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Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow

In Search of Tarot

Cassandra Snow is a tarot card reader, tarot & witchcraft teacher and writer operating out of Minneapolis, MN. They have two books out from Weiser Books: Queering the Tarot and Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft From the Margins. Cassandra's work focuses on making the tarot & witchcraft accessible for those who are marginalized or struggling to connect. They teach on topics like Tarot for Empowerment for Fat People & Sex Positive Tarot in addition to unique & fun 101 style classes and their work on queering these mediums. You can learn more & see their blog at cassandra-snow.com or support their ongoing writing at patreon.com/cassandrasnow Our conversation touches on the topics of what it means to queer the Tarot, the importance of staying aware and open to the critique of even our most beloved of magical traditions, and some of the specific ways that Cassandra likes to approach the cards in order to make them more inclusive and accessible. --- AS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: Searcher's Solstice Tarot Conference June 18 - 20, 2021 Virtual Tarot Study Groups June 22 - July 29, 2021 May Tarot Hang May 20, 2021 Support In Search of Tarot on Patreon "In Search of Tarot Theme" written and recorded by AJ Ackleson "Forbidden Desire" written and performed by AJ Ackleson & Erika Conaway

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11 May 2021

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Tarot & Ghosts - Cassandra Snow / Chris James - BRR Classic

Paranormal IRL with JV & Britt (a/k/a Beyond Reality Paranormal Podcast)

Cassandra Snow discusses the tarot. Chris James offers insight into his experiences with ghosts & hauntings. Books - www.amazon.com/shop/jvjtaps Host - JV Johnson - www.facebook.com/jvjparanormal  Patreon - www.patreon.com/johaw SAVE with NOODLESHARK - www.facebook.com/thenoodleshark--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/brparanormal/support

1hr 10mins

4 May 2021

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Episode 162: Inciting Cassandra Snow's Riot

Head On Fire

Episode 162 is an interview with Cassandra Snow - author of Queering Your Craft and Queering the Tarot. We discuss what cisgender people can get out of queering their craft, how tarot works, ethical readers, and the Babysitter's Club.  Find more of Cassandra at their website here. Patreon supporters heard this show first! Consider giving a small donation to Patreon.com/IncitingProjects! You’ll get cool rewards like unedited video and audio podcasts from Inciting A Riot and Inciting A BrewHaHa, as well as bonus extras not published anywhere else, plus deals and coupons! Patrons are charged on a per-creation basis, so you only pay for the content you want! Love and Lyte, Fire Lyte Blog: IncitingARiot.com FireLyte@IncitingARiot.com @IncitingARiot on Twitter / Instagram Facebook.com/IncitingARiotPodcast Subscribe/Rate/Comment on iTunes: http://bit.ly/iTunesRiot Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/4qTYYhCLMdFc4PhQmSL1Yh

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9 Feb 2021

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Queering The Craft: Legacy with Cassandra Snow

The Reel Magic Podcast

We're join by "Queering Your Craft" Author Cassandra Snow to discuss "The Craft: Legacy" and all the ways the movie seeks to be more inclusive than the first and how it wins some battles and looses others. The first half of our discussion is spoiler free!

1hr 12mins

6 Nov 2020

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Episode 19 - Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow

The Bisexual Agenda

LET'S GET WITCHY🔮🔮🔮 I am delighted to be joined by Cassandra Snow: author of Queering the Tarot, professional tarot reader, witch, and radical activist! We're doing an emotional deep dive this episode, talking about love, heartbreak, the downfall of capitalism, non-monogamy, sexual dysfunction and MORE.Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft from the Margins will be available on November 1st! Get a reading from Cassandra!http://cassandra-snow.com/servicesCW/TW: Discussions about trauma, alcohol as a coping mechanism, being closeted, EMDR therapy, heartbreak, government violence, anxiety, and CPTSD. Agenda segment: sexual health, reproductive health, therapy, vaginismus, pelvic floor disorder and accessing healthcare. (Please message me on instagram if you’d like anything added to this list).Follow the pod on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thebisexualagendapod/Cassandra’s Instagram & Patreonhttps://www.instagram.com/tarotcassandra/?hl=en patreon.com/cassandrasnowVaginismus Support Grouphttps://www.facebook.com/groups/Dyspareunia.Support https://www.facebook.com/groups/732059366954815Me & V Comic https://meandvcomic.tumblr.com https://www.instagram.com/meandvcomic/Queering the Tarot by Cassandra Snowhttp://cassandra-snow.com/queering-the-tarot-orderCassandra’s Column http://blog.littleredtarot.com/writers/cassandra-snow/Next World Tarot Deck & Guide by Cristy C Road https://littleredtarot.com/product/next-world-tarot/Bewitching the Elements By Gabriela Herstikhttps://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/611473/bewitching-the-elements-by-gabriela-herstik-foreword-by-alexandra-roxo/Music: Premium Wave

1hr 22mins

17 Aug 2020

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Queer Empowerment through Tarot with Cassandra Snow

The Queer Spirit

Cassandra Snow (they/them/she/her) is best-known for penning the Queering the Tarot book and a series of the same name, which was seen on Little Red Tarot. They’ve also written about tarot, witchcraft and theatre at Take Your Pills, QueerTarot.cards, and Howlround among others. Cassandra’s second book, Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft from the Margins, is coming out via Red Wheel/Weiser Publishing on November 1, 2020. Cassandra has been reading tarot for over a decade, and operates out of Minneapolis, MN. Cassandra is normally stationed weekly at The Eye of Horus and twice a month at The Future. They also read regularly at The Haunted Basement’s Maker’s Fairs and special events. They’ve taught classes and workshops everywhere from colleges to sex stores, as well as at the more expected metaphysical stores and events.  Cassandra firmly believes that tarot and witchcraft should be accessible tools for anyone who wants to use them and works to make them approachable without making them seem fluffy. Humor, generosity and collaboration weave their way through all of Cassandra’s work. The work also comes from a radical, queer, sex-positive, fat-positive, anti-racist, feminist and Pagan point of view. In Cassandra’s other life, she runs a queer theatre company called Gadfly Theatre Productions in Minneapolis. Episode Highlights Cassandra shares about the importance of making tarot more approachable to all people. They share about their book “Queering the Tarot” and how it brings the queer perspective into divination. We explore what it was like to grow up queer in a Christian conservative community and how Cassandra found their liberation through witchcraft and tarot.  Cassandra discusses the concept of a fluid god energy and how it manifests in the form it needs for the specific person. They talk about the importance of honesty, compassion, and empathy when it comes to tarot readings. Cassandra shares about the significance of empowerment through tarot. They talk about their new book, “Queering Your Craft: Witchcraft from the Margins.”  Cassandra shares their favorite queer tarot decks: - Next World Tarot - The Numinous Tarot - This Might Hurt Tarot - Modern Witch Tarot - The Fountain Tarot Web links Find more info at Cassandra-Snow.com You can also find them on Instagram, Twitter, Patreon & FaceBook   Grab your FREE Guide - Needs, Boundaries & Self-Care for Queer Folks.  Download it here. Join the Queer Spirit Community Facebook group to continue the conversation and stay up to date on new episodes.   And follow us on Instagram!


22 Jun 2020

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Queering the tarot: a conversation with Cassandra Snow

Gender Stories

Alex Iantaffi interviews Cassandra Snow, author of Queering the Tarot. Cassandra Snow (they/them/she/her) is a professional tarot card reader, teacher, writer, and theatre maker in Minneapolis, MN. Cassandra believes tarot is a powerful tool for insight that leads to healing that leads to liberation and empowerment. Their tarot practice centers around empowerment of queer seekers, overcoming personal trauma, practical step by step business or creative plans and spiritual guidance. As a writer, tarot is also one of Cassandra's  focuses, and she penned the long running queer journey through the tarot, Queering the Tarot at Thecolu.mn and Little Red Tarot, now available on Patreon. This series has been turned into a book through RedWheel/Wieser Publishing and was released in May 2019! Cassandra's writing has been featured not only on their own blog and at Little Red Tarot, but at Take Your Pills (a mental health blog), and Howlround. Cassandra also served as Contributing Arts Editor at TheColu.mn until its closing. Cassandra also runs Gadfly Theatre Productions, a queer and feminist theatre company in Minneapolis, MN who makes queer art by and for queer people. They serve as co-artistic director for the company and have for the past ten years. Cassandra has been reading tarot for over about 14 years and has "gone pro" for about 9 years. You can find out more at www.cassandra-snow.com.  Their instagram handle is tarotcassandra and they offer daily tarot guidance and advice there and on their community style patreon at patreon.com/cassandrasnowSupport the show (https://www.patreon.com/genderstories)


5 Jan 2020

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Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow

Tarot Bytes

Episode 133. Queering the Tarot with Cassandra Snow. Back in the day, tarot decks and books were centered around the white, cisgender, heteronormative perspective. That's changing. Now folks can find tarot books and decks that are truly inclusive. It's about time! Today, I am talking with Cassandra Snow, author of Queering the Tarot, about LGBTQQIP2SA+ representation in tarot. We're chatting about what it was like to read tarot when there were no cards or books that showed an LGBTQQIP2SA+ perspective and how modern decks and books are evolving to be more inclusive. Our conversation also included discussing interpretations for marginalized folk, gender, pronouns, advice for straight tarot readers who read for an LGBTQQIP2SA+ client, and more. Cassandra is a bright light blazing trails in tarot. You are going to learn a lot in this episode and I think her book belongs on every tarot reader's shelf!


23 Jun 2019

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Coming Out Of The Tarot Closet With Cassandra Snow

Coming Out Of The Tarot Closet

Cassandra Snow believes tarot is a powerful tool for insight that leads to healing that leads to liberation & empowerment. The post Coming Out Of The Tarot Closet With Cassandra Snow appeared first on ComingOutTarot.

17 Jun 2019

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Our Host Mike Conlon Interviews Cassandra Snow

Weiser Books Radio Hour

Mike and Cassandra discuss her new book, Queering the Tarot, how the book came to be and the column she used to write for Little Red Tarot, the importance of addressing gender and sexuality when learning the tarot, and much more!


11 Jun 2019