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WTF Is Going On In Alberta, Who Is Danielle Smith & Sexy Spiderman

The Dean Blundell Show

Let's all take a deep breath for the province of AB.Imagine if the head of your house hold left and whoever was next in line got to change all the rules for just the dumb kids on day one. Then imagine that leader of your household has deeply held anti-democratic, extremist views and hates you but loves Jesus and other dumb people.That's the Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith: A hard-line religious extremist who likes Putin, hates science and wants Alberta to leave Canada. I don't disagree for different reasons. Lead Columnist Max Fawcett joins us to deconstruct the symptom of Danielle Smith and should the rest of Canada be prepared for extremist governance.Is what's happening in England the Future of Canadian Politics and how Albertans look at Jamie Sale and Theo Fleury for REAL.

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21 Oct 2022

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Danielle Smith Is A F**king Conspiracy Kook Who Happens To Be Alberta's Premier

The Dean Blundell Show

Welcome back @LochlinCross and our Ukraine War Correspondent, Alex @Dayrabekov- The war has shifted; Alex explains how this week's massive rocket attack by Russians deep into Ukraine has changed the way he and the rest of Ukraine are living- How the Kerch bridge Bombing changed the game- Ukraine's ask for air superiority- Possibility of a Nuclear strike by Russia seems to grow every day- The mood of defiant Ukrainians is more resolved to fight, stand and win than ever beforeLochlin's back!!! We cover the election of the dumbest person in Canada and her state of the victim speech in Alberta. Danielle Smith is a fucking conspiracy kook who happens to be Alberta's Premier, and her first order of business? Fire anyone who believes in Vaccines and science. Welcome back to the stone age, dummies.Speaking of Dummies, the anti-vaxxers are coming in their pants after a far-right politician from Holland said Pfizer knew the vaccine wouldn't prevent transmission, saying it's the worst scam perpetrated on human kind. I guess he didn't read the trial data or any peer-reviewed studies because the rest of us knew that a year ago.Violence on Toronto public transit is at an all-time high - let's break down the latest offering at a Scarborough bus stop where a special needs adult was attacked and how 'fingering' might be our way out!Show lessComments

2hr 12mins

13 Oct 2022

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#279 - Danielle Smith

Shaun Newman Podcast

Former leader of the Wildrose Party & radio host, Danielle has put her name in for the UCP leadership race in Alberta. Mandates, QR codes, Net-Zero, how to strengthen Alberta & her proposed Alberta Sovereignty Act.  Let me know what you think Text me 587-217-8500 Support here:⁠ https://www.patreon.com/ShaunNewmanPodcast⁠

1hr 24mins

17 Jun 2022

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#89: Danielle Smith - Making a Comeback, Crypto, Saving for a Rainy Day & the Future of Alberta

rose bros podcast

Welcome  back to the rose bros podcast!This episode we are joined by Danielle Smith.Danielle Smith is a politician, journalist, business owner, podcast host & former leader of the Wild Rose Party from October 2009 to December 17, 2014.As leader of the Wild Rose Party, Danielle was instrumental in the parties growth as one that lacked official party status, to one that formed the official opposition within three years.Prior to being elected leader of the Wildrose Party, Danielle was the director of provincial affairs for Alberta with the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.Danielle attended the University of Calgary and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English & Economics. She married her husband, David Moretta in 2006 and together they own and operate The Whistle Stop Diner, a fully renovated 1940s rail dining car.Danielle has also re-launched the The Danielle Smith Show on Western Standard Online, as she seeks the United Conservative Party (UCP) nomination in Livingstone-Macleod against incumbent MLA Roger Reid.We sat down for a smooth cup of rose bros coffee and among many things, discussed making a comeback in politics, the future of Alberta’s economy including crypto & carbon capture, saying yes to business and attracting new investment, saving for a rainy day and a lot more.Also, this episode is also available on YouTube, so if you enjoyed the conversation, subscribe to the rose bros channel – it will go a long way to helping the show.Also, this week's podcast was brought to you by Rundle Eco ServicesLooking for a way to recycle your frac pond and pit liners used in the oil and gas industry?Rundle collects and processes liners using an environmentally friendly system, leaving a clean environmental footprint. The end use of these liners are shredded and processed into pellets that then can be extruded into various forms of usable plastic products including furniture, various building materials, industrial packaging etc.Checkout rundleco.com for more details on how you can recycle your industrial pond and pit liners today.Enjoy!Support the show


21 Apr 2022

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#255 - Danielle Smith

Shaun Newman Podcast

Former leader of the Wildrose & now UCP nominee for Livingstone-Macleod. We discuss the Alberta First Initiative, medias transition away from traditional sources & Bitcoin. Let me know what you think Text me 587-217-8500 Support here:⁠ https://www.patreon.com/ShaunNewmanPodcast

1hr 58mins

20 Apr 2022

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Manifestation & Tarot Cards With Danielle Smith From Souluminosity

The Ivemanifest Podcast

Hello my loves! Today is a special episode for you all on tarot cards and manifestation. In this podcast episode we will be talking about the following topics:Intuition tarot & intuition from manifestationDivine messages & tarot messagesTarot spreads and the meaning in manifestationHow to manifest using tarot cardsThe tool of tarot in your manifestationReceiving "negative" tarot cards about your manifestationFollow  Danielle and Souluminosity on Instagram here!https://www.instagram.com/souluminosity/Souluminosity Podcasthttps://open.spotify.com/show/6uimUCoarrVewdgJXVAo5FGet more from The Ivemanifest Podcast over at The Ivemanifest Delights Club, you get a bonus podcast every Friday and other gems that bring you an abundance of growth in your manifestation journey.🌟Important Links🌟The Ivemanifest Delights Clubhttps://www.patreon.com/IvemanifestFollow Ivemanifest on Instagram for personal updates, inspirational and motivational poetry pieces and much more!https://www.instagram.com/ivemanifest/Way More Active Sitehttps://www.tumblr.com/blog/ivemanifestCheck out the Ivemanifest website for the blog, products and morehttps://ivemanifest.com/Join The Ivemanifest Mystical Community Group to connect with like minded spiritual beings and evolve in your community!https://www.facebook.com/groups/mysticalcommunityI love you so much, thank you for being here and I will talk to you again soon!The Ivemanifest Podcast, hosted by Sheila Mella, embraces self development, personal growth and improvement through active mindfulness, awareness, manifesting and embracing the spiritual journey of daily life. Mindset improvement is progression and evolution of this physical reality we live in, come along on the journey to personal development and growth with The IvemanifestSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/Ivemanifest)


2 Nov 2021

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September 2021: President, Alberta Enterprise Group, Danielle Smith


September has arrived for the General Well Servicing CAOEC Podcast, and as we move into fall, the activity levels are rising! 4,421 operating days on the drilling side in August, and 91,148 operating hours on the service side. Check out the Riggertalk Industry Update for all the numbers. (0:37) Then we have a great conversation with former leader of the Alberta Wild Rose Party, media personality with Corus Entertainment, entrepreneur, columnist at the Calgary Herald, and current President of Alberta Enterprise Group, Ms. Danielle Smith! (6:30) This one’s GOOD! Please give us a share or like, and send your feedback or suggestions to communications@caoec.ca.


21 Sep 2021

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Ep. #199 - Danielle Smith 2.0

Shaun Newman Podcast

Did you hear the Premieres latest public address "pandemic of the unvaccinated" Well Danielle hops on to discuss this & what is to come, she also had a couple of unique ideas on how to be proactive moving forward. Let me know what you think Text me 587-217-8500


3 Sep 2021

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The Ripple Effect of Coaching + Company-Wide Results, with Danielle Smith

Beyond High Performance

YOUR FINEST HOUR | VP of Global HR at Shape Corporation and Novus Global client, Danielle Smith, talks with David Gerber and Amanda Jaggard. Danielle shares how senior leadership at Shape got involved with Novus and illustrates the ripple effect that had on middle management and the entire organization. The three discuss the unique dynamics between human resources and external coaches, what to do with Meta Performance fatigue, and the difference between consulting and coaching. With a global footprint of more than 4500 employees, Danielle shares specific organization-wide results that have come because of working with Novus Global.Novus Global is a tribe of elite executive coaches who work with Fortune 500 Companies, Professional Athletes, World Renowned Artists and Business Leaders to create lives, teams and companies that go beyond high-performance.Book a free consultation with a Novus Global coach here: http://novus.global/now/ This podcast is produced by Rainbow Creative with Matthew Jones as Senior Producer and Jeremy Davidson as Editor and Audio engineer. Find out more about how to create a podcast for you or your business at rainbowcreative.co


18 Jun 2021

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A Journalist's Perspective - Danielle Smith

Two Babies and a Business

Christina and Peter catch up with Danielle Smith, former journalist and now President of the Alberta Enterprise Group. She shares her insights on why the media has so drastically changed in the last year and she gives business owners great advice for how to share their message.


17 May 2021