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Episode 08 Michael Gray (Billy Batson from 1970's SHAZAM!)

CelebWorx Live!

CelebWorx Live With Hosts Christopher Arsaga and Nery Lemus, and SPECIAL GUEST Michael Gray, Billy Batson on 1970's SHAZAM, will discuss weekly current events in the comic con community. Join us for a behind the scenes discussion with the CelebWorx duo that brings many of your childhood heroes to a convention near you! Stay Tuned For Appearances from Event Promoters, Respected Agents, Beloved Celebrities, as well as special upcoming announcements!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/celebworx-live/support


11 May 2020

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#86 – Billy Batson

Capes and Japes

86 Billy Batson Today we talk about Billy Batson, a 12-year-old boy who runs into a wizard who gives him powers whenever he yells SHAZAM! which also turns him into an adult man. Originally published as Captain Marvel, he eventually switched to Shazam! to avoid confusion. Media specifically mentioned in today's episode: -Whiz Comics (1940) #2 -Marvelman (wiki) -android Captain Marvel (wiki) -Shazam! Vol. 1 (New 52) -Shazam! (2018) -Shazam! (film) -Justice League Unlimited Clip -Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #47 -Gwenpool Strikes Back (2019) #1 Thanks to Victoria Watkins for our icon! Support Capes and Japes by: Checking out our Patreon or donating to the Tip jar Find out more on the Capes and Japes website.


20 Aug 2019

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Prosecco Flooded Billy Batson

Sam Squared Show

We’re late, but we aren’t dead yet! Join us this week as we get you all caught up on the latest happenings around the farm and hear about our recent struggle with Nature. Spoiler alert: it has something to do with water. Fear not, it wasn’t all doom and gloom! A favorite hero of ours was there to help us through the hard times…SHAZAM!www.paintforkfarm.com


27 Apr 2019

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#38: Billy Batson, Cum Machine (with Insane Ian!)


It’s silly cape movies for little babies this week, as pop culture musical parodist Insane Ian joins Nathan and Clint this week to talk about a couple kid-friendly superhero movies - DCEU’s recent (and surprisingly solid) Shazam!, and Disney’s mid-aughts superhero/high school comedy Sky High. Plus, we talk with Ian about “Weird” Al Yankovic’s influence on his music, and what makes him just so neat. (And why you should pledge to Nathan’s Kickstarter for The Weird Accordion to Al in the final days of the campaign!) 6:14 - Scalding Hot Takes: Shazam! 32:40 - Control Nathan and Clint: Sky High 51:09 - Ian Talks “Weird” Al 1:13:56 - Mailbag 1:20:25 - Happy Places Follow us on Twitter at @RabinsCast (Nathan: @nathanrabin, Clint: @clintworthing)! Pledge to our Patreon, and subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts Ask us questions at asknathanrabinshappycast@gmail.com! Theme Song by Jon Biegen

1hr 26mins

17 Apr 2019

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Captain Marvel Part 3: Billy Batson, Shazam & the Marvel Family - Character Corner #72

Character Corner - A Podcast on Your favorite Comic Book Characters

Sorry for the delay folks but we're finally back to wrap up *checks notes* Captain Marvel Part 3? Or is this Shazam? Yeah we waste no time in this episode addressing the elephant in the room: What the heck do we call this character? Kriss & Dpalm have varying opinions but one thing that is agreed upon is that this is all DC's fault. They destroyed Fawcett because the "Superman Clone" was more popular than Superman, then tried to resurrect the character 20 years later after the name had already been registered by Marvel. So we're covering the ups and downs of the "Original Captain Marvel". We cover the Whiz Comics years, the DC relaunch, Roy Thomas' interesting yet unfinished attempt at the character, Jerry Ordway's Power of Shazam and the struggle of DC trying to figure out what to do with the character that once outsold SupermanAlso...one of you asked for this so Dpalm also does a quick explanation of Marvelman. Just know it involves Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison. Buckle in folks. You're in for a ride.Issues:Early Fawcett Years: Whiz Comics #2 - First appearance of Billy Batson/Captain Marvel, Shazam (the Wizard) and Dr. Sivana Captain Marvel Adventures #18 - First Appearance of Mary Bromfield/Batson Whiz Comics #25 - First Appearance of Freddy Freeman Master Comics #21 - First Appearance of Captain Nazi Captain Marvel Adventures #26 - First Appearance of Mister Mind The Marvel Family #1 - First Appearance of Black Adam Shazam! A Celebration of 75 Years - Contains more than the Fawcett comics but is a good catch-all The Shazam!  Archives Volume 1 Volume 2 Volume 3 Volume 4The Shazam! Family ArchivesThe DC Relaunch Shazam! - The 1972 relaunch under DC Crisis on Infinite Earths - Brings Shazam/Captain Marvel and the Family into the same earth as othe rDC Characters Shazam! The New Beginning The Power of Shazam! Graphic Novel The Power of Shazam! series Issues 1 - 47Geoff Johns JSA Series We cover this more in our Black Adam,  JSA and Hawkman Character Corners Issues 26 - 8 JSA: Fair Play Book 4 JSA: Stealing Thunder Book 5 JSA: Mixed SignalsSuperman/Shazam: First Thunder Days of Vengeance #6 - The Wizard is killedInfinite Crisis 52 We cover this a lot in our Black Adam Character CornerThe Trials of Shazam Flashpoint New 52 Shazam! Volume 1 - Not a solo series. Collects the back pages of Justice League #7 - 10, #0, #14-16 and #18-21Rebirth Shazam and the Magic LandsTickets are now on sale for our Avengers: Endgame private screenings in L.A. and D.C. Get them now!D.C.: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/4192275L.A.: https://endgame-la.brownpapertickets.com/Our new Endgame Shirt is now on TeePublic:   https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/4464932-mtr-network-thanos-snapLike what you hear? Subscribe so you don't miss an episode!Follow us on Twitter:@Dpalm66@InsanityReport@TheMTRNetworkWant more podcast greatness? Sign up for a MTR Premium Account!

1hr 53mins

24 Mar 2019

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Go Home Hollywood, You're Drunk Episode 20 - Thor rules the weekend, Billy Batson is Cast and The Orville lives

Council of Geeks

Jon's back, so he and Nathaniel talk about a week (or less) worth of Hollywood madness.

1hr 12mins

8 Nov 2017

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08262016 Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam by Mike Kunkel DC

Comics Syllabus

For Family Friday, @TwoPlai goes back to 2008's 'Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam' by Mike Kunkel for DC Comics. Kunkel's charming rendition of the classic superhero gives TwoPlai reason to think about kids, superhero mythology, and the attraction of Shazam. CORRECTION: TwoPlai incorrectly stated in the recording that this title ended at issue 12. 'BB and the Magic of Shazam' continued until issue 21 in 2010. Sorry.

27 Aug 2016

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057 | Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam with Mike Kunkel

The comiXologist podcast!

Special guest host Joe Ferrara of Atlantis Fantasyworld in Santa Cruz interviews Billy Batson writer/artist Mike Kunkel to learn about the new series from DC, about Mike's background as an animator, and about his self-published project, Herobear.


18 Aug 2008