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NBC 528: Christian Arriola: Build Your Client Base With Podcasting

Natural Born Coaches

Christian Arriola was climbing the corporate ladder a few years ago, while working on a side business selling green tea. Christian built his green tea company into a 6-Figure physical store and he’s now inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs with his top-ranked podcast, The Hustle Show, and his course that teaches others how to launch their very own podcast.


13 Nov 2017

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Side Hustle Rage Interview - Christian Arriola

Side Hustle Rage

Today we have a special guest expert, Christian Arriola, an ambitious entrepreneur who is here to share some of his successes with us. Christian started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 8 years old, selling ice sticks in front of his house back in Mexico.Later in his life, although he was climbing the corporate ladder, he decided to quit his job to focus on Lively Matcha, his side ecommerce green tea business at the time.Christian quit his job with no savings and no plan, he turned the ecommerce store into a physical store. Fast forward 18 months, and he’s now inspiring other millennial entrepreneurs to chase their dreams with his podcast show: “The Hustle Show”.The Hustle Show rapidly got momentum and is now in the TOP 60 Business Podcasts on iTunes. – Impressive! Welcome Christian!Some topics we touch on in this episode are:Using podcast as a branding toolHow to start your dream side hustleHow to set goals to quit your job and focus on your


24 Oct 2017

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124 | Christian Arriola, Create Your Own Happiness

The Brave Entrepreneur

Christian Arriola started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 8 years old, selling ice sticks in front of his house back in Mexico. For many years he didn’t have the support from anybody around him, so he decided to go to school, graduate, and climb the corporate ladder. He always kept a side business while working for huge companies in the US. Christian always felt trapped and that there had to be something better and bigger for him beyond a cubicle. He decided to quit his job over a year ago to focus on lively matcha, his side green tea business at the time. Although he quit his job with no savings and no plan, he turned the e-commerce store into a physical store. Past forward 18 months, he’s now inspiring other millennial entrepreneurs to chase their dreams on his podcast show: “The Hustle Show”. Show Highlight Christian had a great paying, full time job in corporate America, but he felt passionately about becoming an entrepreneur and owning his own health business. Listen in as Christian shares how, despite having little savings, he took the brave leap to leave his job, jump out there, raise the necessary capital and open a matcha tea store. Find out how he found the courage to say yes to his dream and to his own happiness. Listen in to find out Christian’s free gift for you. http://www.thehustleshow.co


9 Oct 2017

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25: Lessons Learned by hosting The Hustle Show with Christian Arriola

The Hustle Show: Entrepreneurs with No Filter

Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness. Napoleon Hill Welcome message: Hey hustlers, my name is Christian and I'm the host of The Hustle Show, where we have real no filter conversations with successful entrepreneurs. First of all, let me take a second and thank our sponsors who make this show possible. Youtube Hustlers, my new mastery course to rank your Youtube videos to the top. Get early access to my beta program at thehustleshow.co/youtubehustlers Audible, get a FREE audiobook download by visiting TheHustleShow.co/audiobooks Thank you for joining me today on Episode 25 I'm very excited for this episode, because this one is going to be different episode. I will share the top 10 things I've learned by starting and growing my own podcast and youtube show. Remember that all the show notes for the episode you can find them at TheHustleShow.co, along with our Free Book Club, and many other things that we will be sharing with you. And before we I start with today's episode, I would love for you to subscribe to our show! Either you're watching us on our youtube channel or listening to our audio experience podcast, it will mean the world to me if you subscribe! Top 10 things I've learned Because I know how much you love The Hustle Round, I do want to take it for a spin... So I will be doing the hustle round me vs me. But before we do, let's take a minute to thank our sponsors. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world! I've been using it for every business I've launched and it has given me tremendous results... Whether you want to attract more coaching clients, promote affiliate products, or sell your own products, youtube is the perfect tool... And for that reason, I want to teach you everything I know about Youtube SEO on my new mastery course "Youtube Hustlers"... Where I teach you how to develop a Youtube strategy, rank your videos so people can see them organically, and how to drive those views into leads for your business... To get early access for this, visit thehustleshow.co/youtubehustlers and start ranking your videos today. Hustlers, I know how important it is to read but sometimes The Hustle Show is so demanding that I can’t read as much as I would like.Lucky for you and me, Audible has amazing audiobooks that I can listen to while I’m driving, working out, or even taking care of chores!They have over 180,000 books to choose from!Including books from Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Robert Kiyosaki and sooo many more… 
Head over to TheHustleShow.co/audiobooks and download any audiobook you want for free, right now!

18 Sep 2017

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104: Christian Arriola | The Hustle Show Podcast

Mind Grapes

Christian Arriyola CEO of Lively Macha and the CEO of The Hustle Show Podcast, where Christian interviews successful entrepreneurs and they go over the harsh reality of being an entrepreneur, they share their raw story without the glamorous side of entrepreneurship. Christian is very passionate about inspiring young entrepreneurs to take action and go after their dreams.


7 Sep 2017

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NQL 044 - Christian Arriola

No Quit Living Podcast

Welcome to Episode 43 of the No Quit Living Podcast. NQL is a personal development podcast designed to help listeners achieve their goals and desires. Through hearing the inspiring stories and tips from the greats, we will all find it easier to stay motivated and never quit. Christian Arriola is the host of the top rated iTunes podcast, The Hustle Show, and is quickly becoming a great friend to the entire NQL team. Christian's story is one that I know all of us can relate to, and he has been climbing the entrepreneurial ladder for some time now. After quitting his corporate day job, he started a business selling Green Tea, and at this point in time, his entire objective was to draw as much revenue as possible. Business was good, and on the surface, Christian looked like an incredibly successful entrepreneur, but something was missing. Christian fell into a depression, and didn't feel as if he was pursuing his passion. After taking some time off, he came back and launched The Hustle Show and couldn't be happier doing it. Remember, making money is only half of the battle of being an entrepreneur. Your happiness is essential for living a successful life, and Christian Arriola's story is a perfect embodiment of that. Podcast: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-hustle-show-entrepreneurs-with-no-filter/id1262257184?mt=2 Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisarrio?lang=en Email: Christian@thehustleshow.co Website: http://thehustleshow.co/


22 Aug 2017