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3 Steps to Manifesting Love —Big Talk With Jennifer Meyer

Dear Gabby

Today’s Dear Gabby will teach you how to attract love—and have fun while doing it! Jennifer Meyer is not only a high-vibe jewelry designer … She's about to become your spiritual teacher and love coach! In this Big Talk, Jen explains how to turn a divorce or breakup into a beautiful act of love. And, she shares her three-step method for manifesting NEW love. Change is tough, but as Jen says: your hardest days are “when the good sh– starts to happen.” Listen to this and watch the love in your life expand.   Jennifer Meyer is the most high-vibe designer on the planet! She infuses her fine-jewelry designs with hearts, evil eyes and good luck charms, so that anyone wearing them feels protected. Follow her on Instagram here.    Get more Gabby:   Learning my attachment style is the #1 thing that improved my relationships and helped me attract love—faster than anything else… Take this free quiz to reveal your attachment style. https://bit.ly/3pjQ6eA If you feel you need additional support, please refer to this list of safety, recovery and mental health resources. I’m proud of you for being here. https://bit.ly/3QIbBBz This podcast is intended to educate, inspire and support you on your personal journey towards inner peace. I am not a psychologist or a medical doctor and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological  or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional. Our listeners get 10% off their first month at BetterHelp.com/deargabby. Step up your shoes and accessories this summer and get ready to be asked “Are those Rothy’s?” Plus, get $20 off your first purchase at rothys.com/GABBY. Your calm is your power, friends. To find yours go to moonjuice.com/Gabby and use code GABBY at checkout for 20% off. Stay well fueled this summer with Splendid Spoon. Get started today and save on an entire week of ready-made, plant-based meals. Just go to SplendidSpoon.com/GABBY for $50 off your first box when you subscribe. Produced by Dear Media. 


15 Aug 2022

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How to Speak Your Dreams Into Existence with Jennifer Meyer, Founder & Jewelry Designer


Owning one of the most well-known and celebrity-obsessed fine jewelry brands was never part of Jennifer Meyer’s plan. But if you ask us, becoming a designer was definitely part of her destiny.  After graduating with a degree in psychology, Jennifer landed an editorial job at Glamour magazine, eventually becoming a PR powerhouse for brands like Giorgio Armani and Ralph Lauren. However, after years of success something shifted. She unearthed a greater connection to her roots and decided it was time to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a jewelry designer—a secret wish Jennifer had fostered at age 6 when her artist grandmother taught her to make jewelry. Jennifer leaned into her creative vision and launched a namesake jewelry brand—one that would make Jennifer Meyer a household name. On this episode of WorkParty, I talk to Jennifer about her non-linear career path, pushing aside fear, and giving yourself permission to go for it—whatever it may be.   Sponsors:• MasterClass | Get unlimited access to EVERY MasterClass, and as a WorkParty listener, you get 15% off an annual membership! Go to masterclass.com/PARTY now. • Athletic Greens |  Visit athleticgreens.com/party to get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D and 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. Resources:• To join the WorkParty click HERE • To connect with Jennifer Meyer click HERE • To connect with Jaclyn Johnson click HERE • To follow along with Create & Cultivate click HERE • To check out Jennifer Meyer Jewelry click HERE • To submit your questions call the WorkParty Hotline: 1-(833)-57-PARTY (577-2789) Produced by Dear Media


4 May 2022

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Jennifer Meyer on How to Achieve Your Dreams Even When You're Afraid to Speak Them Out Loud

LEAVE YOUR MARK: Freshly Brewed Career Advice

Jennifer Meyer was rising in the world of celebrity public relations when her then-boyfriend asked her a straightforward question, "What do you want to do with your life?" The question would lead Jennifer to admit something that she had never uttered before, her secret dream of wanting to be a jewelry designer. She decided to pursue her dream, pushing aside the fear of what she didn't know and all the reasons why she couldn't succeed. Today, Jennifer Meyer is living her dream as one of Hollywood's favorite jewelry designers. In this episode, Jennifer shares her remarkable journey starting with the minute she graduated, and her Dad told her she had two weeks to get a job. She shares the importance of perseverance and following your dream, even if you don't think it's in your wheelhouse. According to Jennifer, if you have the confidence to bring your passions to the world, everything else can be figured out. Jennifer taught herself every aspect of her business, and her success reminds us that we all have a dream we are afraid to utter, so give yourself permission to say it out loud and go for it.


2 Jan 2022

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The Best Friends Episode (with Jennifer Meyer & Jamie Mizrahi)

The World's First Podcast with Erin & Sara Foster

This week, Erin and Sara are joined by their best friends, Jennifer Meyer and Jamie Mizrahi. They share the stories of how and why they became so close, what they value in each other, what they need to work on when it comes to their friendships, and more.Executive Producers: Erin Foster, Sara Foster, and Allison BresnickAssociate Producer: Montana McBirneyAudio Engineer: Josh WindischThis episode is sponsored by: Modern Fertility (www.modernfertility.com/foster)ZocDoc (www.zocdoc.com/foster)Squarespace (www.squarespace.com/foster)Daily Harvest (www.dailyharvest.com/foster)Athletic Greens (www.athleticgreens.com/foster)Home Economics (https://abc.com/shows/home-economics)

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23 Sep 2021

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The Devastating Effects of Bullying with Jennifer Meyer

Empowered Parenting for Emotional Wellness

Bullying takes many forms and can have long-lasting effects on a child. This episode features Jennifer Meyer, a therapist who counsels children and teens who suffer emotionally when they are abused. Jennifer also presents anti-bullying programs to area students. You will learn: 1. What causes bullying. 2. What is – and isn’t – considered bullying. 3. The emotional effects of bullying. 4. How kids can reclaim their power when they’re bullied. 5. What to teach our kids so they won’t bully. A study guide as well as all the resources related to this episode are available at hopefuldawn.com/archives Jennifer Meyer, M.A., is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), National Certified Counselor (NCC), and owner/CEO at Jennifer Meyer Counseling, LLC in Fort Collins, Colorado. She holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Northern Colorado with an emphasis in Clinical Counseling, as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Colorado State University. Jennifer is experienced at working with adults, adolescents, children, couples, and families. In addition to Jennifer’s direct experience with counseling clients, she has managed a counseling team, worked in corporate settings, served as a teaching assistant at CSU, and has served in leadership capacities at universities and on a preschool board. Jennifer has delivered anti-bullying presentations to middle school students in the summer Fashion FUNdamentals program at Colorado State University, and she enjoys counseling victims of abuse and bullying so that they can heal and rewrite their stories through an empowered, resilient lens. In addition to Jennifer’s role as a counselor, she is a parent and step-parent to three lively teenagers, and understands firsthand how challenging it can be to parent wholeheartedly and with a steady goal of instilling important values. She enjoys helping adult clients conquer parenting challenges and brings a fun but accountable approach to her work with adolescent clients. Jennifer also works with blended families, LGBTQ-identifying clients, and adults of all ages looking to improve their lives and overcome adversity, particularly those who have been in abusive relationships. Host Dawn Day has a BA in Psychology and has worked as a gifted/talented teacher, a counselor in a group home for emotionally disturbed boys, a tutor in a psychiatric hospital, and a video producer who has interviewed over 600 people in her career. She is a mother of three daughters, all of whom have suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts and attempts. She is the author of Helpless Night, Hopeful Dawn: Staying Positive and Proactive When Your Child is Suicidal. Ten percent of proceeds from the book will be distributed to anti-suicide programs through her Shine the Light Fund. Find out more about Dawn Day’s mission at www.hopefuldawn.com--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/dawn-day/support


21 Sep 2021

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The power of Perspective – Shifting our view of Challenges with Jennifer Meyer, Senior Director, UnitedHealth Group Center for Clinician Advancement

Menttium Matters

This week’s episode features a conversation with Jennifer Meyer, Senior Director with United Health Group at a very unique moment in time – the day before she steps away from her successful career, to take a professional sabbatical for the benefit of her family. Jennifer intentionally chose this timing to ensure she would be open and honest with her perspective on this life transition, in recognition of the reality that so many others are also facing changes and challenges. In a great example of a mentoring mentality, she decided to use this interview as an opportunity for others to hear that they are not alone on this journey. During this conversation Jennifer reflects on the fact that we are not meant to lead a pain-free life; and the hard won wisdom that can result when we choose to face the pain instead of looking away. And she shares her list of 4 P’s, which she credits for all of her success: People, Perspective, Patience, Perseverance.


25 Aug 2021

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Why community is essential to your well being. Interview with Jennifer Meyer.

Fueled by Gratitude

“The word community is, without question, central to human experience.Being part of an engaging community gives us a sense of belonging. It enables us to share personal relatedness and support perpetual growth of each other, ourselves and our environment.A community can be anything from a physical place where geographically people connect, or via a virtual space such as social media groups or private community platforms. Communities bring like-minded people together with similar characteristics and common interests. Every community operates with specific boundaries to meet the needs of that community.” Jennifer Meyer is an entrepreneur and founder of Tales of the Tribe community group. This community of women has been created for the purpose of developing and encouraging connections between women, by providing a safe and comfortable place to do so. We share success stories to inspire others along their own journey. We believe personal development is key to living a wholehearted and fulfilled life. We saw a need to have a cultivated and concise, searchable place where you may find strength in taking in stories from others having walked a similar walk, who share their successes, all while empowering you to live your best life. When we share our stories, it not only helps to heal us as the sharer, but it allows others to know it is fully acceptable to live into their truths as well. Disclaimer- No one in this group that is a member, admin or moderator has the ability to replace expert/professional services. We are solely a group of women empowering women. Males will only be allowed to join this group, if they are valued in the personal development space and are deemed trustworthy by the admin, to be a part of this safe environment.Join Tales of the Tribe here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TalesoftheTribe/IG: https://www.instagram.com/talesofthetribe/Join the M A D group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/302424694017465/


6 Jul 2021

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DIY Writer Podcast #8 Author Dr. Jennifer Meyer

Dark Signals

Dr. Jennifer Meyer is the author of Piss to Bliss. She explains how men and women have alternatives to not only Urinary Track Infections, but all sorts of ailments that can be treated using her methods.  Dr Jennifer Meyer lives in Cambridgeshire UK with her cats. She was born in the Auvergne in France and moved to England when she was nine. She is French and British but considers herself Worldwide. Her love of languages and cultures steered her to study at Cardiff University in Wales where she graduated with a Triple Honours Batchelor of Arts Degree in French, German, Spanish, and also has English TEFL. Book UK - https://amzn.to/2Rj5Y15 Book USA - https://amzn.to/2Rhq0Jm https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVHKRGdC7twLEVVIUMhkkxQ/ https://www.facebook.com/drjennifermeyer https://www.twitter.com/drjennifermeyer https://www.instagram.com/drjennifermeyer/ https://www.drjmeyer.com

1hr 2mins

20 Oct 2020

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PR Hangover, But Make It Advertising w/ Jennifer Meyer

PR Hangover

Programmatic Strategist Jennifer Meyer joins us to talk all things about her work at Havas Media and life in Chicago! From staying creative to advice for students, Jennifer shares her insight on being a young professional and staying up to date with advertising trends.We also sit down with Hannah Grant, GrandPR's firm editor, to discuss her position.


14 Oct 2020

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EP 50 - Jennifer Meyer (Jeweler) - An Outpouring of Love from L.A. & The World for Kobe Bryant, Clout O'Clock hours, Happy Birthday Kid Cudi & more

Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller

He's the regular dude with a gorilla grind. Welcome to Behind The Baller Podcast with Ben Baller & he's here to discuss: His birthday week not being ok, the outpouring of love for Kobe Bryant from L.A. & the world, scumbag behavior in the wake of tragedy, honoring Kobe in fashion, Evan Rachel Wood's comments, apologizing to LeBron James & Kendrick Perkins, Blessing those who were lost and those who are left behind, a moment of silence & more. Then it's an honor & a privilege to have world famous Jeweler Jennifer Meyer on the podcast to discuss: Where she's from, the school's she's attended, the last few days due to the passing of Kobe Bryant & being at his 81 points game, Boss Lady Status, their children & technology, going to New York, when she got into the jewelry business, starting her dream, getting into Barney's, charitable efforts, The Crystal Group, growing up with a powerful father, her first job, being protective of her family on social media, Jennifer Aniston, business advice for young women, investing, favorite restaurants in L.A., favorite vacation spots & more. Then Ben brings it back for the outro to discuss: Donating to Community & accusations, watching Lifetime movies, T.V. Recommendation, Happy Birthday Kid Cudi, Speed of Light Scoring, upcoming trips & more. This episode is not to be missed!Produced by: DBP CORP www.dbpodcasts.comMusic by @lakeyinspiredAvailable on all Podcast Platforms, YouTube & BehindTheBallerPod.comBehind The Baller Theme Music Artist: Illegal Kartel (@illegal_kartel_mikal_shakur)Produced by: Gene Crenshaw@yuyuthemaker

1hr 44mins

30 Jan 2020