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Fit Dad Lifestyle Founder Leroy Faure - Interviewed by Swiss8

The Fit Dad Lifestyle

Leroy had the opportunity to be a guest on the Instructions Sold Separately podcast brought to you by Swiss8.Swiss8 is a Veteran Backed Mental Health charity and you can check them out at https://swiss8.orgEnjoy the episode.Leroy.www.thefitdadlifestyle.com

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10 Feb 2021

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EP 30 Leroy Faure - FIT DAD

The instructions sold separately Podcast

In this episode of the Instructions Sold Separately podcast we sat down with the founder of The Fit Dad Lifestyle, Leroy Faure. A down to earth Aussie bloke who started out with an online community, where Dads could get training advice. Which turned into an amazing business, built on one of our key pillars TRUST, We Spoke about being real with yourself, setting real and achievable goals, and if you want to have a cheeky beer or Vino, then do it. Make sure you have got a training session in, hit some goals then grab a beer and come join us. Please like and subscribe. https://swiss8.org/research www.thefitdadlifestyle.com

1hr 17mins

9 Feb 2021

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The Fit Dad Lifestyle, with Leroy Faure

The Dad Train

Leroy has been helping dads regain their fitness and confidence for over a decade. The Fit Dad Lifestyle supports a worldwide community of dads who are on a mission to be good role models and leaders for their children. In this interview, Leroy shares his story of working in the military before moving to the fitness industry where he founded two group fitness businesses. He then became a dad and discovered his calling to help other dads live fitter and healthier lives. Leroy gives some great insights on how men can use fitness to rebuild their confidence. What you'll learnWhy he founded The Fit Dad LifestyleTheir mission to help fathers regain their fitness and confidenceCommon reasons dads neglect their fitnessWhat’s included in The Fit Dad Lifestyle App:How to set up a home gym for about $100Leroy’s daily fitness routineRecent changes in the business directionLaunching - Fit Dad Fuel. A big announcement regarding The Fit Dad Lifestyle app - it’s now free!More information:Show notes and further information can be found at https://thedadtrain.com/9 


24 May 2020

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048 Leroy Faure: Actidad on the Fit Dad Lifestyle

The Awesome Dad Show with Mark Savant

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Leroy Faure on the Fit Dad Lifestyle podcast. We discuss fitness and the importance of creating a personal brand. Both are topics I'm very passionate about. https://www.thefitdadlifestyle.com/The Awesome Dad Show has been highlighted as one of the top podcasts for dads. Check it out! https://blog.feedspot.com/dad_podcasts/Subscribe and reviewJoin the family: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Actidad/Support : Patreonwww.actidad.com


13 Feb 2020

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#38 | LEROY FAURE | How to live the fit dad lifestyle


It seems that when a lot of us become fathers, time is at a premium and we don't feel we have the time to keep fit and healthy, still follow our dreams and keep up sports and hobbies. My guest today has made it his job to encourage fathers to ask themselves tough questions that will help them realise that in fact, they do have time to make things happen and to adopt the fit dad lifestyle.  How much time do we spend watching Netflix? How much time scrolling through Instagram and Facebook on our phone? How much time do we waste on things that don't add value to our lives, but instead rob us of making the quality connections and memories with our kids? We hope the conversation inspires you to take stock of your minutes, hours, days and weeks and recalibrate your life so that you can be the example for your kids of a life well-lived.


11 Feb 2020

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7. Leroy Faure - The Fit Dad Lifestyle

Who's Your Daddio?

On today's episode we talk with Leroy Faure. He runs The Fit Dad Lifestyle. The focus is to build fitter, stronger and more confident fathers worldwide through online coaching programs and community support. Make sure you follow and support his work. @TheFitDadLifestyle


20 Jan 2020

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Leroy Faure - Fit Dads

Everyone Has A Story

Leroy Faure spent six years in the army, serving in Timor. His love of discipline, army regimentation and fitness guided him into his current career as a personal trainer. It’s true, that if you operate a business and you’re not online then your business or brand can only reach customers who walk in through your front door and your reach extends only to people you meet locally. The Fit Dad Lifestyle, created by Leroy, is an online training course which means Leroy’s brand extends around the globe.


3 Sep 2019

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98. The Fit Dad Lifestyle with Leroy Faure

iCoach Nutrition Radio

Hey Guys! My name is Leroy and I have been a Personal Trainer for over 10 Years! I am also a father of two young boys, Harry (4) and Tanner (1) and have been with my wife Naatja for 10 Years and we live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. After spending 6 Years in the Australian Army I founded a group fitness company called Bootcamp Noosa. I also ran another Company called International Fitness Holidays.  I have been coaching clients in person and online for the better part of 10 years and after being exposed to so many people in this time I have been lucky enough to strengthen my arsenal of knowledge in what works, how it works and the best way to achieve your goals all in a balanced approach. In the process I have been able to run multiple companies at once, travel all the time throughout Australia and the world with and without the family, maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle, never miss out on fun family times and still be able to keep a great level of health and fitness.  I look forward to working with you closely and supporting you in your own journey. Website: www.iCoachNutrition.com Instagram: @icoachnutrition Facebook: iCoach Nutrition YouTube: iCoach Nutrition Twitter: @JustinNutrition LinkedIn: Justin Murphy Email: justin@icoachnutrition.com


30 Jul 2019

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Episode 16 - Fit Dad Lifestyle - Leroy Faure

The WarriorU Podcast

In this episode of WarriorU, Bram gets the chance to speak with Leroy Faure; Military Veteran and founder of the Fit Dad Lifestyle brand. After leaving the service due to injuries, Leroy set off to start his own business and brand -- revolving around helping busy dads get in shape, as well as helping dads sustain their health.HIGHLIGHTS:[1:55] Why did Leroy join the service?[18:05] How did Leroy start this business?[34:21] What does Bram’s typical day look like?[40:56] Leroy & Bram’s favorite workout musicQUOTES:“Have something behind you, so that you know if your combat career is over, you’ll have something you can do after getting out of the service.”“I want these dads to achieve goals they didn’t know were possible -- to not look back in 20 years and have regret about their health.”“I think consistent workouts are one thing that can break the mold for these fathers that think life is over.”RESOURCES:The Fit Dad Lifestyle Instagraminfo@leroyfaure.comhttp://thefitdadlifestyle.com/(Not launching until August)See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


19 Aug 2018