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Episode 171: Letting go of shoulds and comparisons with Amanda McKinney

Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast

In today’s episode, Alisha is having a conversation with marketing MavenAmanda McKinney about letting go of comparison, releasing the shoulds, and finding the balance between intuition and research in marketing.Check out more from Amanda Here: https://www.amandamckinney.com/on Instagram Here: https://www.instagram.com/theamandamckinney/Join the Party by registering for the June 30th (in person) book launch soiree here: https://www.yokeandabundance.com/one-time-mentorship-session/wise-women-panel-international-womens-day-jypmbThis week’s Sponsor is Fike + Co. Connecting People and Culture! https://fikeandco.com/Do you have questions you want me to answer on the show? Email me at awielfaert@yokeandabundance.comIf you love the Yoke and Abundance Wise Women Podcast Consider Supporting us through Patreon. 


16 Jun 2022

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Ep 7: How to Coach Your Multi-Passionate Clients with Amanda McKinney

Multi-Passionate Mastery

Are you in the coaching industry? Have you ever hired a coach or been a member of a coaching program? If so, chances are you have either had a multi-passionate client or you’re a multi-passionate who wants to be sure that your coach understands YOU as the client! The language and strategies used are so important when coaching multi-passionates, especially if you want to avoid making them feel like they’re “all over the place.” In this episode of the Multi-Passionate Mastery Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of understanding your multi-passionate clients and actionable steps you can take right now to tweak your language so you can better relate to your clients and create more impactful results.You’ll listen in on an interview that originally aired on the  Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast with Amanda McKinney where we chat about:Learning how to speak in a language that your multi-passionate client can understand. The power of using analogies when talking to creative people. A deep dive into “Seasons of Focus” and why that language is so supportive to multi-passionates.   Plus I share how to know if a coach is right for YOU if you're multi-passionate.If you enjoyed this episode, take a screenshot to post in your stories and tag me (@joi.knows.how), I love hearing from you!  And as always, if you’re enjoying the podcast, please take the time to leave a review and a 5-star rating.⬇️ SHOW NOTES ⬇️Join my Love Letter List! You'll get my "What Joi Knows" newsletter at the end of each month sharing no-fluff life advice for multi-passionates and a roundup of things I'm loving, as well as updates anytime a new podcast episode airs. PLUS get notified about any new offerings before anyone else. 😉🥰 Connect with Joi on Instagram⭐️ How to leave a review🎧 Listen to the original Interview on the Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast with Amanda McKinneyFor all things podcast related, please visit https://multipassionatemastery.comAccess the automated transcript HEREDon't forget to check out my new FREE TRAINING: How to Bring Your Ideas to Life on a Completely Stress-Free Timeline


2 Feb 2022

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238: How to Host a Yoga Challenge with Amanda McKinney

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast 238: How to Host a Yoga Challenge with Amanda McKinney Description: One of the main questions that is often asked in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group is “How do I get more students to sign up for my classes?” A common and effective way that you might build your yoga student roster, your email list or a Facebook group is by hosting a yoga challenge. Amanda McKinney has a lot of experience in hosting challenges, and she joins Shannon Crow in this episode to share her 10 step process to successfully host a yoga challenge. Amanda McKinney is a marketing coach who is passionate about helping yoga teachers find the tools and the confidence within themselves to build a thriving yoga business. She couples her background in marketing and years of experience in the corporate world with her knowledge and love of yoga to help yoga teachers create sustainable businesses they enjoy through the Marketing Yoga with Confidence podcast, online courses and the Thrive membership program. Yoga challenges can come in all shapes and forms. Amanda explains what a yoga challenge really is, and how it can help grow your yoga business. She also outlines her tried-and-tested 10 step program to help you put together a successful yoga challenge. Whether you’ve been running challenges for years, or have never done a challenge with your audience, you’re sure to get some useful tips to ensure your next challenge is a huge success. Key Takeaways: [3:06] Shannon introduces her guest for this episode - Amanda McKinney. [4:25] Shannon gives a shout out to Schedulicity. [8:52] What is a yoga challenge, and why or when would we use one? [11:27] Challenges can range from 3 days to a month long! [12:32] Challenges are great because they can kickstart engagement in your community, and they are shareable! [14:53] Step 1: Decide on the topic you want to focus on. [15:32] Amanda shares her thoughts on having a yoga teacher training be the paid offering at the end of a challenge. [16:49] If you're planning to promote classes at a yoga studio at the end of a challenge, be sure to check in with the studio about running the challenge! [17:42] Step 2: Map out the details of the challenge like the dates, the goals, how you're going to deliver it. [23:59] Step 3: Outline all of the content. [27:04] Step 4: Create a pre-challenge to-do list. [31:03] Step 5: Write out a "during the challenge" to-do list. [38:37] Step 6: Get everything you've planned onto your calendar. [41:06] Step 7: Actually do the work, and follow the plan you've created! [43:37] Step 8: Promote your challenge. [45:04] Step 9: Host your challenge. [47:29] Step 10: Invite people to the paid offering. [50:41] Amanda has prepared all the resources to get your own challenge off the ground with Yoga Challenge in a Box - check it out. [56:04] Will you be running a yoga challenge soon? Tell us all about it in The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook group! [57:08] Shannon leaves us with an action step for this episode. How to Host a Yoga Challenge with Amanda McKinney Pre-Challenge - What's the goal? What do you want people to do at the end of this? Be on your email list? Join your Facebook group? Sign up for your paid offering? Decide your topic Decide your details Outline the content Write the pre-challenge to-do list Write the "during the challenge" to-do list Get everything on the calendar Do the work - follow the plan Promote your challenge Host your challenge Invite people to the paid offering Links: Amanda McKinney Amanda McKinney on Instagram Amanda McKinney’s Offers on The Connected Yoga Teacher website Yoga Challenge in a Box  Thrive Membership Confident Yoga Marketing Online Course Hosting a Yoga Challenge with Amanda McKinney Live Video Big Bear Bald Eagle Nest Live Stream Schedulicity (Coupon Code: CYT2MONTHS) The Connected Yoga Teacher Facebook Group Native-Land.ca Gratitude to our Sponsors Schedulicity and the Accessible Yoga Conference. Quotes from this episode: "A challenge is something where you walk your students through small, tiny steps to either give them some relief to solve a problem or to give them the experience of working with you." "The health of your email list is a direct indication of the health of your business." "We make it so complicated, but it actually needs to be so simple... You want people to think about, how can I take this action, whatever that action is, in 15 minutes or less a day." "Once you run a challenge one time, 90% of the work is done for you. All you have to do, even if it's a different challenge, is use what you've already done and adapt it." "If it's scheduled, it will happen." "If you're creating this amazing party, people have to be invited to it or they don't know what's happening."


20 Sep 2021

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Yakima With Liberty – Episode 3 (Amanda McKinney, Brandon Truhler)

Yakima With Liberty

My name is Liberty McLean, thanks for checking out my podcast. I am your host for Yakima with Liberty. I am a licensed realtor here in the Yakima Valley at Keller Williams.  My podcast is about all things Yakima.  Check back often for the newest episodes as we’ll talk to experts in housing, agriculture, our wine and beer tourism and even help you on how to buy and sell homes in Yakima. Yakima is the place to invest in and I’m happy to help show you the how and why!


3 Aug 2020

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86 – Dr. Amanda McKinney – Planetary Health

The Desert Sanctuary

Dr. Amanda McKinney is a physician with a passion for Lifestyle Medicine and environmental issues who recognizes the intimate relationship between our food and the health of both humans and the planet. She is both a Fellow and a member of the Board of Directors of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and is a Certified Physician Executive. She founded the Institute of Human and Planetary Health to improve human health by transforming medical education and healthcare delivery and creating healthy, resilient communities. Creating a culture of healthy food, grown sustainably, will have a positive impact human and planetary health. Amanda is my personal friend. If you ever need information about the status of the planet or if you have ever considered fixing your health issues through lifestyle (especially your diet), Amanda is not only a board certfied physician, she is also a teacher and life-long learner. And, she is a really great human being! Connect with Amanda: The Institute of Human and Planetary Health A & A Apothecary Facebook _________________________________________________________ Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow https://ratethispodcast.com/thedesertsanctuaryMessage us at any time if you have questions: karl4hand@gmail.com or Laura at lauraforehand64@gmail.comFind me on TwitterSee our new Facebook Page: The Desert SanctuaryBook, Apparent Faith: What Fatherhood Taught Me About the Father’s Heart Support us on Patreon! Here is the link if you want to help. If you cannot help, I appreciate your love and support https://www.patreon.com/thedesertsanctuary Thank you for your friendship!

17 Jul 2020

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Money & Marketing Mindset for Yoga Business Owners with Amanda McKinney

The Blissful Biz with Susanne Rieker

Do you sometimes tell yourself things like “I don’t like selling” or “I’m bad at marketing”? If yes, you should stop that kind of talk right now. In this week’s episode in the Blissful Biz podcast Amanda McKinney joins me for some straight talk. We talk about money mindset, why for some reason "marketing" is thought about as a negative thing by so many yoga teachers and how to make a mindset shift when it comes to money and marketing mindset. Amanda is a marketing coach for yoga teachers herself and the host of the Marketing Yoga with Confidence podcast. I’m so excited for you to meet Amanda and I hope you enjoy this episode!What you’ll discover in this episode:The challenges Amanda faced when she started her businessWhat to do when you are scared of selling and how to overcome your money storyHow to charge what you’re worth and why you should charge for your online classesHow we plan our days and tasks with Asana, our favorite project management toolWhy you should stop selling and start inviting your peopleFollow Amanda:Website:  https://www.marketingyogawithconfidence.com/Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast: https://www.marketingyogawithconfidence.com/podcast5 Minute Marketing Challenge: https://www.marketingyogawithconfidence.com/5minutesResources mentioned:You Are A Badass at Making Money: https://www.amazon.com/You-Are-Badass-Making-Money/dp/0735222975Get Paid Podcast: https://clairepells.com/category/podcast/The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin: https://www.amazon.com/Four-Tendencies-Indispensable-Personality-Profiles/dp/B071L426J6/Thank you for listening!✨ Read the full blog post: https://www.susannerieker.com/money-marketing-mindset-for-yoga-business-owners-with-amanda-mckinney✨ If you liked this episode, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts – your review helps spread the word about the show and I read each and every single one.✨ Never miss a new episode and subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.✨ If you want to give me feedback or want to be a guest on my show, please get in touch.✨ Share your biggest takeaway on Instagram stories - just be sure to tag @susannerieker so I can see them.✨ To learn more about how to work with me one-on-one, my courses and membership or to get instant access to freebies, templates, workshops and more go to www.susannerieker.com right now. 🙏❤️


12 May 2020

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165: Offer Online Yoga Masterclass with Shannon Crow & Amanda McKinney

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast

The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast 165: Offer Online Yoga Masterclass with Shannon Crow & Amanda McKinney Description: Living in this crisis state of the global COVID-19 pandemic is becoming our new normal, and as yoga teachers, we are all trying to adapt. More of us are switching to offering yoga online, and this can be a challenge to most, if not all of us. Recently, Shannon got together with her biz bestie Amanda McKinney to host a masterclass on the topic of offering online yoga. This is a replay of that masterclass in which Shannon and Amanda answer some of the questions they were receiving from yoga teachers who wanted to know how to get online and teach online in a really quick way. On this episode, Shannon and Amanda outline the first steps to get started in taking your yoga online and offering yoga to your students virtually. Regardless of whether you’ve never done a live video on a social media platform or you’ve had some experience on video and want to offer group or 1:1 lessons on Zoom, or you want to go to the next level by putting your videos on YouTube - this episode is for you. Key Takeaways: [7:35] Shannon introduces the topic for this episode - a masterclass about offering yoga online. [9:12] Offering yoga online is all about taking it step-by-step, starting with what you have. [10:16] Level 1 - If you've never worked with video before, this is where you can start. [11:24] Where should you start? Amanda recommends starting with live videos for a variety of reasons. [13:06] Shannon has some tips about going live. [16:56] Level 2 - You've worked with video before and are more comfortable with it, but you're looking for an option to work with students either 1:1 or in a group setting. This is where you can use Zoom. [18:36] Shannon highlights how useful having a recording of your classes can be. [21:50] How can you use Apple TV with Zoom? [25:10] Should you be offering yoga for free or charging the same? [28:01] Amanda suggests finding a partner to practice with Zoom before launching it to your students. [31:50] What tech should you use to take your yoga classes online? Use what you have! [33:59] The next level is using YouTube, which can be a fantastic resource. [37:58] There are many benefits to YouTube but you have to decide what's best for your students right now. [39:16] Shannon shares some of the feedback from yoga teachers who have started teaching online after this Masterclass. [41:50] Shannon shares more about her new idea, The Connected Yoga Teacher Collective (TCYT Collective). Links: Amanda McKinney Voxer Teach Online Yoga - Full Replay of Zoom Masterclasses + PDF Downloads 5 Day Video Challenge The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 086: Live Video for Yoga Teachers with Ian Gray list of resources Zoom Zoom Demo video Q&A About Zoom Resource page from Amanda's website - Marketing: Email to Students 161: Get Your Yoga Online in 48 Hours with Jennie MacGoy Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast Ep. 20: How to build a YouTube audience - with Trena Little The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast Episode 164: Deepen Your Yoga Practice with Barrie Risman TCYT Collective - Facebook Live TCYT Collective - Market Research Find a Live and Online Yoga Class Gratitude to our Sponsor Schedulicity Quotes from this episode: "Start free, and start where you're comfortable." - Shannon "What people really want is connection." - Shannon "Don't assume that your students don't know anything about technology." - Amanda "We do things for free all the time, but make sure that you are also taking care of your business as well." - Amanda "Use what you have to figure out what you need." - Amanda


20 Apr 2020

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5 Steps for Marketing Your Online Offerings with Amanda McKinney

Mastering the Business of Yoga

This week on the podcast I am re-joined by Amanda McKinney from Marketing Yoga with Confidence. On this episode, Amanda and I are going through the 4 steps plus the pre-step to marketing and launching your online offerings! Once you've created courses, programs or memberships, it's important to make sure that you get them out into the world so that people can purchase them, and Amanda will walk you through a few simple steps to make this happen. As we continue to dive into this crazy online world during the COVID-19 health crisis, I hope that this can help you step back and get more strategic with marketing your offerings to your students. Enjoy! This week's episode is brought to you by OfferingTree and BeYogi! OfferingTree has been supporting MBOM for close to a year now and I not only love the product, but I also love the people! OfferingTree is providing special pricing for MBOM listeners so be sure to visit offeringtree.com/mbom to receive the discount. This episode is brought to you by BeYogi. If you are in yoga teacher training, a full-time teacher, or a part-time teacher, beYogi has the best-rated yoga liability insurance to keep you covered in the event an injury happens. Teacher training students can get full coverage for just $25, and for the MBOm audience they are offering an exclusive deal for $20 off professional coverage. That’s just $139 if you are part-time. Go to beYogi.com/mbom to make sure you get this discount. That is beYogi dot com slash MBOM. And if you’re not in the market for yoga insurance, they publish 2 articles per week about the business of yoga. I’m on their newsletter because of how great the content is, so I definitely recommend you subscribe. If you are a yoga teacher who is uninsured or considering switching providers, I 100% recommend beYogi. Again, to get the exclusive $20 off MBOM discount go to beYogi.com/mbom.


6 Apr 2020

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120: How To Do More Of What You Love w/ Amanda McKinney

Curious Monki | Yoga, Spirituality + Wellness

Inspiration and actionable exercises to figure out what you actually want to be doing (aka. what your passion is) and how to do more of it. Amanda McKinney, marketing coach for yoga teachers, went from having a business that felt lackluster to creating one where she loves every single project and every single client.  She had to take some leaps and make some hard choices, but ultimately she kept following what she actually liked doing and found more of it in her life.  This isn't just applicable to owning a business or your career.  This is something to apply to your entire life so that you can wake up everyday excited about what you've filled it with!

1hr 2mins

2 Apr 2020

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Entrepreneurship, Productivity and Time Batching Your Life with Amanda McKinney

Balance Your Life

On this episode we talk about how being laid off from her corporate career lead her on this path of entrepreneurship, what to do when the Universe doesn’t align with your plans, what we can do about it, and what signs we should be looking for. We also chat about navigating the unknown and debunking the “hustle” mentality, how to make yourself and your needs a priority, and how to time batch your day for optimal performance and how to get the most tasks done.

1hr 10mins

27 Jan 2020