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Evangelist pat Robinson Reason he Pretended to Denounce Police violence.

Chillin With Teddy G

“700 Club” host Pat Robertson said Thursday that police officers have “got to stop this stuff” while reacting to the killings of Daunte Wright and George Floyd, as well as the pepper-spraying of Army Lieutenant Caron Nazario.--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/Teddy-G/support


8 May 2021

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EU096: Ordinary Unschooling with Anna Brown and Pat Robinson

Exploring Unschooling

Anna Brown and Pat Robinson join me to chat about ordinary unschooling. They have both always unschooled their children—Anna’s daughters are about to turn 18 and 20, and Pat’s son is 16 years old. We talk about the idea of “unschooling success stories,” the impact of the conventional “independence agenda” which starts very young in our culture, the incredible value of ordinary unschooling days, and lots more! Quote of the Week “I just want to take my moment here to encourage everybody to think about how we communicate with young people and instead of asking about school or college or life plans, talk about their favorite book or show, or have they been to any good restaurants or do they have a favorite place to hike, how their week’s going. Anything that actually connects you with the actual person standing in front of you.” ~ Anna Brown Questions for Anna and Pat You have both been on the podcast before, so let’s just do a quick recap for new listeners. How many children do you have and how long has your family been unschooling? There’s a tendency for people new to the idea of unschooling to seek out “success stories” in an effort to “prove” to themselves that unschooling is a viable option before they make the leap. That’s understandable. But the challenge with that is, it can set up expectations on our children to “find their passion,” or “start a business at 15” etc. I saw a quote the other day, “Homeschooling is private school for poor people!” That attitude can make life challenging for unschooling kids, can’t it? I think a big part of this issue revolves around how we choose to define success. That question was definitely part of my deschooling process because when we define success more conventionally, by accomplishments, that can be at odds with the unschooling lifestyle we’re trying to cultivate. How do you guys define “success” nowadays? So, let’s talk about ordinary days and ordinary people. Unschooling parents and unschooling kids going about their ordinary days. When we redefine “success,” we see so much more goodness all around us, don’t we? I also want to touch on the unschooling kids who are doing things that look more conventionally successful. I think what’s so different is the entire unschooling ethos within which they are living. They are choosing the things they do, not because they can be successful at them, but because they are interested in them. It’s not about having others see them as “successful,” or being judged “better than others.” It’s not about what others think at all. It’s all about their personal aspirations and goals. It takes some unschooling experience for parents to understand this though, doesn’t it? Another thing I’d like to talk about, which is another aspect of conventional expectations that are so often tossed about, is when teens turn 18. It seems to be such a significant age for so many parents. Right there behind a child hitting “school age.” And even if you’ve been unschooling for years, when your first child approaches 18, you may find new concerns popping up around this. Or you might find others are starting to share their opinions with you. Have you found this? Links to Things Mentioned in the Show Anna’s website, Choosing Connection Pat’s Facebook page, Heal Thyself, and her group, Heal Thyself Q&A Episode Transcript Read the transcript here


2 Nov 2017

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EU086: Unschooling an Only Child with Deb Rossing and Pat Robinson

Exploring Unschooling

Deb Rossing and Pat Robinson are unschooling moms I’ve known online for many years and have also met in person at unschooling conferences. This episode came about because I’ve had a few listeners suggest the topic of unschooling an only child, but since I have three kids I don’t have much experience to share on this particular topic, so I’m excited they both agreed to chat about it! Quote of the Week “I don’t think it’s better with an only child, it’s just different than having siblings.” ~ Pat Robinson Questions for Deb and Pat Can you each share with us a bit about you and your family and how you discovered unschooling? What did your family’s move to unschooling look like? Since an only child spends their home time hanging out with adults, did you worry about them having the opportunity to socialize with other kids? If so, did you do anything to address that? At home with an only child, you are, in essence, your child’s only playmate. Did you feel that way often? Were there times when they wanted to play or do things you didn’t enjoy? If so, how did you handle those moments? As parents of an only child, you are the people they come to for engagement—to share their thoughts, play their games, express their emotions and so on. I imagine that can sometimes feel overwhelming. Can you share some of the ways you found to keep yourself refreshed and energized? At this point, what has been the most surprising thing about your unschooling journey? Links to Things Mentioned in the Show Rick Rossing’s episode, EU010: Unschooling Dads with Rick Rossing Pat’s friend’s resources: Mothering magazine, Bradley birth method Pat read The Continuum Concept Deb’s on Facebook Pat’s Facebook group, Heal Thyself Episode Transcript Read the transcript here

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24 Aug 2017

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HP5 (with Pat Robinson)


This broomstick ride got wild. We start to reach our breaking point at hour 15 of the HP marathon. Rapper, playwright, philanthropist Pat Robinson comes on the show to put JK Rowling on blast, and the boys discuss the Cho Chang makeout in DEPTH.


8 Feb 2016

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How to be Healed by God - Pat Robinson

Jesus Christ is here NOW!

One of my favorites teaching/testimonies/interviews on healing.  Refreshing look on healing by one who actually seen many supernatural things - Pat Robinson.  He reflects on healing by Jesus.  This is an only extract of the first 40 minutes from "Be Healed" from www.cbn.com. Recommend getting the entire teaching - very good.


23 Mar 2015

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ASH 25 - Herbalife, the Chiefs and Pat Robinson

Agnostic Salvation Hour

We cover a wide range of topics this episode, including a brief discussion about Herbalife. It should be noted that I have nothing against Herbalife products or their business model, but I do have serious issues with their near cult like indoctrination methods. At the end of this episodes are a few minutes from the previous weeks aborted effort to record a show (we had severe technical issues). Feel free to listen to us on iTunes as well.

1hr 32mins

30 Sep 2011