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Be Amazing at Leading a Team with Michelle Teague

Expand Your Fempire with Caterina Rando

This week, Caterina is joined by business leadership expert, Michelle Teague. Michelle gives her unique perspective and advice on going into business with your spouse, leading effective teams, and infusing fun in your business! If you’ve been wondering what makes great leaders and how you can most effectively lead your team, this is the episode for you!


25 Oct 2022

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Michelle Teague: A Patient’s Perspective on Healthcare

Perspectives on Healthcare

It’s time for a patient’s perspective on healthcare from Michelle Teague on the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast with Rob Oliver. Michelle is from Pennsylvania. This is interview 24 in the patient’s perspective interview marathon. You can follow Michelle Teague using her social media links below: Website: https://ateagueofyourown.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/michelle.teague/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ateagueofyourown/ LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/michelle-teague-3577044 Reminder: please make sure you are subscribed to the correct feed on Apple iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/podcast/id1567970882 To connect with the show on social media use the links below: Twitter: http://twitter.com/yourkeynoter Facebook: http://facebook.com/yourkeynoter Instagram: http://instagram.com/yourkeynoter LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/yourkeynoter YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9ub8CjRQAmXsOEA4s9AYbw We would love to hear from you. Visit the “Contact Us” form: https://www.perspectivesonhealthcare.com/contact/ Look around the website for more Perspectives on Healthcare. Disclaimer: All opinions expressed by guests on the Perspectives on Healthcare Podcast are solely the opinion of the guest. They are not to be misconstrued as medical diagnoses or medical advice. Please consult with a licensed medical professional before attempting any of the treatments suggested.


7 Oct 2022

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148 Michelle Teague: How to Communicate More Effectively

Learning from Smart People

Today’s Smart Person is Michelle Teague who talks about how to communicate more effectively during this episode of the Learning from Smart People Podcast with Rob Oliver. She is a speaker and communication expert based in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Here are some of the key elements of this conversation between Michelle Teague and Rob Oliver on the Learning from Smart People Podcast: · Michelle’s back story of coming from academia to corporate to entrepreneurship · The problem of promoting people to positions where they flounder · A lack of communication and a lack of awareness of different communication styles causes conflict · The difference between a salesperson and a sales manager · Good communication skills are vital to being a good leader · The importance of understanding expressive and receptive communication · Why telling someone something is different than them hearing what you said · Tips for making sure that you are heard · Leadership is not necessarily telling people exactly what to do, it’s empowering them · Most careers have a variety of ways of getting things done · Not everybody is like you but that’s okay · The platinum role: treat others as they would like to be treated · Encouraging creativity creates a better variety of solutions · Tools that can help facilitate communication and improve leadership · The 4 styles of the DISC Assessment Tool · It is important to have all 4 elements represented in your team · Why utilizing a paid version of the assessment tool might be a better idea · The interaction between each of the styles is different · Texting is difficult because you lose the context You can learn more about Michelle Teague and A Teague of Your Own through her website and social media: Website: https://ateagueofyourown.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TeagueOfYourOwn Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/a-teague-of-your-own/ Thanks for listening to the Learning from Smart People Podcast! Please Subscribe, leave a comment and follow us on social media: Twitter: http://twitter.com/LFSPPodcast Instagram: http://instagram.com/LFSPPodcast Facebook: http://facebook.com/LFSPPodcast LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lfsppodcast/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/imroboliver/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWV_LuUad7ZWuE9j5D9v-w You can also use the “Contact” page on the “Learning from Smart People” website: https://www.learningfromsmartpeople.com


21 Oct 2021

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Ep: 43 - Maintaining your authenticity in your branding and speaking with Michelle Teague - Life by Design Not Default Podcast with 83/38 Collective

Life by Design not Default Podcast by 83/38 Collective

Our guest is Michelle Teague, speaker, trainer, and coach from A Teague of Your Own.  She helps you lead to succeed, communicate to elevate, and build teams to fulfill dreams.  The mother of two adult children, Michelle lives in Mount Pleasant, PA with her husband Jim and their dog Molly. Connect with Michelle:  www.ateagueofyourown.com www.instagram.com/ateagueofyourown www.facebook.com/ateagueofyourown 


6 Oct 2021

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Show 429: Michelle Teague ~ A Teague of Your Own

Powerful Women Revealed

Michelle and I had had so many great things to spark the conversation and we could have talked forever! I was hoping to be able to mention her upcoming event called "Live To Lead" but you can check out all of her webinars and events at  ATeagueOfYourOwn.com/events.


20 Sep 2021

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Mastering Self Leadership with Michelle Teague

Break Free to Brilliance with Seema Giri

Our special guest today is Michelle Teague, Leadership Expert. With over 14 years of experience as a speaker, trainer, and coach, Michelle Teague has conducted training and spoken from one coast to the other in the USA.  She has given thousands of presentations on topics such as “You Can Have It All,” “Opportunities Are Obstacles in Disguise,” and “Becoming Agents of Change.”  Her accomplishments include speaking or presenting at various conferences and developing a leadership training program for new supervisors and managers. As a DISC Certified Consultant, Michelle can help you and your team discover your preferred leadership and communication styles.  In addition, Michelle is a leadership expert, certified and licensed by the John Maxwell Team to bring proven leadership strategies and practices to your organization.  Her volunteer work includes the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the YWCA, the Pittsburgh Chapter of the National Speakers’ Association, and the Scottdale Business and Professional Women’s Club.  The mother of two adult children, Michelle lives in Mount Pleasant, PA with her husband, Jim, and their dog Molly. Connect with Michelle E-mail teagueofyourown@gmail.com Website https://ateagueofyourown.com/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/michelle.teague Michelle's Free Gift for You  A free Core Values Worksheet to help you determine what your core values are:  https://a-teague-of-your-own.newzenler.com/f/core-values-sheet


25 Aug 2021

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Show 403: Michelle Teague ~ A Teague of Your Own

Powerful Women Revealed

Wow! It’s amazing how much Michelle and I have in common. Even though I have never been in the corporate world or the field of human resources! During this interview, Michelle provided a wealth of information around communication skills that are vital to leaders because these days—perspective is vital. The program she described as “DISC” was a very clear and easy way to help managers and the like live the Platinum Rule by communicating and leading others in their preferred styles. And who doesn’t love games in the workplace!! The Leadership Game Michelle talks about is such a great team builder and excellent tool because people are engaging, learning, and having fun all at the same time. Michelle touched briefly on her new program, "Your Purpose Creates Your Vision Which Sets Your Goals," which rolls out April 20, 2021.  It is grounded in core values—on what truly matters to individuals. I absolutely loved talking about how ignoring and avoiding problems won’t make them go away and change takes action after awareness and assessments are made. And boy did it resonate when Michelle dared to say out loud why people leave their “jobs.” www.ATeagueOfYourOwn.com


24 Mar 2021