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45 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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45 of The Best Podcast Episodes for John Robinson. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about John Robinson, often where they are interviewed.

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Episode 72 John Robinson IV Creator of Scorpio, Beyond the IV Wall and Green Lantern podcaster.

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John Robinson IV is an incredible comic book creator, podcaster and writer. We talk Indy comics, comic books, some tips and podcasts for writers. Come join the conversation.


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Aug 21 2020 · 1hr 18mins
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Empower Podcast – Education and Youth Development with John Robinson

Aug 18 2020 · 34mins

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12: Dr. John Robinson: Board Certified Naturopathic Genius

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Introducing Dr. John Robinson of the Hormone Zone in this episode. He played a critical role in helping me recover from adrenal dysfunction and got my hormones back on track. This is the first of many episodes with this endocrine wizard who thinks outside the box.

Jun 30 2020 · 35mins
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Sons of Ball Talk! | Special Guests: Jalen Hoyle and John Robinson IV

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Bergen County's Best! Bill is joined by lifelong friend and fellow Podcast Personality John Robinson IV from Ball Talkers and the "OG" Hokies 2021 Commit Jalen Hoyle to discuss his decision to get in the boat, Jersey roots, and workout regimen. 

Jun 25 2020 · 40mins

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069: J. Rawls (feat. John Robinson)

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Great episode this week as Jay ARE = (Dr. J Rawls + John Robinson) swing by the podcast to discuss how and why Hip-Hop culture is the dominant culture among the students, in our schools. In their book, released last year, entitled Youth Culture Power, J Rawls and John Robinson,  argue that Hip-Hop culture could be useful in building relationships and building student engagement. I focus on that and the music as Youth Culture Power (the album) is jazz-infused hip-hop tracks over which the emcees rhyme poetic on the state of educating inner city youth today. We go over J Rawl's upbringing, to getting placed on a Black Star album in the 90's to his current projects along with John Robinson, as we list the many challenges discussed within; like culturally-biased standardized tests and the cutting of resources, but counter with a wealth of  solutions; like simply being attentive to the happenings of their lives. Music + education! Get learnt! Visit the website: https://www.bedroombeethovens.com/ Support the show on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bedroombeethovens

May 20 2020 · 41mins
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Interview with John Robinson, 100 Thieves President & COO

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The boys sit down with 100 Thieves President & COO John Robinson to take a deeper dive into the philosophy and approach of 100T from a business perspective. John tells us about their three main focuses, how an excellent core staff led the company to exceed early expectations, what he expects to happen in the VALORANT competitive scene, and even a hot take or two about traditional sports media.Follow John Robinson:https://twitter.com/rohnjobinsonhttps://twitch.tv/rohnjobinson TIMESTAMPS:1:03 - John Robinson joins 100Talk3:28 - An overview of John’s role as President and COO7:07 - Acquiring the talent needed to build 100 Thieves12:35 - The three pillars of 100T - apparel, esports, and entertainment16:48 - The evolution of apparel from seed of org to another expression of the brand19:37 - Weighting the value of the three pillars23:14 - The Cash App Compound and importance of physical spaces to digital content30:50 - JBL sponsorship and what this signals about the 100T partnership strategy35:35 - Bridging esports and traditional sports - converting vs growing an audience44:25 - Expectations of VALORANT and forming a team for a game that isn’t out yet51:55 - John Robinson: Twitch Streamer58:20 - Wrap up
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May 05 2020 ·
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Dope Folks: John Robinson IV of Scorpio & IVWall on Writing, Comics, Novels & More! | NERDSoul

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New Music From ARCKATRON At http://arckatron.com

Sup ya'll! We got some Dope Folks to meet! John Robinson IV of Scorpio & IVWall on on Writing, Comics, Novels and more right here with us!

Dope Folks: John Robinson IV of Scorpio & IVWall on Writing, Comics, Novels & More! | NERDSoulCovering:#NERDSoul #RockDaSpot

John Robinson - Scorpiohttps://twitter.com/IVWallhttps://instagram.com/sceritz

Also:John Robinson IV, Scorpio, IVWall, John Robinson IV Scorpio, John Robinson IV IVWall, Comics, Dope Folks, StreetGeek, ThatNERDSoul, NERDSoul, OneYoungsta,

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ABOUT NERDSoul:NERDSoul, by Le Ill Kid @OneYoungsta, is that intangible fresh--that 70's soul mixed with comics, some sci-fi fantasy, movie geekery, topped off with the Golden Era of Hip Hop. I've developed NERDSoul over the years as a StreetGEEK, unknowingly by loving Wu-Tang, Justice League, Star Wars, Stevie Wonder and playing D&D after school. NERDSoul comes from that StreetGEEK that can chop it up with the best, while being up on game around the block and Pop Culture.

NERDSoul is created by Executive Entrepreneur Michael Young IIA/V Production by: A Full Tang Design http://afulltang.design

Rest in Power Ali Thievez & Kleph Dollaz. Much Love My Brothas.

Apr 26 2020 · 28mins
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The Day They Let Bernard Leave, by John Robinson

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In which our hero... well... gets to leave.

Apr 20 2020 · 27mins
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Episode 16 (John Robinson Interview)

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In this Episode 16 of Out Da Box Talks, hosts Cril and A-Level start the show off by discussing the topic "Has hustle and business success become more rewarded than conscious subject matter in Hip Hop?" A conversation they dissect from the standpoint of having a passion for the artform of Hip Hop music.  During the full remainder of the show they talk with Emcee "John Robinson" about his journey as an Artist/ business man and how he's been able to keep his integrity throughout the years with his artistry.  John Robinson also gives insight on the importance of Ownership and Enterprising within Hip Hop and drops a number of jewels about being successful going the independent artist route.  This was a very in-depth interview and we really are grateful for J.R. granting us this special phone interview.  Take a listen now. We certainly hope you are inspired!

For questions or suggestions on guests you'd like to hear on our show please don't hesitate to reach out at Outdaboxradiorep@gmail.com. We'd love to hear your perspective about our show.

Feb 28 2020 · 1hr 57mins
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Episode 88 || Why I, Joshua John Robinson, Should Be Watching AEW (w/Queen)

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This week Kevin is out so Josh is joined by the always wonderful Queen (@TheQueenOfNE) and on this edition of #wRestlingReverb, Queen presents to me the FIVE reasons why I should be watching AEW! I have not been quiet about the fact that AEW hasn't been the place for me but Queen is the special co-host this week to change that! Can she sell me on AEW? 

PLUS we chat Edge's return, Charlotte Flair, #Wrestlemania, the XFL and a huge SNEAK PEAK at the MARCH 4 #TheJoshRobinson00Reveal!  

All links: linktr.ee/joshrobinson00

Follow us on Twitter: @JoshRobinson00 @TheQueenOfNE

Feb 21 2020 · 1hr 31mins