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124: Trusting God As We Follow God-Sized Dreams with Rachel Swanson

The Vibrant Christian Living Podcast with Alicia Michelle

Has God asked you to step out in faith to pursue God-sized dreams or a life calling that feels scary and overwhelming? Even if we have a strong relationship with God, all kinds of negative thoughts and fear can arise when we step into a new season of trusting God with our life calling and big dreams.  Today my guest Rachel Swanson and I are talking about listening to God when He calls us to pursue a God-sized dream, specifically how to stay strong and have courage to follow your dreams as you walk by faith and manage the negative emotions and fear that comes when we step out in faith. If you’re needing encouragement that God will walk with you and give you courage as you trust Him with your dreams, then today’s episode will really speak to your heart! FREE RESOURCE: Get the Free "How to Manage Your Thoughts" 4-Part Training + Worksheets Need help overcoming negative thought patterns--from a biblical perspective?If you're tired of negative thoughts controlling your mind, then you need to download the FREE 4- Part Training called "How to Manage Your Thoughts".Plus you'll be on the interest list to join the next round of the Christian Mindset Makeover™--the 9-week boot camp for Christian women to overcome negative thoughts using proven scientific and biblical mindset tools for more joy, clarity and confidence!There is hope. You don't have to be stuck in a spiral of negative thinking! Grab this free training (which includes 4 next step worksheets to help you practice!) on how to manage your thoughts now.


26 Jul 2021

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Pursuing Purpose: An Interview with Rachel Swanson :: [Episode 38]

Thrive: Mental Health and the Art of Living Free

Today on the show, I am talking with Rachel Swanson.  Rachel C. Swanson is a best-selling author, national speaker, podcaster, and accredited life coach. She’s passionate about refining away the barriers that are holding others back and restoring their hearts and minds back to God’s truth. Married for thirteen years to her husband Jeff, they recently relocated their tribe of “Wannabe Triplets” from the bustling sprawl of Southern California to the rural hills of Southern Idaho. We are talking about: Her book, Refine and Restore: Revive Your Heart and Release Your Purpose We discuss the definition of purpose We explore the impact of pursuing purpose and your mental health How lies keep us from pursuing our purpose Why journaling is so helpful Listen now: Click here to listen on Apple Podcasts Click here to listen on Spotify  Click here to listen on Stitcher      Hope you loved this episode! Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and slap some 5 stars on a review! :) Have a great week! Melissa


20 Nov 2020

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"5 Minutes With" Rachel Swanson from Method+Mode

BluHorn Radio

Each week on "5 Minutes With," our host Mike White talks to experts in the marketing industry. Today he sits down with Rachel Swanson from Method+Mode.Method + Mode is a boutique market research & strategy firm that leverages proprietary insights, market intelligence, and analytics to identify brand growth opportunities. They specialize in custom insights tailored specifically to help entrepreneurs & execs make business decisions.Company: Method + ModeWebsite Address: https://methodandmode.coInterviewee: Rachel Swanson


6 May 2020

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Make the Data Come Alive: Vision 2020 Retrospective feat. Rachel Swanson, Founder of Method + Mode

Future Commerce Podcast: eCommerce, DTC and Retail Strategy

Main Takeaways: Phillip and Brian are joined today by research guru, Rachel Swanson, founder of Method + Mode which gives bespoke insights for brand growth. First, Brain and Phillip give a COVID-19 update. The trio review Rachel’s work on Future Commerce’s Vision 2020 Report and reflect on the process of the research and give their own insights to the findings. Rachel makes data come alive and creates a story from the data she gathers. The three discuss the cyclical nature of retail and how DTC brands are evolving and how they think brands will continue to evolve in the future. And they throw in a few hot takes, just for the fun of it. COVID-19 Update from Future Commerce We were off message with our episode last week when we published our episode talking about Ingrid speaking at Shoptalk 2020 which then got canceled. Brian lives in the Seattle area. There are no gatherings of more than 250 people allowed, even with religious gatherings. Businesses in the Seattle areas are struggling with the lack of interaction. An interesting statistic, a lot of DTC toilet paper companies are having a very high amount of traffic on their sites. Who Gives a Crap, Bippy, and No. 2 are all out of stock. There’s an interesting development in how technology can aid in this environment. We’ve seen a big step up in corporate responsibility in response to the virus. We’re no longer a manufacturing-driven economy, we’re a services-driven economy and the service industry’s suffering will impact the entire global economy. Storefronts selling services JUST overtook storefronts selling goods, which makes the impact of COVID-19 even more unfortunate. What is Method + Mode? Rachel is a market researcher & brand strategist, focusing on leveraging custom research to inform business executives and decisions. Rachel has a heavy background in media, fashion, and beauty. Method + Mode creates a custom research plan to help their clients get the research they need. Bespoke insights for brand growth. Making the Data Come Alive Originally, Future Commerce worked with Method + Mode to do some audience research Most recently, Rachel worked with Future Commerce on our Vision 2020 Report. Rachel doesn’t do academic research. She works with existing hypotheses, business objectives, and consumer reality. The key is to triangulate the three into succinct research that services the objectives of the business. Rachel’s approach is to lay a foundation towards the hypotheses and then to validate or disprove those hypotheses. Asking non-binary questions in a way that requires a response is a great way to get a sense of broader themes. More people have a better understanding of why they won’t do something, rather than why the will do something, so Rachel often asks why people won’t do something in creating her surveys. Writing a good survey is a skill that requires a lot of practice. Gaining Insights from your Data In your surveys, you always want to throw in some issues that will help disprove some of your biases. Rachel includes multiple ways of exploring important objectives to create consistency in answers. When understanding benchmarks, the Vision 2020 report wanted to go as broad as possible. Hot Takes on Amazon Amazon is not a retailer anymore, it’s a utility. We’ve crossed into a threshold where the consumer isn’t fully cognizant of where they’re receiving their content from. Phillip calls this “Primenesia” This Amazon utility is enabling a lifestyle that is impossible to match by other retailers and content providers at the same level. Apple is attempting to step into the content space now. Rachel compares Amazon’s structure and function to almost being like a Verizon now. Brian’s gut instinct was to check a knife set he found at Macy’s on Amazon. He bought the set from Amazon, even though it was the same price. Why? He knew what to expect, and could easily purchase it from Amazon. Back to content, Amazon makes it so simple to stream content through the prime video app. At this point, they’re controlling the content. On the Vision 2020 report, the number 3 cited reason for having Amazon Prime was for video content. In 20 months, Prime added 35% to Prime Membership by going global with Prime. Sustainability is coming to the forefront of consumer consciousness, and there might be a growing distaste for how Amazon operates. Brian thinks that although Amazon is the Verizon of the world, there’s going to be a T-Mobile. Brian would rather pick Amazon than Target, but someday, he might pick say, a Walmart. Enough About Amazon… The Broader eCommerce Landscape Retail is cyclical. We’re starting to see a swing back to brick & mortar shops. Rachel thinks DTC as a mechanism is great branding, but there’s always been DTC. Example, the Sears catalog. Social media has helped DTC brands tremendously. Globalization has helped the ability for DTC, fueled by social to grow Showfields is basically a department store. Could Barney’s have saved themselves if they had been more futuristic and partnered with emerging brands on social? DTC is giving female founders a good opportunity. If you equate DTC with a local shop, a lot of them are actually owned by women. For example, florists, beauty shops, gift shops, boutiques, etc. Women do the majority of purchasing, therefore have more of the purchasing power. There’s a connection and tactile component of retail that people said would go away but it never has, it’s just morphed. Is DTC a misnomer? DTC is a way of starting but it’s doubtful the successful brands will stay purely digital forever. How Accurate Was Our Survey? Phillip asks Rachel if we were off the mark compared to Retail Dive’s research that says 40% of consumers have shopped DTC, whereas ours only said 30%. Rachel responds that she was encouraged by their reportings. She doesn’t know their methodology, but their methods and definitions and sampling could be different than ours. Ultimately, we were on target with another national poll that Rachel compared our insights to. Phillip reiterates that we’re #MoreThanAPodcast. We want to be more open and transparent about how we make predictions and give insights. Hot Takes Lightning Round Rachel: Sustainability is such a “catch-all” phrase. It sounds great in theory but there’s too many forms of sustainability. We need a clarification of what that actually means for the brand. There’s still a big chasm between those who are thrifting for need and those who are thrifting for presentation. Brian: Sustainability is not convenient. Nordstrom is creating credibility by creating a resale market, called See You Tomorrow. Find Rachel at Methodandmode.co Brands Mentioned in this Episode: Who Gives a Crap Bippy No. 2 Amazon Apple Verizon Macy’s T-Mobile Target Walmart Sears Showfields Barney’s Wraby Parker Sephora Ulta Glossier Rodan + Fields Retail Dive 2PM Nordstrom As always: We want to hear what our listeners think! What are your thoughts on the shift towards profitability for direct to consumer brands? Let us know in the content section on Futurecommerce.fm, or reach out to us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Linkedin. Have any questions or comments about the show? You can reach out to us at hello@futurecommerce.fm or any of our social channels; we love hearing from our listeners!

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13 Mar 2020

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Rachel Swanson Episode 10 Career/Workplace Anxiety

Life On Purpose Podcast with Amy Debrucque

Rachel shares how her anxiety from trying to balance motherhood while keeping herself refreshed and restored in God's word, led her to the creation of the national best-selling book, The Big and Little Coloring Devotional.


6 Mar 2020

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#054 Refine And Restore With Rachel Swanson

The Jill Monaco Show: Conversations that inspire you to love well

The post #054 Refine And Restore With Rachel Swanson appeared first on Jill Monaco | Christian Speaker, Author, Life Coach.


19 Feb 2020

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#143: Finding Harmony as a Wife, Mom, and Entrepreneur with Rachel Swanson

Famous at Home

Women feel the strain of being famous at home in unique ways. The desire to be a mother to our children can often conflict with our passion for work and the stage we believe God is calling us to. Not only that, the stage God has called you to may very well be your home. Yet, you feel the pressure to have a stage beyond it. Or perhaps you have to work and wish so much you could stay at home, and the added pressure of not being there leaves you feeling less than famous. Rachel Swanson is a dear friend of ours, but even more, she is a best-selling and multiple award-winning author, inspirational speaker, and accredited Christian life coach. She joins us this week for a heart to heart conversation about her pull to be an entrepreneur while raising "wannabe triplets," and how her journey led her to being a dental hygienist for a season, a stay-at-home mom for a season, and even the primary breadwinner for a season. Her secret to managing it all? Finding harmony.But how does Rachel "find" harmony? That's what this episode is all about. Here are a few highlights:The struggles of being a stay-at-home mom versus full time work, versus part-time both work and motherhoodHow to find your own unique calling apart from the expectations of othersPractical ways to connect with God throughout the day even while taking care of kids and workingHow saying "yes" to God usually brings about the most hardship and joy all at the same timeHow to step into the "only God" story waiting just for youLiving in such a way that our souls can breathe againShow Notes:To purchase Rachel's new book, Refine and Restore: Revive Your Heart, Release Your Purpose, click here.To purchase or check out Your Family Purpose: A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing Your Family Vision and Values, click here!To purchase Rachel's award-winning book, Big and Little Coloring Devotional, click here.To follow Rachel on Instagram, click here.To learn more about Rachel's coaching and speaking, click here.


22 Jan 2020

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Author Rachel Swanson on Refining Our Relationships


Rachel Swanson of “Refine & Restore” talks about refining our relationships with our friends, our spouses, and our bodies.


19 Dec 2019

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Ep. 18 - Rachel Swanson talks consumerism

The Talking Company

This week we're throwing it back with an interview we did back in the summer! Rachel comes on and we had an awesome conversation about consumerism and why she only she shops at thrift stores. Special guest, Rachel's brother Cam comes on later and he tells us a story + shares information about being in a band + more!


3 Dec 2019

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Episode #35: Rachel Swanson

Thinking Like A Boss Podcast

Rachel is a dental hygienist turned best-selling and multiple award-winning author, inspirational speaker, podcaster, and accredited life coach. She inspires women to refine the areas holding them back and restore their heart and mind back to what is true. She's twelve years in love with her husband who is a complete opposite, mom to "Wannabe Triplets," and while most of the house is disheveled, as long as her kitchen counters are clean, life is good. In today’s episode, Rachel shares the TOP limiting belief she’s faced in her business “fear of failure and rejection by others.” We discuss how she realized that she could actually succeed by not needing to do what everyone said she should do. Join us in this conversation because you are not alone and it is okay to feel like “this” and seek help!   In this Episode: It’s okay to do it messy and imperfectly You don’t have to be at XYZ to start and help others The feeling of gratitude when things come to fruition after the hardships Creating a life with purpose Take that little risk, it could impact you in ways you couldn’t imagine Words of Wisdom: -- “When you feel God putting something on your heart that feels scary, go and do it” -- “If you live behind the fear you will never know what could be” -- “What’s on the other side of fear is unlimited” Connect with Rachel! Instagram Facebook Website   Connect with Kate! InstagramFacebook Twitter The Confident Ladies Club


20 May 2019