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Bob Alejo- S&C Legend, Athletic Director CSUN

The Performance Podcast | Strength Training, Olympic Weightlifting, Performance, Fitness, Speed | Wil Fleming and Coach Dos

On this episode Coach Dos and I interview Bob Alejo from Cal State Northridge.  We talk about Coach Alejo's incredible experience level and why that's not happening in today's S&C field.  We talk about "Sports Science" and how that can be a tricky term. We talk about how Coach Alejo became the only MUST FOLLOW on S&C twitter. 


6 Jul 2021

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Episode 16 Companions of the Compendium Bob Alejo "Money Ball" S&C Coach

Companions of the Compendium

I had the privilege to sit down with long-time strength and conditioning coach Bob Alejo. I got to know one another through our friend Derek Hansen and his ZoomPOP group talks. Bob packs a ton of philosophical and technical expertise in our hour together. Coach, athletes, and administrators will find a lot of value in our conversation. For our strength and conditioning Gurus will love the practical way he breaks down how he built a strength training program that worked so well in professional sports. Sit down, turn us on, and learn something from BIG time Bob Alejo! For more on Bob Alejo's Training System & Philosophy visit here: https://simplifaster.com/articles/author/bobalejo/ Visit our sponsor: https://store.simplifaster.com/sku/83/ For the Sprinter's Compendium visit: https://store.vervante.com/c/v/V4081803315.html--- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ryan-joseph-banta/support

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17 May 2021

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Episode 36: Bob Alejo

Sprint Jump Throw Performance Podcast

This week's guest is Bob Alejo.  He is the Senior Assistant Athletics Director for Performance and Student Athlete Welfare at Cal State Northridge.  We have a great chat about how he approaches his role, how his background as a strength coach prepared him well for the role, and also the lessons he learned from being around the Moneyball Oakland A's.Make sure to head over to https://www.sprint-jump-throw.com/ and sign up for access to our exclusive Sprint Jump Throw Thorne Store.  25% off of all products!!


8 Feb 2021

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PREP Talks Episode 002 - Bob Alejo: Making Good Choices Around Education and Careers in 2021

Hansen PREP Talks

In Episode 002 of the Hansen PREP Talks, we sit down with veteran coach and performance professional, Bob Alejo. Because of Bob’s extensive experience throughout the world of athletic performance and Strength & Conditioning, he offers both a broad and transparent view on all topics related to education, professional development and career management in the sport performance world. We discuss the impact that the global pandemic has had on sports in general and how coaches – young and old – may be taking pause to examine their current career path, as well as choices around education and growth. For the younger generation of coaches, Bob emphasizes the need to manage your financial situation first and foremost. Decisions around internships, volunteer work and entry level positions must be evaluated with both career and life goals in mind. While we all have had aspirations about working at the highest levels of performance, a pragmatic approach to career development and financial security must also be part of the decision making process. Coach Alejo also stresses the importance of continually expanding and maintaining a network of professional peers and mentors to not only help guide your decision making, but also serve as references for career opportunities. The value of the recommendations provided by Coach Alejo cannot be understated in the current and post-pandemic environment.Bob Alejo is currently serving as the Assistant Athletic Director of Strength and Conditioning at California State University Northridge. Previously, he was the Director of Sports Science for Power Lift, where he handled the day-to-day discussion about athletic performance and the science surrounding it. Prior to that, he served as the Assistant AD/Director of Strength and Conditioning at North Carolina State from 2011-17 where he served the entire Wolfpack athletic department and was part of two NCAA Sweet Sixteen teams in men's basketball. From 2009-2011, Coach Alejo served as the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Oakland Athletics, a position he also held from 1993-2001 which included the Moneyball period. During his 12-year role he was responsible for all aspects of the organization's year-round physical preparation at both the major league and minor league levels. Prior to rejoining the A's, Alejo was the Director of Strength and Conditioning at UC Santa Barbara from 2005-2008. From 1984-1993, Alejo served as a strength and conditioning coach at UCLA where he worked with 23 men's and women's teams. During his tenure in Westwood, the Bruins racked up 25 national championships and produced more than 100 All-Americans. You can find out more information on Bob Alejo via the following links:CSUN Website: https://gomatadors.com/staff-directory/bob-alejo/283Twitter: https://www.instagram.com/coachbobalejo/Instagram: https://twitter.com/Coach_AlejoHansen PREP Talks podcast is currently available at the following locations for downloadable audio, including: Spreaker.com – https://www.spreaker.com/show/hansen-prep-talksApple Podcasts - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/hansen-prep-talks/id1546480493?uo=4Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/show/4O8UUEFBL8gZhRADzQLdELGoogle Podcasts - https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuc3ByZWFrZXIuY29tL3Nob3cvNDcyMDcxNC9lcGlzb2Rlcy9mZWVkYou can reach and follow Derek M. Hansen at the following locations: http://www.SprintCoach.comhttp://www.RunningMechanics.comInstagram - https://www.instagram.com/derekmhansen/Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/derekmhansen/YouTube - http://youtube.com/derekmhansen

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5 Jan 2021

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Bob Alejo, CSU Northridge - Live Episode

The EliteForm Podcast

Shownotes: Standardizing Student-Athlete welfare What is good science? Why are you doing that? (Having intent) Getting your staff & interns involved in the training process Winning Championships as a judgment for the S&C program Being open to change Moneyball & probability Calling other coaches & managers outside sports to talk & learn  Music: Death From Above 1979 'If We Don't Make It We'll Fake It'Recorded on Instagram Live, August 21st, 2020.


28 Aug 2020

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Bob Alejo - Bringing Simplicity Back to Programming

Strength Coach Pro - The Podcast

Listen in as we talk to Bob Alejo, one of the most influential and long standing strength coaches in the country, as we talk about bringing simplicity back to programming, as well as his thoughts on bringing a high performance director model to colleges around the country!

1hr 9mins

6 Jul 2020

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14. Bob Alejo - All Things ACL Injury/Return to Play, Psychological Factors in Injury, The High Performance Program, & What we Have Forgotten in the Era of Social Media

The Pinnacle Performance Podcast

Bob Alejo is the Senior Associate Athletics Director at California State Northridge


23 Apr 2020

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Outside The Rack #26- Bob Alejo

CVASPS The Podcast

“Context has been lost in several areas in our profession.”What’s up everybody and welcome the 26th episode of Outside The Rack brought to you by Kinetic Performance the makers of Gymaware. In this show we are going to try to dive a little deeper into the minds of the top practitioners in the world of sport performance to learn a bit more about who they actually are and how they got to where they are at today. Today we are joined by the Senior Associate Athletics Director for Performance and Student-Athlete Welfare at California State University Northridge, Bob Alejo. Bob, thanks for being with us.Before we start, who is Bob Alejo?I’m a veteran strength and conditioning practitioner, who is looking for the best ways to provide the best experience for the athletes we get to work with. 1) Describe a learning situation that brought about an epiphany in your careerThere’s actually 2. The first was seeing Al Vermeil coach in the early 80’s and watching him coach. The second was in 2005 working with the track team at UC Santa Barbra watching a squat assessment taught him not everyone feels and enjoys training like we do.2) If you could ask one questions and you know you would get the answer what would that be and why? “When are you perfectly ready to train again?”3) What’s your escape?I’ve been called a workaholic but I really find relaxation in reading research and talking shop. Otherwise I really enjoy fly fishing, and music and movies. But I wouldn’t call them escapes, that’s my life.We are hoping to provide the best possible content for strength coaches with each of our shows. If feel this could provide value for anyone else in the strength and conditioning field please feel free to share.Enjoy the content? Then you should check out The Strength Coach Network!We built The Strength Coach Network to provide you three ways become the best practitioner possible. First, each month we add a new lecture from one of the best practitioners in the world to help keep you and your staff up to date with what the best of the best are doing with their athletes RIGHT NOW! Secondly, the forum provides you a new avenue to connect with practitioners around the world to find a unique point of view from coaches all over the world when it comes to career advice, training ideas, or any aspect of our lives in coaching. Finally, you get exclusive discounts on all products CVASPS related, INCLUDING your seat at The Seminar! When you add those three in with our library of over 100 sensational lectures, including all of those from The Central Virginia Sport Performance Seminar, you have found your one stop shop for continuing education for you and your staff. Make sure you hop over today and get your first 48 hours for only $1 by using the link here: https://strengthcoachnetwork.com/cvasps/#StrengthCoach, #StrengthAndConditioningCoach, #Podcast, #LearningAtLunch, #TheSeminar, #SportsTraining, #PhysicalPreparation, #TheManual, #SportTraining, #SportPerformance, #HumanPerformance, #StrengthTraining, #SpeedTraining, #Training, #Coach, #Performance, #Sport, #HighPerformance, #VBT, #VelocityBasedTraining, #TriphasicTraining, #Plyometrics


13 Feb 2020

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Episode #59 Effective Core Training and the Future of the High Performance Model in Sports Performance with Bob Alejo

Muscles and Management

*SHOW TIMESTAMPS FEATURED AT THE END*In this episode Gerry welcomes on former Oakland Athletic's and UCLA strength and conditioning coach Bob Alejo.Bob currently serves as the Senior Associate Athletic Director at California State University Northridge, a role new to the sports performance world and the burgeoning High Performance Model of strength and conditioning and sports medicine. Bob's day-to-day duties involve serving as a voice to the Athletic Director in ensuring that a professional with expertise and experience has the hand in hiring strength, athletic training and sports performance staff.Bob and Gerry discuss the essence of the High Performance Model, an organizational structure that helps ensure the cohesive relationship of a program or organizations sport, strength and athletic training staffs. Bob details how the High Performance Model operates, with the goal of each department having full control over their respective areas and collaborating to the benefit of the athlete. Additionally, the two discuss the role of each department and what it will take for this structure to make its way to major Division I Sports and the professional sports level.From there, the conversation turns to the qualities differentiating competent and expert strength coaches, as well as the true definition of the "core," and what you may want to focus on to make sure your core training is achieving what it needs to.All that and more on this episode of Muscles and Management!Show Timestamps:5:45- High Performance Model7:58- Injuries & Overworking10:00- The Problem with Being Underprepared as an Athlete15:55- There isn’t one way to do Things, but There are Wrong Ways25:15- Being Hired by People Not in the Industry34:40- Coaches Stepping on Your Toes as a Trainer and How to Deal with it38:45- Difference Between Good & Great Trainers46:10- Dealing with Coaches who are Doing Things Completely Wrong52:05- “Tell Me what you are Doing and I’ll Tell you what we Used to Call it”55:10- Build Programs Based on what the Athlete is Always Doing59:05- Core Work Should be Treated like Every Other System1:05:00- Bob’s ACL Presentation & “Injury Prevention”1:07:40- Bob’s Tweet on Core Stability1:11:30- Pay Attention to Citations in Studies1:14:23- Bias in StudiesSupport the show (http://www.challengerstrength.com)

1hr 22mins

12 Feb 2020

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ASCA Podcast #23 - Bob Alejo

ASCA Podcast

Bob is the Director of Sports Science at Power Lift. He was the Assistant Athletics Director/Director of Strength and Conditioning at North Carolina State University (2011-2017). Prior to that Alejo was the Director of Strength and Conditioning for the Oakland A’s (MLB; 2009-2011 and 1993-2001), Director of Strength and Conditioning at UC Santa Barbara (2005-2008) and held three different strength and conditioning coach titles at UCLA (1984-1993). While there, the Bruins won 25 national championships and produced more than 100 All-Americans. A member of the 2008 and 2012 U.S. Olympic Team, Bob was the strength coach for the Gold medal-winning men's beach volleyball team of Todd Rogers and Phil Dalhausser in 2008. After earning his B.A. in physical education from Chico State in 1982, he was the strength and conditioning coach for football at his alma mater. Author and public speaker, Alejo is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS*D) and holds the advanced NSCA Registered Strength and Conditioning Coach Emeritus (RSCC*E)Quotes“I think really part of my development… came from the fact I had already cross pollinated my knowldge with so many sports” “The key to shoulder health in overhead athletes is scapular positioning and that only comes from strength… not from endurance or 2 pound rotator cuff weights”“If you’re going slow, it better be heavy or it’s a waste of time”“It’s not how fast you turn your feet over, it’s how much force you put into the ground for the next step”“I can’t help believe that the squat is one of the most underrated core exercises we have”“I’m not a scientist but I use science every day”“The Moneyball philosophy - how do you compete without the same resources!”“Intuition, common sense and science combined gets you the best results - not one or the other!”“I learned the fundamentals work everytime”“The realisation is this, if they needed more development they wouldn’t be in the league (pros)”“Heavy loads and low volume don’t get sore which is the last thing you need for anyone swimming or throwing/hitting a ball”Shownotes1) 35 years of strength and conditioning from UCLA to Oakland A's twice to NC State 4:30 2) The collegiate experience and cross-pollination of sports 8:003) The shared components of different sports and the Randy Huntington / Keiser Seated Calf story 18:304)Training for throwing sports, the crucial role of scapular positioning, push to pull ratios (1:2) and the critical role of decelerators for the shoulders 22:405)Sprint & jump training, the role of the hamstrings, how strong is strong and bilateral versus unilateral work 28:406) Planning and periodisation based off testing - taking testing data and designing programs 33:407) Sport science and modern issues 41:468) Behind the scenes with Moneyball (Oakland As)- real life versus the movie and the mecurial Billy Beane 51:569) The first, second and third decade of coaching characteristics 1:02:1610) The difference in philosphy between training pros and college kids and his strength training philosophy with millionaire athletes 1:18:56People mentionedAl VermeilMike PowellJackie-Joyner KerseyBobbie KerseyJohn SmithArt VenegasTroy AikmanReggie MillerRandy HuntingtonPeter WeyandBilly BeaneGail DeversJohn GodinaBarry WinebergRicky HendersonNatalie Williams

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15 Aug 2018