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What's Really Keeping From Becoming a Bulletproof CEO with John Whiting

Burning Money

Sometimes it will take you years to realize that what you have been looking for is - YOU. Such was the realization of our guest in today’s episode of Burning Money, John Whiting. When you rely on someone’s call instead of your own judgement and realize that your results still suck, that’s a cause for thoughts of ending everything. But John did not, he chose to fix himself and become a bulletproof CEO. Take your foot off the brake and let’s hit it.  Enjoy listening!In this episode:- How did John get to that point of creating the bullet proof entrepreneur program, what was his journey?- What's the biggest entrepreneurial mental mistakes John made on a recurring basis before his realization?- What does it look like after the realization, what has it allowed John to do and what he stopped doing?- John's thoughtful answer to the question of - “What's the dollar amount of the mistake he’d saved had he learned from it earlier? Resources:- Get John's FREE 1-Hour Masterclass - https://www.whitingsolutions.com/p/the-bulletproof-mindConnect with John Whiting:- Website: https://www.whitingsolutions.com/- Instagram: @bulletproof.john- YouTube: John Whiting - Bulletproof Entrepreneur - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dI8D9kHWgggHZIb_nBLUg- Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/7figuremindsetsecretsConnect with Luis:- Website- https://www.podcastdomination.co/- Instagram- https://www.instagram.com/luisryandiaz/- Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/luisryan4


19 Apr 2021

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"Becoming Bulletproof" With John Whiting

The Entrepreneurs' CFO Show

John built a 7-figure marketing agency that had 19 employees and over 400 clients and sold it in 2019. His education programs have served over 2,000 students. He has been featured in MSNBC, Fox Business, New York Times Weekly, Yahoo Finance and Thrive Global. In 2020, John decided to take the best of the mental knowledge and processes he’s learned - that have been 99% responsible for his life-turnaround and impact thousands of people - and has created The Bulletproof Entrepreneur program. If you’re an entrepreneur stuck at low to mid 6-figures and know you have a 7-figure CEO inside of you, you’re just not sure how to get it out, John helps you eliminate these blocks so you can be that person. Description: The E. CFO Show  w/ Perry Jeffries III and Special Guest John Whiting Website: www.whitingsolutions.com --------------------------------------------- Need Help? Schedule a Strategy Call: https://mycfo.as.me/IncreaseMyRevenueCall Upcoming Events:https://www.perryjeffries.com/events/ Or call our Help Hotline at 614-763-6553


18 Nov 2020

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Theatre and Event Series: Episode 3 Sydney Opera House Technical Infrastructure with John Whiting

The RIEDEL Communications Podcast

In this episode we speak to John Whiting, Infrastructure Manager at the Sydney Opera House. John explains his role and responsibilities and also the complex technology backbone that runs through this world renowned facility.


8 Sep 2020

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How You Can Adapt And Start Reigniting The Passion John Whiting

The Wake Up Wealthy Podcast

Are you beginning to feel like your passion is turning into something that you dislike? Is your current situation starting to take a toll? In this episode of “Wake Up Wealthy,” Brodie interviews John Whiting. John Whiting is the Mater at Business Growth for Entrepreneurs. The reality of life is that sometimes, you feel tired and fed up with the things you do, whether it was a lifelong dream or a burning passion, and that’s okay. You need to learn how to pivot through the situation and adapt to the circumstances you’re in to realize that there are things that you cannot commit to right now. However, being able to find something you can do outside of the current situation you’re in can help balance everything out. The key is always to keep going, no matter what happens. For more information on John visit https://www.whitingsolutions.com/ -- THE WAKE UP WEALTHY BROTHERHOOD is taking applications!   Schedule a FREE consult to see if you’re a good fit for our culture.  (PLEASE READ: Do not apply for this mastermind if you are not SERIOUS about increasing your income 2-3X in the next 90 days) Apply Here: http://bit.ly/wuw-zakog THE MASTERY METHOD, gain access to the system The Wake Up Wealthy Brothers are using to dramatically increase their results in life & business while lowering stress, burnout & overwhelm: http://bit.ly/mastery-method Interact with me on a personal level & receive tons of free support and coaching! Facebook Group: http://bit.ly/-totalmasteryFB Check out our YouTube Channel and learn the mindsets & techniques that have allowed me to overcome ANY obstacle & achieve massive goals: http://bit.ly/-brodie-youtube I’m asking for YOUR support! If this podcast helped you, please share it with a friend so they may benefit as well.  Follow Brodie On Other Media Outlets: Instagram - http://bit.ly/-brodie-instagram YouTube - http://bit.ly/-brodie-youtube Linkedin - http://bit.ly/-brodie-linkedin


23 Apr 2020

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BI 301: How to Put Lead Generation on Autopilot with John Whiting

The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Are you struggling to generate leads for your company? Are you looking for a proven methodology for uncovering exactly what your target audience wants, and the words they use to describe it? Would you like to put lead generation on autopilot so you can focus all your time and energy on closing deals? On the show with me today, if John Whiting; a successful entrepreneurs who, for the last 12 years has focused all his energy at becoming an expert in the area of lead generation. In John and I's discussion today; we focused on answering four important questions: 1. Why do most lead generation programs fail to produce the desired results? 2. What can be done to fix this issue and speak in a way that resonates with your target audience? 3. How to quickly establish authority in your niche so that your target market wants to work with you? 4. How to drive traffic to your offer? Watch the video above, read the transcript, or listen to the audio file below and benefit from the knowledge that John shares...and then leave a comment or question for him to answer. Questions I Asked John: [01:38] Who are you and what do you do? [03:40] Tell me about your background? [06:05] How did you get started in lead generation? [07:39] When you started you own agency, how well did it work and what type of results did you get? [14:46] Why do you think most lead generation programs fail?  [36:39] Give me an overview of how to drive traffic to your offer, even if you don't have an ad budget? Resources links can be found at https://brightideas.co/301/


18 Feb 2020

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Episode 21: John Whiting - Building and Selling a 7-Figure Business in 18 Months

Bulletproof Business

John Whiting is the CEO at Business Growth for Entrepreneurs. From selling knifes to selling solar panel materials door-to-door, John has proven that he knows how to generate revenue. He has since taken that expertise and applied it to his own business where he coaches and mentors entrepreneurs on how to effectively scale their businesses to that next level. In this episode, we discuss John's personal finances, his financial goals, and so much more.  John's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/whiting_john/ John's YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5dI8D9kHWgggHZIb_nBLUg Whiting Education Website - https://www.whitingeducation.com/freetraining-bge-main Thanks for listening! Leave us a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts and let us know what you thought of this episode! Brady Morgan's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/bradymorgan_/ John Trusty's Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/johntrusty/ Our Website - https://www.vastaffing.agency/


2 Jan 2020

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EP REPLAY: From $1400/Month to 7-Figures In Under A Year with John Whiting

The Daily Grind Podcast

Who is John? John teaches entrepreneurs the correct sequence to build and grow a business that runs without them. John has had over 800 students, 3 of them 7-figure students and 40+ 6-figure students. Currently, John is negotiating the sale of his 7-figure client acquisition agency. Check out John’s first 2 episodes on The Daily […]


1 Oct 2019

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Ep #413: From $1400/Month to 7-Figures In Under A Year with John Whiting

The Daily Grind Podcast

Who is John? John teaches entrepreneurs the correct sequence to build and grow a business that runs without them. John has had over 800 students, 3 of them 7-figure students and 40+ 6-figure students. Currently, John is negotiating the sale of his 7-figure client acquisition agency. Check out John’s first 2 episodes on The Daily […]


16 Sep 2019

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John Whiting: How to Deliver Value and Get Upfront Testimonials

Spreading Success

#020: On this episode of the Spreading Success Podcast, I had the honor of sitting with John Whiting, a 7-figure entrepreneur who specializes in lead generation and sales. John talked about how he started his business, how you can excel in doing sales and leads. He gave some tips and tactics on how you can get your start and build young authority especially when you are just starting your business. Through his journey, he was able to share his knowledge and new learning on the online educational system and how it could change our perspective towards lead generation and sales. 👉Follow John on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whiting_john/ 📮Message me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/romraviv 👨‍💻About me: https://www.romraviv.com Visual Learner? 👀Here Are The Video Versions Of The Show↓ http://bit.ly/spreadingsuccessvideo Want to start YOUR OWN podcast? 🤔 Heres my setup↓ 🎙(mic): https://amzn.to/2XJiB5k 🎧(headphones): https://amzn.to/2lzQad5 📹(hd webcam): https://amzn.to/2mCdnv9 🤳(mic stand): https://amzn.to/2Y2WrPy 💡(lighting): https://amzn.to/32wTDd8 🏳(custom flag): https://amzn.to/2XJv1z0 All-In-One $20 Editing Made for Podcasters😱: https://www.podblade.com 🤑Join my FREE Podcasting Community: https://www.podcasting.group P.S. If you received any value whatsoever from this episode please press SUBSCRIBE and rate Spreading Success 5 ⭐️✅ As Always Keep SPREADING SUCCESS💯 Support this podcast at — https://redcircle.com/spreading-success/exclusive-content

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