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Episode 39: An insight into open relationships with Guest Asa Baav

The Dating Playbook

Asa Baav  is matchmaking for the wild at heart in London, matching people on sexual preferences and life compatibility, because lets be honest they are equally important so at Tailor Matched we talk about it. What started as a matchmaking agency has quickly become a larger platform for people to expolore their want and needs, in life and in the bedroom.  Join the community for free today by emailing the team on hello@tailormatched.com. On this episode we chat all open relationships and what it actually means to be part of one!Key takeaways Differentiating being polyamorous from having an open relationshipWhat's important to ask yourself and do before getting into an open relationship.What Asa learned on her journey with open relationshipsThe challenges and conversations it entails to be in an open relationshipContact infoWe love hearing your date stories & who you think we must have on as a guest.Email: hello@thedatingplaybook.comSocials@thedatingplaybookFacebook https://bit.ly/2FbUUPD Instagram https://bit.ly/3byPGJHYouTube https://bit.ly/2R03Slt SponsorfleXXi fit - the menstrual cup that empowers you to be fierce and free in your fitness life. PERIOD.@flexxiofficialwww.flexxifit.co.uk


26 Apr 2021

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#053: Sexually Matched with Asa Baav from Tailormatched

Too Old For This Sh*t

Today with Asa Baav, Founder of Tailormatched, a matchmaker focused on sexual compatibility, we cover: What is good sex? Do we all really want to moan during sex or do we feel obliged to?How to communicate sexual desires and preferences with our partnerHow to discover our pleasure with our partnerCommunication check ins The array of sexual preferences of her membersHow to land your kinkiest sexual desires on your partner and how to react if you’re not prepared for that newsHow does an expat/settler approach dating if unsure where you want to grow old, do you need to be upfront about that from the get go?If you lived in different countries do you want someone similar or do you want someone with roots?We end on some success stories from her matchmaking agency Come find Asa at https://tailormatched.com/ Come find me at https://linktr.ee/toooldforthisshit and follow @toooldforthisshitpodcast

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1 Mar 2021

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Episode 27: Dating & Sexual Compatibility - Interview with Asa Baav from Tailor Matched

The Dating Playbook

Asa is a dating and relationship coach who also runs a London dating agency called Tailormatched.  Her passion is empowering people in dating, relationships and sex. She’s on a mission to break the taboos around sexual desires and preferences. Key takeaways Tailor Matched was created from Asa's personal experience of being compatible with a man in life but not sexually. Even if sex is not important to you, you want to talk about it even if you have other things in common.A healthy conversation of whats important to you without shame is so important.How to start a conversation about sex and how you can navigate it inside of your own boundaries of what you feel is comfortable ('Create a container of trust').Testing the waters and boundaries...how to manage asking the question, answering and then the reaction.Women know what they want but can be afraid to say it. Learn what you want so you can playback when a question is asked. It's important to unravel any shame you feel so you can express yourself fully.We often make other peoples responses to our questions mean something about us.  By seeing a different side of these responses you can react in a way that can deepen the connection.When you are vulnerable yourself it creates the space for others to be vulnerable with you.The more comfortable you are with yourself the more you can be free to ask the questions and be free with the response you feel.Our head runs along with the thoughts about the future or worries of what to ask.  Learn to be ok with your thoughts but you don't need to buy into it or react.  Turn all these 'what ifs' on their head and look at what you are in control of and regain power over it.  Then just enjoy the moment.Focus on your life so you're not waiting around for them to text back. Build a healthy tension with text messages.  You will get bored if you get everything on a plate ALL the time.We get so attached the to end result and loose sight of learning more about ourselves, other people, who we are and what we want, have a blast being single - all of this is creating the foundation you'll build that epic relationship on.  See rejection as redirection - it has redirected you to someone else who is meant for you.  Remember you have created that connection from nothing and you can keep making those over until you find the person for you.Don't let people take your power away from you. Always remember that the person who blocked you wasn't for you; them blocking you doest mean anything about you.  If they are going to do this so early on what would they be like in a relationship - they have helped themselves to filter themselves out...thank you ;o)How can a dating agency support you in finding your MVP, the wonderful value they can add to you, how they can filter and match your values with potential matches.Contact infoWe love hearing your date stories & who you think we must have on as a guest.Email: hello@thedatingplaybook.comSocials@thedatingplaybookFacebook https://bit.ly/2FbUUPD Instagram https://bit.ly/3byPGJHYouTube https://bit.ly/2R03Slt Resources Tailor Matched - Asa BaavWebsite  tailormatched.comInstagram tailormatchedEmail hello@tailormatched.comSponsorfleXXi fit - the menstrual cup that empowers you to be fierce and free in your fitness life. PERIOD.@flexxiofficial www.flexxifit.co.uk

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25 Jan 2021

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EP38: What Women Think Makes an Attractive Man Featuring Asa Baav from Tailor Matched and Russ from The Social Collective

Authentic Dating Series

~SUBSCRIBE NOW~ go on push the button and don’t miss our weekly mind-elevating podcasts & expert guests. Episode Description: [EP38: What Women Think Makes an Attractive Man Featuring Asa Baav from Tailor Matched and Russ from The Social Collective] We're baaaaaack! Welcome to the first episode for Season Two of the Authentic Dating Series. This season will be packed with special guests. In this episode we are joined by Tailor Matched & The Social Collective. Between them they have coached 1000s of women around dating - so who better to ask the biggest question on men's minds: "What do women think makes a man attractive?" Key Topics in this episode: *What are the women you work with common complaints about men? *What do traits are they looking for? *Is there a certain look or body type that women want in the men they date? *Is money and status important to the women? Connect With Asa And Russ: Asa Instagram: @tailormatched Website: https://tailormatched.com/ Russ Instagram: @the_socialcollective Website:https://www.thesocialcollective.com.au/ Connect With Authentic Dating Series: Instagram: @authenticdatingseries Website: https://www.authenticdatingseries.com/ FREE GUIDE: 8 BIG MISTAKES Men Make on Dating Apps - Download Upcoming events:  MAN UP! Uplifting Talks for Men - 26th of March, London: Tickets Here Deeper Dating - Speed Dating where Chemistry Begins - April 8th, London: Tickets Here Did you enjoy the episode? What did you take away from listening? Let us know by leaving us a review on Apple Podcasts or share it on Instagram but be sure to tag us @authenticdatingseries.

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4 Mar 2020

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EP: 94: Dating, intimacy and sexual compatibility with Asa Baav

Project Love

Hi lovely, it’s Vicki here - I hope you’re well!I’m so excited for you to listen to this week’s podcast episode as I got to interview Matchmaker and sex consultant, Asa Baav.Asa is the founder of Tailor Matched – an offline dating consultancy in London for the wild at heart, which matches you on sexual compatibility (as well as overall compatibility).  I first met Asa last year when she invited me onto the panel of a dating event she was hosting. I was really drawn to her mission of wanting to normalise the conversation around sex and to remove the taboo around sexual compatibility. In this episode, we talk about: Asa’s own journey to sexual liberation and lessons she learnt along the way How she came to be a Matchmaker and how it’s transformed her life Intimacy and why sexual compatibility matters How to have conversations about sexual desires How to approach online dating in a way that facilitates connection Sex education, porn, orgasms and so much more! This was such a fascinating conversation and I can’t wait for you to listen to it!And before you do, I wanted to let you know that I have two spots left on my 3 month love coaching programme, Get Ready for Love. This coaching programme is my absolute heart and soul and it would be such an honour to work with you if you’re feeling the call to work with me 1:1 this year. I have two spots left. If you’d like one of those spots to be yours then head on over here to find out more and book your discovery call!And finally... come and join us for 28 Days of Love - starting tomorrow 14th Feb! It's our self-love challenge that that gets you into a daily habit of doing one loving thing for yourself each and every day (and it's free!). Head on over to here to find out how to do it and join us over on IG where we'll be sharing self-love tips and sharing YOUR daily acts of love. Tag us @loveprojectlove when you post yours on IG stories and we'll share them with the rest of the Project Love IG family!I hope you enjoy the episode 💕💕💕 Love, Vicki XPS Here are some of the links we mentioned: Cindy Gallop - Ted talk | Make love, not porn Funzing and Meetup - to find workshops and talks in your area https://www.omgyes.com/


13 Feb 2020

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020 From Bonding to Bondage with Asa Baav

Smash The Box

Asa (pronounced “awe-sa”) had a city career that was flying but a love life that certainly wasn’t. Quite the opposite in fact. Reaching 30 and having spent endless time on disappointing dates, swiping on dating sites - of which she is highly critical - “It doesn’t work” she says, Asa decided to quit corporate life and turn her frustration and passion into profit. Asa is now a professional Dating Coach and Match Maker. Asa is taking a literal swipe at the world of online dating and dating apps by taking a more old school, offline and personal approach to match making. All clients are interviewed personally by Asa. This is not just any old dating agency however. Asa’s business, called Tailor Matched, puts sexual preferences and sexual compatibility high on the agenda and right at the forefront of the match making process. Anything from holding hands in public to fetishes and ‘thrupples’, none of it is a big deal to Asa as she seeks to break the stigma around sex, sexuality and being able to talk about it and ‘own it’ without fear of judgement. Asa talks love, intimacy, commitment, black swans and 'libido gaps’ in this open, liberal and fascinating interview. This is a podcast for the curious, for the wild at heart and the open-minded. Listen as Asa opens up a different perspective on the world of dating and relationships. “I don’t have a dirty mind. I have a sexy imagination,” she says. Time to get acquainted…Smash The Box is a personal development business. Everything I do is with the aim of inspiring you to find your purpose so you can make your mark on the world. One way I do this is by sharing people’s stories. Inspiring stories that the world needs to hear. Stories of breakthroughs, of adversity overcome, of achievements, successes, of setbacks and turnarounds, of realisations and lightbulb moments. This audio experience is a natural and perfect complement to the existing services of Life Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Breakthrough Workshops and Inspirational Talks - all of which forms something quite unique and special. If you are looking to find your purpose in life, in work, or both, then don’t just think outside the box. It’s time to Smash The Box!Connect with us!www.smashthebox.me www.youtube.com/channel/UC7fEEvjX52qS928oyLGCtuQ www.facebook.com/SmashTheBoxMarkPitcher/ www.instagram.com/markpitcher_smashthebox/


10 Jun 2019