us your ratings on iTunes and Stitcher. You can also send us your thoughts about this episode by emailing Jack at jack@clinicmastery.com.We appreciate your support and feedback!


21 May 2019

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Getting Inspired with Harvee Pene

SEVENTEENx - SDG Convos with Mick Hase

Hear from Harvee Pene as we chat doing business for good; how to be different than what is expected; and getting over some huge personal challenges along side running a business. 


20 May 2019

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Episode 86. Harvee Pene interview

The insecurity project

Today’s guest is Harvee Pene; a 3x author, TEDx Speaker, host of the Inspiring Business for Good podcast and co-founder of Inspire - Life Changing Accountants.This really was a wonderful conversation, and in fact I got choked up a couple of times as we dived deep into talking about the the things that really matter.Harvee is such a brilliant communicator who clearly smokes what he’s selling! A couple of my favourite quotes to come out of the interview were: “Purpose eats insecurity for breakfast” and “Insecurity hates speed.”He also talks about the value of developing 101 goals and having them clearly displayed on your fridge. Something which I have always integrated into my life to great affect.I’m sure you’ll get so much gold from what Harvee shares on this episode. The books mentioned on todays show are:“You have the power to change stuff.” Daniel Flynn“The entrepreneur revolution” Daniel Priestly“Think big and kick ass” Donald J Trump and Bill ZankerYou can find out more about Harvee here:https://inspire.business/team/harvee-pene/https://www.facebook.com/harvee.pene


7 Apr 2019