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54. CALU Clinical Files with Zak Gabor and Shelbie Miller

The Level Up Podcast

Join us for the second installment of the CALU Clinical Files! Today, Zak walks you through his line of reasoning and thought process for how he managed this case! Case Study Context: Pt is a later 20 year old, F, works in Television (currently work from home). She reports that 1.5-2 years ago, she had a goal of running and marathon and had a major uptick in her running volume, and participated in roughly 9 races (avg distance of 5k). Pt reports that towards the tail end of her running, she began to get R knee pain which was dx as ITB syndrome. She received PT in NYC and had some resolution over a few months, but then had an onset of R sided lateral hip pain, which was originally dx as R GT bursitis. She had been receiving virtual PT at this point, but reports it was largely ineffective for her sx. She did end up getting imaging which reveals R labral tear, but was able to rule out potential boney stress injuries. Currently, she is c/o R sided lateral hip and groin pain that is worsened by prolonged sitting, squatting, running, and walking. Pt is frustrated by her lack of progress with non-operative management and is considering surgical repair of her R labrum. Pt does reports that the past year has been extremely stressful as she has been dealing with three other undisclosed health issues that are now resolved. Pain 4/10, Achey, sharp, R lateral hip and groin, acute on chronic for past 1.5 years. Podcast team: @weswax and @jasmine_dragon831 ____________ Want to get involved in our community? Here are two incredible (and free) opportunities!    CALU Community FB Group Four Month Mentorship   And if you have not yet, lock in your spot for the best con ed event of the year!  calusummit.com


2 Jul 2021

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Ep. 18: Changing the Healthcare Landscape with Communication and Critical Thinking (Dr. Zak Gabor)

The Greatest Physical Therapists: Their Past Our Future

Dr. Zak Gabor is a 2015 graduate from Ithaca College where he earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. Zak is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)  While in school, Zak was able to both serve as a Teaching Assistant for multiple courses, as well as personal trainer at the Ithaca College Fitness Center, both of which had a formative impact on his clinical philosophy rooted in the importance of strong educational skills and a strong foundation of resistance training.When not in clinic, Zak has strived to make an impact on the profession of Physical Therapy and standard of MSK care beyond just our clinic. Founded in 2018, The The Level Up Initiative is a free online platform that has provided over 2,000 MSK providers and students mentorship and education surrounding strong critical thinking skills and communication skills in order to elevate the standard of our profession.In this episode we discuss:-Balancing working as a clinician and elevating the field of PT through Zak’s business: The Level Up Initiative.- How Zak realized his vision for Level Up- Zak’s three most influential books: 1."Being Wrong" – Kathryn Schultz 2."Afflicted" - Nicole Piemonte 3."Originals" – Adam Grant- What Zak would tell his younger self- The skills you should be  learning if you want to be a changemaker- How we should communicate better with our patients about their diagnosesConnect with Zak and or Level Up on IG: @ZakGabor.DPT @TheLevelUpInitiativeAs always, be sure to let us know through Instagram what you guys thought of the show!Show: @theirpast_ourfuture_podcastEthan: @Mr.KinesiologyJoey: @Jstew.the.spt. Defining podcast for Zak: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-school-of-greatness/id596047499?i=1000440881132


15 Jun 2021

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51. CALU Clinical Files with Shelbie Miller and Zak Gabor

The Level Up Podcast

Looking for more clinical education? Welcome to CALU Clinical Files: Level Up Edition. Today, Shelbie Miller will be walking us through her thought process on a challenging clinical presentation of a mother and fitness instructor who suffered a complex set of injuries and trauma following a motor vehicle accident. Case Description: A 36 year-old female fitness instructor sustained right arm weakness, pain, numbness, and color changes during a motor vehicle accident. She was in the car with her children and admits to having nightmares and anxiety every night since the accident. This patient presented to PT 1 month later with a guarded arm, gross arm weakness that did not follow a specific pattern, significant grip weakness, lateral hand numbness and admitted to a syncope episode after the accident. She has difficulty with all ADLs and hopes to return to teaching barre and cycling classes. Tune in to hear how to navigate a complex case by addressing the psychosocial factors at play as well as the exercise progression used to return this patient back to fitness instructing! Let us know what ya think and if you have any questions on the clinical reasoning/management, shoot us a message! ____________ Want to get involved in our community? Here are two incredible (and free) opportunities!  CALU Community FB Group Four Month Mentorship


4 Jun 2021

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Ep. 13 - Dr. Zak Gabor - 1 Weird Trick For Saving The World!

Golden Nuggets

Dr. Joe is joined by Dr. Zak Gabor, one of the founders of The Level Up Initiative as well as CALU which are one in the same regarding platforms bent on trying to make positive change in the rehab career field, focusing on growth mindset, critical thinking and communication skills. All for Free.99! Zak and I chat about things like how to interact with people/clinicians we disagree with, the "new wave" of clinicians being churned out of school and how to implement a pyramid scheme of positive change! Follow Dr. Zak at the following!Instagram: @thelevelupinitiative, @zakgabor.dptFacebook: The CALU Community Interwebz: The Level Up Initiative Follow the link below and enter you name and email to receive information on the mentorship!Across the ContinuumInstagram:@dr.joe.dpt@the_movement_drFacebook:Training Through PainWODprepAdditional resources:Pain and Injury Consults


14 May 2021

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Level Up with Zak Gabor, DPT

ARME Radio

In this episode, we sit down with Zak Gabor, founder of the Level Up Initiative and a physiotherapist at Boston PT and wellness. Level up is an online platform dedicated to driving positive change into healthcare through mentorship of students and new graduates in musculoskeletal healthcare professions. The mentorship program is centered around four main components which include developing a growth mindset, critical thinking, listening skills and working on communication, not only just with patients, but with colleagues and other professionals. As you’ll see through the discussion, Zak realized pretty early on in his career that the clinical experience is not as black and white as presented through conventional streams of education. As many of our faithful listeners know, we present things differently at ARME, and try to promote critical thinking and present up to date information rooted in the best available literature. Level Up, has been doing similar work for a number of years now, but also offer a free mentorship program, where students and new graduates can surround themselves with other keen individuals and develop a better mind set and soft skills as clinicians.  Zak touches on a number of topics in the following minutes, including his path and why he started Level Up, where he thinks education could improve for the next generation of therapist, some examples of early mistakes, and how he would reframe these circumstances, and the importance of putting together a cohesive team. We also end the show on an optimistic note, talking about how many up and coming individuals and groups are pushing critical thinking and evidence-based content to forefront of social media. Level Up: https://www.thelevelupinitiative.com/ Registration: https://thelevelupinitiative.mykajabi.com/mentee-signup Level Up Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thelevelupinitiative/ Zak Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zakgabor.dpt/  Visit us at www.thearme.ca for more resources and information!


10 May 2021

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EP27: Crossing Educational Chasms (Ft Zak Gabor)

Into The Red Zone

Today we welcomed Zac Gabor to the RED ZONE. Zac is a physical therapist at Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness as well as the president of The Level Up Initiative. An organization dedicated to ongoing education for exercise professionals with a focus on bridging the gap between university and practice. Today we asked Zak :1. What was your experience going from university to practice? (we can all give our perspectives here). 2. What memorable inflection points have you had through your professional development?3. How do we bridge the gap between evidence-based and its practical application. 4. How do we better prepare clinicians for the physical, emotional, and phycological toll of being a clinician. 5. What advice would you give clinicians who want to continue to grow as clinical practice evolves. The Level Up Initisitive has great clinical resources so look them up to learn more!


21 Feb 2021

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Episode 75: The CALU Community: The merger that dreams are made of – with Zak Gabor and Steph Allen

ClinicalAthlete Podcast

Big things are happening!! By now you’ve probably heard about Clinical Athlete and Level Up coming together to create one amazing community of passionate clinicians and coaches. If you haven’t heard, you’re in for a treat!  On this episode, Zak Gabor and Steph Allen come on the show to discuss with Quinn how and why … Continue reading Episode 75: The CALU Community: The merger that dreams are made of – with Zak Gabor and Steph Allen →


10 Jan 2021

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EP65 | Leading the Profession w/ CALU Summit founders Quinn Henoch and Zak Gabor

Missing Variable Podcast

Today we're joined by Quinn Henoch of Clinical Athlete and podcast regular, Zak Gabor of Level Up Initiative. These two have demonstrated themselves as leaders in our profession and we're happy to have them join us to talk about just that! This concludes our series of the CALU Summit speakers and organizers. We hope to see you all there tomorrow!If you enjoyed this episode, please consider:1) Subscribing to the show2) Dropping a review on iTunes3) Sharing the episode on social media or with a friend and tag us!Thank you for your support and feedback, it helps us get better and continue to provide you with quality content to becoming the best clinician you can be. Where you can find Quinn and ZakIG: @clinicalathlete, @thelevelupinitiative, @quinn.henochdpt @zakgabor.dptWebsite: Clinical Athlete , Level Up Initiative Connect with usPodcast IG: @missingvariablepodMatt IG: @mattmc_dptZach IG: @zachwagnerdptEmail: missingvariablepodcast@gmail.com


17 Sep 2020

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RTL26- LevelUp with Dr. Zak Gabor

The Resilient Training Lab Podcast

This week Paul and Ryan are joined by Dr. Zak Gabor to discuss the similarities between the strength training and rehab worlds. Zak co-founded the Level Up Initiative, an organization that provides continuing education for clinicians. RTL's own Dr. Eric Lagoy gets a shoutout for his upcoming talk on low back pain at the Clinical Athlete and Level Up's CALu Summit from 9/18/2020-9/20/2020. @thelevelupinitiative@zakgabor.dpt@paul_resilient@ryan_resilient@resilienttraininglabwww.resilienttraininglab.com


16 Sep 2020

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Zak Gabor: Create A Movement To Change An Industry

Better Coaching

Zak Gabor is a practicing Physical Therapist out of Boston PT & Wellness, as well as the co-founder of The Level Up Initiative, an online educational platform dedicated to raising the bar in healthcare. Zak is passionate about fighting for reform in DPT education surrounding exposure to BioPsychoSocially informed rehab, as well as improved exercise and coaching knowledge.What We Talked About:Zak's journey as a Physical Therapist, and the experiences that drove him to create The Level Up Initiative.What The Level Up Initiative is, and how it's already started to change the industry.How Zak has changed his approach to trying to raise the bar in physical therapy - from cynical and abrasive to value-focused and creating a movement.Why The Level Up Initiative has been so successful in getting people from a diverse range of backgrounds and approaches to join their movement.The importance of keeping The Level Up Initiative completely free as a means to maximize impact.Get In Touch With Zak:Follow Zak on InstagramFollow The Level Up Initiative On InstagramJoin the Clinical Athlete / The Level Up Initiative Virtual SummitJoin The Level Up Initiative


9 Sep 2020