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E83: Scott Adams

Evil Men

This week, James tells Chris and Michael about visual artist Scott Adams, who has brought joy to millions of people with his hilarious comic strip Dilbert. Sadly, Mr. Adams has also found himself in hot water over the years for his odd views on women, Donald Trump and race relations. Enjoy! PLUS: Radiohead, Liver King and Goof Troop! *** LIVE SHOWS *** Chris Locke Live at his own Birthday – March 7, 2023 at Comedy Bar in Toronto. Chris celebrates his birthday with special guests Jackie Pirico, Sean Cullen and hosts Michael and James! TICKETS HERE! Precious Moments with your hosts Michael Balazo and Jackie Pirico – March 17, 2023 at the Tranzac Club in Toronto. A St. Patrick’s Day spectacular featuring special guests Chris Sandiford, James Hartnett and Bella Campbell. TICKETS HERE! *** Support Evil Men on Patreon for EXCLUSIVE bonus episodes and special treats. Follow Evil Men on Twitter and Instagram. And rate and review us wherever possible! And keep track of past Evilometer scores at Evilpedia, created by listener Christian Miles. Brought to you By: The Sonar Network

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2 Mar 2023

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Scott Adams Wrongly Cancelled | Nick Di Paolo Show #1362

The Nick DiPaolo Show

Scott Adams Cancelled For Laying Down Facts. Gutfeld and Maher on "Club Random". White Student Sues Howard University. Double Grand Salami.


1 Mar 2023

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Scott Adams Interview - It's Okay To Be White

Sharpe Conversations with Hotep Jesus

Scott Adams is blazing the interwebs on fire with his "It's Okay to be white" poll rant, Hotep Jesus responded and then invited Scott to speak. Scott has obliged and here we are!Time Stamps:0:00:00 - Hotep Con0:01:00 - Intro0:02:52 - Scott is a Black Leftist?0:09:00 - BLM isn't Legit0:10:27 - Reparation Arguments0:15:34 - A Hate Group0:19:46 - Career Maximization0:24:18 - Do You Disagree?0:29:37 - Irresponsible0:32:17 - Perception0:37:10 - White Nationalist pt.10:38:35 - Rich Blacks0:40:05 - Is The Question Important?0:46:20 - Exceptions0:47:47 - Success0:50:04 - Blacks Are Natural Conservatives 0:51:03 - Systemic Racism0:55:04 - Framework0:58:11 - White Nationalist pt.21:00:08 - National Story1:02:02 - White Nationalist pt.31:02:44 - Bubble Bursting1:06:33 - 3 Act Movie1:07:58 - Tough Questions1:10:17 - Trump1:12:38 - Vivek Ramaswamy1:15:56 - Rapid Fire Questions1:23:57 - Next For Scott Adams1:27:00 - Data & Polls1:29:48 - Self-Help & Proximity 1:34:24 - College1:35:43 - Super Chats1:39:02 - Scott's Outro1:39:30 - Productive Poll1:41:35 - Super Chats1:51:12 - Outro1:56:04 - Master Focus1:56:38 - Hotep Con🤝 Scott AdamsTwit: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSaysTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/realCoffeeWithScottAdams#scottadams 🔊 Audio podcast:https://hotepjesus.com/podcast💰 Support Homeschooling in America 💰✔ Donate: https://hotepnation.com/donate🖥️ Streaming PC Plughttps://repairkd.com/streaming-pc-buildsSocials🐤 https://twitter.com/HotepJesus🎥 https://www.instagram.com/hotepjesus2🔗 https://hotepjesus.comDisclaimer: Please be advised that I own a diverse portfolio of cryptocurrency assets, and anything written or discussed in connection to cryptocurrencies, regardless of the subject matter’s content, may represent a potential conflict of interest. I wish to remain transparent and impartial to the cryptocurrency community at all times, and therefore, the content of my media is intended FOR GENERAL INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Nothing that I write or discuss should be construed, or relied upon, as investment, financial, legal, regulatory, accounting, tax, or similar advice. Nothing should be interpreted as a solicitation to invest in any cryptocurrency, and nothing herein should be construed as a recommendation to engage in any investment strategy or transaction. Please be advised that is in your own best interests to consult with investment, legal, tax, or similar professionals regarding any specific situations and any prospective transaction decisions.PLEASE NOTE: In consideration for producing content the company, made a generous contribution to support the “Hotep Jesus” socials channel. This disclosure is in compliance with Section 17(b) of the United States Securities Act of 1933.

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27 Feb 2023

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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams | Book Summary and Review | Free Audiobook

📚 StoryShots Free Audiobook Summaries

Life gets busy. Has How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams been gathering dust on your bookshelf? Instead, learn the key insights now.We’re scratching the surface here. If you don't already have the book, order it here or get the audiobook for free on Amazon to learn the juicy details.Get the full text, PDF, infographic and animated book summary on our free app: https://www.getstoryshots.comStoryShots Summary and Review of How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott AdamsScott Adams’ PerspectiveScott Adams is the artist and creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, and business. His Dilbert series came to national prominence through the downsizing period in the 1990s America and was then distributed worldwide. Adams worked in various roles at big businesses before becoming a full-time cartoonist in 1995. By 2000, the comic had been published in 2,000 newspapers in 57 countries and translated into 19 languages.SynopsisHow to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big is a guide to succeed despite your failures. Adams admits he has failed at more things than anyone he has ever met. But, he managed to transition from working in an office to being the creator of a world-famous comic strip within a few years. The key to this success were fundamental principles that he picked up along the way. This book outlines these principles and how they will benefit you more than what society suggests is best for you and your future.StoryShot #1: Goals Have Two Major ProblemsSelf-help gurus have a knack for encouraging people to create and stick to goals. But Adam believes goals are for losers. According to him, the reality is that even the clearest goals have two problems that will always persist:Goals are future-orientedGoals can become overly-specificFirstly, there is the issue that goals are placed in the future, but we have to work in the present to achieve them. This means you are unlikely to see any results from your actions until much further down the line. Most people would find this reality frustrating and discouraging. The specific nature of goals can also lead to similar frustrations. For example, people often feel like failures if they don’t accomplish exactly what they set out to do. They may still be highly successful, but not meeting their goals leaves them feeling they haven’t accomplished anything. An example of this would be losing weight by a specific date. This goal prevents you from feeling successful during the journey of losing weight and will leave you feeling like a failure if you fall even one pound short by that date.StoryShot #2: The Effectiveness of SystemsAdams believes that systems are more effective than goals. Systems are firmly grounded in the present. This means they can be grounded in your life right now, and you will get daily pleasure from successfully operating them. Adams describes the time he first learned of the power of systems. He sat on a flight next to a man who explained to Adams how systems had transformed him from an employee to a CEO. The CEO said he became successful by always looking for a better job. You see, most people wait until they need a job to start looking for one. When they reach their goal of finding a job, they stop. The CEO followed a system by constantly looking for the next promotion, even when he didn’t need it. In the long run, this was a much more effective strategy.StoryShot #3: Examples of SystemsAn exercise system would focus less on an end goal and more on day-by-day improvement. For example, committing to daily exercise. This shows one of the greatest strengths of systems, which is that it helps establish habits.Adams used systems as a young man to help him achieve the success he now has. He created a system around writing and drawing things people were receptive to rather than having a clear end goal. This meant he did not feel like a failure if it was not successful, which helped him keep going. This continual motivation meant he could create the hit comic strip Dilbert.Get the full transcript and PDF in our free top-ranking app: https://www.getstoryshots.comDisclaimer: This is an unofficial summary and analysis.Editor's Note: This episode was first published in July 2021.


23 May 2022

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Go: Apollos' Creed - Dr. Scott Adams

Our Savior's Church - Midtown


1 May 2022

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Go: The God of this City - Dr. Scott Adams

Our Savior's Church - Midtown


27 Mar 2022

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Go: American Idols - Dr. Scott Adams

Our Savior's Church - Midtown


20 Feb 2022

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Scott Adams 2022 Predictions – Dilbert Creator Reviews 2021 & New Year – Ask Dr. Drew – Episode 62

Ask Dr. Drew

Scott Adams – creator of Dilbert – discusses the biggest events of 2021 and reveals his predictions for 2022. Scott Adams is the creator of Dilbert, which has over 70 million books and products in print. He is also a prolific podcaster who uses his training as a hypnotist and lifelong student of persuasion to analyze current events through the lens of persuasion. Online, Scott Adams is renowned for his provocative discussions about politics, censorship, and media bias. Order Scott Adam’s book LOSERTHINK at http://go.drdrew.com/loserthink Follow Scott Adams on Locals at https://scottadams.locals.com/ Watch more Dr. Drew episodes with Scott Adams: https://drdrew.com/?post_type=post&s=scott+adams Follow Scott Adams online at: https://twitter.com/scottadamssayshttps://Dilbert.com Ask Dr. Drew is produced by Kaleb Nation ( https://kalebnation.com) and Susan Pinsky (https://twitter.com/FirstLadyOfLove). SPONSORS • BLUE MICS – After more than 30 years in broadcasting, Dr. Drew’s iconic voice has reached pristine clarity through Blue Microphones. But you don’t need a fancy studio to sound great with Blue’s lineup: ranging from high-quality USB mics like the Yeti, to studio-grade XLR mics like Dr. Drew’s Blueberry. Find your best sound at https://drdrew.com/blue • HYDRALYTE – “In my opinion, the best oral rehydration product on the market.” Dr. Drew recommends Hydralyte’s easy-to-use packets of fast-absorbing electrolytes. Learn more about Hydralyte and use DRDREW25 at checkout for a special discount at https://drdrew.com/hydralyte • ELGATO – Every week, Dr. Drew broadcasts live shows from his home studio under soft, clean lighting from Elgato’s Key Lights. From the control room, the producers manage Dr. Drew’s streams with a Stream Deck XL, and ingest HD video with a Camlink 4K. Add a professional touch to your streams or Zoom calls with Elgato. See how Elgato’s lights transformed Dr. Drew’s set: https://drdrew.com/sponsors/elgato/ THE SHOW: For over 30 years, Dr. Drew Pinsky has taken calls from all corners of the globe, answering thousands of questions from teens and young adults. To millions, he is a beacon of truth, integrity, fairness, and common sense. Now, after decades of hosting Loveline and multiple hit TV shows – including Celebrity Rehab, Teen Mom OG, Lifechangers, and more – Dr. Drew is opening his phone lines to the world by streaming LIVE from his home studio in California. On Ask Dr. Drew, no question is too extreme or embarrassing because the Dr. has heard it all. Don’t hold in your deepest, darkest questions any longer. Ask Dr. Drew and get real answers today. This show is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information exchanged during participation in this program, including interactions with DrDrew.com and any affiliated websites, are intended for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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3 Jan 2022

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Episode 159: Lucy Valentine v. Scott Adams

Blocked Party

Chalk another one up for the bad guy, as Lucy Valentine (Boonta Vista) gets blocked by the creator of Dilbert for making fun of his precious cartoons. It's a famous "night-time" episode of the show, as John is away for the weekend and thus, the boys are forced to record late on a weeknight after Stefan streams. Thankfully, it's the afternoon for Lucy and she balances out our energy as we talk the Quebec referendum, TimBiebs, a weird solicitation email from a potential sponsor, and Stefan introduces John and Lucy to the Balldo. Plus, we get into what Mormon couples mean when they say "D-Day", old WarioWare ads, David Draiman, and John "kidnaps" Kiki for ransom. If you are also happy there's no more Joey for a year, you can show your love by donating to the show at patreon.com/blockedparty, where $5/month gets you access to THREE bonus episodes every single month. This month, it's the FINALE of Paranoia as we see if our crew can finally complete the impossible mission in Alpha Complex, and we've got another great Canadian Education episode on the way. Plus we've got live episodes, a great Discord, and access to the ad-free feed, so check it out today! Lucy Valentine is a writer and podcaster whose podcast, Boonta Vista, can be found wherever you get your pods. You can follow her on Twitter at @LucyXIV. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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6 Dec 2021

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Scott Adams on Dilbert, Trump, and hypnosis

Jerm Warfare

THIS IS A RE-UPLOAD FROM SEPTEMBER 2020. Scott Adams is my favourite cartoonist. Everybody knows his comic strip Dilbert. But the reason why Scott is my favourite cartoonist spans beyond Dilbert. Scott’s insight into the world is unmatched, and you can find evidence of this simply by following his blog or by reading his non-Dilbert commentary.  Please support my work.

1hr 4mins

21 Nov 2021