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Rollin' with Zolin - Episode 2 ft. Templeton Walker

Rollin with Zolin

Join us for Episode 2 of Rollin' with Zolin where Ryan interviews close friend and local investor, Templeton Walker. Templeton currently owns one of the top producing real estate teams in the valley. Listen in as we discuss business, family, mindset, and managing relationships.


12 Oct 2020

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231: Templeton Walker shares his FIRE mentality and why Agents should be Investors

The Weekly Closer Podcast

Templeton Walker joins us to share what he has been up to during this COVID-19 stay-at-home time. Temp talks about how his FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) mentality has helped prepare him and his family for the current economic slowdown. He not only uses this mindset in his personal life, but also in his business. Templeton discusses why he believes agents should think like an investor and start adding real estate investing to their plan.


6 May 2020

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Setting Your Life And Business on F.I.R.E. By Tapping Into Your Truth | Templeton Walker

Millionaire Mindcast

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a candid guest, Templeton Walker who speaks about setting your life and business to the highest level, the importance of being genuine and transparent, why you should show up your truth, tips on how to become a successful realtor and agent when you should listen to your ego and drop it, how to avoid financial stress, and how to balance your life! Templeton Walker is a successful realtor, investor, a certified personal trainer, and owns and operates the Templeton Group Arizona Real Estate, specializes in working with buyers, sellers, and investors. He has a passion for helping clients achieve their financial and life goals through real estate.  By nature, he is loyal, honest, and motivated. He works diligently to understand market trends and conditions to make sure his clients are satisfied, whether they are a first time home buyer or a high-end seller. Templeton's diligence and research ensure the best deal possible for his clients. During leisure time, Templeton enjoys spending time with his family and friends, participating in anything athletic or competitive, and reading books (usually about buying and selling real estate).  Templeton came from nothing and was not the best kid. At the age of 18-25, he was still trying to figure out his life. He was kind-hearted, ambitious, a big thinker, and with a ton of potential but not much work. He was really wild and loves the spotlight on him. Therefore, Templeton used that energy to pivot from a hard partier to being like a potential best leader or the best mentor. But he wasn’t disciplined or mature enough to navigate his life in the right direction.  He was not investing himself sooner, but relying on the books he read until he learned to spend thousands of money to get a personal coach, mentors, and surround himself with the right people.  Accordingly, he became intentional to pursue his passion to become an investor, so Templeton tried to become a real estate agent.  Luckily, he became the Top Salesperson of The Year for the small brokerage in his first year and has sold $5M to $6M for real estate. He strived hard because he doesn’t want to experience financial difficulties anymore. Gratefully, Templeton has been in real estate for 3 years now and has grown his wealth, achieved financial independence, and created an amazing portfolio.  He achieved all of these because of tapping the truth and being congruent. For Templeton, the problem starts when you’re having things that are not congruent with your highest and best needs but just your way to perceived people.  It’s just a validation for your success and it doesn’t matter at all. You’re just being ego-driven and false. Templeton believes that if you’re a good human being, there is no worse feeling in your heart than feeling like you’re an impostor, feeling like you’re not living your truth or lying.  Likewise, when you’re incongruence you’re dangerous and powerful. You vibrate at a different level and people can perceive it and feel it while bullshit vibrates at a certain level. Being anything other than yourself takes effort because to be you take no effort. It requires energy and effort and it’s exhausting to be anything other than you. Currently, Templeton wants less for material things but more time with his family and kids. He is living on purpose with all these people that are important to him, with his philanthropy, and making a difference in the world and not just always thinking about money. The most important to him is the way his children, spouse, friends, and inner circle feel about him.  It considers a win for him.  Some Questions I Ask: Where did it all of these start? (01:27) Was that from day one that you had this vision of what you wanted life to look like? (08:02) What was looking back one of the worst financial decisions you’ve ever made that you would share with other people to ensure they don’t go down that same path? (12:00) When did you get to the place where you’re kind of like you don’t really care what other people think and know what you’re doing? (16:04) What insecurities do you have that people may or may not know about you? (18:43) What do you want to be? (24:29) How do you show up on a daily basis with your kids, wife, friends, and in your business? (26:15) How do you manage when life is good? (34:19) How have you been able to manage the money stresses along the way to unlocking the freedom and the luxuries that so many people look up to and want to create in their own life? (38:19) If you were to give some advice to an early stage investor that is looking to get started in the vertical of real estate that you do, what do you tell them to do? (42:48) What is the big vision, and the end game that you’re pushing towards? (49:08) In this Episode, You Will Learn: How to become an effective realtor and agent (05:18) When to listen to your ego and when should not (13:58) Why is it important to show up your truth (20:36) The three things that you can control and you can show up (23:12) Personal development and Spiritual development: Creating balance in life (28:56) How to reduce financial anxiety (41:31) Quotes: “Energy is one the best things that you can control and navigate in this life.” “Are you gonna be the guy that just always gonna have a ton of potential and never does shit or are you going to step into your greatness and your potential and become something?” “I’m a realtor, I’m excited about it, and I want to help you.” “Money and things don’t necessarily make you happy, it’s the relationships and the moments that you have.” “The money is just the byproduct of operating the right way.” “If you’re a good human being there is no worst feeling in your heart than feeling like you’re an impostor, feeling like you’re not living your truth or lying.” “When you’re not telling that truth, it pushes you out of your greatest power as a human being.” “When you’re in congruence you’re dangerous and powerful.” “Bullshit vibrates at a certain level.” “When you’re being anything other than yourself that takes effort because to be yourself takes no effort.” “Everything starts in love and ends in love.” “Death is arbitrary and it can take anyone at any time.” “God show’s up in the smallest, simplest stuff.” “Sometimes you get this season of life where everything is perfect.” “Less people, less money, less processes can be more if they are efficient and if they are optimized.” “Time is not a renewable resource, money is.” “If making money is second nature to you as breathing, you’re not worried about your next breath you just know you’re gonna get it.” “Anxious and fear come from lack of preparation or lack of experience.” “It’s about the journey, not the destination.”  Connect with Templeton Walker on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter


27 Apr 2020

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Templeton Walker: How to Start and Succeed in Real Estate.

Construct Your Life With Austin Linney

Meet Templeton Walker, a real estate agent, broker, investor, and wholesaler. He joined the real estate industry in 2013 and later started his company Templeton Group. In this episode of Construct Your Life Podcast with Austin Linney, Templeton shares how he was able to change his life by taking the right steps and responsibility for his life. He advises on how to define your life’s goals and become successful in what you do. Listen in to learn how to be intentional with being healthy and happy with your life. “A habit means something that happens habitually, it’s going to happen whether you like it or not. If you can develop great habits, they’ll help you get through those down days.”- Templeton Walker What you will learn: [1:35] How to become a realtor. [3:35] How to become a strategic marketer. [6:34] How to step up and take responsibility for your life. [9:44] Deciding to get better and improve yourself. [12:07] How to become rich with things other than money. [15:05] How to get intentional with the true meaning of a happy life. [19:22] The right mindset to become whomever you want to be. [22:10] How to define what a great life looks to you. [27:04] The art of forming great habits. [30:58] How to fuel passion in what you do to succeed. [33:37] How to inspire people through social media. [35:40] How to build a real estate portfolio. [38:46] Three things you should focus on when getting into real estate. [45:17] The first step to cracking down the door to a mentor’s life. [48:27] How to have impactful conversations with your mentor. [50:04] Why you don’t need the approval of other people. Relevant Links: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/templet0nwalker/ #podcast


27 Apr 2020

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Wholesale Sharks Podcast -Episode #1 Templeton Walker

Wholesale Sharks Podcast

Templeton Walker discusses how he went from dropping out of college to doing over $500k last year in wholesaling with little to no money. Also shares how his real estate team did over 40 million in real estate transactions in 12 months. You will not want to miss this one. Very impactful conversation. One of the smartest, funniest, and most inspirational people you will ever meet. ADD US ON IG: WHOLESALESHARKS


24 Apr 2020

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6. Templeton Walker

Money Making Money Podcast

We sit down with Real Estate Investor Templeton Walker. Join us as we talk about how he started in the business and some of his most successful Real Estate Investing Tips. Be sure to follow Templeton on Instagram and Subscribe to his YouTube Channel.This is the official Youtube Channel of Templeton Walker. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheWalke...He is an investor. His ultimate goal is to show you what it takes to become successful as a entrepreneur. Instagram @tempewalker https://www.instagram.com/p/B4px8Ywnb6k/http://www.tgroupaz.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/templetonw...http://www.facebook.com/templetonwalk...Reach Templeton 480-823-5672If you want to get started Real Estate Investing, let's chat 602-770-3978 or visit us online at http://cnhphoenix.comWe Buy Houses Phoenix. Sell house fast Phoenix for cash. Are you looking to "sell my house fast for market value", receive your Guaranteed Fair Cash Offer NOW! Relieve Your Burden. Click the link to Receive Your Fair Cash Offer Now! http://cnhphoenix.comIn many cases local Metro Phoenix Homeowners are faced with difficulties in life that require you to Sell Your House Fast. At Cash Now Homes we understand these frustrating circumstances. Which may involve downsizing, too many repairs needed for the home, relocation for a new job, or just simply the need for fast cash with no obligations. We've help local homeowners with probate selling due to the lost of loved ones and settled quick for homeowners going through a divorce. We have seen it all and helped others just like you. Visit today http://cnhphoenix.com and allow us to remove this burden you bare. Are you facing foreclosure, behind on payments, inherited unwanted property, landlord difficulties, in need of too many repairs, or want to downsize. WE CAN HELP! Review our process today to learn how to sell your house fast.Or Call Today! (602) 770-3978Let's Connect on Social Mediahttps://www.instagram.com/cnhaz/https://www.facebook.com/cashnowhomes


6 Feb 2020

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Twists, Turns, & Lessons Learned 016 Templeton Group & South Rim Investments (Templeton Walker)

Twists Turns & Lessons Learned podcast

In every friend group, there is one person who makes your entire group just a little more confident, energized, and remarkably funny. No matter the situation this individual seems to stay positive, collected, and could even be considered the hype man. Well, todays guest is that guy! Join me as I sit down with Templeton Walker and experience what it feels like to surround yourself with a friend who has that kind of impact on your life. Not only will we laugh and make jokes, but we will also discuss the difficulty that comes along with being leaned on as the the guy who is always upbeat. Don’t be fooled, with humor will come wisdom. In this episode you will hear how one of the most successful wholesalers in the valley is making a living by treating people the right way, and always keeping his core values top of mind. Contact Info: https://www.instagram.com/tempewalker/ https://thetempletonwalkerpodcast.libsyn.com/

1hr 14mins

4 Feb 2020

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Templeton Walker Shares How He Doubled His Income in 2019 by Wholesaling

Real Estate Disruptors

Templeton Walker talks about how as a real estate agent, he added one more leg to his business. By making one simple tweak, his income more than doubled year over year. Watch the full episode at http://www.realestatedisruptors.com/interview/interview-with-templeton-walker/ The post Templeton Walker Shares How He Doubled His Income in 2019 by Wholesaling appeared first on Real Estate Disruptors.


10 Jan 2019

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SJ&T #030 - Templeton Walker || Real Estate, Mindset, & Creating Balance

The ThoughtSound Project

Templeton Walker, owner of The Templeton Group, has his hands in all things real estate. With 25+ agents doing $80+ million in sales, he is all about impact & execution.Temp and Jake go into real estate, investments, flips, mindset, motivation, success, work life balance, and family.


15 Nov 2018

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671: Jump-Start Your Real Estate Career by Doing These Three Things with Templeton Walker

Real Estate Rockstars

Templeton Walker hasn't been in real estate long, but he’s already making major waves in Arizona’s hottest housing markets. Last year, Templeton sold 180 properties, and 70 of them were off-market homes that he found himself. On today’s Real Estate Rockstars, Templeton shares exactly how he built a hugely successful real estate business in just a few short years, including the three things he did as a new agent to jump-start his career. If you’re a new agent or an agent looking to take your real estate business to the next level, you NEED to hear this podcast.Get Instant Access to Hundreds of Free Real Estate ToolsVisit hibandigital.com/toolboxClaim Real Estate Discounts, Free Trials, and MoreVisit hibandigital.com/resourcesSponsorsRebus University - Get Over $10,000 in Real Estate Training for as Little as $97Visit futureofrealestatetraining.comPadHawk - Find Your Market's Best Leads for FREE with a 7-Day TrialVisit padhawk.comRoddy's FLS - Discover Unbeatable Real Estate Deals with a FREE Foreclosure ListVisit 4closure.info Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


2 Jul 2018