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The Death of Neo-Liberal Ecomodernism? feat. Jon Symons


Ecomodernism holds out the promise of decoupling human flourishing from environmental impacts through investment in mission-oriented research, development and deployment of an array of breakthrough low emissions technologies that can transform industry, transportion, agriculture and energy systems. It is a movement founded and largely based in the USA which tries to create a big tent and appeals to an all of the above politics. It embraces the roles of private sector entrepreneurs, free markets, civil society and the state in pursuing their goals. I am joined by Jonathan Symons who argues that a real crisis like climate change requires collective agency in the form of state funded democratically controlled intervention. It's how we got a man on the moon, how we developed nuclear energy and how competent nations like Taiwan and Australia are containing the COVID pandemic. The market isn't up to the challenge. To fulfill its promises ecomodernism requires a social democratic politics. 


16 Jun 2020

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Episode 18: Jon Symons (@werunwithjesus)

What I Live For

In this episode, we’re starting an interview series. This week’s guest is Jon Symons (aka @werunwithjesus).  Jon is a runner, CrossFit athlete and a Powerlifter who recently broke several state records in his first two powerlifting meets. He also has lost a significant amount of weight in his weight loss journey. You can find Jon on Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/werunwithjesus).  Enjoy our conversation.  Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to get all future goodness of this show. While you're at it, do me a favor and rate & review this podcast. That's how more people can find it as well. Follow me on Instagram (http://www.instagram.com/williegillis). And if you want some extra goodness, check out my other podcast, We Beat Fat. Available on all podcasting platforms.


20 Jun 2019

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Climate innovation and global equality with Jon Symons

Breakthrough Dialogues

Jon Symons joins us to talk about the politics of inequality in climate change innovation. We discuss geoengineering (large-scale climate interventions, like thinning clouds or reflecting sun rays back into space) and the risks and benefits those projects present. We talk about who should be in charge of these initiatives, and why the developing world should be allowed to develop to the extent the rich world did. We end with our favorite question: where do you see progress in the world today? Jon’s answer includes snippets from his extensive research in the world of LGBTQ (in)equality. Jon Symons is a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University in Australia. He’s an expert on international environmental policies and norms. In the latest edition of the Breakthrough Journal, Jon asks whether the policy conversation over geoengineering is fundamentally unjust. You can read his thoughtful essay here.


14 May 2018