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Hybrid Events and The Role of Curiosity with Billy Boughey

RVRB Round Table

So you've done in person events. And you've done virtual events. But what do you do now that your audience wants both? On today's episode we are joined by Billy Boughey, the Founder & President of Elevate Experiences, an event company that has worked with brands like Chick-Fil-A, CocaCola, and Disney to talk about the future of hybrid events and the importance of maintaining your curiosity, not only for the work but for the health of your team. - Grab the Show Notes: rvrb.cc/podcast Want to learn more from Billy?  - Instagram: www.instagram.com/billyboughey/ - Website: BillyBSpeaks.com - Book: Culture Reconstructed: amazon.com/author/billyboughey


6 Apr 2021

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252 | Face-Off with Billy Boughey

Mommy Millionaire

“People long for connection, and they long for growth.” Listen, as Cayla and her guest, Billy Boughey, do things a little differently in this episode, they do a face-off. They talk about Billy’s use of events to enhance organizational culture, and how to pivot and create something completely different in this age of COVID-19.Billy is Founder and President of Elevate Experiences, a brand experience agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has experience working with big brands like Delta, Chick-fil-A, and Coca Cola as a keynote speaker, host, and culture coach. Billy has been featured on Fox, Houston, and Bold TV, and he hosts his own podcast called Created for Experience and is featured on publications like Business, Insider, and Forbes. He released his first book titled Culture Reconstructed in January 2020.Listen as Cayla and Billy ask each other questions and share insights into their lives, families, and businesses. They speak about virtual summits, how to price products during this time, how Cayla’s relationship with her husband has changed, and how Billy entertains his three kids.The more you focus on just being you, the brighter your light will shine. Both Billy and Cayla are very spiritual people, and they know that God is in control. They use that knowledge to guide them in what they do and how they live their lives. They want to help people become their best selves and are using this show today to share their stories, hoping something they say will lift you up and help you through this crazy pandemic time.In This Episode[03:15] Welcome to the show, Billy[05:46] Billy speaks about a quote his wife shared and what it means.[07:28] Billy says there will be a new season of refined businesses.[07:50] Cayla speaks about her new product under $1000.[08:57] Billy reflects on when he first heard about the pandemic.[09:33] Cayla shares why her company is having success right now.[11:16] Billy talks about when he was in middle school, he and some friends mowed lawns for money.[13:22] How do you think about energy and the exchange of value when you are pricing things?[15:11] Cayla speaks about how she and her husband deal with business, marriage, and kids.[17:40] Billy shares an assessment that he loves that radically transforms relationships.[18:19] When you hear the word experience, what do you think of?[19:23] Billy speaks about his relationship with God.[21:35] The most success a student will have in school is choral singing.[23:42] Billy shares how often he sings to his team at work.[25:08] Billy talks about virtual summits and why people should attend.[26:04] Energy, community, and connection are the three things that every event must-have.[28:00] Billy has some free training to help you with virtual events. Go to www.virtualeventsecrets.today to get yours today.[30:39] Listen as Billy shared his fears when the pandemic and shutdowns happened.[33:21] Is this happening to you or happening for you?[34:32] Whatever you think about now is what you will bring more of in your life.[35:21] Cayla speaks about getting her breast implants removed.[37:16] Billy wants to build a world with no unequipped leaders; he wants people to have the tools they need.[39:05] Cayla shares her mission of helping a million women become millionaires.[41:42] In your life, are you striving to create more light, or are you striving to create more heat?[44:23] Billy is permitting himself to turn the next chapter in his life over the next year.[47:01] Cayla says that the person with the mic makes the most money.[49:30] Billy and Cayla do a little hot-seat Q&A to close out the show.[51:39] Billy shares all the virtual summits and online training they have going on.[52:12] Thank you so much for being on the show! [52:51] Cayla shares her takeaway from this conversation with Billy.Find Cayla:Mommy MillionaireMastermindFacebookInstagramPinterestFind BillyElevate ExperiencesBilly’s Free TrainingCreated for Experiences PodcastCulture Reconstructed by Billy BougheyFacebookTwitterInstagram


20 Jul 2020

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47: Learning to lead effectively, while having fun with Billy Boughey (enneagram 7)

The Leadership Formula Podcast - Enneagram & Success Mindset with Tracy O'Malley

How to become a leader and commit to change This week’s guest is off the charts motivating and charming, he lights up the room every time he walks in and he loves, cares, and serves at the highest level possible. Billy Boughey is master of all things leadership, and hands down one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever seen. He leads with example and from the soul, and as an enneagram 7, has truly mastered how to bring fun and movement into leadership. Listen to this podcast to hear how you can leverage media to tell stories and connect, increase performance and improve your business culture, and find out exactly what it takes to be a leader and commit to overhauling your company culture—starting with you. Listen now The story behind the glory We start off discussing Billy’s success and how most people look at the glory instead of the story behind it. He shares how the grind and hustle determines your mindset—how you have to decide whether things happen to you or for you. He shares what it was like growing up in his household, how his stepfather was emotionally and physically abusive, how they lived paycheck to paycheck as his mother struggled to support them. Billy speaks about playing professional baseball and how it enabled him to find faith and confidence, and how this led to his transition to leading. He discusses how identifying your strengths and weaknesses and working on self-awareness are part of the process to becoming a better leader, and how it ensures that your weaknesses aren’t your undoing. Starting the movement When it comes to overhauling a culture, he shares how he helps and how you have to be willing to commit to the process and make the decision to change in order to see change happen. He shares the four things he tells every leader, and how doing the work as a leader first will help others follow. Billy discusses how he uses entertainment, songs, and movement throughout his work, and how putting action and movement creates lasting change. Stop withholding and start doing--the beauty happens when you start moving into who you are supposed to be. Billy Boughey Billy is a nationally recognized host and speaker who has led events for Delta,Coca-Cola, FIFA, The John Maxwell Company and many other notable organizations. He is the Founder and President of the Atlanta based company, Elevate Experiences. Billy’s passion is to build a world with no unequipped leaders. As a former baseball player at Auburn University, Georgia State University and the Philadelphia Phillies his experience includes working with many college and professional sports teams to improve their culture. His talents include keynote speaking, culture coaching and consulting groups on how to make their team members smile and their customers rave. Billy is also the author of Culture Reconstructed, a start-where-you-are guide to building a remarkable team dynamic. He hosts his own podcast titled Created for Experience and is a certified Kolbe consultant, helping companies understand how each employee strives to get work done.Quotes:“There’s a grind, there’s a hustle, there’s a silence, there’s a loneliness, there’s a beauty in success, but it all starts with those previous words.” -Billy 4:02“I believe everybody has a story to tell, and your story grows and gets better or worse depending on how you view things.” -Billy 4:10“I heard recently from Ed Millet, he said ‘give yourself mental permission to turn the page.’” -Billy 4:29“I don’t know when someone decides to be great, but I do know it has to start internally, it starts in your own heart and your own mind.” -Billy 8:52“I love what Gary Vaynerchuck says is that ‘Lebron James and Beyoncé were born Lebron James and Beyoncé, but they had to cultivate that talent, they had to make that decision.’” -Billy 9:06“If you’re listening to this podcast and you know somebody around you has a gift, say it!” -Billy 10:11“The very thing I thought disqualified me for all the greatness in my life is the very thing that actually qualified me.” 12:54“Leadership is 4 things; it’s knowing yourself, leading yourself, knowing others, and leading others.” -Billy 20:55“When people are seen, heard, and understood, anything’s possible.” 22:16“Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University wrote a great book called “Mindset,” and she boils it down to two things—it’s not whether you’re smart or you’re dumb, it’s whether you’re a growth mindset or a fixed mindset.” -Billy 30:47“On my tombstone, I just want it really clearly said, ‘Billy kicked ass for the glory of God.’” -Billy 37:37


28 May 2020

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EM 165| Building Culture with Billy Boughey part 2.

Forth District

Once again David Farmer sits down with former professional baseball player, author, podcast host, and friend of the show Billy Boughey to break down who are their heroes in the world of building culture.


19 Mar 2020

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Billy Boughey

Habits & Health

Billy Boughey helps organizations improve company culture and increase their team performance. He also has an ambition to own a major US sports team one day. In this episode we learn a lot more about his wide array of talents and experiences. Links: Culture Reconstructed: billybspeaks.com/book Communication Course: billybspeaks.com/microphone Podcast: Created for Experience   Exceeding Expectations links: www.ExceedingExpectations.me Facebook Group Twitter LinkedIn YouTube How to leave a podcast review: https://tonywinyard.com/how-to-leave-a-review-for-the-podcast/ Please could I ask you a favour? Would you mind sharing this episode with one person you feel will get value from the content? Full shownotes including transcription available at: https://tonywinyard.com/ee077-billy-boughey/ ‎


10 Mar 2020

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238: Billy Boughey | Building Unforgettable Events & Experiences

Work Hard Play Hard

Resources:Learn more: billybspeaks.comRead: amazon.com/Billy-Boughey/e/B083QQJJY8Instagram: instagram.com/billybougheyMastermind: workhardplayhardpodcast.com/mastermindConnect with us on Instagram: @kimmurgatroyd | @robmurgatroydBilly Boughey is the founder and CEO of Elevate Experiences, an entertainment business where he makes amazing, unforgettable corporate events. He’s got quite a story, though — we talk about growing up in Atlanta, his first Run DMC cassette, and free-styling with The Roots on Jimmy Fallon. You are going to love it.In This Conversation We Cover: [03:40] Billy getting his first Run DMC cassette and what it did for him[05:05] How to prep for a TED Talk[07:46] Finding influence in Christian rapper Lecrae[14:27] How money doesn’t change you, it exposes you[19:33] How Billy got into baseball and why he quit after one season[23:28] What magic Billy learned from Disney that he carries with him[25:14] How Elevate builds compelling events[27:54] Where most people go wrong when designing a company culture[30:05] How culture works in a “Me Too” world[37:03] How to refocus[47:05] How to connect being a parent with your business lifeFollow me on social media @robmurgatroyd on Instagram and check out workhardplayhardpodcast.com.Work Hard Play Hard is a production of Crate Media


9 Mar 2020

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BTI #076: Creating a Culture Worth Leading with Billy Boughey

Beyond the Image Podcast

Our guest Billy Boughey, is a legendary emcee, free style rapper, former professional baseball player and author of the new book Culture Reconstructed: A "Start-Where-You-Are" Guide to Building a Culture of Impact. In this episode of Beyond the Image, host James Patrick and Billy discuss what the characteristics of true leadership are, how to craft better conversations for the future of yourself and your brand, and the necessary elements of an effective culture within your business. Listeners can connect with Billy on Instagram @BillyBoughey Be sure to subscribe for future episodes discussing how you develop your brand, market your brand and further profit from your brand as an entrepreneur!  Thanks for tuning in!


27 Feb 2020

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134: Grow Your Team With Billy Boughey

Billion Dollar Body

Billy Boughey is the Founder and President of Elevate Experiences. He is a keynote speaker, does culture coaching and consults groups on how to make their team members and clients happy.  Timestamped Show Notes: [0:47] Tough Upbringing [3:54] Create Your Success [6:20] Impact In Being In The Group Of Men [8:00] Serving And Helping Clients [10:56] Hiring Process [15:51] People Leaving Your Company   [19:32] Integrating The Rap Game [22:29] Using Personal Brand In Business  [27:10] What Are You Investing To Learn With Billy Takeaways:  Leadership is just simply the ability to start a better conversation.  Treat everybody as an end in themself not as a means to an end. Pay attention to the tension, pay attention to the narrative.  Your face is just as important of a brand as all these other ”big brands” out there Resources: Connect with Billy Go Listen To Billy’s Podcast Connect with Nicholas Join The Brotherhood FB Group Grab your copy of The Modern Day Businessman: Success Without Sacrifice


6 Feb 2020

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Break the Pattern, Ep 007 - Billy Boughey

The Renegade Leadership Podcast

In this episode of the Renegade Leadership Podcast we have Billy Boughey as our guest. Billy’s diverse background in empowering and leading organizations brought tons of value to what a true renegade leader is. You will hear how he defines leadership, how breaking the pattern helps drive healthy disruption and that empowerment is made when we support what people create. Enjoy!


15 Oct 2019

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270: How Any Company Can Elevate Their Customer Experience with Billy Boughey

The Chris Harder Show

In This Episode You Will Learn About: Finding the right people to be around Keeping the underdog mentality Holding ourselves back Changing your values Using new technology to talk about timeless truths When to consider your company culture The three things you need to think about with your team What you want people to be thinking when they leave your event Giving from the very beginning Resources: Learn more at: billyboughey.com Instagram: instagram.com/billyboughey Facebook: facebook.com/thebillyboughey Twitter: twitter.com/billyboughey LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/billy-boughey Show Notes: Billy Boughey is the founder of a company called Elevate Experiences, an emcee by trade who leads events for some of the biggest companies in the world to elevate them and bring more fun, hype, and color to the experience. His expertise has helped organizations improve their culture, build stronger teams, build stronger leaders, and create raving fans. As a former pro baseball player, his superpower is taking perceived weaknesses and turning them into strengths. We also talk about how and when to build your company culture, and his answer is going to surprise you. Billy is so full of charisma, you can’t help but love him. Question Highlights: What has finding the right people to be around meant for your life and career? What would you put out in the open that other people are afraid to share? Why do people make excuses? What are your values? How soon is too soon to start defining your culture and building a better team? What takes an event from good to absolutely epic? Guest Bio: Billy Boughey is a nationally recognized host and speaker who has led events for Delta, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-A, FIFA, The John Maxwell Company and many other notable organizations. He is the Founder and President of the Atlanta based company: Elevate Experiences. Billy’s passion is to create world-class experiences that inspire each attendee to live and lead at a higher level. As a former baseball player at Auburn University, Georgia State University and the Philadelphia Phillies his experience includes working with many college and professional sports teams to improve their culture. His talents include keynote speaking and consulting groups on how to make their team members smile and their customers rave. His first book is in the final stages and will challenge readers to grow and improve their company’s culture. Billy has participated in many freestyle hip hop events and loves rap as a creative artform. Put on a beat and watch his passion to create come to life in vivid technicolor. Billy is married to Jenn and has three energetic children that you might see dancing on a stage near you! Follow me on social media @ChrisWHarder on Instagram and check out www.ForTheLoveOfMoney.com For the Love of Money is a production of Crate Media


7 Oct 2019