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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cinnamon Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cinnamon Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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7 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Cinnamon Brown. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Cinnamon Brown, often where they are interviewed.

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On Stress Management + Sound Bath + Setting Intentions with Cinnamon Brown of Intrinsic Healings

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Main Points:

  • Cinnamon gives us some insight into what a sound bath is + the healing effects it has on the body. 
  • We talk about the importance of using our voice, accepting all parts of ourselves, and the beauty in the unique creation that we each are.
  • We talk about mindfully eating and feeling a connection with our food as well as setting intentions with our food.
  • Cinnamon shares some of her experiences in connecting with plant intelligence. 
  • YES, it is 1000% normal to hear plants communicating with you.
  • Cinnamon talks about the 8 dimensions of the body and she encourages us to bring plants into our home. 
  • We talk about setting intentions to create our reality. Cinnamon shares her personal intention to be LIGHT.
  • We talk about the importance of letting emotions flow like a river. I share my practice in alchemizing my emotions through embodiment and movement.
  • Cinnamon talks about her new podcast launch called “Intrinsic Healings”


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Instagram: @intrinsichealings

Podcast: Intrinsic Healings

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Instagram: @elevatedcommunitypodcast @kenzymoore

Intro Song: Desert Dwellers- Prana Shakti

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Sep 23 2020 · 1hr 41mins
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Episode 23 - Murder and Manipulation: The Story of Cinnamon Brown

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On the 19th of March 1985, Linda Brown was shot dead in her home in Orange County, California. The suspect? Her 14 year old step-daughter, Cinnamon Brown. Throughout her questioning and her subsequent trial, Cinnamon continuously stated that she had blacked out and couldn’t remember what had happened on that chilling night. Years later, the truth would come out. 

This episode explores the unbelievable turn of events that led to the murder of Linda Brown. We discuss marriages that were kept a secret, a baby that was kept hidden, $2 million in life insurance policies and a depraved man who groomed and manipulated young girls his entire life, as we take a look at the case that inspired two books and a TV series. 


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Sources used in this episode:,a%20California%20Youth%20Authority%20facility.&text=For%20her%20role%20in%20the,Youth%20Authority%20until%20age%2025.,_Cinnamon,by%20the%20CYA%20review%20board.,insurance%20when%20she%20was%20killed.

Book: If You Really Loved Me - Ann Rule

Aug 25 2020 · 56mins
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Murder Monday | Cinnamon Brown

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"If you really loved me..." is something Cinnamon Brown's father would say to his 14 year-old daughter whenever he wanted him to do something including something truly twisted.
Sep 23 2019 · 8mins
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Randy Kraft and Cinnamon Brown

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In Episode Eight, as one of the Wives travel to California, so will the case topics. You'll hear about the Freeway Killer Randy Kraft and his long line of terror.  As well as the twisted story of of Cinnamon Brown and her father, David Brown.  


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Jun 26 2019 · 1hr 29mins
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7. Cinnamon Brown: Named for Fame

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If your parent had asked you to do something illegal as a teen, how would you have reacted? What it it was murder; what recourse would you have? This is the sad and sordid tale of a selfish Orange Co., CA man who, in 1985, persuaded his 14-year-old daughter to kill her stepmother. It's a tale that delves into the twisted mind of a bad dad who cherished wealth and under-aged young women more than he did his children. When his scheme was uncovered, he doubled down and ordered the killing of more people, including his deceased wife's younger sister--who, in a secret ceremony, had become his sixth wife.

This is the seventh episode in the podcast's first season, "Accessories to Murder." Click on our website link below for source information.

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Host: Paris Brown

Produced & written by: Paris Brown

Edited by: Paris Brown

Music by: Dr. Frankenstein. "Theme for 'The Mad Thinker'" from The Cursed Tapes: Stolen Songs from Dr. Frankenstein's Lab, 2005
and by
Julie Maxwell. "Childhood Memories" from Farther Than All the Stars, 2016.





Jan 30 2019 · 1hr 12mins
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DEEPINSIDE RADIO SHOW 169 (Cinnamon Brown Artist of the week)

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DRS 169 (Cinnamon Brown Artist of the week)
Selected, mixed & produced by Mr. Marceaux


01 Mousse T. feat Taz & Inaya Day - Rock the mic (2018 Glitterbox Recordings)

02 Demarkus Lewis feat E-Man - Behind closed doors [J Paul Getto mix] (2018 Audiophile Records)
03 Callvin - No one else (2017 Plastik People Digital)
04 James Benedict - Piano pop (2018 Nite Grooves)

05 Roy Jazz Grant - Afro chanting [DEEPINSIDE Re-edit] (2018 Apt D4 Records)

06 Jeremy Sylvester & Dub Syndicate - No longer will I be your fool (2012 Urban Dubz Music)

07 Mykel Waters - The sound (2018 i! Records)

08 Chenandoah feat Cinnamon Brown - Unpredictable [CEV's mix] (2018 Hi! Energy Records)
09 Luciano Gioia & Cinnamon_Brown - Everybody wants to be happy [Luyo mix] (2015 Double Cheese Records)
10 Sean McCabe feat Cinnamon Brown - It's my life (2017 Good Vibrations Music)

11 Groove Assassin - Thinkin' bout U (2018 Things May Change)
12 Klevakeys feat Liz Jai - Lifetime (2018 House Keys Records)

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Jan 29 2018 · 1hr
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Frenchie in The VIP Lounge with Kathy Brown, Joyce Sims and Cinnamon Brown

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This week in the VIP Lounge is a Bless the Ladies Special with Kathy Brown, Joyce Sims and Cinnamon Brown. Join Frenchie every week showcasing inspirational eclectic music playing most things Soulful, in House, Jazz and Soul. Catch the regular show every Sunday 10am-2pm (GMT) 5-9am (EST) 2-6am (PST) @
Oct 31 2016 · 4hr 2mins