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I'm Ready! Interview Series Featuring Gladys Agwai: Dumped, Not Dumped On

Ready Yet?! With Erin Marcus

What do you do when the company you worked for and put everything into, suddenly and unceremoniously tells you it’s over?  Well if you’re Gladys Agwai you use it as a time for reflection and insight, and then reinvent everything about what it is you do in this world. And you do it all on your own terms! When I was asking around for recommendations of who to interview for this podcast, I was pointed toward Gladys. I’m so absolutely grateful for that introduction. Everyone can use Gladys in their life!!!! This entire episode is one to revisit and reflect on. Guest ResourcesWebsiteLinkedInInstagramFacebook


26 Feb 2021

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Gladys Agwai, Author of Dumped! NOT Dumped On!!

The Neil Haley Show

Most people know someone, or they have been fired, laid off, not hired or  promoted, lost clients, family, or friends, lived, or living through a divorce or breakup. These  experiences of rejection can have a significant negative impact on people's thinking, behavior,  and results. Often people deny they've been dumped or rejected and pretend to others all is  perfect! Attacking their self-esteem causes them to feel like they don't want to get out of bed!  Most people get frustrated and angry taking it out on others while making themselves sick!  And, too many people continue living the rejection long after it has happened as it disrupts  their need to belong. You were dumped! It does NOT mean you have to get dumped on!!!  NOW is the right time to stop reclaiming and reliving the negative impact of being rejected.  From Gladys, you will learn the keys to accelerate your personal and professional growth even  when dumped!  Gladys Agwai is Founder of Ignite Within with 30 years as a corporate executive  working and living in the US, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and Europe. As an international author,  speaker, coach, and teacher, she provides globally competitive, results-oriented, and  progressive programs for professionals to enhance the personal and professional transition  skills required for accelerated and sustainable growth.


19 Oct 2020

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Ep. 075 Gladys Agwai

Don't Kill The Messenger

Change is...  going to be used for the better or it will destroy you... Gladys shows you how to use this change for the better in our conversation. I don't know if this is for you but if you're open to admitting you've allowed yourself to play the blame game for too long then go to--> ignitewithin.org and take her up on a free consultation I mean, most people are blaming the virus... It's not the virus's fault that clients aren't signing up... It's not the virus's fault that finances are difficult... It's not the virus's fault that business has slowed down... This virus or pandemic is a trigger, and one that is simply showing you what needed your attention on before this. Just imagine coming out on the backend of this pandemic thriving, even better than you were before! Genuinely, -Victor P.S. Whenever you're ready, here are 3 ways I can best serve you... 1. Get the Book to implement the same strategies we use to help our clients scale to 7, 8-Figures 2. Join the Conversational Marketing Mastery Group to get the latest tips to scale to 6-Figures


4 May 2020

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SUPERGirlfriends Gatherings - Episode 10 - Tiffany Angulo & Gladys Agwai

Girlfriends are Dope!

As a result of the corona virus many of our girlfriends are home looking for inspiration, encouragement and life and business tips.  Whether you need additional streams of income or a soft place to spend time with girlfriends. We are so blessed to have SUPER Girlfriends who are eager to share their gifts. This episode features our VIG (Very Important Girlfriend)s Tiffany Angulo, ColorStreet representative who discussed " Self-Car Starting wiht your nails," and Gladys Agwai, Ignite Within Founder spoke about "DUMPED but not Dumped On!" Both of these Girlfriends were incredible speakers and I know that you'll get some wonderful tips to grow on from them. Check out all of our Virtual Girlfriends Episodes. We've got you! #MakingLemonade #GirlfriendsRDope SHARE SHARE SHARE Sponsorships: on for this episode--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/angela-sims8/support

1hr 21mins

23 Mar 2020

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24: Getting to Know "You" and Being Unapologetic About It w/ Gladys Agwai

Conversations with Women in Sales

In this episode Barb interviews Gladys Agwai, Founder and CEO of Ignite Within.


11 Jul 2018

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Ep. 27 Jessica Lundy interviews Gladys Agwai of IgniteWithing.org


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31 May 2018

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Atlanta Coaching | Gladys Agwai Founder CEO Ignite Within Transformative Coaching Consulting

Ignite Within.org

Hi. I'm Gladys Agwai, Founder and CEO of Ignite Within. Ignite Within transforms our clients to move away from their fears, to live their purpose and their passion. I'm a certified international coach, speaker, and teacher as well as a business strategist. And we have several programs that are unique for our business. Whether you’re in need of self-discovery, understanding leadership values, working through strategies to ensure you have transformative transitions in your life or you're looking for play to win business strategy, we can help you. Join the Global Ignite Within circle and live out your experiences and the life you have always imagined. Ignitewithin.org


15 Nov 2016