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Ep 58 - Shannon Beer

The Fallowers

This week we welcome don Shannon Beer who has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to incorporating nutrition coaching as part of an  approach to developing all round health. We discussed how she became interested in nutrition, her research and work on dealing with body image issues and where she sees the nutrition u=industry going. Shannon also discussed what health is and provided an overview of her model of Flourishing Health.


7 Sep 2021

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Episode 3: Understanding Body Image with Shannon Beer

The Health Compass Podcast

Shannon is a Health coach and MNU-Certified Nutritionist. In this episode we chat about  body image,  habits, social media, training and why health is subjective. The main conversation centers around body image. Shannon believes that training and nutrition should enhance our life, not consume it, and that health is far more than simply aesthetics and performance. Enjoy!


1 Sep 2021

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Podcast episode 1 with Nutritionist Health Coach & Mentor Shannon Beer

The Progression Health Podcast

In my first episode with Shannon we discuss the psychology of nutrition, how to have a better relationship with food and much more


20 Aug 2021

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Shannon Beer: Body image, coaching, using a comprehensive approach to fitness, nutrition, and goal setting

LVL Health Podcast

Today we are joined by Shannon Beer, health coach, mentor, and 1/2 of the Comprehensive Coaching team (along with Dr. Fundaro, who we interviewed in a previous episode). Josh and Shannon discuss the nuanced and inescapable topic of body image - what it is and how social media and the fitness industry have impacted the way we think about ourselves. She gives us some informative practical advice for both professionals and everyday people that want to improve their health, potentially change the way they look (or not), while building their self image and relationship with food and exercise.Big thanks to Shannon for coming on on podcast! You can find her on Instagram or on her website www.shannonlbeer.com/.For those of you that don't already know, our website LVL Health is a directory, community, and network of qualified health and fitness professionals. We want to help create a space where clients and patients are able to find the right professional for them. If you haven't signed up already, go to LVLHealth.net to set up your membership. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy the episode!

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17 Jun 2021

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Ep 75. Finding motivation for diet longevity - Shannon Beer

Macabolic Podcast

Ep 75. Finding motivation for diet longevity - Shannon Beer How many times have you started a new exciting fat loss diet, on absolute fire, with perfect adherence for the first few weeks. Only to let a few minor slip ups, accumulate to completely ‘falling off the wagon’ and never getting back on? The points, and types of motivation we identify and ‘use’ can heavily influence our ‘diet longevity’ and whether we’re able to ‘stick to our guns’ for a sufficient time frame to see long lasting success. In episode 75 of the Macabolic Podcast, Shannon Beer (@shannonbeer_ ) and I discuss motivation, what it is, the different types and how YOU can identify deeper more meaningful point of motivation, that promote longevity and long lasting commitment. This includes, ideas and even ‘tips’, that will help you stay true to your nutrition related goals. This includes reacting and responding to lapses, and slip-ups.


6 Jun 2021

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Deep Dive with Nutritionist & Mentoring coach Shannon Beer


In this podcast myself and Shannon went through a good few topics in relation to binge eating , eating disorders, body image , comparing yourself to others and much more ... If you are in to improving your habits and behaviours around food and life this could be a ideal pod cast for you. Please follow me on this podcast and if you appreciate these podcast and find they are of good value to you please support me even making these podcast even better by bringing on more experts within their field.... You can go to my website to find out more about me ,get on my Deep Dive email list and stay up to date with all the latest health and fitness topics. Visit http://www.tommydelaneyfitness.com--- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/tommy-delaney-fitness/message

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27 Apr 2021

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Shannon Beer

Habits & Health

Habits & Health episode 4 with Shannon Beer who is a certified nutritionist and dietitician. After completing her law degree she decided to switch paths to become a nutrition professional and explore more of the world. Spending the past two years living out of a suitcase has lead her to Vietnam, Thailand, Bali, Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, LA, Singapore, Dublin, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Florida, New Orleans, New York and Hawaii, and has given Shannon a unique perspective on health, fitness, and what it means to live a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. She believes that our training and nutrition should enhance our life, not consume it, and health is about far more than simply aesthetics and performance (although that's nice too). We discuss various aspects of health including: Body image Habits The difference between nutrition coaches, a nutritionist and a dietitician Reading habits and how to get the most from what you read Motivational interviewing Her framework of Comprehensive Coaching Links https://www.shannonlbeer.com/ https://www.instagram.com/shannonbeer_/ https://www.btgcomprehensivecoaching.com/   Shannon's Body image webinar series: https://www.shannonlbeer.com/product-page/body-image-webinar-series   Habits & Health links: Website Facebook Group Twitter Instagram LinkedIn YouTube How to leave a podcast review Details of online workshops to create habits for health Are you in control of your habits or are they in control of you? Take my quiz to find out Take part in Tony's free 5-day-programme Full shownotes including transcription available at: https://tonywinyard.com/hh004-shannon-beer/


9 Mar 2021

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The science of body image with Shannon Beer

Women's Maximum Fitness

Thanks for listening to another episode of the Women’s Maximum Fitness Podcast! My guest on this episode #32 of the Womensmaximumfitness podcast is Shannon Beer, enlightening us on the science of body image. Shannon is a multi-certified online coach who earned her LLB (law degree) at King's College London and the decided to switch paths to become an MNU-Certified Nutritionist. She is currently studying Food, Nutrition and Health at University College Dublin. Her interest in neuroscience and psychology, and two and a half years of travels to all corners of the globe have given her a unique perspective on health, fitness, and what it means to live a fulfilling and enjoyable lifestyle. “I believe that our training and nutrition should enhance our life, not consume it, and health is about far more than simply aesthetics and performance (although that's nice too).” Shannon sheds unique perspective on online coaching, social media, self image, eating disorders, body image dysmorphia, “what is normal”, and so much more. Whether you’re a coach or client this episode will dig deep into your purpose and passion providing insight to a global phenomenon concerning body image that has been spanning decades. I hope you soak in every bit! Check out her body image webinars:https://www.shannonlbeer.com/body-image-webinarsFind her on Instagram @shannonbeer_https://instagram.com/shannonbeer_?igshid=162xs07rqu3m9Mentions: Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro @vitaminphd https://instagram.com/vitaminphd?igshid=v5fyxo1m97phCheck out my Amazon link to shop what I shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/buffcake22Coaching inquiries: email Debra at buffcake22@gmail.com and request my FREE assessment form. Subscribe to the Women’s Maximum Fitness podcast as new episodes drop every Monday. Please leave us a 5 star rating and a WRITTEN review! Your written reviews allow more people to see our podcast!! Don’t forget to share this episode with friends or family.Check me out on Instagram @buffcake22 @womensmaximumfitness https://instagram.com/womensmaximumfitness?igshid=qyayqn81la1lhttps://instagram.com/buffcake22?igshid=1i40xr3r5lap8

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2 Feb 2021

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#368: Shannon Beer – Intentional Eating, Flourishing Health & Behavioural Psychology

Sigma Nutrition Radio

Shannon Beer is a nutritionist, working with people via online coaching and mentoring, with the goal of helping people improve their health through facilitating lasting behaviour change. In collaboration with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro, she has developed a coaching framework that applies motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral coaching, and acceptance and commitment therapy-aligned processes in a client-centered alliance toward their own values-based goals. This 'Comprehensive Coaching' model facilitates long-term behavior change and flourishing health in clients. Show notes: sigmanutrition.com/episode368


1 Jan 2021

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Shannon Beer - Philosophy Of Health | Triage Thoughts Ep. 135

Triage Method

In this episode, Gary sits down with Shannon Beer and discusses the Philosophy of Health. Have you ever thought about what it means to be healthy? Where do we even start with defining health? We explore all of this and more in this podcast.Shannon can be found at her Instagram: www.instagram.com/shannonbeer_/The Bridging The Gap article series on her website (www.shannonlbeer.com/blog) and the Comprehensive Coaching framework/webinars (www.btgcomprehensivecoaching.com/ are definitely worth checking out if you are looking to dig deeper into Shannon's work.----------------------------Join the Email Listforms.aweber.com/form/77/857616677.htmJoin the Free Facebook Groupwww.facebook.com/groups/triagemilitia/Interested in coaching with Triage?Email info@TriageMethod.com and the Triage Team will be right back onto you! Or you can read more and fill in a contact form at triagemethod.com/online-coaching/Interested in joining the Coaches Corner?triagemethod.com/join-coaches-corner/Submit Your Questionstriagemethod.com/questions/Have you followed us on social media?Youtube:www.youtube.com/channel/UCzYO5nzz50kOAxo6BOvJ_sQInstagram:www.instagram.com/triagemethod/Facebook:www.facebook.com/triagemethod/

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2 Nov 2020