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57 - The Keys to Relationship Building w/ Danny Nessim

Catapulting Commissions Sales Talk with Anthony Garcia

Welcome back to the Catapulting Commissions podcast with your host, Anthony Garcia. This week’s guest is Danny Nessim, founder of A&C Management Group, LTD. a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm, whose number one priority is to ensure that your company receives the best benefits at the best rates. He’s here today to talk to us about PEO, how he builds relationships, and the application value has.  A true PEO model is able to take small and medium-sized businesses and leverage them to give them fortune-500 benefits. Usually, rates are fixed regardless of the demographics of your company. By aligning and pooling with other companies, you’re able to go to large insurance providers with a pool or group of 30-40,000 employees. From there, you can get better insurance for less. It offers the flexibility of plans, lower price points, and generally better for employees, better for employers circumstances. Additionally, it allows you to outsource your back-office work. Rarely do small businesses have a team in HR--it comes down to one or two people. When you can work with PEO, you gain access to an entire set of HR and back-office team members. If you’re ever audited, you send them to the PEO, who is handling all of that work.  A main concern regarding PEOs is a misunderstanding of the relationship. In the past, the relationship has been seen as a “lease,” when in reality, it has become a cooperative, symbiotic understanding. You make the decisions for your company, the PEOs are on the back-end.  When you’re trying to recruit and retain employees, a good place to start is benefits. PEOs increase both the attractiveness and the stability of a small business. Top executives will see a benefits package and instantly be more interested than if there was one that you couldn’t afford. In the same way, you don’t want to hemorrhage your top employees because you can’t offer what they want. PEO’s flexibility brings the perks of a large company without the risk.  Danny breaks down how he himself runs his business. For him, it’s two-fold. The first part is having a relationship with centers of influence--HR consultants, CFOs, and people with multiple clients. When you can unveil the value you can bring to people of influence, you can educate first. In a time like we’re in now, everyone is searching for new and creative ways to save. Benefits are a massive expense, so why not open their eyes to another option for their business?  The second area is LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media. Advertising and connection-making through online platforms are an easy way to reach a large group of people, some of which are curious about PEOs. It’s all about building warm leads. They close at a much higher rate and allows you to build more meaningful relationships.  Danny’s approach to cultivating relationships is centered around simple communications. There are phone calls, lunch, golf, informational flyers--anything that he can share, he shares, usually monthly. If you’re a client to someone, ask them to refer you to their other clients. Allow yourself to provide opportunity at the same time. Bring value to ask for value. It’s symbiotic! It should always be two-sided.  Remember--it takes time. Sometimes years. This is a trust-building relationship that will take effort and ongoing care and attention to establish. Once that happens, the floodgates open.  Finally, let your client talk. The client wants and enjoys talking about what they do, and you can learn as well. You can adapt to what they need based on what they share with you. Listening with intent allows you to educate in return about your product. Give first.  LINKS Acmgmt.com 516-829-4880 LinkedIn: Daniel Nessim


27 Jan 2021

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410 - A New and Efficient Way to Insure with A&C Management's Danny Nessim

The Thoughtful Entrepreneur

On the podcast today we have Danny Nessim, the Founder and CEO of A&C Management Group. Danny Nessim teaches accountants, CEOs, and clients a new efficient way to do health insurance for small businesses. A&C Management groups smaller companies together to provide leverage benefits, HR services, human resource services, compliance, retirement and more.


6 Oct 2020

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SE64 | Discussing The Beauty of Soccer and Competition with Danny Nessim

SportsE+ | sports + entrepreneurship + web3

An episode all about the beauty of sports and competition featuring Danny Nessim, Founder & Owner of A&C Management, a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm. We discuss the beauty of soccer, the power of competition, and Super Bowl XXV. We had the opportunity to host Danny on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast where Eric and ... Read more The post SE64 | Discussing The Beauty of Soccer and Competition with Danny Nessim appeared first on SportsEpreneur.


1 Oct 2020

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EP120 | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim

Entrepreneur Perspectives

Way more than just a PEO discussion. In this episode, Eric Kasimov chats with Danny Nessim, Founder & Owner of A&C Management, a boutique PEO and Insurance Brokerage Firm.  Eric and Danny connect on stories of family members that dealt with persecution in Europe in the early-mid 1900s, their kids playing soccer, and an educational conversation around benefits and health insurance. They specifically get into Danny’s expertise with PEO’s (Professional Employer Organization). Danny’s knowledge and experience in the PEO world make this essential listening for anyone running or working at a small to medium-size business.  This episode is now published proof that you never know who you will encounter on the path to better content. Danny Nessim’s team had reached out to us about being on the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And we for sure knew the information around PEO’s would be useful, but I did not know how this conversation would start and the directions it would take. Learning about Danny’s time in France and Israel, the story of his mother and grandmother during World War II, and the times spent on the soccer field reminded me how educational, inspirational, and important these podcast conversations are. I’m grateful to Danny for his time, experience, and stories. All of that to say, this is a major reason why I am so into podcasting. We hope you enjoy this episode titled, “PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim” on the Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast.  —– KazCM is a content marketing company in Charlotte, NC. We believe content is at the core of your business. We work with business leaders to create content assets that assist with employee retention, customer relationships, and business growth | Learn More Do you like sports? If so, we have a content marketing brand niched for you | Visit SportsEpreneur If you are in the insurance industry? Check out the content from our insurance brokerage group, KazSource Insurance.  Useful links from this episode: Podcast Production by KazSource KazCM SportsEpreneur A&C Management Group Connect with us: Danny Nessim: LinkedIn Eric Kasimov: Twitter, LinkedIn Wrap Up: Thank you so much for listening to this podcast, “PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim”.  This podcast episode of Entrepreneur Perspectives exists because of the content marketing brand inside KazSource | Check it out.  SportsEpreneur | The platform where sports & entrepreneurship collide! Come join us. Content Matterz. Entrepreneurs often need help communicating their story. That’s where the Content Matterz Podcast comes in! Listen: Content Matterz.  Music, “Here for the Win” provided by Songwriter Jess Subscribe on Apple: Apple Podcasts The post EP120 | PEO Discussion, Origin Stories, and Soccer with Danny Nessim appeared first on KazSource.


3 Sep 2020

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