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Gut Health with Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Meaghers Matters by Meaghers Pharmacy

On this episode Caroline speaks with the widely renowned Dr Rangan Chatterjee as they discuss how the health of our guts is closely related to our physical and mental health. In fact our gut health has a dramatic impact on our immune systems and can impact how we respond to stress. Caroline and Dr Rangan talk about the role probiotics may play in improving our response to stressful events as well as their potential role in improving a variety of different health conditions. Dr Rangan Chatterjee MbChB, BSc (Hons), MRCP, MRCGP is a best selling author and the star of the BBC show Doctor In The House.   If you would like to speak to one of our gut health experts simply email help@meagherspharmacy.ie to arrange a free confidential appointment. 


30 Sep 2021

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Why Being Perfect Will Ruin You | Rangan Chatterjee on Health Theory

Health Theory with Tom Bilyeu

Functional Medicine Practitioner and author of How to Make Disease Disappear, Rangan Chatterjee, joins Tom on this week’s episode of Health Theory. Dr. Chatterjee explains his four pillars of health and why balance across the four, rather than perfection in one, is essential.    Why most disease can end through lifestyle change [0:37] Why is life expectancy going down? [2:01] What is epigenetics and why is it exciting? [4:50] Keeping health simple [6:45] Lifestyle over diet and the ‘threshold’ concept [7:26] A 360 degree approach to improving health  [10:06] Why we shouldn’t completely demonize carbs [14:44] Why strength training is undervalued [18:18] A simple fix to widely common mistakes [20:30] The psychology behind food choices [23:38] Why mindful eating matters [28:04] Short-term pleasure vs. long-term consequences [29:30] Why when we eat is just important as what we eat [30:53] Prioritizing and enhancing sleep quality [33:24] The importance of ‘me’ time [35:45] The value of root-case medicine [37:05]     DISCUSSED IN THIS EPISODE How To Make Disease Disappear by Rangan Chatterjee: https://amzn.to/2tkHQOh BBC Show “Doctor In The House”: https://youtu.be/j9HPSP7QwPU   FOLLOW RANGAN CHATTERJEE WEBSITE: https://bit.ly/2M4D7In PODCAST: https://bit.ly/2ljsOVn FACEBOOK: https://bit.ly/1U9TRtW INSTAGRAM: https://bit.ly/2JMcT0d


3 May 2021

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#205: We Got it Wrong When it Comes to Weight Loss with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

Dhru Purohit Podcast

Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on blame when it comes to being overweight. People are villainized for being lazy or unaware of the “right” way. But there is no one right way to lose weight, and when we take steps to improve our overall wellness, weight loss comes as an added bonus. Today on The Dhru Purohit Podcast, Dhru talks to our good friend Dr. Rangan Chatterjee about creating a customized weight loss plan and digging into the real reasons we struggle with weight (hint: it’s not a lack of willpower). Dr. Chatterjee is regarded as one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK and wantsto change how medicine will be practiced for years to come. His mission is to help 100 million people around the globe live better lives. He hosts the most listened to health podcast in the UK and Europe, Feel Better, Live More—which regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and is listened to by over 2 million people every single month. Each of Dr. Chatterjee’s four books have been Sunday Times bestsellers including his latest, Feel Great, Lose Weight, which was just published in the US and Canada.In this episode, we dive into: -Getting off the blame game when it comes to weight loss (4:32) -Why what you eat might not be the most important thing when it comes to weight loss (24:14)-Eating behavior and stress response (29:44)-The connection between trauma and obesity (31:24)-Why we continue to eat foods that we know are sabotaging our efforts, despite our best intentions (38:06) -The Freedom Exercise to overcome cravings (43:26) -Foods that are hijacking our ability to make good decisions (49:21)-Why weight loss is not about willpower (52:51)-How food is engineered to be addictive (55:51) -How sleep impacts our eating habits (1:00:33) For more on Dr. Chatterjee you can follow him on Instagram @drchatterjee, on Facebook @drchatterjee, on Twitter @drchatterjeeuk, on YouTube @drranganchatterjee, and through his website https://drchatterjee.com/. Check out his podcast, Feel Better, Life More. Get his book, Feel Great Lose Weight: Simple Habits for Lasting and Sustainable Weight Loss at https://drchatterjee.com/feel-great-lose-weight/.For more on Dhru Purohit, be sure to follow him on Instagram @dhrupurohit, on Facebook @dhruxpurohit, on Twitter @dhrupurohit, and on YouTube @dhrupurohit. You can also text Dhru at (302) 200-5643 or click here https://my.community.com/dhrupurohit.Interested in joining Dhru’s Broken Brain Podcast Facebook Community? Submit your request to join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2819627591487473/.This episode is brought to you by Thrive Market and Birch Living.Thrive Market makes it so easy to stay stocked with healthy ingredients. Right now, Thrive is offering all my listeners an amazing deal. When you sign up for a new membership, you will receive a free gift. And, any time you spend more than $49, you’ll get free carbon-neutral shipping from one of their zero-waste warehouses. Go to thrivemarket.com/dhru to sign-up.I recently upgraded to a Birch mattress by Helix. The Birch is made right here in the US, out of 4 non-toxic, natural materials: organic latex, organic cotton, New Zealand wool, and American steel springs. If you’re looking for a new mattress, I highly recommend checking out the Birch. Right now they are giving my community $200 off all mattresses, plus 2 free eco-rest pillows. Just head over to https://birchliving.com/dhru. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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8 Apr 2021

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Happy Place

Believing that medicine is more art than science, Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s MO is understanding how lifestyle factors like upbringing, social status, stress levels, sleep, and even phone use might be affecting your physical and mental health. In this chat with Fearne, they talk through lots of practical methods that’ll help you understand and alter the way you feel. For example, the act of journaling won’t change the problem you have, but what it will change is how you interact with the problem – and that could be life changing.Thanks to the sponsors of this series of Happy Place, WeDo/. Find out more, and get your hands on lots of exclusive offers, by visiting wedoact.com/happy.Content warning: this episode includes conversations about suicide, domestic abuse, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, and depression, so please do take care while listening.In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. In Australia, the crisis support service Lifeline is on 13 11 14. Hotlines in other countries can be found here. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


5 Apr 2021

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The Secret To Losing Weight And Feeling Great with Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

The Doctor's Farmacy with Mark Hyman, M.D.

The Secret To Losing Weight And Feeling Great | This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens, Rupa Health, and Cozy EarthIf you stop to look at the real reasons you’re eating certain foods, it’s not a lack of self-control like the stigma suggests. It is a lack of other things in your life, though. Today on The Doctor’s Farmacy, Dr. Chatterjee and I break down the factors that contribute to overeating and eating nutrient-poor foods and look at the best methods for healthy and lasting weight loss. Dr. Chatterjee is regarded as one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK and wantsto change how medicine will be practiced for years to come. His mission is to help 100million people around the globe live better lives. He hosts the most listened to health podcast in the UK and Europe, Feel Better, Live More—which regularly tops the Apple Podcast charts and is listened to by over 2 million people every single month. Each of Dr. Chatterjee’s four books have been Sunday Times bestsellers including his latest, Feel Great, Lose Weight, which was just published in the US & Canada. This episode is brought to you by Athletic Greens, Rupa Health, and Cozy Earth.Athletic Greens is offering Doctor’s Farmacy listeners a full year supply of their Vitamin D3/K2 Liquid Formula free with your first purchase, plus 5 free travel packs. Just go to athleticgreens.com/hyman to take advantage of this great offer.Rupa Health is a place for Functional Medicine practitioners to access more than 2,000 specialty lab tests from over 20 labs like DUTCH, Vibrant America, Genova, Great Plains, and more. You can check out a free live demo with a Q&A or create an account at RupaHealth.com. Cozy Earth makes it super easy to try out their products with a 30-day free trial and 10-year warranty. Plus, right now they are offering my listeners a Spring cleaning, bedroom makeover offer of $100 off their sheet set. Just head over to cozyearth.com and use the code HYMAN100 at checkout.Here are more of the details from our interview: A personalized and compassionate approach to weight loss (7:39)Why do we eat? (14:54)Eliminating blame and shame around weight gain and weight loss (18:21)Examining what we are hungry for (26:30)Making your environment and home a “safe zone” (31:52)Planning your nutritional week (40:48)The cost, time, and skills needed to cook for yourself (42:33) How close are you to feeling great? (54:49)The role of exercise in weight loss (58:24)The 3 daily habits that Dr. Chatterjee recommends (1:08:12)Get Dr. Chatterjee’s new book, Feel Great, Lose Weight: Simple Habits for Lasting and Sustainable Weight Loss at https://drchatterjee.com/feel-great-lose-weight/ Learn more about Dr. Chatterjee at https://drchatterjee.com/ and follow him on Facebook @DrChatterjee, on Instagram @drchatterjee, and on Twitter @drchatterjeeuk. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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31 Mar 2021

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Simple Tools to Feel Great with Rangan Chatterjee, MD

Authentic Parenting

Do you want to make simple and sustainable lifestyle changes and cultivate lasting habits for feeling better? Dr. Rangan Chatterjee one of the most influential medical doctors in the UK is here to talk about his latest book, Feel Great Lose Weight.  Since it's the one-year anniversary of the global pandemic we also took some time to reflect on this unusual, historic and challenging year.  The 3 F’s exercise Emotional eating Surpassing scientific facts about touch How to prioritize human connections LINKS AND RESOURCES  Get Dr. Chatterjee's new book, Feel Great, Lose Weight Listen to his podcast Dr. Chatterjee's TED's talk Make Disease Disappear  READ ANNA'S ARTICLE Is The Pandemic Taking a Toll on Teens' Mental Health?  ANNOUNCEMENT!  Anna will be teaching a LIVE online class on March 31, at 7pm EST called The Why of Challenging Behaviors and The How to of Dealing with Them. Get some real tools and tested strategies so that you can get your kids to listen, cooperate without giving you a hard time.  GET YOUR TICKET TODAY >>> https://www.eventbrite.com/e/145097196621 BECOME A SUPPORTER OF THE SHOW 1. With your support we can continue the production of the podcast uninterruptedly. You can choose a level of support on Patreon.com by becoming a patron. 2. One time donations are also deeply appreciated. Give from the heart now. FULL SHOW NOTES www.authenticparenting.com/podcast ABOUT ME I help overwhelmed, frustrated parents who want to parent differently than their parents, make sense of their early childhood experiences, connect to their authentic self and their children on a deeper level, reduce stress, bring more ease, calm and joy into their lives by yelling less, and practicing non-punitive discipline. WORK WITH ME Listeners of the podcast get 10% on my coaching services.  I would be thrilled to support you in your parenting journey! Click here to get started with my Introductory (3 Sessions) Package or REAL Change Package - 6 Private Coaching Sessions-worldwide! :) Court-Ordered Parenting Classes (in person NJ, NY,and PA residents only) YOUR FEEDBACK IS VALUABLE! Do you have a comment, question, or a takeaway about this episode or the podcast in general? USA listeners call 732-763-2576 right now and leave a voicemail. International listeners use the FREE Speak Pipe tool on my website. Add your voice. It matters! Email: info@authenticparenting.com SUBMIT YOUR PARENTING QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED IN THE SHOW: Voicemail: 732-763-2576 Speak Pipe for sending audio messages Email: info@authenticparenting.com CONNECT WITH ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA Authentic Parenting on Facebook Instagram NEED PARENTING SUPPORT? Join the Authentic Parenting FREE online community Thanks for listening! With gratitude, Anna Seewald, M.Ed, M.Psy Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker, Author www.authenticparenting.com

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25 Mar 2021

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The Happy Pear Podcast

“We aren't weak. We don’t lack will power. We’re just humans trying to get by each day. The world is tough. It is difficult at the moment. We don’t need to beat ourselves up. Let’s be kind and compassionate to ourselves.”Our guest on this episode of The Happy Pear Podcast is the amazing Dr Rangan Chatterjee. Rangan is a breathtaking human. He is a physician, author, television presenter, podcaster and much more. He has also been a medical doctor for more than 20 years and is a pioneer in the emerging field of progressive medicine. Rangan is best known for his TV show ‘Doctor in the House’ and for being the resident doctor on legendary BBC One's Breakfast Show. He also writes for the Huffington Post and pens a monthly column on lifestyle medicine in Top Santé. His TV shows have been shown in more than 70 countries around the world and in 2017, he came 8th in the Pulse Power 50 list for influential GPs.Simply put, Rangan is on a mission to simplify health. He believes that health has become far too confusing and that we need to get back to basics with a 360 degree approach to health through food and lifestyle. Rangan is always so honest and passionate, and we learn something new every time we speak to him, so we’re delighted to bring this conversation to you and we really hope you enjoy it.  In this episode, Rangan takes us through: -        His childhood and how he now reflects on it -        The importance of getting out into nature -        His 4 pillars of health -        His approach to stress management -        Why journaling can be really supportive  -        His approach to and learnings from parenthood -        Dealing with cravings and changing habits -        Truly understanding your goals for long term change -        Why we need good relationships and meaningful connections -        His definition of success and his journey to understanding it -        The need to be kind to ourselves  This is a wonderful conversation - we really loved it and we hope you take as many practical and useful nuggets from it as we did as an effective gratitude tool. Big love, Dave & Steve Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.


9 Mar 2021

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#271 - Dr Rangan Chatterjee - Building A New Mindset On Success

Modern Wisdom

Dr Rangan Chatterjee is a British physician, author, television presenter and podcaster. How can we create the life where we don't just look fulfilled but genuinely are fulfilled? What does it mean to truly be successful? What use is fame if you don't like the person you see in the mirror? Expect to learn Rangan's most important daily routines, his biggest insights about personal development over the last year, what he thinks about Cosmopolitan's new campaign, how Tiger Woods' story is a warning to us all and much more... Sponsors: Get 20% discount on Reebok’s entire range including the amazing Nano X at https://geni.us/modernwisdom (use code MW20) Extra Stuff: Buy Feel Great Lose Weight - https://amzn.to/39oaNxK Check out Rangan's Website - https://drchatterjee.com/ Follow Rangan on Twitter - https://twitter.com/drchatterjeeuk Follow Rangan on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/drchatterjee Get my free Ultimate Life Hacks List to 10x your daily productivity → https://chriswillx.com/lifehacks/ To support me on Patreon (thank you): https://www.patreon.com/modernwisdom - Get in touch. Join the discussion with me and other like minded listeners in the episode comments on the MW YouTube Channel or message me... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chriswillx Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/chriswillx YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ModernWisdomPodcast Email: https://www.chriswillx.com/contact 

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18 Jan 2021

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee

How To Change The World with Alan Johnson

Alan's guest this week is the brilliant Dr Rangan Chatterjee, a man of many talents. He's a practising physician, as well as an author, television presenter and podcaster.Dr Rangan tells Alan about his new book 'Lose Weight, Feel Great', and how sleep and relaxation are just as important as diet in terms of getting healthy.


14 Jan 2021

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Dr Rangan Chatterjee | Top tips for losing weight.

The Emma Guns Show

Dr Rangan Chatterjee makes a welcome return to the podcast for a conversation about weight loss. While it’s that time of year when we’re bombarded with messaging about ‘new year, new you’ and so many prompts about going on a diet and starting a new fitness regime this episode definitely isn’t that.@drchatterjee shares his insights from nearly 20 years in GP practice and those appointments where his patients have said, ‘I just can’t seem to lose weight’. What Rangan observed is that so many people were only looking at diet and exercise when, in actual fact, there are more factors at play.Rangan supports his expertise from years in practice and scientific research with his signature approach, which is one of compassion. It’s this approach that has helped him guide patients towards their goals and now readers of his new book Feel Great, Lose Weight.In our conversation @drchatterjee and I discuss:The emotional relationship we have with our bodies, food and fitness.The controversial topic of ‘food addiction’.Why you can be trying your very best to be healthy and fall short for reasons that aren’t your fault.How to break down your health goals so they become enjoyable pursuits not another stick to beat yourself with.How to have a healthy relationship with your bathroom scales.Why how we talk to ourselves is a crucial part of our progress.How our emotional baggage and childhood experiences can influence our weight; and so much more....I am acutely aware that the subjects of weight and weight loss can be difficult ones to approach because the relationship we have with these issues tends to be an emotional one. For that reason, we are inclined to see, hear and react to discussion of these issues through that personal emotional filter. I don’t want to apologise for my content but I do want to explain; I hope it’s evident I have no intention, when creating any episode of the podcast, to upset, alienate, offend or shame. As much as I’m mindful of this and have wrestled with whether it’s appropriate to create content on weight loss or not, I’ve decided it’s important to have this conversation for the benefit of the person it may help rather than not create it for the person it may potentially offend.To join the closed Facebook group for the podcast click here >> The Emma Guns Show Forum.To follow me on social media >> Twitter | Instagram. Get bonus content on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

1hr 28mins

3 Jan 2021