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Simon Raybould: Be a better public speaker

The Fuel Podcast

The fear of public speaking affects up to 75% of the population. Simon Raybould is the man who whispers in the ear of conference speakers, presenters and leaders to help them add meaning and authenticity to their pitches and lectures. With all this new hybrid working, the odds of you landing a meeting on video with an important prospect or a virtual room full of clients have just greatly increased.Here's how to make sure that your next presentation kicks butt and you deliver it with panache and confidence.In this show, we discuss: The two types of nerves The art of practicing How to prepare for a presentation How to eliminate the factors that can derail your performance Reflective practice 3 priorities of any presentation. Dangers of making assumptions about your audience The art of staging Zoom backgrounds Lighting and trust How to find your natural pitch with AHA Following up How to calm your nerves You can find Simon on LinkedIn here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/simon-raybould-presentations/Simon's company web site here: https://presentationgenius.info/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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11 Jun 2022

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Simon Raybould | Science, scepticism and public speaking


Are we living in a post-truth world?Do facts even matter anymore?In a world where people are so easily persuaded by emotions over facts, how can we turn the tide and make facts matter again?I first heard my guest Simon Raybould speak at a PSA (Public Speaking Association) online conference.  I then heard him on another podcast challenging some of the conventional wisdom around storytelling, which was an interesting conversation for a podcast that is all about storytelling (Francisco Mahfuz's Story Powers podcast). That was when I knew he'd be a great guest on Speaking Influence and after listening, I am sure you'll agree.In this show we got onto a lot of my favourite topics:Debunking learning mythsChallenging conventional wisdomWhy what you believe doesn't need to be trueWhat to do when the facts don't do itThe reasons we all must live with cognitive dissonanceWhy bullet points on PowerPoint don't workWhat not to do on a stage, everIf you want to understand what Simon means when he talks about scars not scabs, you'll need to make sure you stay tuned to the end but since it's an interesting and fun conversation that I have been getting added value from just by editing it and re-listening, I'm pretty confident you too will enjoy the show.To find out more about Simon, you can visit presentationgenius.info where you can sign up to Simon's almost weekly newsletter, check out his recent TEDx talk and find out more about how he helps non-speakers (ie. not professional speakers) to speak and present in public. You can also connect with Simon on LinkedIn. Simon's book is called Presentation Genius and is available in places where people sell books. His book recommendation for the show was A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin.As the show approaches 100 episodes, I want to thank you for being a part of the show by listening and in many cases sharing the show out. It's the thing that helps us the most. People can't listen if they don't know we're here. I'm on my mission to help empower people with the knowledge and application tools of ethical influence and persuasion on any professional platform and beyond. If that's a mission you can get behind and want to be a part of, please make sure you are subscribed.Did you enjoy the show? Did you learn anything new or useful? If you did, then the best way to show your appreciation is by sharing the show to your online network. Tag me and I'll give you a shout out on an upcoming episode. Leave a review and I'll read it out on the show.Of course, if you REALLY liked it, you're welcome to support the show financially too using the link below.Support the show (https://speakinginfluence.supercast.tech/)


12 Aug 2021

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The Wednesday wellbeing show 11th of August 2021 with Simon Raybould

Amanda Joy's Podcast

This week on the #Wednesdaywellbeing show I'm chatting with Research Geek and public speaking expert Simon Raybould. Simon started his working life as a research scientist looking at the causes for childhood leukaemia and had a two and half decade career as a research scientist. By the time he dug his escape tunnel he’d become the Centre Manager for the UK’s largest social science research unit. He’s also the author of books on presenting (a best seller on the high street) and productivity-with-sanity. He’s also been a lighting designer for dance companies, a teacher, a playwright and professional actor, as well as a drugs education specialist and a fire-eater!A great show covering work life balance, loads of nerdy wellbeing wisdom, some inappropriate humour and some great advise on overcoming challenges with presenting. Listen at 8 pm on www.ntrsounds.co.uk and www.awakenedpodcasts.com • https://presentationgenius.info• https://linkedin.com/in/simon-raybould-presentations • https://presentationgenius.info/69 for my 69stories challenge! • https://twittr.com/presentations • https://youtu.be/euR1JhS-2qoSupport the show

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11 Aug 2021

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The Wrong Way to Tell Stories with Simon Raybould

The Storypowers Podcast

Episode 62. The Wrong Way to Tell Stories with Simon Raybould  Are stories overrated and overused? How are people telling stories the wrong way? Are you a reluctant storyteller - and if not, should you be? Welcome to The Storypowers Podcast, the show about the power of stories, the people who tell them and why you should be doing it too. I’m your host, keynote speaker and storytelling coach, Francisco Mahfuz. My guest today is Simon Raybould. Simon started his working life as a scientist looking at the causes of childhood leukaemia and spent over two decades in research. Now he helps people make presentations that change the world (or at least their little bit of the world), and he’s worked with everyone from entrepreneurs to politicians, from top universities to the the NHS and with global companies like Dell and Dunlop. You can find him at https://presentationgenius.info, and his TEDx talk, How to hear bad news, can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euR1JhS-2qo If you like the show, please leave us a rating on Apple podcasts, share it and SUBSCRIBE! The support is very much appreciated. And please send me your comments on what you'd like to hear on future episodes. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, where I post regularly, and on storypowers.com. You can also check out my book "Bare: A Guide to Brutally Honest Public Speaking" on Amazon.

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24 May 2021

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#028 - Simon Raybould

Stay Humble

Simon Raybould is a specialise in presentation and vocal skills coach.    Simon recently delivered a talk at Ted X "Imagine a world" event at Newcastle University!    In this episode Simon talks about the experience of recording a Ted X talk virtually.    We discuss various techniques to improve people's presentation skills when interviewing for jobs.    Finally Simon shares how people can be emotional resilient from bad news or rejection.    Please share and subscribe to Podcastl! #StayHumble    Simon Raybould links https://presentationgenius.info/ https://presentationgenius.info/blog/ https://presentationgenius.us10.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=49f54a55f4fffb928c7a22341&id=c086c28a94


22 Apr 2021

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Simon Raybould – Aware Plus: The secrets of great presentations

The Fuel Podcast

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24 Feb 2021

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159 - Simon Raybould: The Reluctant Storyteller

Success IQ

Simon started his working career investigating at the causes of childhood leukaemia and spent 24 years as a researcher at the UK's largest social science research centre... and when he left research to form his own training company, that need to stay with the science of what works - rather than just his opinion - has stayed with him. Very little of what he does is based on only his experience, no matter how comprehensive that experience is - it's based on an understanding of the science of presenting and storytelling.He's also been a professional actor and playwright; he spent seven years as the technical director for dance companies, touring the UK and Europe; he's been a teacher and a fire eater.Finding Out More About Geoff Nicholson And Success IQThis could not be easier, in fact, why not join my FREE community on Facebook where we can discuss challenges, watch training and get involved with regular Q&A Sessions. If you are ready to take things to the next level you can arrange a call with me to discuss coaching support, no matter where you are in the world I can arrange a bespoke support package for you. If you have any questions or would like a shout out on the show then please email info@geoffnicholson.co.uk I am always happy to assist you to create a positive impact in your life.Fill in the audience survey to help make the show even better.


27 Jan 2021

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Delivering A Great Presentation | Dr. Simon Raybould From Presentation Genius | 20 Minute Marketing #26

20 Minute Marketing

We speak with Dr. Simon Raybould from Presentation Genius. Simon started his career as a research scientist and then moved into a new field when he noticed that the quality of a presentation is equally as important as the data that you are sharing. At Presentation Genuis, Simon shares the science of what works for people when they present. During the episode, we cover three key topics. We start by talking about planning and I ask how far in advance we should start to prepare. We then talk about the presentation slides. I ask questions on what to include, how many slides, using video content, and more. To finish, we talk about the things that you can do on the day of your speech to ensure that things go smoothly. Simon's advice can also be applied to webinars, sales pitches, and anything else that includes a presentation.


5 May 2020

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161 Simon Raybould | Structuring Presentations to WIN!

Industry Angel Business Podcast

Whist on lock-down because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ian Farrar wanted to create something special for the listeners. Ian live streamed (Facebook, YouTube & Twitter) for nine hours on the 15th April 2020 and interviewed 16 of his friends back to back! We have edited those videos and created bonus podcast episodes. The original videos can be watched again on the respective social media platforms. In this episode Simon discusses his new product, the Presentation Design Pack.  He talks of the importance of structure when it comes to shaping a talk.  Don't start with Word or Powerpoint, Simon observed what dozens and dozens of his peers were doing – the elite speakers and presenters – and noticed that they had lots of different ways of working … but underneath all these systems was a pattern, and that pattern can become a system. Industry Angel Twitter Industry Angel Website Podcast Sponsors;- Far North Sales & Marketing Carpeway


9 Apr 2020

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#NurtureYourZest Episode 24 with special guest Simon Raybould

#NurtureYourZest #StudioSessions

🎙EPISODE 24🎙 #NurtureYourZest Join your host Ashleigh King as she chats with Simon Raybould - Presentation Genius! You’ll discover: 🌵 How specialists who are good at what they do, and promoted for their technical ability can improve their ability to persuade others using presentation skills. 🌵 What it’s like to be a Professional Speaker and watch someone give a disaster presentation. 🌵 How you can fix things while presenting if you’re struggling. 🌵 Why rehearsals are essential, no matter how good you think you are!🌵 Why you shouldn’t over-research or make your audience struggle to think!🌵 The importance of collaborating and asking for feedback from people who will criticise you.🌵 Why even experts should invest in their personal development. 🌵 What happens when you lose your ability to speak and grounding techniques and tips! 🌵 The importance of stepping into character when life throws a curveball. SPECIAL BONUS: Access a discount on Simon's Presentation Genius package at: http://presentationgenius.info/zest/This podcast has been made possible with the kind sponsorship of TL Multimedia, THAT Branding Company and Blindsee Photo.


4 Feb 2020