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145: What is "Cultured Meat" and is it the future? - Alex Shirazi

Farm Traveler

This week, we will be talking about an intriguing technology in the agriculture and food science space, cultured meat aka real meat, but made in a lab. Alex Shirazi is a startup advisor, author, and podcast host who has a deep understanding of the cell-cultured meat industry. Alex has advised many startup businesses, some of which are seeking to develop new cultured meat technologies. He has also built The Cultured Meat Symposium which is aimed at bringing together leaders in the cell-cultured meat world. Alex also co-wrote a book titled “Where do hotdogs come from?” which is a kid's book about cellular agriculture and the future of meat production. In our interview, Alex and I will chat about his background, the processes of making cultured meats, if this technology is a replacement for normal meat or if it’s just another choice for consumers. We’ll also dive deep into how taste and texture are extremely important when developing these meats and how the meat proteins and fats are created. I went into this episode knowing very little about this technology and learn so much from Alex and I think you will too.Cultured Meat and Future of Food PodcastWhere do hotdogs come from? - Book websiteAlex on TwiterLearn more at our website: https://thefarmtraveler.com/And be sure to follow us on social media!https://www.instagram.com/farm_traveler/https://www.facebook.com/TheFarmTravelerhttps://www.youtube.com/farmtravelerSubscribe here:https://podkite.link/FarmTravelerFarm Traveler is part of the Waypoint Outdoor Collective, the Podcast Network for the Outdoors-man. Check out all of the Waypoint Outdoor Collective Podcasts HERE. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices


13 Apr 2022

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Ep. 77 | Creating a Cultivated Meat Community: Anita Broellechs and Alex Shirazi

Business for Good Podcast

Welcome to our first-ever episode taped before a live audience! That’s right, episode 77 was taped on-stage at the Cultured Meat Symposium in San Francisco before a live audience, and now you get to be a part of it. This is a story of two people who despite not having experience in the cultivated meat space felt so strongly about building a community around it that they started their own podcast, called Cultured Meat and Future Foods, their own conference, the Cultured Meat Symposium, and are now working on a children’s book about cultivated meat together as well.


1 Nov 2021

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SE1 final: The future of cellular agriculture 🔮 additional resources and tips 🎁 Cultured Meat Podcast Alex Shirazi and CellAgri Ahmed Khan

Red to Green Food Tech 🥩🔬🚜🧪🥫♻️ Sustainability | Future of Food | Cultured Meat | Food Waste

To finish the season on cell AG you will find further resources, helpful websites and initiatives in this episode. It is time for a summer break and we will continue at the end of September with the topic "Replacing single-use plastics in the food industry."  Mentioned links Good Food Institute https://www.gfi.org/ New Harvest https://www.new-harvest.org/ Aleph Farms https://aleph-farms.com/sustainability/ Cultured Meat Podcast https://cleanmeatpodcast.com/ Cultured Meat Symposium https://2019.cmsymp.com/ CellAgri https://www.cell.ag/ ---- Get in touch with Red to Green Please leave a review on iTunes https://podcasts.apple.com/de/podcast/red-to-green-food-sustainability/id1511303510 Let's connect on LinkedIn! https://www.linkedin.com/in/schmidt-marina/  Check out the Red to Green Website for more info https://redtogreen.solutions/   For sponsorships, collaborations or feedback write Marina at redtogreensolutions@gmail.com ---- Partners Thanks to our partner Atlantic Food Labs The leading European VC in Food, Sustainability, and Health: https://foodlabs.de/ Ecosystem Partners Eatable Adventures a leading global Innovation Hub developing tomorrow’s food businesses: www.eatableadventures.com Join their community  www.foodentrepreneurs.com This season about cellular agriculture covers all the verticals: meat, cheese, fish, shrimp, and more. The nomenclature is a bit confusing but when we talk about cellular agriculture or cell-ag most people associate cell-based meat with it. Other terms commonly used are cultivated meat, cultured meat, cell-cultured meat, clean meat, or even in-vitro or synthetic meat. Red to Green is a media company and education initiative. With our deep-dive audio seasons on food tech & sustainability topics, we seek to promote awareness of problems and potential solutions in the food industry. Our reporting makes complex industry topics accessible to the general public, while also going deep to educate industry professionals and external investors about the most important development in food technology. Red to Green covers cover topics like cellular agriculture, cultured meat, food waste, food packaging, and more.


4 Aug 2020

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Episode 82 - Meat Meeting with Alex Shirazi

The Hospopreneurs Podcast

Alex Shirazi is a co-founder of the Cultured Meat Symposium - a Silicon Valley-based conference on lab-grown or cultured meat - he’s the Founder of Phlint, a retail analytics firm and he’s also a really nice guy.   We first met online, in the lead-up to Global Table - where he chaired a panel on the Future of Meat. Coincidentally, one of those panelists is also coming up on an episode ahead...  After the conversation you’re about to hear at the WeWork office in Melbourne’s CBD, Alex and I continued our discussion into the early hours of the morning - prompted by the n’th round at the The Black Pearl, to wrap up.  If you like this episode, Alex has his own podcast called Cultured Meat and Future Food, about cellular agriculture technology. I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.


7 Jan 2020

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Ep. 160 [Podcast Showcase Series] - Alex Shirazi interviews Peter Verstrate, CEO of Mosa Meats

My Food Job Rocks!

We have our final Podcast Showcase Series with Alex Sharzi. He does the Cultured Meat and Future Food Podcast. His guest is amazing, Peter Verstrate is the CEO of Mosa Meat, a clean meat company in the Neatherlands. If you’re familiar with the clean meat and cell-based world, then you might know this company, because the Chief Science Officer, is Mark Post, the man who made the first lab-grown burger. You’ll learn a ton of actionable tips about the Clean Meat Industry, and Alex’s portfolio of guests is all about this field. From the firms in the United States, to Japan, everywhere. If you’re interested in Cell-based technology, Alex Shirazi has the best portfolio of guests. A little story about Alex is that I first found him online. Paul Shapiro just did an interview with him and he showed me this simple website where his interview was posted. I thought Alex was a newbie, so I wanted to reach out and give him some tips on podcasting. We coincidentally met at Food Funded and I ended up giving him some coordination and technical advice when it came to content and stuff. Alex’s podcast took off, as he relentlessly posted and posted interviews about the clean meat industry. He upgraded his site, he started hosting events, this guy was so passionate about it. And he’s not even in the industry! Alex actually works at a digital marketing agency in San Francisco, but his passion for learning about this space exploded. He not only was consistently churning out, amazing episodes, with guests I could only dream of getting, but also created the packed event, the Cultured Meat Symposium, where I moderated a panel there. Alex was able to also throw me into public speaking opportunities. I was able to talk about food science to a crowd of 30 people at first. Then 50, then…. 300. All thanks to Alex, I learned how to be comfortable public speaking. I can’t thank him enough for that opportunity. So big news, is that I invited Alex, and two other past guests who have built amazing platforms in the online food space, to speak with me at IFT19 in New Orleans to talk about the rewards of building an amazing platform from scratch. Alex is amazing, as this guy who has no ties in the food industry has now become an influencer in the space, and an inspiration that tells you, that you can do this too. Sponsor This episode is sponsored by the West Coast Nuriv Music and Tech festival a free music festival on March 6th, or the day before Expo West opens its doors. We have bands like The Bombpops, Direct Hit, Dog Party (opened for Green Day tour, 2017), Get Dead and a "Mystery" Headliner! FAT Wreck Chords presents, NURIV 2019 at the E Sports Arena in Santa Ana. email: innovate.today@virun.com to get on the list and a chance for a VIP spot as well. invite your friends! If you want to sponsor, email customer.service@virun.com ..we have a few open spots for sponsorship.


25 Feb 2019

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Exploring the Cell-Based Meat Industry with Alex Shirazi, Cultured Meat Symposium

Raising Your Antenna

Welcome to another episode of Raising Your Antenna, your source for in-depth insight from leaders in emerging technology. We are excited to have Alex Shirazi, organizer of Cultured Meat Symposium, a conference held in Silicon Valley highlighting top industry insights of the cell-based meat revolution. One of the hallmarks of the last 100 years is that we not only eat to live but we live to eat. Americans, perhaps more than anyone else in the world, love beef. Unfortunately, beef has some major drawbacks. The meat that we ingest is riddled with hormones and preservatives, potentially creating some health risks. We produce more antibiotics for animals than we do for human beings and that increases the risks associated with antibiotics resistance. There's a massive environmental cost to raising cattle, and then there's the problem of cruelty to animals. In this episode, we will explore the cell-based meat movement, or what until very recently was referred to as the clean meat industry - a new and fast-growing industry that promises to satiate our nation’s appetite for beef, but to do so growing it outside the animal. Joining me on today's tour de force of cellular meat is Alex Shirazi, who runs the Cultured Meat Symposium, one of the preeminent industry conferences for cell-based meat. Tune is as we talk about… Alex’s background and what led him to the cellular meat industry Naming and defining the terms “cell-based meats” and “cultured meats” Converting animal agriculture to cellular agriculture. Cell-based meat vs. traditional meat Price parity The barriers that this industry face The future of cell-based industry and more!... Learn more about Alex Shirazi and join him at Cultured Meat Symposium in San Francisco for a one day event on November 1, 2018 that highlights the top industry insights of the cell-based meat revolution.


22 Oct 2018