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062: An Interview with Gary Roberts

The Made Over Podcast


25 Aug 2021

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EP 7: Caring For Our First Responders with Gary Roberts

The Tactical Entrepreneur

Being a firefighter and hero is no easy feat. After 15 years of service as a first responder, Gary Roberts has had several sleepless nights, dealt with excruciating pain from arthritis, and witnessed the unimaginable. PTSD is common for most first responders to experience, but it’s rare for them to be able to really get the help they truly need. That’s why Gary Roberts not only sells his own high-quality CBD but has made it his mission to be a passionate advocate on his podcast: Good Dudes Grow. He understands the importance of a product to be what it says it is, and in his case, one without THC. On this episode of “The Tactical Entrepreneur”, Steve and Gary talk about the current opioid crisis in the world, and how CBD has changed not only their personal lives but the lives and families of many. If you have been searching for the truth on CBD, look no further. Tune in to learn more.  What You’ll Learn: Why it’s imperative to know what you are buying when it comes to the wild west of CBD.  What Gary has gone through to create a product that is 100% safe for being on the job. How CBD helps those with PTSD and can aid in preventing suicide. And much more! Favorite Quote: “What ends up with a good CBD oil is it does absolutely nothing, but it’s key to starting the body’s own response system to fixing itself.” Gary Roberts Connect with Gary: Apple Instagram PureBodyZen PromisesRecoveryCenter How to Get Involved: Steve Schabaker is the co-founder of Sheepdog Firearms and an entrepreneur, bestselling author, and marketer. Between his business and his content, Steve is educating firearm owners and armed professionals and setting a new standard for shops and training centers in the industry. You can visit Sheepdog Firearms online or reach out directly to Steve at sschabacker@outlook.com. Check out this podcast on Apple Podcasts - don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and review!


28 Jun 2021

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EP 21: Gary Roberts - Dealing With Addiction The Right Way

No Bull Business And Brews

There’s an alarming amount of people who struggle with addiction daily who are simply doing their best to function with the cards they’ve been dealt. Car accidents, the death of a loved one, a home catching on fire...these are all events that can lead down the slippery slope to addiction.  The problem is Big pharma pushes prescription drugs that are nearly impossible to quit while making money on your addiction and recovery,  keeping you trapped in the circle of addiction.  On this episode of “No Busines and Brews,” Gary Roberts shares his story. Gary is passionate about his mission to stop addiction by educating others to take responsibility for their own happiness through the discipline found in fitness, and with CBD.  As a Fire Fighter, Gary Roberts and his team of first responders have seen the unthinkable while on duty. He has faced adversity, including the death of his daughter due to addiction, that has pushed him to not only grow for himself but also to do whatever it takes to help others who are struggling mentally, emotionally, and physically. What You’ll Learn: What the patient brokering process is, and how it has created a detrimental cycle of addiction and relapse that is being promoted by Big Pharma.  How CBD combined with fitness can heal the neurological pathways of the brain.  How it’s harder to slip when you feel good mentally and physically.  And much more! Favorite Quote: " I want to know where you want to go from here, not listen to what you did in the past. The past is the past, it’s done. Now it’s time to re-educate ourselves and move forward and give a different purpose in life by teaching where you want to go mentally, physically, body, soul... everything, and that’s how we’re going to build our rehab." Gary Roberts  Connect with Gary: Good Dudes Grow on Apple Podcasts Promisesrecoverycenters.com www.pbzcbd.com How To Get Involved: Jason on Instagram Steve on Instagram Enjoyed the episode? Hop over to Apple Podcasts for more! Like and share to help spread the word. We appreciate your support—and we hope to return the favor: Leave a review to let us know what you want to hear from Jason and Steve next.


31 May 2021

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#94 Gary Roberts: Addiction; The Failed War on Drugs; and Destigmatizing Cannabis

I'm Probably Wrong (About Everything)

Gary Roberts is a firefighter, podcaster, business owner and entrepreneur. His podcast "Good Dudes Grow" is about understanding the positive benefits of cannabis. His company, Pure Body Zen, focuses on providing medical-grade and lab certified CBD supplements for athletes, first responders and anybody hoping to access the benefits of CBD. Gary is also looking into developing addiction-treatment centers to help support individuals battling this disease. Today we talk about the benefits of plant-based medicine and why it is a threat to the very nature of big-business pharmacology as well as the importance of destigmatizing this plant-based medicine. Good Dudes Grow on Spotify:https://open.spotify.com/show/3pBc7uU9RCrj45CF5PxB0N?si=AH523X_WRfiIMKzvLODNigPure Body Zen Supplements:https://pbzcbd.com/


10 May 2021

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Episode 5 with Gary Roberts, Earthwild Partnership

Conversations with Quiet Leaders

In this episode of Conversations with Quiet Leaders, Juliet speaks with Gary Roberts, co-director of Earthwild Partnership. Gary has significant experience in charity, third sector and consultancy management and has a keen interest in the natural world, conservation, environmental and third sector issues. His experience and passion for conservation and sustainability was fuelled by his late father and having the opportunity to spend time with Sir David Attenborough. A professed quiet leader, here Gary describes how his career has been unplanned and focussed on his passion to set up Earthwild Partnership, with co-director Sibel Lami. Gary talks about: - the Butterfly Conservation - meeting Geoffrey Smith and Sir David Attenborough - Quiet leadership is diverse  - the right to have a voice - his passion to support women into business - courage, comfort zones and more! Connect with Gary on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gary-roberts-bbab233a/ and https://www.earthwildpartnership.com Before you go: If you liked this episode, please do rate the show, and leave a review wherever you listen to your podcasts to help this to reach a wider audience. Connect with Juliet on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/juliet-morris/ Join the Quiet Leadership group on LinkedIn to continue the conversation and support Juliet's research. If you have a question, an insight or wish to recommend a guest, please message Juliet / email juliet@opensquareconsulting.com  Thank you for listening.


7 May 2021

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The Truth About Cannabis w/ Gary Roberts

Breakthrough Society

Gary Roberts is the Founder of Pure Body Zen, a plant based CBD medicine designed to help change the industry. He's also a CBD Advocate for First Responders, host of the Good Dudes Grow Podcast and Firefighter. Even though Gary has a lot going on in his day to day life, his long life mission has always been at the top of the list. With the loss of his daughter and father from opioid overdose has paved the way for him to build Promises Recovery Center to change the way people addicted to opioids get treated. Connect with Gary! Pure Body Zen CBD Good Dudes Grow Podcast Instagram Join the Movement! Facebook Group Instagram Connect with Irvin! Instagram Facebook


27 Apr 2021

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Gary Roberts - Growing a CBD Brand and Challenging Myths

End Hype: Product Entrepreneurship For Impact

What sets a CBD brand apart in a saturated market? You’ll need superior strategy, strong ethics and educational content marketing to build your brand as a trusted authority.Gary Roberts' introduction to selling CBD products came from a desire to help athletes recover and an interest in the science. A shift for Gary was the realization that CBD could be used as a treatment for addiction. He learned this just before the loss of his daughter.That loss inspired Gary to found Pure Body Zen, a company founded on the commitment to producing a quality product. Gary hosts the Good Dudes Grow podcast. He shares accurate information and the best in thought leadership from the CBD industry.Episode Highlights09:03 - The CBD Brand Recipe - Gary shares his insight on how to create a reputable, trustworthy CBD business. Put legal, transparent testing processes in place to check your CBD oil and other products for potency.15:25 - CBD Marketing with Purpose - Having a foundational purpose increases the chance of your brand's success.17:41 - Busting CBD Myths for Your People - Educating your audience positions you as an authority. The CBD industry lacks solid, available information, leaving a gap in thought leadership. Gary also gives his tips on networking within your circle to raise brand awareness.25:51 - The CBD Industry’s Relationship with the FDA - Selling CBD products in 2021 will look very different. Knowing how the FDA regulates cannabinoid products is essential. Meeting regulations separates the experts from the fakes.36:46 - Fitness and Business - Pushing yourself in the gym can make you a better entrepreneur.40:34 - Setting Goals - Set realistic goals adding up to major impact. Reverse engineer the success you ultimately want to achieve.“When you educate people on your products, it's so much easier to sell.” - Gary RobertsConnect with Gary:Pure Body Zen CBDAbout Callye Keen And Red Blue Collective:Through collaboratively developing and manufacturing 100s of products, Callye Keen saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework. Callye coaches physical product entrepreneurs from idea through development, manufacturing, launch, and growth.Callye has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and run successful incubator programs. He has sold millions in products and services each year for more than a decade. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world.  Learn more about Growing Your Product Business at Red Blue Collective.


10 Mar 2021

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EP 4: Pam and Gary Roberts — Healing Holistically After Loss

Working For A Dream

How do you channel loss into purpose, and how can healing be gleaned from that sense of purpose? These are among the questions that Pam and Gary Roberts had to explore upon losing their daughter — who, after a car accident, struggled with an addiction to opioids and pain medication — at age 27.  Their daughter’s experience in Florida rehab facilities — where Pam and Gary say patients were ping-ponged, by design, between rehab and halfway houses as part of a “terrible cycle” — opened their eyes to the need for more holistic addiction treatments. And as a firefighter and crossfitter, Gary saw similar needs for natural antidotes to pain in his personal and professional communities. That’s why today, the couple is finding healing both for themselves and others through the medicinal uses of hemp, cannabis and CBD.  As the owners of Pure Body Zen, Pam and Gary bring superior-quality CBD to U.S. markets. As the hosts of the Pure Body Zen Podcast, they fight misinformation and myths about these natural substances and shed light on their medicinal value. And as the founders of Promises Recovery Center, they’re exploring the ways that CBD can be used, in combination with exercise, nutrition and vocational training, to heal from addiction. On this episode of the Working For a Dream Podcast, Patrick, Pam and Gary talk about learning from loss, ending the stigma surrounding CBD and making healing a part of your daily life. What You’ll Learn: How CBD can help rebuild your brain and body Why we need better alternatives to addiction recovery today How to handle adversity, in life and at work And much more! Favorite Quote: “You’re still going to go through tough times. It doesn’t mean that life is over. You always will go through tough times… Whatever adversity we have, go with it. It’s not going to be all day, every hour. It’s going to be at that moment. So take it, swallow it and move on.” — Gary Roberts How to Get Involved: Connect with Pam and Gary:  Gary’s Instagram Pam’s Instagram Pure Body Zen Podcast Purebodyzen.com Connect with Patrick:  LinkedIn Facebook Instagram


15 Feb 2021

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Spittin' Chiclets Episode 281: Featuring Gary Roberts

Spittin Chiclets

On Thursday’s episode of Spittin’ Chiclets, the guys are joined by Gary Roberts. Gary joins (48:02) to discuss life after hockey, his 1st retirement then miraculous return to hockey and winning the Stanley cup. The guys also discuss the new franchise the Seattle Kraken and if they like the name or not. The fellas then break down the current situation with the Arizona Coyotes followed by their Western Conference Preview. The boys wrap up with some golf talk and a farewell to our friend Eddie Shack.

2hr 9mins

30 Jul 2020

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#12: Sylvie Tetrault: How to train & nourish athletes, working alongside Gary Roberts, being a female in a male dominated industry.

The Offseason Podcast

This episode I chat with the extremely knowledgeable Sylvie Tetrault. She works with some of the best athletes out there and is right hand to Gary Roberts. We discuss being a female in a male dominated industry, how important analytics are, and her in depth understanding of the recovery process. Sylvie has such a passion for performance and recovery and is also doing everything in her power for female athletes. This was an awesome chat with a girl I look up to in the field. 

1hr 4mins

29 Jun 2020