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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Warren. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Warren, often where they are interviewed.

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10 of The Best Podcast Episodes for Tim Warren. A collection of podcasts episodes with or about Tim Warren, often where they are interviewed.

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"Who are Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly (of The Alternate Routes)?"

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Chris Rhoad and BoatCast Mark are excited to welcome two Rock Boat Legends to the Podcast…. Tim Warren and Eric Donnelly, founders of The Alternate Routes discuss their many boats and reflect on their growth since those early years. They enjoy the captivity of the boat - and use that term in the best possible way - as the boat allows for collaboration and engagement in organic, meaningful connections with dedicated fans.

The Alternate Routes can be found at:

Twitter: @alternateroutes

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thealternateroutes/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thealternateroutes/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_PJ0G3fuWzuXcRAZuOEvIw

Website: https://thealternateroutes.com/

Jul 27 2020 · 33mins
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Healthy Living: How to Increase Your Wellness and Decrease Your Stress | Dr Tim Warren

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My colleague, Dr. Tim Warren, is our guest today. Not only is he a doctor, but he has also successfully submitted Mount Everest at age 48, as well as four of the tallest mountains.

Tim’s passion is helping others live a vibrant and healthy life without pain. On the show, we discuss the mind-body connections and strategies to increase your wellness and decrease your pain.
Tim is the author of Lessons From Everest and Feet, Fork and Fun: How to Fail Your Way to Fitness.

To learn more about Tim, so to www.drtimwarren.com and www.yourspinesherpa.com

Tim has a free gift for you at https://yourspinesherpa.com/spine-sherpa429awivx

During the show, we discuss the importance of reducing your stress and increasing your wellness. We mentioned CRG has a great tool to help you with this—the Stress Indicator and Health Planner. In this assessment, we help you identify your stress levels in five separate categories. If you have not already done so, take a moment and invest in your health and wellness and complete this assessment.

If you want to take yourself to the next level, personally or professionally, consider our Professional Mastery & Assessment Certification workshop. This three-day in-depth experience will transform your life. To find out more, go to: https://www.crgleader.com/certification.

Thank you in advance for subscribing, sharing and posting a positive review and/or comment as we expand our impact to encourage and inspire others.

Until next time,
Keep Living On Purpose!
Dr. Ken Keis
Jun 10 2020 · 45mins

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Interview with Minister Tim Warren

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Interview with Minister Tim Warren


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May 13 2020 · 48mins
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#51 Climbing to Alignment with Dr. Tim Warren

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Welcome to the latest season of Witchy Wellness Radio. We are starting off strong with Dr. Tim Warren Chiropractor turned mountain climber here to teach us all how to heal from our chronic back pain. Did you know that 30% of people bulging discs on a MRI scan don’t have any pain at all. And furthermore, thats completely normal!

Dr. Tim wants to educate us on how powerful the mind can be with healing from these chronic issues because at the end of the day pain is just an emotion. He shares his own unbelievable "back" story from dealing with his own back pain from the age of 12 to having to stop practicing chiropractic due to the pain. But he made it his mission not only to heal but to challenge himself beyond belief to climb Mt. Everest. Tune in to hear how he actually did all of this and more on this week’s episode.

  • Dr. Tim’s “back” story how he went from chronic pain to climbing Mt. Everest

  • The surprising truth about back pain and MRIs/xRays

  • The #1 thing every sport psychology book talks about

  • How to cure your chronic pain with your mind

  • Why getting stuck in fear mode is the worst thing you can do for your pain


Is Back Or Neck Pain Crippling Your Fun? Download Dr. Tim Warren’s free 10 high points, showing you how to minimize or eliminate your own chronic back or neck issues...naturally.

Dr. Tim’s Website

Daily Intention Checklist

May 06 2020 · 52mins

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Ep 7. Artificial Intelligence : It won't take your job (but it might become your boss) - Tim Warren

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Artificial Intelligence will take our job!

Won't it?


The truth is more diverse than that.

It won't take our jobs, but it might become our boss.

In this episode Tim Warren and I explore what is meant by AI, what you need to do to incorporate it into your business, and go into some of the challenges we are facing.

About the guest

Tim Warren is CEO and Co-Founder of Ambit - the conversational AI platform powering many of New Zealand's leading Digital employees such as with Vector, Glassons and Noel Leeming.

He's a former developer and has also worked in Finance sector with Goldman Sachs and JBWere. He's also an investor in a range of early stage tech companies.

Apr 20 2020 · 59mins
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Having a Digital Baby / Tim Warren

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Tim Warren, a former executive at Goldman Sachs, JBWere and others, is one of three founders of a company called Ambit. This firm is responsible for some of the very life-like digital employees that you're now finding at places like Vector, AirNZ, Noel Leemings, and ANZ. Tim is a people person, who loves books, playing jazz drums, and keeping himself busy as a Dad of two.

Digital employees, (aka by their rather derogatory term: Chatbots), have the power to change the workforce. This episode isn't about the potential for this AI-infused tech revolution to induce mass unemployment however, it's about the other side of the equation. So, I have a few questions:

How well with large firms adopt this new technology? What opportunities are there for disruption?

What kind of short-term/long-term costs will business wear if they are unwilling to adapt?

Should I now be assessing 'digital-employee' openness when making investment decisions?

What would it look like if a digital employee worked for you and for me - with the sole aim of building your wealth?


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Feb 23 2020 · 1hr 4mins
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Meet Dr. Tim Warren, a retired chiropractic practitioner who worked with over 10,000 individuals in his 25 years of practice. He is now working online to help people with back pain in fitness and nutrition after realizing that most of his patients were not motivated in that area.
In this episode of Balance with Sam Podcast, I talk to Dr. Warren on his journey to climbing Mt. Everest. He shares where his desire to take on such a challenge came from, the challenges he faced, and the lessons he learned.
He describes how he failed on his first attempt and decided to get down the mountain and do it next time.
Listen in to learn why it is crucial for you to focus more on the present and less on the past and the future. You will also learn the importance of having a goal and working towards it when you have the intention.
“The concept of awareness; of truly living in the present.”- Dr. Tim Warren
Top Takeaways:
Having the desire for adventure that encourages motivation.
The power of visualization and how it helps in achieving goals.
How to be mentally prepared to face life’s challenges.
Understanding when to let go and be better.
What is moving meditation and who can do it?
The concept of being aware of everything around you.
What is a virtual dashboard and why you need one?
How to control fear.
What should be next after you reach your big goal?
Key Moments:
[2:18] Dr. Warren explains transitioning from chiropractic practice to helping athletic people with nutrition and fitness online.
[5:01] What motivated him to want to climb Mt. Everest?
[10:05] The quest for inner and outer adventure.
[12:16] How Dr. Warren overcame his fear of climbing Mt. Everest by visualizing.
[16:25] What were the main challenges when climbing Mt. Everest?
[22:55] Mental health issues that he was not prepared for.
[24:36] Getting down the mountain and deciding to do it next time. That defining moment when he knew could be better.
[32:49] How to do moving meditation.
[34:22] How Dr. Warren succeeded climbing Mt. Everest the second time around.
[36:48] How to find the little things that make you feel good and works for you.
[39:10] Why you need a virtual dashboard- the power of focusing on the present.
[45:03] What was going through his mind as he got to the top?
[47:54] What were Dr. Warren’s 7 minutes on top of the world like?
[49:32} The aftermath of climbing Mt. Everest.
[52:43] What was next after reaching his big goal?
[54:27] Does his identity lie in the fact that he climbed Everest?
[55:40] What were the lessons he learned from that life-changing experience?
[57:27] Dr. Warren’s next big thing- helping his patients.
[1:03:09] Rapid fire questions for fun.
Lessons from Everest: Seven Powerful Steps to the Top of the World
Feet, Fork & Fun
Dr. Tim Warren’s Website: https://drtimwarren.com/
Get Connected and Supported by Sam:
Apply to the Balance and Shine Group Coaching Program: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScdceYAOh_W72v-u--SAiuc_OiCig0LXSn1GLDl7AlC8S6C8w/viewform
Join the Fit and Free Membership ($28/mo): www.fitandfreeforlife.com
Instagram for Free Content: www.instagram.com/saltylifts
Facebook Support Group: www.facebook.com/groups/fitandfreelife
Feb 20 2020 · 1hr 7mins
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Sophia | Episode 5 | Tim Warren

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In this episode, my friend Tim Warren and I sit down to have a chat about life. We have known each other since the very early days, and it is quite evident from this podcast how little that has dimmed over the years, even if we have not been living in the same city for a while now. We rap about how our lives intertwined and different bits of wisdom he’s picked up along the way. We get into Tim’s career path and the influence his family has had on his development as a human being. Heresy, illegal skateboarding, and forbidden essay topics - this podcast is definitely about rebellion.

My website can be found at http://andrewmarcrowe.com/

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Oct 12 2019 · 1hr 14mins
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Leadership Relationships for Women Leaders | Sabrina Braham & Tim Warren | WLS100

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Have You been wondering how you can create better leadership relationships?
Want to learn how deepening relationships can make for better career development?
Need new and insightful management skills that can boost your career?
Want to know how deepening relationships can affect and favor women’s leadership in the workplace?
Then listen in today as Sabrina Braham sheds light on the importance of deepening leadership relationships and how this can affect career development and leadership success for women.  This is part 2 of a 3-part series on “Communicating Like a Leader for Women” (WLS 99 – 101)
Why Are Leadership Relationships Important?  
The value of deep and strong relationships in the workplace cannot be over stressed. While it exposes you to a variety of business opportunities, it also makes you the go-to option on everyone’s list for top corporate opportunities. While skill is important, it is also crucial for the success of your career that you learn how to create deeper leadership relationships to help take you to the next level. This and more is why this podcast is very important.

Get to Know Sabrina Braham M.A M.F.T PCC

Sabrina is a certified mentor, and founder of Braham and Associates, a firm which focuses on consultation, training, assessment, and executive coaching for leadership development. She also helps women attain their career goals through team building, performance management and improvement, conflict resolution and change management. She is certified by the ICF and has decade’s worth of experience in leadership development, management consulting, mentor coaching and a host of other skills. She is passionate about seeing women succeed in their different career fields and dedicates her talent, skills, time and resources to ensure they have all the tools they need to succeed.

Sabrina Braham M.A. MFT. PCC
In Women’s Leadership Success Podcast episodes 99 – 101, Sabrina is interviewed by her husband and executive producer “Tourism Tim” Warren so Sabrina can share her “Communication, Career and Leadership Development Tips”


Learn Why Deepening Relationships is Important in Order to Communicate like a Leader (6:40-9:15)

Deepening leadership relationships goes beyond mere networking strategies. It is easy to network with 100 people at conferences; however, most times this usually leads to no progress to your career. On the other hand, a deeper working relationship with 5 people can bring a lot of business and career development opportunities to your doorstep. Deepening relationships takes more time but the results are always worth it.  

Learn Key Steps You Can Take to Deepen Leadership Relationships (9:16-12:56)

Self-awareness is really the first step to deepen relationships and this covers a good knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. This can help you understand what others bring to the table, what is unique about them and how this information can help you deepen your relationship with them towards better leadership and faster career development.  

How You Can Deepen Leadership Relationships with Your Superiors at Work (13:00-15:56)

It is easy to ask your superiors or people you look up to for advice or tips on what to do to improve your skills or fill your gaps. By just giving them reports and updates on what you did with their advice goes a long way to tell them that you are proactive about your career development and will help deepen your leadership relationship with them.  

Get Insight on How to Continually Deepen these Leadership Relationships with Ease (15:60-20:16)

Asking your superiors for assignments or tasks that can test your new knowledge is a great way to maintain these new relationships. It shows your level of commitment and definitely gives you a great look. Also, making regular contact with these people will increase your influence and impact in your niche and even beyon...
Jun 19 2019 · 32mins
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Tim Warren: Feet, Fork, and Fun-“It’s what you do most of the time that counts.”

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This week’s podcast features Dr. Tim Warren- chiropractic professional, speaker, and life coach. In addition to being a top performer in health and wellness education, he is also an avid adventurer; being one of the very few who has successfully scaled Mt. Everest.
In this show, Dr. Warren shares with us some of his incredible insights on wellness and productivity. How does our mind and attitude sabotage our physical capabilities? How does living in the present improve our overall health? What is mindfulness, meditation, and visualization and why should we care?
And learn the one question you should ask yourself daily to dramatically change your life and improve your health.
Jun 13 2017 · 52mins