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Attachment Styles with Aida Manduley - Ep 130

American Sex Podcast

On episode 130 of American Sex Podcast, Aida Manduley introduces us to attachment theory and explains how it impacts our daily lives. It turns out the way we connect in adult relationships is influenced by how we related to our caregivers as kids. Find out which best describes you--secure, anxious, avoidant, fearful? Aida also adapts attachment theory to polyamorous relationships, tells us how attachment styles affect the way we express ourselves sexually, how they impact our relationships in quarantine, and how BDSM roleplay can be used to explore our styles. Aida also gives us specific exercises we can do to help us relate to our partners better and overcome obstacles influenced by our attachment styles.  Submit your BDSM & sex advice questions by email to americansexpodcast@gmail.com To support American Sex podcast, please visit patreon.com/americansex (plus you’ll get all episodes early, secret episodes, bonus stories from guests, on-air shout-outs, stuff in the mail & more!) Get friendly with us on Twitter at @AmericanSexPod or visit sunnymegatron.com or americansexpodcast.com Join our mailing list by visiting http://sunnymegatron.com/newsletter  Sunny & Ken, xo! ______ Episode 130 Links Aida Manduley Website www.aidamanduley.com Aida Manduley Twitter neuronbomb Aida Manduley Instagram @aidamanduley Aida Manduley Facebook http://bit.ly/FBaida Therapy practice bit.ly/TMPaida2 American Sex Podcast Discord Community http://bit.ly/discordasp Sex with Sunny Megatron TV Show Viewing parties https://www.patreon.com/posts/36334854 Prostate Play for Beginners Saturday 6/6 from Sugar Baltimore https://www.sugartheshop.com/prostate-milking-for-beginners.html Long Distance Kink & Cybersex from Sugar Baltimore Thursday, June 11 https://www.sugartheshop.com/long-distance-kink-cybersex.html American Sex Podcast subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/americansexpodcast Wednesday night free American Sex Podcast live stream http://bit.ly/sunnygetvokl  Episode 130 Sponsor, Affiliate & Giveaway Info  Get 20% off + free shipping at Manscaped.com with code SUNNY http://manscaped.com YNOT Mail - The only sexual health & adult industry friendly email service http://bit.ly/sunnyynot 10% off American Sex Podcast & Sunny Megatron merch with code SUNNY (t-shirts, mugs, phone cases & more) http://bit.ly/sunnyshirts Sunny & Ken’s classes on Kink Academy http://bit.ly/kinkacademyelectric  & http://bit.ly/kinkacademyhumiliation 15% off your order at Lovehoney when you use this link http://bit.ly/lovehoney15 (This link can be a little wonky and does not keep tracking cookies. If the discount does not show up in your cart (or disappears after you shop around on the site), access the site with that link again. Your items will still be in your cart & the discount will appear) 15% off everything at Lelo.com with code SUNNY 10% off everything (with minor restrictions) online from woman-owned, feminist, trans & queer-friendly Early To Bed http://bit.ly/sunnyetb with code SUNNY 10% off everything from Fun Factory using this link http://bit.ly/sunnyfunfactory and the code SUNNY at checkout At least 25% off BDSM gear & sex toys with Stockroom’s daily deal (there’s a new product each day!) https://www.stockroom.com/dailydeal/?acc=7c590f01490190db0ed02a5070e20f01 15% off most items from Stockroom http://bit.ly/sunnystockroom with code SUNNY

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25 May 2020

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Mutual Aid & Generating Care with Aida Manduley

Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

Mutual Aid is an ethos of care that has risen out of multiple communities – including the disability rights movement & immigrant communities- that invites us to consider our interconnected webs of strengths and vulnerabilities, needs and assets. Rather than relying on “charity” models of giving that maintain power imbalances and systems of harm, we […] The post Mutual Aid & Generating Care with Aida Manduley appeared first on Pleasure Mechanics.


15 Apr 2020

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#147 How to Master Long-Distance Relationships - With Aida Manduley

Shameless Sex

Aida Manduley teaches us all about long-distance relationships and how to keep them fresh, connected and spicy.  Want to skip to the interview? Fast forward to minute 20.  Aida Manduley, LCSW is an award-winning Latinx activist, trauma-focused therapist, and sexuality educator known for big earrings and tackling taboos. Their politics are radical, their life is ridiculous, and their penchant for irreverence as intimacy is notorious. Manduley's current focus areas include community accountability, healing justice, and work centering queer and trans people of color. To learn more visit http://www.aidamanduley.com/ Other links: Get 10% off + free shipping with code SHAMELESSSEX on Uberlube AKA our favorite lubricant at uberlube.com Get $5 off while mastering the art of pleasure at OMGyes.com/shameless Get 20% Off and Free Shipping with the code Shameless at Manscaped.com Easily connect with sexy women at mygirlfund.com/shameless Get 15% off all of your sex toys with code SHAMELESSSEX at purepleasureshop.com Want to try one of our favorite boutique wines? Get 10% off of 3 bottles or more with code SHAMELESSSEX10 or 15% off of 6 bottles or more with come SHAMELESSSEX15 at marginswine.com

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25 Feb 2020

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Sex Gets Real 263: Aida Manduley on accountability and transformative justice

Sex Gets Real with Dawn Serra

Want to work with me? Join the July cohort of the Power in Pleasure course. Check out details and pre-enroll at dawnserra.com/pleasurecourse. My coaching practice has a few new spots available. If you could use support around the places where you feel most stuck, I'd love to support you. Details about my coaching practice are here: dawnserra.com/work-with-me . In a Sex Gets Real first, this episode is Part Three of a THREE part series featuring Eve Rickert, Samantha Manewitz, and Aida Manduley. This episode is my conversation with therapist Aida Manduley. In it, we are building on the previous two episodes which included a conversation with Eve Rickert and Samantha Manewitz as we explore emotional abuse, accountability, and different ways of being in community with each other. Aida has been a part of several transformative justice processes and has tremendous perspective around how we can center those harmed without throwing out those who caused the harm. We also talk about how white supremacy impacts the ways we show up in life, the false promises made to cis men, and why grief work is crucial to alternative justice practices and accountability. We dive into why communities are where we should start when we're considering how harm happened in the first place and why we all need to adjust our expectations for how long these processes take. It's not a superhero movie where everything is resolved with one fell swoop. I cannot wait for you to hear this awesome conversation, and as noted in the other episodes, your financial help for the survivor pod would mean so much. Resources mentioned in this episode include: Initial statement on February 11th Update on March 25th Tracking spreadsheet where you can find most of the documents, updates, and conversations happening Survivor pod PayPal where you can donate some money (PLEASE DO THIS) to support the process If you've been accused of consent violations or harm, this piece by Tamara Pincus is a good place to start. Patreon supporters - head to patreon.com/sgrpodcast to hear my bonus chat with Aida Manduley on what helps and what hinders accountability processes. If you aren't a supporter, I'd love your financial support to help keep the show going. If you pledge $3 per month, you get access to exclusive weekly bonus content and if you support at $5 per month and above, you can help me field listener questions. Follow Sex Gets Real on Twitter and Facebook. It's true. Oh! And Dawn is on Instagram. About Aida Manduley: Aida Manduley is an award-winning Latinx activist, international presenter, and trauma-focused clinician known for big earrings and building bridges. Trained as a sexuality educator, social worker, and nonprofit management professional, they’re* working to make the word a more equitable place through education, therapy, and community organizing. Their perspective centers intersectionality and maximizing kindness, while retaining both a sense of humor and a sense of justice. From The New York Times to The Rainbow Times, Mx. Manduley has been interviewed by a variety of media outlets. They were even brought on for a debate on the Laura Ingraham show—a popular conservative radio program—and lived to tell the tale. You can follow them on Twitter (@neuronbomb) or Instagram (@aidamanduley), like their page on Facebook, sign up for their newsletter (debuting September 2018), stay tuned to what books they’re nerding out with, and/or get more information about their professional accomplishments via LinkedIn. Grab the episode transcript at http://sexgetsreal.com/ep263

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26 May 2019

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Exploring Attachment Theory with Aida Manduley

Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

What is attachment theory? How do different attachment styles show up in our most intimate relationships and in our sex lives? Therapist and social justice consultant Aida Manduley joins us to discuss attachment theory and how we can learn about ourselves and our relationships with this powerful tool. Resources Mentioned In This Episode: Wired for […] The post Exploring Attachment Theory with Aida Manduley appeared first on Pleasure Mechanics.


22 Feb 2019

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Webs of Connection and Change with Aida Manduley

The Passion And Soul Podcast by Lee Harrington

Sex educator and therapist Aida Manduley joins Lee for a conversation about social justice, gender, passion… and gardening? Whether it is tools for change after making mistakes in communities or making communities in the first place, tools for connecting with ancestors of both blood and life journey, or being authentic in one’s faith or identity, come listen in to learn and be inspired for your next steps forward. **   Passion And Soul Podcast: iTunes Subscription: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/passion-soul-podcast-by-lee/id840372122 RSS Feed: http://passionandsoul.libsyn.com/rss Past MP3 files: http://passionandsoul.libsyn.com PassionAndSoul Audio Page: http://passionandsoul.com/audio Stitcher: http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/erotic-awakening-podcast/passion-and-soul Contact Aida Manduley: Website: http://www.aidamanduley.com  Facebook: bit.ly/FBaida  Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/neuronbomb  Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/aidamanduley Resources and Information Discussed: Queer Magic Anthology: http://www.mysticproductionspress.com/news/queer-magic #69 Sex Educator’s Union Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1581193582125758/  Internet censorship in the Arab Spring: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_censorship_in_the_Arab_Spring    A Guide to Online Security for Activists: https://electronicintifada.net/content/guide-online-security-activists/17536   Talking about the Elephant: An Anthology of Neopagan Perspectives on Cultural Appropriation (edited by Lupa) http://www.amazon.com/Talking-About-Elephant-Perspectives-Appropriation-ebook/dp/B0098NL86K/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=pass-20 Lee’s Upcoming Events/Appearances: http://passionandsoul.com/appearances/ Lee Harrington Contact Information: http://www.PassionAndSoul.com http://www.FetLife.com/passionandsoul http://twitter.com/#!/PassionAndSoul https://www.facebook.com/lee.harringon https://www.facebook.com/passionandsoul


11 Jul 2017

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Sex and Social Justice with Aida Manduley

Speaking of Sex with The Pleasure Mechanics

Sex and pleasure matter far beyond your bedroom. Sexuality is part of your social body, how you interact with and are treated by the world. Sexuality is deeply interconnected with race and class – so when we call for more sexual pleasure we must recognize that call is ultimately for social justice for all. In […] The post Sex and Social Justice with Aida Manduley appeared first on Pleasure Mechanics.


7 Jul 2017

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Sex and Racial Justice with Aida Manduley, Anaîn Bjorkquist and Cindy Lee Alves!

Sex Nerd Sandra

WHITE GUILT! Three all-star members of WOCSHN (Women of Color Sexual Health Network) break down what racial justice is and what the heck race has to do with sex. TOPICS: Diverse sex educators, community, black men in swinging, stereotypes, objectification, assumptions based on what people think you are, micro aggressions, sexualization and academia, defining racial justice, invalidating Grace Jones, all lives matter vs black lives matter, not seeing color, "embedded, systematic white supremacy," light skinned privilege, invisible lab coat, fetishization, home ownership, intersections of privilege, anti-racist storytelling, shame & guilt, the spicy Latina, lingerie and toy colors, interracial dating, Pokemon, learning your history, messed up medical studies, internalized self hate and how we step into the world.


24 Feb 2016

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living your truth sexually & soulfully with Aida Manduley

Sex Love Joy

Bilingual consultant, speaker, and sexuality educator Aida Manduley talks with Anaín about growing up in Puerto Rico and how that shaped her sexuality. She reveals how her parents were great about giving her information & education on the topics of puberty and anatomy but not the dynamics of sex. The quest for that led Aida to digital spaces which would help her find information and community. Aida talked about when & why to say yes and no. Aida also talks about how representation is important so that we all can dream and move the generations forward. She gets into her thoughts on the body positive & body love movements. And of course lots of talk about sex, love, joy... listen to hear it all.


23 Feb 2015