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118 - Crystallized with Tara Chapman

The Hive Jive - Beekeeping Podcast

Today John is joined once again by Miss Tara Chapman from Two Hives Honey.  Tara teaches us about honey crystallization, what it means, and the four main factors that contribute to this process.  This is key knowledge to help you better understand the process, how you can use it to your advantage, and how to better educate the end consumer about your honey.  The pair also catch up on current life events and share some successes and challenges from this beekeeping season.  Tune in now for one exceptional interview!

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23 Aug 2021

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#15 Tara Chapman

Land Ethic

Tara Chapman is a beekeeper and beekeeping consultant from central Texas. After 10 years working in the Middle East for the C.I.A and other U.S. counter intelligence agencies, she left her day job to create Two Hives Honey near Austin, TX.We discussed basic bee biology and behavior, their pollination role, their importance to the global food system, and the threats facing our bee populations, as well as some of Tara’s experience overseas in her former career.Head to Two Hives Honey to buy high quality local honey or to start you own hive!


16 Aug 2021

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The Great Outdoors/Sunday Sportsman


17 Jul 2021

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099 - Propolis with Tara Chapman

The Hive Jive - Beekeeping Podcast

This week the guys are joined by Tara Chapman of Two Hives Honey to discuss the uses of propolis.  Most beekeepers have a love-hate relationship with this dark sticky substance as it gets on everything and it does not ever seem to come back off.  Despite being a sticky pain for some beekeepers, hopefully we all realize the great importance that it plays in the lives of the bees and how it helps to create and maintain a healthy hive.  However, what can we as beekeepers do with this substance once we scrape a ball out of the hive during a routine inspection?  Well tune in now as Tara walks us through some of the wonderous possibilities that propolis can hold for an industrious beekeeper.


19 Apr 2021

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Episode 39 | Ladies Way Fitness feat. Tara Chapman

Beautifully Healthy

An opportunity presented itself to Tara Chapman to minister to other ladies not only physically but spiritually and mentally as well. God opened the door for her to take over Ladies Way Fitness in Bremen, Ga. after it was closing down. She tells her story and how you can be a part of the many classes that are offered. For more information about Ladies Way Fitness, visit them online at www.ladieswayfitness.com or at their location at 771 Bus. Highway 27 North in Bremen, Ga. 


4 Jan 2021

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Tara Chapman

All Girls Considered

Welcome to Season 4, Ep. 29! In this episode, Bren and Madelena at Liberty Hill Junior High School, speak with Tara Chapman, beekeeper and founder of Two Hives Honey in Austin, Texas. Tara and the girls talk about working in Afghanistan and Pakistan, our daily impact in the world, and the importance of the queen bee.


23 Jun 2020

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Episode 18 | A Weight Loss Journey: Tara Chapman

Beautifully Healthy

Weight loss is not an easy task to accomplish. It's something that takes time and patience... a lot of patience! It's also something that can not only wear on you physically but emotionally as well. Tara Chapman sits down with Dr. Allison Key and Erika Smith to tell her weight loss journey story in hopes it will inspire someone who is wanting to lose weight to get started on that journey and then turn it into a lifestyle. 


9 Mar 2020

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6- Rock Your RISK with Tara Chapman of Two Hives Honey

Rocking Life with Amy Edwards

RISK can be a good thing, and that's our focus this week. Fantastic interview with entrepreneur Tara Chapman of Two Hives Honey who took the risk of quitting her job with the CIA and starting her own business arouns bees; Go Aff Yourself with Jill Faulkner of stickwithit.co and our weekly aff is "I Am Open To New Possibilities"; and our practical tips and strategies for habit building with Amy and certified branding consultant Bijou Finney of Velvet Cartel. Find this week's resources and sign up for Amy's newsletter HERE.


29 Dec 2019

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What I Do: Career Stories Ep. 14 - Beekeeper with Two Hives Honey's Tara Chapman

What I Do: Career Stories

Tara Chapman is a beekeeper in Austin. She started Two Hives Honey four years ago (which now has over 200 hives!). Her first job after attending Duke was with the Central Intelligence Agency working in operations in Pakistan. 


4 Dec 2019

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034 - Honey Sensory with Tara Chapman

The Hive Jive - Beekeeping Podcast

Tara Chapman rejoins the guys for a fun talk about her recent experiences at the first US based Honey Sensory training program. Join us to learn some of the nuances that can be attributed to honey tasting, as well as interesting aspects regarding honey crystallization. Plus, Tara and John try to find the humor in recent developments within their respective lives.


18 Nov 2019