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Charles Clark: When You Put Other People First and Put Yourself Second, You Can Still Win!

Rebirth With J.R. Martinez

By the age of 22, Charles Clark was a 3 time National Champion, 10 times All American, and placed as the 6th fastest man in the world at IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany. He was living his dream and was one year away from inking his first shoe deal as a track and field superstar. On the outside, he was thriving, but his inner champion was barely pounding the surface. He could not find the joy, the gratefulness, within the work he was doing because he felt like he was not good enough. Charles shares his journey from being ungrateful to blessed for every opportunity that has come his way; good or bad. Key Takeaways Charles was the 6th fastest man in the world.  You can have a God-given talent, but nothing comes naturally. You have to work hard to sustain it, develop it, and refine it.  Charles sustained a hamstring injury that could have prevented him from competing. This is how he decided to overcome it.  Charles was doing everything right, but he still couldn’t be grateful for what he had. This time, Charles found himself with another injury, and it was so bad that it ended his career. He was depressed, but he realized he had to change his mindset. How does Charles define purpose? When you put other people first and put yourself second, you can still win! By doing a speech at 24 years old, telling people his story, a girl came up to him and told Charles he saved her life. When did Charles realize that he should retire from track and field? The measure of your character is the true measure of your success. Charles wants people to overcome adversity. Adversity is a horrible thing to waste. Hardship might set you back but it's the very thing that will catapult you forward. It’s all about the process. If you don't go through the hard times, you can’t get built by it. Before Charles signed up for track and field, how did he discover he had this special talent? Focus on the small victories, gain confidence, and then own who you are. Continue On Your Journey Thecharlesclark.com Charles on Instagram Charles on Facebook Charles on YouTube JRmartinez.com J.R. on Instagram J.R. on Facebook J.R. on Twitter J.R. Youtube Channel Did you enjoy today’s episode? If so, please head over to iTunes and leave a review. Help others discover the REBIRTH podcast so they, too, can be inspired and motivated by the stories shared in these episodes.


15 Apr 2021

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Ep 172: Charles Clark - True Ownership

The Gospel of Fire

Charles’ real and empowering presentations impact tens of thousands each year. With a personal message, energetic delivery, and his experience as one of the fastest men in the world, Charles will guide you on a SELF-HELP journey to find clarity, master habits, and channel the confidence to thrive. Charles Clark, the creator of the Thrive Planner and the Thrive Tribe Podcast, is an expert in personal transformation. After he became the 6th fastest man in the world, a devastating injury left him searching for his identity. Charles developed techniques that brought clarity to his life’s purpose while establishing massive confidence.


25 Feb 2021

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Clarksville Academy head coach Charles Clark; Beech, Kenwood, JPII, Northwest named POW

Full Court Press

Episode 9 of the Full Court Press podcast features Clarksville Academy girls head coach Charles Clark. Brady and Zach also hand out Players of the Week Awards to Beech, Kenwood, JPII and Northwest and much more! 


9 Feb 2021

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You Have To Answer The Call feat Charles Clark

Barrenness to Breakthrough

I am so excited for you to enjoy this conversation I had with motivational speaker Charles Clark. We talk about his journey, his mindset and the pieces that so many people need to build their masterpiece. Get Ready for this motivational conversation!Charles Clark is a motivational speaker and the creator of the Thrive Planner. Before becoming an international speaker, Charles was one of the fastest men in the world. He is a 3x NCAA National Championship and USA Track and Field Championships silver medalist. Now, as a mindset expert, Charles shows athletes, entrepreneurs, and companies how to win in life. Today, Charles Clark teaches people how to use adversity to build greater strength, success, and fulfillment.Connect with Charles Follow Charles on Instagram Purchase "Thrive Planner" Productivity Journal


8 Feb 2021

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(S.3 E.5) How To Find True Freedom Through Ownership & Forgiveness Feat. Charles Clark

SelfishBabe Selfish Talk Podcast

Hi Boo!! Today I sat down and spoke with Charles Clark, apparently we went to the same college Florida State University lol. He is our FIRST EVER MALE guest. He is the creator of the Thrive Planner and the Thrive Tribe Podcast, is an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating, and goal setting. After he became the 6th fastest man in the world, a devastating injury left him searching for his identity. Charles developed techniques that brought clarity to his life’s purpose while establishing massive confidence. In this episode, we talk about forgiveness, ownership, and how you can use both to experience true freedom in your life. In the end, we talk some juicy relationship stuff lol.Follow Charles Clark @TheCharlesClarkVisit His Website:  https://www.thecharlesclark.com/--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/selfishbabe-selfishtalk/messageSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/selfishbabe-selfishtalk/support


1 Dec 2020

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Learn to Thrive Instead of Survive with Charles Clark

The Fit in Faith Podcast

The concept of thrive probably means something different to everyone. What is that thriving state to you? Does the word flow mean more? Does it make sense? But I feel like flow is missing this energy, this incredible electric opportunity, this purposed calling, and each and every one of us are intended to thrive. It's actually a part of our DNA. So says today's conversationalist, Charles Clark. He is somebody that I can't wait to introduce you to that I know is just going to create impact in your own life and really reveal this unique calling within you to thrive. And we each are gifted that and at the end of this year of 2020 to close out in this way just speaks volumes for God, because ultimately I couldn't plan this. I had no idea that we were going to do this podcast when we did. And it's just really refreshing to know that in the opportunity of thriving, which Charles has a Thrive Planner that he's created. He's about to launch his Thrive Journal. He has The Thrive Tribe podcast. He offers Thrive Conferences and retreats and all things "thrive." You have to unpack what that means and understand that when he comes to speak, he comes with fury. And that fury is the fire within him based on the knowing of who created him and you, too, have this beautiful opportunity to do it, to live life on purpose and just ultimately establish confidence in that space so you can activate every single day.Guest BioCharles Clark, the creator of the Thrive Planner and the Thrive Tribe Podcast, is an expert in habit improvement, discovering purpose, vision creating and goal setting. After he became the 6th fastest man in the world, a devastating injury left him searching for his identity. Charles developed techniques that brought clarity to his life’s purpose while establishing massive confidence.  Where to find him: https://www.thecharlesclark.com/ https://www.facebook.com/charlesclark20 http://www.instagram.com/theCharlesClark  Connect with me, Tamra Andress - The Fit in Faith Podcast Host!I’d love to get to know you. Website Free Community Network Facebook Instagram


19 Nov 2020

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Charles Clark - Sunday Evening (5 PM), June 21, 2020

First Baptist Church of Hammond

Charles Clark - Sunday Evening (5 PM), June 21, 2020 by First Baptist Church of Hammond


5 Nov 2020

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Ep 136 Overcomer: 6th Fastest Man Alive Finds True Identity ft. Charles Clark

Strong By Design Podcast

Overcomer: a person who overcomes something : one who succeeds in dealing with or gaining control of some problem or difficulty. Merriam-Webster Charles Clark, a 10-Time All American and 3-Time National Champion by the age of 22. Considered the 6th fastest man in the world at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin, Germany, Charles was living the dream on the outside. A thriving, highly successful athlete on the exterior but on the inside, he was “barely pounding the surface.” After a 99% tear of his right quad muscle, his days of World Class sprinting were over instantly. It was time for Charles to go in a new direction. This new direction has created more opportunity and breakthroughs than he could have possibly imagined. Now a highly sought-after speaker, coach and entrepreneur, Charles’ impact in the world has transcended anything he ever did on the track. Coach Chris interviews Charles Clark on this episode of Strong By Design. "Who you are in failure is not what's going to make you a different person, but it's what's going to expose the person you are." -Charles Clark Time Stamps 0:24 – Welcoming today’s guest on ‘Strong By Design’ podcast 2:53 – Charles Clark shares his life’s story 6:25 – The power of surrounding yourself with the right people 13:45 – Charles Clark on rebounding from career setbacks 20:51 – Why everything happens for a reason 24:10 – What it means to serve God by serving others 31:10 – The ‘Thrive Tribe’ podcast with Charles Clark 33:13 – Why you should never stop learning 35:00 – Charles Clark shares what’s next for him, future plans 43:12 – The value of taking ownership in your life 45:48 – Where you can go to connect with Charles Clark Resources The Charles Clark Connect w/ Charles: YouTube Instagram Facebook Connect w/ CriticalBench:  Youtube Facebook Instagram CriticalBench.com YouAreStrongByDesign.com


4 Nov 2020

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Change your mindset, change your life w. Charles Clark, sprinter turned speaker (side effects may include serious motivation)

ALL IN with Natalie Allport

This episode is guaranteed to leave you feeling motivated! This conversation was definitely in my top 3 of the year, and I think you may agree! Charles is an incredible speaker who was once the 6th fastest man on Earth until a 99% tear of his quad sent him packing his bags to move back home to live with his mom, unsure of what life would look like next. He went from feeling like he went from the top of the world to the bottom, to reframing that perspective and starting to share his story and help others through that journey. As Charles became more vulnerable in sharing his story, others began to open themselves up to him as well, and he has now spoke on several stages, founded Thrive events, and created the Thrive planner! Links: http://thecharlesclark.com/willstatements If you liked this episode, please take a screenshot of this episode and tag me - @natalieallport in your stories and I’ll share your comments in my story so we can start a conversation! Leaving a review help this podcast grow, if you can spare a minute please leave a review on iTunes (or Google Play, Anchor, Spotify, etc). _____________________________________________ Say hi to Natalie on social media: Facebook: http://facebook.com/93nat Instagram: http://instagram.com/natalieallport Twitter: http://twitter.com/natalieallport YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/natalieallport?sub_confirmation=1 www.natalieallport.com Podcast supported by 93agency.com _____________________________________________ Natalie Allport is a former national team snowboarder, athlete, and lifelong entrepreneur. She runs a digital #marketing agency, 93 Agency and is passionate about helping athletes and entrepreneurs achieve success in sport and business in the same way she strives to. She hosts the podcast 'ALL IN', featuring mindset, motivation, athletic, business and lifestyle optimization content. Natalie has been featured by several notable media outlets, including the Globe and Mail, on her athletic, educational, and entrepreneurial pursuits. _____________________________________________ ABOUT THE ALL IN PODCAST: Whether you’re an #athlete, #entrepreneur, or high-performer, ALL IN is a podcast and platform sharing high-performance tips on mindset, wellness, and life, as well as interviewing top athletes, entrepreneurs, and high-performers, all with the goal of inspiring motivated individuals to take action in their own lives and go ALL IN on creating the life they deserve.


21 Aug 2020

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Faith, Focus, and Financial Freedom with Charles Clark

The Investing Tutor Podcast

Conversation with Dr. Hans


19 Jun 2020