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Book Review: The Wright Brothers By David McCullough

B-Time with Beth Bierbower

Several people have shared with me how much they enjoyed The Wright Brothers book by David McCullough.  After reading it, I would encourage everyone to read this book.  Some people say it’s a book about perseverance and it surely is, but what I found most interesting was that the Wright Brothers understood that they needed to solve the challenge of a flying machine one small piece at a time.  They knew success would be a long time in coming simply because they had to deeply understand and perfect each aspect of the process.  No quick wins or “Hail Mary’s” for these brothers.   I specifically wanted to share a few quotes and important moments from the book that left an impression on me. For instance, when a friend told Orville that the brothers were an example of how far one could go without special advantages, Orville responded by saying that they in fact did have special advantages as they grew up in a family where there was always much encouragement to intellectual curiosity.  You have heard me speak to the importance of intellectual curiosity many times on this podcast so I was thrilled to read Orville’s statement on this topic. In addition, several years into the process, the brothers realized that the calculations and tables that had previously been published and upon which they relied were erroneous.  They would have to start from scratch and create new metrics.  They built metal models that they tested repeatedly to get new and accurate calculations.  These new models taught them how to accurately build their flying machine.  When we think about our approach to innovation today are we building new models or amassing data through the same lens that has been untouched for ages?  What happens when we take the time to disassemble and build new models? My favorite quote from the book builds on this previous thought.  “The best dividends on the labor invested have invariably come from seeking more knowledge rather than more power.”  This statement says it all. The Wright Brothers book gives us a glimpse of the intellect, tenacity, patience and humility these brothers had to create a blueprint for one of the most valuable machines of our time.  It’s worth your time to read. 


16 Sep 2021

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David McCullough Jr.'s Commencement Address

Entrepreneurs on Fire

David McCullough Jr. is an English teacher at Wellesley High School and the author of  You Are Not Special: … And Other Encouragements. Sponsors: Thinkific: It’s time to stop trading time for money and start reaching more clients and making a bigger impact - with online courses! Try Thinkific for free today at Thinkific.com/eof. Netgear: Ready to experience exceptional WiFi? Upgrade to Orbi WiFi 6 and save 10% today with promo code FIRE10 at Netgear.com/bestwifi!


4 Sep 2021

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David McCullough: "1776"

Book Club with Michael Smerconish

Michael's conversation with Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough, with his then-new book "1776." Original air date May 2005. The book was published on 24 May 2005.


31 Aug 2021

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S1E417 - Lori Erickson on Genealogical Travel and David McCullough III on the American Exchange Project

The Frommer's Travel Show

Episode Notes First, Erickson discussed her compelling new book "The Soul of the Family Tree: Ancestors, Stories and the Spirits We Inherit". Then McCullough described the work of the American Exchange Project, a travel exchange program that is bringing teens from "red" and "blue" America together.


28 Aug 2021

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David McCullough discusses his book "Mornings on Horseback"

Studs Terkel Archive Podcast

First broadcast on August 05, 1981. Discussing the book "Mornings on Horseback" with author David McCullough.


5 Aug 2021

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David McCullough Part 2

First Person with Wayne Shepherd

In this second of a two-part interview, historian David McCullough talks with Wayne Shepherd about the events of 1776, including the betrayal of General George Washington.


1 Jul 2021

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David McCullough

First Person with Wayne Shepherd

In a re-air of a 2005 interview, Wayne Shepherd is joined in conversation with historian David McCullough regarding his book 1776, a discussion of George Washington and a momentous year in American history.  Part two of this interview will be heard next week.  


24 Jun 2021

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Episode 149 Get your Students out of their Bubbles Courtesy of the American Exchange Project...Starring David McCullough III

James Sturtevant Hacking Engagement

The bubblefication of the United States is much written about and much talked about. We tend to live around, interact with, watch media outlets populated, and are entertained by...people who think like we do and probably look like we do. That’s too bad, because while bubbles can feel safe, they are also limiting. The scary part of our bubbles is that they are reflected in our schools. Many American students learn in monochromatic settings. Their peers largely look like they do and probably think like they do as well. Youth should be a time of healthy exploration. What can be done? Today I’m going to talk to David McCullough. He has an interesting idea on how to get students at your school out of their bubbles. His creation, the American Exchange Project offers a 10-14 day summer experience for graduating seniors. It’s like a mini gap year. Students will live and experience, for a brief time, a community that’s different than their own. This experience is:FreeOpen to All


15 Apr 2021

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Forming a More Perfect Union with David McCullough III, YC ’17

Take This Job And Love It!

David McCullough III, founder and executive director of the American Exchange Project, discusses his work building connections between young Americans from diverse communities across the United States.


29 Mar 2021

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618 Medellin; Traveling with Gloria Steinem and David McCullough

Travel with Rick Steves

Rick compares notes with travel writer Dave Seminara on Medellín, Colombia, as the "City of Eternal Spring" tries to shake off its former reputation for cartel violence and promote itself as a safe and family-friendly destination. Plus, we relive two of our favorite interviews, hearing how important travel has been to the work of writer and activist Gloria Steinem and historian David McCullough. For more information on Travel with Rick Steves - including episode descriptions, program archives and related details - visit www.ricksteves.com.


24 Oct 2020