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Learning To Love The Ups And Downs To Build Long Term, Sustainable Success With Kate Sutton, founder of Uberkate

The Productpreneur Success Podcast

Today I am talking to a true pioneer in the world of eCommerce, the founder of Uberkate, Kate Sutton.  I’m so excited to bring you this interview as Kate truly opens up about her journey of creating an award-winning personalised and gemstone jewellery brand over 18 years.  There are so many important lessons that Kate shares but what resonated most with me was her experience in creating a long term successful business is not about having quick wins or finding the one thing that works. It’s about resilience and always trying new things, taking on what works and learning the lessons from what doesn’t. It’s about falling in love with the everyday of your business, the good and the bad.  After 18 years in the online space (before internet shopping was even a thing!) Kate knows a thing or two about marketing her business and in this episode, she shares what has made the most impact with her brand: Storytelling and Connection.  "Storytelling is definitely part of being human, and I think it's probably the most important and powerful platform that we can use as marketers." In today’s episode Kate shares: How self-doubt as a business owner is completely natural  How she’s transitioned her brand and business over the years Turning failures into lessons Taking advantage of exporting to a global market but keeping it simple The importance of outsourcing and not holding back your business by doing everything yourself The power of storytelling and connection and why you need to be putting yourself out and sharing your brand story Listen as Kate shares her journey of how she learnt to love the ups and downs of business and build Uberkate into a long term, sustainable success.


25 May 2021

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A conversation with Kate Sutton Johnson

Conversations from the Barn

Kate is a Creative Director and Designer specializing in environmental, exhibit, and stage design for both live events and permanent installations. At the time of this conversation, she is finishing a week in the Artist Retreat with long-time collaborator and director Peter Rothstein. We talk about what it feels like to create in the barn, as well as her connection to nature and beauty. 


7 Aug 2020

Similar People

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EP#6 Kate Sutton / starting your own business, work life balance, organisation tips, support network

Best version of YOU

On this weeks episode we are joined by Kate Sutton (Owner of little kj). We discuss all things, starting your own business, work life balance, organisation tips and much more. we hope you enjoy xx


26 Jul 2020

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Shecan talk - E4 Kate Sutton

Shecan talk - Art podcast

Discussing work of illustrator Kate Sutton 


17 May 2020

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Kate Sutton Kruchell - November In My Soul

Raven Narratives

As a teenager, Kate must contend with the reality of losing her mother, and how it will shape her life going forward.


19 Apr 2020

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E29: Kate Sutton

Neighbors Of Raleigh

Armed with a velvet blue couch and cupcake pillow, Kate challenges our relationships with food and some widely held beliefs about health. As an LPC certified in Health at Any Size, and Intuitive Eating principles, Kate’s counseling practice focuses on eating disorders and body image. We discuss the importance of being kind to ourselves, and fighting back against the negative messaging from the $70 Billion diet and wellness industry.  Moving across the southeast and back and forth across America was a significant part of Kate’s childhood. The constant change, and loss of her father, nurtured both a helpful adaptability and coping strategies she's had to unlearn. She began her career as a play therapist with grieving children and two years ago opened her own practice with a focus on eating disorders and body image on Hillsborough St near NC State University. Kate provides a lot of perspective and information for people interested in learning more. And really, who doesn’t have someone in their lives that skips meals, excessively exercises, or thinks losing weight will make them happy? We even play a word association game with common “diet culture” words near the end. Be kind. Be kind to yourself, and be kind to others.


3 Nov 2019

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Ep. 13 Belonging to Yourself in a World That Wants You to Conform with Guest Kate Sutton, MSEdS, LPC

We're Not Weighting's podcast

On today's episode of the podcast we have Kate Sutton, MSEdS, LPC. We talk about fighting diet culture, recovering from eating disorders and learning to belong to yourself in a world that wants you to be like everyone else. Find out more about Kate and her practice at www.counselorkate.com Be sure to follow Kate on Instagram, www.instagram.com/counselorkate Kate mentioned this book on the show, The Body is Not an Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor https://amzn.to/2Xq76kq


18 Mar 2019

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#2 - Kate Sutton on National Identity in a Global Art World

The Artword Podcast

American writer and curator Kate Sutton has been regular contributor to artforum.com for a decade. For a long period of time she lived in Moscow and today she is based in Zagreb.  Consequently, she has written about many artists located outside of places oftentimes describe as art centres, like London and New York. She mentions a couple of artist, among them Taus Makhacheva from Dagestan.http://www.theartword.com


14 Jun 2018

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Ep #3 Kate Sutton is the Uber in Uberkate! Nice.

Mums with Bright Ideas

Kate has had a passion  for jewellery ever since she was a little girl. But it was a twist of fate at her role at Channel 9 that paved the way for a highly successful, global business. She is the face and name behind Uberkate and creator of the innovative Ubercircles personalised jewellery. Hear how and why she started, what it's like to employ and fire your husband and some tips on how to grow your business!


16 Jun 2017