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Renata Soto Interview | Global Nashville with Karl Dean | GNKD2 | EP-20

Global Tennessee

“Global Nashville with Karl Dean” Podcasts present leaders from Nashville and other specialists who are connected with global issues or an aspect of the city and region that contributes to the international flavor.The conversations, with former Mayor Karl Dean, touch on their roles, experiences, and accomplishments in the city and region and their insights and perspectives on all of the things that make Nashville a “global city.”Global Nashville with Karl DeanRenata SotoDirector, Conexión Américas00:30 Welcome / Global Nashville with Karl Dean Intro01:05 Introduction of Renata Soto02:57 Karl Dean Opening03:30 “Tell us about your background.”07:00 “What are your memories, what do you love about Costa Rica?”11:20 “You eventually co-founded an organization, Conexión. Tell us what Conexión does and why you founded it.”14:48 “You’re one of the most established organizations in the city, highly respected and doing great work. How small were you at the beginning?”17:15 “What does [Casa] Azafran mean?”19:35 “When you began this project in 2002, did you have a sense of what the non-native population of Nashville was at that point?”21:30 Break22:35 “I want to talk about Conexion Americas more. You mentioned that when the organization began in 2002 there were new census figures that Nashville was becoming the home to more and more people with a Latin American background. That only intensified in the years following. Is that fair?”23:44 “People noticed that the community was changing … you faced challenges because of those reactions … one of those most important reactions was the effort to pass legislation through a referendum that would make Nashville an “English only” city. What was your reaction to that?”25:58 “And that was in ‘09 and as you said the city, you can be proud, the city rejected that.”27:02 “The city stood up and said this is not who we are … came out of that much stronger … your public profile increased dramatically … people in Nashville felt this is a cause we should be supportive of.”28:46 “Immigrants are very entrepreneurial … talk about that.”31:35 “We still saw resistance and concerns, particularly at the state level, being voiced about immigration. The issue of the Dreamers became an important issue … you reached the point where the President of the United States comes to see you. Tell us about that.”36:53 “There’s been a change in the presidency … just looking at Nashville and Tennessee what are the biggest challenges that immigrants face? What’s number one on your list of things that need to happen?”41:54 “Immigration issues in terms of the Federal Government, in immigration reform seem so difficult. Are you optimistic about the future?”44:39 “This is Global Nashville … and Nashville has become so much more of a diverse city not only with the people’s background who live here, but with business, education … it seems to me that’s a trend that’s going to continue.”46:13 “So what is next for you?”48:35 RS comments on rise of the right.50:03 EndAbout Conexión Américas from the Web siteOur MissionAt Conexión Américas, our mission is to build a welcoming community and create opportunities where Latino families can belong, contribute and succeed.Our ApproachWe believe successful efforts to promote the integration of immigrant families into their new community recognize that integration is a multi-dimensional process.


29 May 2019

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E17: Who Gets To Call America Home with Renata Soto - Creative Power Hour #12

Marcus Whitney's Audio Universe

This week's episode features Marcus's good friend Renata Soto, Co-Founder of Conexion Americas, a non profit that welcomes and supports latino families in Middle Tennessee. After 17 years, she is stepping down to explore what's next, and she talks all about it on the Creative Power Hour.


1 May 2019

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